Intermediate Difficulty with Beginner and Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout
Combine this 15 min abs and obliques workout with proper diet and nutrition to tighten and tone your waist! There is no equipment required for this routine, but if you’d like to increase the intensity then grab a pair of dumbbells.

Abs and Obliques Workout

Split Overhead Side Bends / without Weights
Wood Chops / without Weights
Windmill / without Weights
Russian Twists / without Weights
Diagonal Chops / without Weights
Standing Elbow to Knee / Standing Oblique Crunch (no knee)
Bear Plank Reach Thru / from Knees
Iso Leg Raise + Arm Scissor / Knees Bent
Lying Leg Figure 8’s / Knees Bent
High Plank Kick Rotate + Thru / T Rotations from Knees
Bicycle Crunches / Legs Back Down
Planks / from Knees

hey everybody it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is an admin oblique workout this workout doesn’t require any equipment you can add a dumbbell if you want extra resistance in depending on what surface you’re working on you may want to use a mat for comfort I’m going to be doing the intermediate through Advanced exercises and follow me for the beginner modification all right let’s get into it we are going to start on the ground in a seated position their legs spread out we do a seated overhead side bends the legs are spread out can’t quite get your legs out as far as we are that’s okay do what you can arms go straight up up to you whether you’re holding a dumbbell or not we’re going to go side Bend so bring that same side arm and keep it in line with your leg bending over using your obliques keep that core nice and tight you’ll feel that stretch on one side while the other side is contracting good and again don’t feel obligated to use weight on this one or any of them for that matter really want you to make this workout your own we’re not going to count any reps today so it’s really just about you working at your own pace good breathe and move is the name of the game on this one you got it good keep it up try keep those arms straight let’s go for five four three two one zero and we’re up on our feet all right another one next into a Wood chop feet shoulder-width apart we’re going to reach down we’re going to reach up and across and now we’re going to lower those arms big power chop down reach up big power chop down as you’re sitting down and chopping down put that weight back in your hips and squat back break it at your hips first and then bending at your knees not only chopping down but you’re chopping across big power would chop to that core engaging nice good breathe now you might notice that this is working all types and all different body parts and that is very on purpose giving a lot of efficiency in on this one switch opposite side not just obliques but if you want those obliques to show and you want to burn those love handles you’re gonna have to do a little bit more than just some side crunches that’s right big power coming down big power one into the next you got it use that core crunching down good all the way up big power down chopping wood let’s go and five four three two one zero moving into a windmill both toys toes point is about a 45 degree angle one arm up kick that same side hip back as you bend down slight Bend and each knee to that arm straight up above core stays tight a couple different variations some people prefer to look up at it I kind of like to look some people refer to look straight ahead you decide which variation works best for you in your fitness level good all the way up all the way down keep it kicking that hip to your side good stance stable but you can’t quite go down as far as we are today that’s okay that’s alright go down as far as you can come right back up and switch side come back repeat this workout often you get a little bit better every single time you do you really feel this one stretch in your hamstrings glutes nice to the stretch here then use that oblique just to press up kind of jealous don’t even wait how did you get this good workout over there huh can you tell by the way I’m talking you keep it up let’s go breathe one into the next you got it keep it up guys keep it up the hard and fast workout today and a lot done in a short period of time let’s go five four three two one zero to the ground we go moving into a Russian twist so we’re lying back on a 45 degree angle again you choose a fuse and a weight or not we’re going side to side now you notice I’m going to keep my feet up off the ground makes it harder and I have my feet on the ground with no weight you can choose whichever combination of these modifications works best for you you really want to kick it up a notch you can throw a little bicycle kick in there straight at the same time so I say the biggest key is just to remain lean back on this 45-degree angle which is pretty hard to do yes it is a lot easier if you’re just up here make sure lean back don’t just twist and move your hands but actually twist it your core you want to involve those ab muscles got actually twist good nice work guys let’s hit this one for ten more seconds that’s it yeah almost there let’s go five four three two one zero up on our feet we got another chop chop so last time we were chopping down this time we’re going to chop up diagonal chop you reach down similarily now we’re going to chop up and chop up good I so sitting down weight back in the hip pivots go ahead and look up with that weight as you chop feel that stretch there’s good rotation in on your core all the way up all the way down we’re basically just shifting the momentum from a slam down to right up first one was throwing that power down this one is throwing your power up just change it with focus again getting plenty of muscle groups in this one we’re going to burn some calories along the way talk about max efficiency you may and help you lean out along the way not enough to just have nice obliques you want to be able to sing them too right good go 5 4 3 2 1 opposite sides let’s go here we go 1 into the next twist and pivot good big power up nice work I doing great keep it up no breaks today just going hard and fast right to the yet let’s go focus on what you came here for focus on your goals yeah push yourself because I can’t do it for you Claudia can you do it for you it’s all up to you right here good 5 4 3 2 1 zero dumbbell to the side we’re going standing elbow to knee or just a standing crunch to your side I’m looking that knee up and I’m crunching elbow to knee Claudia’s just going to do a standing oblique crunch pull it you decide which one to me right for you today guys one into the next guy bring that knee up elbow down or just bring that elbow down and crunch into your side either way getting it good it’ll bleak hunch here one in the next and try to keep good posture if you’re just doing the one I’m doing you definitely don’t want to look it over yeah you want to fold over now I’ll go to side to side keep your back nice straight good bring your knee down to the elbow as far as you can let’s go 10 more seconds on this one almost there breathe go five four three two one zero to the ground we go keep the place up we’re gonna go ahead and get into a high plank position Claudia is going to stay down on her knees I’m going to come up into a bear plank position keep my knees bent at a 90 little bend in your elbows go ahead and reach through and return well on this one I want you to make sure you’re rotating at that core and of course making sure to breathe so don’t just let your arms swing underneath right but instead as you reach through like you’re reaching up and trying to grab something on the opposite side and your core is rotating at the same time good hold strong on this one these are some really functional ab exercises as aren’t only going to get nice and tight but they’re also going to be strong you know for sure I can feel it we feel it working right there with you come on one into the next you got it let’s go just 10 more seconds that’s it ten more seconds almost there let’s go five four three two one zero all right lying down on our back to the next one we do a nice old leg raise plus arm says you’re something I have my leg street clutter is going to have a bend in her knees bring your chin up keep your back flat on the ground now arm scissor I’m going to bring your arms overhead and then straight up and down but the key is the hold those legs up while you do it now Claudia’s version is a little easier the straighter your legs are the harder it gets the more bent knees are the easier cancer you decide which one is right for you today either way keep moving don’t stop don’t hit that pause button something brought you here today that’s going to be the thing to get you through come on let’s go fight through it guys fight through that burn keep working keep working before I can keep breathing nice steady breathing through this entire movement five four three two one not going too far moving into lying figure eight place my hands on my hips now my leg straight I’m draw a little 8 Claudia’s going to have her knees bent and draw the number 8 and you decide which variation is right for you doesn’t have to be really pretty eight but the whole key is that you’re getting that left to right and up the down motion and down and up good come on keep grinding guys is that point of the workout please don’t want to quit everything in your body is telling you to tap out but you’re running the show it’s all mental in your head come on don’t stop don’t hit that pause button come on let’s grind it out guys grind it out good breathe go five four three two one zero turning over high plank position Clyde’s going to go to her knees I’m going to stay up on my feet and now I’m going to go kick through plus T rotation Claudia is only going to do that key rotation without the kick either way and then nice full rotation on your core keep it nice and tight back stays straight good blues really gonna feel it right in the obliques because that’s what I’m feeling it I’m feeling it everywhere that’s okay I know it’s working and that challenge my muscles are facing is where change happens if you want change you want result you got to get yourself out of your comfort zone and that’s what you’re doing right here one right after another that’s all right because every rep could you just put that much closer to your goal come on keep it up guys doing great let’s go just five more seconds on this one four three two one zero go into our back we’re going to lying bicycle neck lying flat down legs are out straight now I’m going to go opposite elbow to knee we’re quantity is gonna do the same thing she’s going to go ahead and return her opposite legs to the around every time I’m going to keep my legs up try to go as fast as you can using good form if you cannot get elbow to knee that is okay the best as you can if you start with the top one you got to switch to the easier one that’s okay too no shame in that this is a hard hard movement make this workout your own come on I just keep moving whatever you do do not give up this is it right here everybody keep moving it’s like fight fight let’s go come on you’re a fighter not a quitter that’s right this is a hard movement – you are not imagining it let’s go because they’re do anything come on that’s for sure whoo almost there still five four three two one oh and work I’m feeling it oh can you get up I think so to get up from the siding nice audio great job out there thank you so we’re fine with us right to the end that’s right you like this workout even working out with us for a while we encourage you please go check out our patreon page where you can find out how you can support our mission of keeping these great workouts free if you enjoyed this workout with us today we ask that you please give us a big thumbs up and subscribe to our YouTube channel that way you never miss a new workout from Hospit make sure to check out has bit comm for hundreds of free workouts free meal plans and our free complete fitness programs we are on all social media networks Facebook Twitter Instagram snapchat all these later we want to connect with you thank you so much for giving us the privilege of working out with you today that’s right I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout


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