Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout
If you’re looking to challenge your core, then try this 15 minute intense ab workout! It can be done anywhere without any equipment. This complete core workout will strengthen your abs, lower back, and even obliques! You may want a mat for comfort.

15 Minute Intense Ab Workout

High Plank Extensions / Arm Extension
Frog Tuck / from Upright
High Plank Walk Out / from Knees
Flutter Kicks / Knees Bent
Plank Pike / Plank
Hip Up and Reach
Jack Knife / One Leg
Bear Plank Jump to High Plank / Step Back
Seated Windmill / Knees Bent
High Plank Hip Touches / from Knees

hey everybody it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is an ab workout this workout doesn’t require any equipment but you may want to grab a mat for comfort well I’ll be providing the easier modifications for today’s routines this is not a beginner at workout if you are a true beginner go ahead and click the link up top and that will send you on over to one of our beginner ab workouts otherwise if you’re ready for a killer ab burn now is the time we’re going to get started on the ground with the first one we’re going to get into a high plank position we’re both going to perform a high plank extension I’m going to extend with my opposite arm and leg where Claudia is just going to alternate extending from her arms throughout the course of today’s workout we’re not going to count any repetitions we’re just going to perform as many reps as we can and a lot of time period moving at your own pace you decide which one of these variations is right for you that’s right we’re keeping our core nice and tight on these plank movements and remembering to breathe try your best to keep that back nice and straight and if you’re performing the version with your legs go ahead and pull up using those glutes keep on breathing through make sure not to hold your breath whatever you do it will catch up with you if you do full extension the best you can let’s hit this one for just 10 more seconds making sure to breathe throughout four five four three two one zero good ok we’re moving to our backs from the next one we’re going to perform a frog tuck I’m going to start from lying down we’re clardy is going to start with our upper body on a 45 degree angle I’m going to sit up bring my legs in tuck and return where Claudia is going to stay keep the upper body on a 45 degree angle throughout and she’s going to go ahead and rest those feet in between repetitions where I’m going to try my best to keep my feet up so again you decide which one of these variations gonna be right for you today neither one of them are easy definitely not and it’s just tough and tougher again make sure to breathe pull in keep that core nice and tight on every repetition that constant time under tension that’s going to get you those abs you’re looking for we don’t want those abs resting whatever you do don’t hit that pause button today just keep moving if you got to switch to the easier variation that’s alright just don’t give up let’s hit this one for class ten seconds right through it guys rap by rap right here and five four three two one zero alright returning over for the next one we get back into that high plank position Claudia’s going to be on her knees I’m going to be up on my feet from a high plank position we’re going to walk out hand out in front best you can and then walk back again you decide if it’s better for you to do this one on your knees or up on your feet either way to keep that core nice and tight this one’s a killer definitely make sure to keep those abs contracted you don’t want your butt way up in the air and you don’t want your butt sinking trying your best to keep your back flat throughout walking out best you can feel it and then walk back as you get into it get a little more confident in it so you’ll forget to test your abilities a little more and walk out as far as you can it’s okay if you walk out and can’t get back up just means you’re pushing the pace you can’t change without being challenged and this one is definitely meant to challenge you pushing yourself because nobody else can or will do it for you here we go guys you got it keep it moving let’s hit this one for ten more seconds almost there come on all the way up and five four three two one-zero nice job okay we’re going to turn over for the next one under our backs we’re moving into a flutter kick so it wouldn’t place those hands at the small of your back and tailbone I’m going to have my legs out straight for this one where Claudia’s going to have our knees bent at about a ninety degree angle you decide which variation is right for you but either way we’re going from about a zero to a forty-five on those flutter kicks keep the abs tight once you also if you feel a little strain or pressure in your low back curl the chin in a little chin tuck and that will help keep your lower back on the ground on this one and relieve any little lower back tension that you may have again make sure to breathe this is a great one for those lower that lower abdominal area just burning it out right here guys and as this workout progresses and it keeps getting tougher it’s so important that you focus on what motivates you what brought you here whether you just want to have a killer six packs trying to get better at sports or just trying to dominate at life whatever it may be focus on it and stay focused out it on it throughout this workout let’s go ten more seconds on these flutter kicks I know it’s burning right through that burn guys fight through it and five four three two one zero alright let’s turn over we’re getting into a low plank position cleitus is going to get in that low point position and hold well I’m going to do a plank Pike so I’m going to bring one knee up curl my chin and tuck in and return next leg tuck in and return you decide which one of these variations is right for you if you’re good just holding that plank position or if you want a little extra work you want to get a little crazy with me on this one if you’re doing this plank variation make sure you return all the way back to square your back straight in between either way we’re keeping that core tight you don’t want your butt up in the air and you don’t want it sinking on this one make sure to breathe and go to that happy place on this one you got it one wrap into the next stay tough on this one guys it’s all about that mental toughness if it were easy everybody be fit but they’re not come on let’s hit this one for 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 9 to work all right let’s turn over to our backs getting into a hip-hop position next so let’s get those feet nice and close to our glutes we’re going to drive off those heels drive the glutes up and at the same time we’re going to reach up and across our shoulder there’s some from my side reaching up and across we’re rolling on to that opposite side shoulder as we come up and drive off those heels every time at the top and want you to squeeze your lower abdominal area as well as your glutes this is a great one for just your overall core making sure to breathe don’t hold your breath on this one if you feel like this one’s a little too much you can just go and do a traditional hip up you decide which is right for you move it at a pace that you’re pushing yourself but at the same time you feel comfortable you got it one wrap into the next guys come on keep fighting don’t give up no letting up right here you got it making sure to breathe whatever you do do not hold that breath last 10 seconds fight through it fight through it in five four three two one zero excellent all right let’s roll over onto our sides for the next one we’re going to hit our obliques next with a jackknife so one arm out legs are out straight we’re going to take either one knee or both knees up to that same side elbow so we’re going to get a nice crunch right here on the side we’re turning all the way up all the way down in between I’m going to go ahead and keep my feet up in between repetitions for some added intensity but if you need to you can return your feet in between reps you decide which variation is right for you but either way I want you to squeeze those obliques up at the top on every rep and then any of these exercises if you start with the harder modification you need to move to the easier one that’s totally okay or vice versa not challenging enough make it harder again you customize this routine to your needs let’s at this side for five four three two one zero opposite side now rolling over trying to eliminate that downtime let’s keep that pace up and began excellent work make sure you’re not holding your breath every time I want you to get that upper body off the ground as well so we don’t want to just removing the lower body but you’re meeting in the middle crunching with those obliques you got it guys keep it moving let’s go if it doesn’t all slow you’re moving you’re still lapping everybody on the couch that’s right don’t feel like you have to keep up with our pace if you can only do a few at a time that’s alright you’re still moving the only person you’re competing against is that person in the mirror trying to get a little bit better every day you keep coming back keep repeating this workout and you’ll keep getting better that’s what it’s all about a few more reps every time and with every rep you get you just that much closer to your goal and sure to breathe whatever you do don’t hold that breath I sit this one for last 10 seconds on this side let’s go guys grind it out five four three two one zero all right rolling over getting into a bear plank position so start on all fours and then I want you to come up off your knees I’m going to jump back into a high plank and jump forward where claudia is going to step back and then step forward you decide which one of these two variations is right for you and if you’re doing this setback variation just alternate which foot you’re stepping back first and bringing back it’s a great point either way I want to keep that core tight and engaged back stays straight nice soft landings and touches with your feet you don’t want to make big card pounding noises here say nice and soft turn that energy back into the ground breathe core stays tight let’s goal is to create one for that cardiovascular endurance as well not only working on those abs but we’re burning and torching fat let’s go guys what is it that brought you here focus on it will motivate you don’t lose sight of it hold on to it right here let’s go laughs ten seconds on this one slice through it fight through it let’s go five four three two one zero I had to kill her that is a killer my goodness move on over to our backs we’re going to do a seated windmill so I want you to come up onto your forearms and I’m gonna have my legs straight Chloe’s gonna have her knees bent we’re going to go windmill side to side bringing both those legs so they’re about at a 45 degree angle reverse direction and to that opposite side this one really needs to be done in a controlled manner tank now he sends low on this one actually slow on this one’s gonna going to get more work just swinging those legs back side to side not gonna be quite as effective talk about that time under tension you know that Baron guys learn to love that burn fighting through it understanding that’s just lactic acid just that fuel that your muscles use you don’t have to listen to it those ABS are telling you they’re all done they’re lying to you don’t listen to them just keep moving nice and control you grind in right here that’s it day after day you’re putting in the work to get yourself closer to that go that’s it making sure to breathe don’t hold your breath last 10 seconds on this one come on guys stay tough stay tough almost there and 5 4 3 2 1 0 all right rolling over high plank position cloud he’s going to be underneath I’m going to be on my feet we got high plank hip touches high plank position bring one knee – Arabs are one hip down touch that hit to the ground opposite hip side to side on this one so rotating at that core dropping the hips feel a nut core engage breathe side to side drop those hips down left to right almost there guys flight to the right we’re in the homestretch this is it right here no giving up no slowing down let’s go what do you got prove it to yourself maybe you thought you were going to quit a long time ago but you’re still here you’re still fighting don’t you dare quit on yourself right now come on let’s go everything you got this last exercise finish strong breathe that’s it one rep into the next right there with you guys bring this together let’s go we’re burning together remember thousands maybe millions of us a home doing the same thing feel that same burned all in it with you let’s go has we tried let’s go we’re yet guys come on last 10 seconds no there we go that’s it come on breathe nice and controlled four five four three two one and done whoa my goodness you made it nice words killer who I think it’s safe to say that word we hope you enjoyed this routine and if you did like this workout you’ve been working out this for a while we did encourage you to please go check out our patreon page you can find out more about how you can support our mission of keeping these great workouts free and if you enjoyed working out your abs with us today go ahead and give this video a big thumbs up and please subscribe to our YouTube channel so that way you never miss a brain you work out from Haskett make sure to check out has vidcom for hundreds of free workouts we have our new 30-day ab challenge that you really should check out through and our free meal plan also if you are on Facebook Instagram Twitter snapchat come find Hospit we’re there and we want to connect with you thank you so much for giving us the privilege of working out with you today I’m coach Kozak and Claudia and we will see you at your next workout


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