Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Hit your abs from every angle with intense six pack ab workout. Combine this routine with proper diet and nutrition to reveal a toned and shredded midsection. There no equipment required for this routine and it can be performed anywhere and anytime.

15 Minute Intense Six Pack Ab Workout

Reach Crunches + Iso Leg Raise / Knees Bent
Low Plank Elbow to Knee Touch / from Knees
Lying Flutter Kicks / Knees Bent
Sit Up 1 – 3 Tempo / Crunch
Side Plank Dips / from Knees
Oblique Leg Raise / Knee Raise
Opposite Elbow to Knee Sit Up / Crunch
Hello Dolly Crossovers / Knees Bent
Mountain Climber / Modified
One Leg Plank / Modified One Knee Down

what’s up has four tribe it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is an intense abs workout there’s no equipment required for today’s routine but depending on what surface you’re on you may want to use a mat for comfort follow me for the standard moves and follow me for some easier modifications if you’re ready to go let’s burn those ABS out [Music] all right we’re gonna start down on the floor lying down on our backs we’re gonna do a reach crunch plus either an iso leg raise or iso knee raise the first move we’re gonna do is gonna be to bring your shoulder blades up off the ground and get that lower back glued to the ground now I’m gonna put my legs out straight and I’m gonna have my knees bent and now it’s time for a reach crunch from this position holding this isometric position with your legs we’re reaching up to the ceiling bringing those shoulder blades up off the ground and crunching making sure to breathe whatever you do don’t hold your breath and the straighter those legs are the harder it’s gonna be and more bent those knees are the easier it’ll be for you so throughout today’s workout you have an opportunity to customize and personalize it for your needs and fitness level keep breathing those ABS are already starting to burn it’s not gonna take much to get them going today keep it working keep breathing do this one for just 10 more seconds almost there we’re reaching up to the ceiling four three two one zero we’re gonna turn over now into a low plank position so getting onto our forearms I’m gonna be up on my feet and I’m gonna be down on my knees making sure that my shoulders are above my elbows and both of us are gonna bring that knee out to the side knee to elbow so it’s a low plank knee to elbow you decide if you want to do this one from up on your feet or from starting on your knees both are tough this one’s gonna work your entire core but specifically really gonna hit those obliques again making sure to breathe anytime you get into one of these plank positions it comes easy to forget to breathe but it will catch up with if you don’t usually we inhale on the easiest part of the motion and then exhale on the hardest part which would be bringing your knee to your elbow that’s it staying focused on it keeping that back straight core nice and tight glutes tight as well keep fighting through now count any reps today just getting as many in as we can in this a lot of time period that’s right work at your own pace here we’re almost through with this one let’s go last ten seconds bring that knee out to the side every time four three two one zero turning back over onto our backs for keeping the pace up I’m gonna place my hands and the small of my back legs are out straight and I’m gonna perform a flutter kick and I’m gonna do a flutter kick but I’m gonna keep my knees bent during this movement similar to the reach crunch that we did the straighter your legs are the harder it’ll be the more bent your knees are the easier it’ll be but just keep moving that’s right so Taylor this as you need to nothing wrong with doing both right switch in between the two that’s it making it work for you an effective ab training is all about time under tension so we’re just keeping those ABS working keeping that mechanical stress on the ABS through today’s entire routine just keep your breath nice and controlled that’s it and keep working many kicks as you can get concentrate on keeping that lower back glued to the ground right and breathe you got it fighting through that burn burns got nothing on you you could do this all day keep it working last 10 seconds on this one fighting through fighting through let’s go five four three two one zero excellent all right we’re transitioning right into the next one we’re gonna go one second on the way up and three seconds on the way down I’m gonna do a full sit-up and I’m gonna do a crunch so again we’re real fast on the way up and then slow and controlled three full seconds on the way down you decide if you want to do the full sit-up or if you just want to do the crunch either way focusing on that eccentric lowering phase of the move really taking your time and lowering your body back down oh it burns so good yes it does keep it going and as this workout progresses and it continues to get tougher you got to keep reminding yourself what brought you here today to begin with what is it what are you working towards whether you want to have a nice six-pack ABS whether you have a sport activity that you’re trying to get better at her you’re just trying to kick butt at life whatever it may be stay focused on it because that’s gonna be the motivator to get you through to the end just keep cranking them out right here nice and slow on that descent burned so good you got it not much left on this one let’s go last ten seconds do it let’s go keep fighting through here fighting through four five four three two one zero goodness moving right into a side plank position next keep that pace up has to try on one forearm I’m gonna be up on my feet and I’m gonna be on my knees we’re gonna do a side plank dip drop that hip down and then bring it right back up keep a nice straight line here with your back and your abs drop that hip down and then use those obliques to bring them back up not much of a range of motion but you’re definitely gonna feel it in your oblique yeah it doesn’t take much for this one and we’re gonna do equal time on each side try your best to equalize your weight amah along that forearm as well don’t just he’ll have it on your elbow and again notice that my elbow is directly excuse me my shoulders directly above my elbow we’re gonna switch sides here in five four three two one same move just turn it around opposite side now right back up and into it let’s go keeping that pace up Keke bum cranking again not counting rest so it’s all about how many you can get in this a lot of time period we never said it was gonna be easy but it will be worth it that’s right thinking about how good you’re gonna feel when you’re all done with this workout you can check it off your list for the day one right in the next right here excellent again pushing yourself nobody else can or will do it for you it’s all up to you only in competition with yourself here coming back or peden this workout getting a little bit better every time right maybe you start with my version then next couple times you start doing coach Kozak’s that’s it getting better throught rest two one zero okay we’re moving to our backs now we do a lying leg raise variation so let’s go ahead and put those hands under the small of your back or do a line oblique ray so I’m gonna twist my hips bring my legs up twist my hips I’m keeping my leg straight on this one I’m actually gonna have my knees bent for this movement so every time we’re turning those hips over I’m gonna feel that stretch in your obliques forcing those obliques to do the work so definitely a step up from your traditional lying leg race which isn’t that much harder and we’re breathing along the way you decide you want those legs straight or if you want to bend in the knees whatever you do don’t hit that pause button don’t stop just keep pushing Oh exhaling when I’m bringing my legs up don’t forget to breathe you will regret it excellent come on keep pushing keep pushing not a whole lot left on this one right into the end here for ten more seconds how many can you get test yourself right here five four three two one zero excellent all right now we’re gonna transition into an opposite elbow to knee I’m gonna put my left foot up on my right knee with my right elbow I’m gonna do a full sit-up and come all the way up to that left knee and I’m gonna do the crunch version of that so I’m not gonna come up all the way up to my knee but I’m gonna stop about midway and come back down again you decide which one is right for you making sure to breathe and you’re crunching or sitting up across and I am getting my shoulder blades up off of the ground just to keep that in mind whenever you’re doing the crunch make sure to get those ABS working and there’s just a lot of momentum to take over on this one and again we’re gonna go half and half on each side again work at your own pace do the best you can don’t feel like you have to keep up with the amount of reps that we’re doing or if you’re doing more than us that’s great too that’s true I’m gonna switch sides and 5 4 3 2 1 0 same move opposite side right into it again really trying to eliminate downtime on this one aiming for maximum time under tension for those abdominals again exhaling on the hardest part of the movement so it’s on the crunch exhale inhale down keep breathing staying focused and what brought you here today to begin with whatever that is come on fight fight fight almost through this one let’s go last 10 seconds on this one almost there almost there 4 5 4 3 2 1 0 ok I’m scooting across the room here oh yes starting on our backs for the next one hands are in the small of our back we’re going a Hello Dolly crossover my legs around a 45 degree angle and I have my knees bent now we’re opening our legs and then crossing over switching which leg is on top on the crossover and you decide how tough you want to make it by whether or not you want to bend those knees or keep those legs straight either way stay focused on keeping that or bad glued to the ground throughout the move make it move harder bring those shoulder blades off the ground to make it easier and you can rest your head down on the ground and if you feel like your lower back is still coming up you can always tuck your chin into your chest that’s it or really position those hands onto your glutes sometimes takes the pressure off as well again do what you got to do to make this move work for you open those legs up every time cross them over this one doesn’t look like much but it catches up to you quick keep it up everyone yeah we’re right there burn it with your head spit tribe one wrap into the next let’s go well you got right here I want you to prove to yourself today how tough you are let’s see it lets see it that’s gonna last 10 seconds on this one we’re homeless they’re home stretch four five four three two one zero or turning over next into a high plank position both of us are gonna be on our hands and our feet I’m gonna move into a traditional mountain climber and I’m gonna do the mountain climber where I’m tapping my toe and returning my foot back to starting position so mine I’m just going one right into the next where Chloe is actually gonna rest that foot down in between keep your abs tight hands stay underneath you ideally your hands are in line with your chest and shoulders back stays straight core stays tight that’s right not much left on this one there it is come on let’s go let’s go what do you got has to be tried let’s see it right here right now bring those knees up contract those ABS every repetition you gotta keep breathing keep fighting and go to your happy place on these thinking about how good you’re gonna feel when you accomplish that goal and you get to that final destination it’s not gonna happen overnight if you keep putting in the work day after day you will get there that’s right let’s go ten more seconds let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go four five four three two one zero to our four arms we go this is strong last one right here getting into a low plank position I’m gonna be on my feet I’m gonna be on my knees and then here’s the kicker here’s the kicker here we go one leg up so we’re just gonna hold right here whoo breathe I have stay tight this is the finisher right here it’s made to take you to your limit it’s also made to challenge you to change and improve that’s right fly-in through right here that core nice and tight make sure your butt isn’t seeking down or up just right in the middle and keep breathing whatever you do don’t hold your breath you got it you got it stay in focus and then bring to breathe inhale in exhale we’re gonna switch legs and five four three two one switch legs but don’t come down that’s it come on prove to yourself how tough you are right here let’s see it I want you to picture your goals everything you’re working towards put them at the top of a staircase every second that goes by you’re just getting one step closer to reaching those goals come on stay in focus we’re almost there yep so close everybody let’s go last ten seconds you got it you got it almost there let’s go five four three two one zero and that is it you made it my shoulders are burning well who’s burning to call that some extra we’re in it you can stay down if you want we’re gonna get up thank you so much for working out with this today ah please support our mission of keeping these great workouts free by downloading our app it’s available for both iOS and Android you can also go pick up has some has fit year a shirt or a hoodie as well as picking up my book stay fit for life don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up and hit that red subscribe button so that you never miss another brand new workout from Hospit thank you so much for hanging out with us and burning those halves out with us today I’m coach Cosette and I’m Claudia yeah we will see you at your next workout