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Yes, it is possible to get a good core workout without getting down on the floor! Try this 15 minute standing abs workout to strengthen and define your abs. There is no equipment required for this routine, but if you’d like to increase the intensity then grab a pair of dumbbells or water bottles.

Standing Abs Workout

Knee Raise + Twist
Overhead Circle / Water Bottles
Bent Over T Rotation / Water Bottles
Sumo Oblique Crunches
Marching Front Chop / Water Bottles
Reverse Dumbbell Chop / Water Bottles
Standing Oblique Crunch
Warrior III Balance Crunch
Staggered Cross Body Knee to Elbow / Water Bottles

hey everybody it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a standing abs workout there’s no equipment required for this routine but if you want a little added resistance feel free to grab a couple of water bottles or light hand weights follow me for the standard moves and follow me for some easier modifications if you’re ready to go let’s get right into it [Music] let us begin with a knee raise plus twist so go ahead and see on with your feet shoulder-width apart we’re gonna place your hands on your head now at the same time we’re gonna bring one knee up and twist into that side now we’re not gonna twist to the knee and lower that elbow but instead we’re gonna go ahead and twist straight across there on a 90 degree twist now you decide how high it is appropriate for you to bring that knee we’re gonna bring ours up nice and high but if you can only get yours about halfway there that’s okay too we’re just going to encourage you to make this routine your own now we’re not gonna count any repetitions today so it’s up to you to move at a pace that challenges you but at the same time you still feel comfortable with every time on that twist I want you to contract those ABS as that knee comes up and you twist into that side making sure to breathe and whatever you do do not hold your breath keeping a slight bend in your knees core stays tight and engaged good posture on this one continuing this one for just another 10 seconds you got to keep it moving feeling nice and warmed up here in five four three two one zero okay we’re gonna need hand wait for the next one if you’re using it just one of them will do we’re gonna do an overhead circle so feet are shoulder width apart go ahead and pop your arms straight up overhead if you’re using weight grabbing on either side we’re gonna go ahead and lean forward and then roll to your right side all the way around and back feel those ABS stretch until you get back to that center point stop and return in the opposite direction overhead AB circles feeling that stretch in your core and all angles this rotational move coming back and forward keep a slight bend in your knees and don’t hold your breath on this movement it seems pretty easy to do exactly the time will go by way too slow if you do make sure to breathe now your mobility on this one may vary from us may be more flexible less flexible but try your best to get a nice full range of motion all the way around and it’s not a race on this one keep those abs engaged and tight throughout each move don’t let them loosen up use those hips to help you rotate around feeling that stretch not much left on this one let’s give it last 10 seconds good keep those abs tight throughout don’t let them loosen up you got to keep moving keep working moving at a pace that fits your needs four five four three two one and zero all right do you using weights we need two of them for the next one we’re gonna do a bent over T rotation so we’re gonna have feet shoulder-width apart but this time we’re gonna bend over on a 45 degree angle keep your arms hanging down straight now let’s go ahead and rotate T rotation up and look at that dumbbell as it comes up so not just moving that arm but you’re actually rotating at the core your core nice and tight and engaged throughout knees are bent back stays straight again we’re controlling it and I really want you to also focus on controlling the descent of that hand way or of just your arm so just allow it to flop down but instead use your abs in core to let it come down gently and under control thanks so I keep didn’t keep moving you got it coming up until that arm is about perpendicular to the floor and a nice straight line between those two arms the best you can good keep it moving if you’re feeling too challenged then go ahead and lighten your weight you’re not feeling challenged enough then go ahead and increase your weight that’s how you’re gonna make this routine easier or harder today whoo this is a good one too I’m feeling it this one’s working those obliques your upper abs really just working the entire core area and even your legs oh yeah double duty here oh that’s true it’s totally common we feeling your legs on this one almost there let’s go for five four three two one and zero okay holding on to our hand weights if you got them we’re gonna move on to a sumo oblique crunch so sumo stance is a wide stance toes are pointed out ever so slightly let’s bring those hands up to our ears now slight bend your knees weight back in your hips next we’re gonna bring right elbow to right knee crunch that’ll bleak and back up now to the opposite side crunch and back up so we’re not getting into a full sumo deadlift or going all the way down we are keeping a little bend in the knees trying our best to make that crunch happen using our obliques and bending over to the side so not getting down there by bending at the knees but instead by side bending crunching and contracting those oblique muscles making sure to breathe not holding your breath and squeeze that oblique every time I feel one side stretch the other side squeeze it good and again you might not be able to quite get as far down as we are but we encourage you to do the best you can keep coming back and you’ll keep me in a little bit better every time that’s what it’s all about don’t be surprised you can feel a little burn in those legs we’re getting a little two-for-one extra credit on a couple of these moves today also getting some leg work in while we are standing up so they can’t be a complete surprise true we only have ten more seconds on this one everybody keep it moving we’re almost there four five four three two one and zero all right we only need one hand wait for the next one we’re gonna move on to a marching front chop so feet are shoulder-width apart grab on to that weight if you’re using it on either side up overhead now we’re gonna bring one knee up and at the same time front chop down squeeze those ABS back up boom squeeze those ass back right left right left and again if you’re not feeling challenged use more weight if it’s too challenging use less weight or don’t bring your knee up quite as high again we encourage you to make this routine your own but either way we’re squeezing and contracting with those ABS every time we perform that front chop and come down straightening back up stretching those ABS up at the top in between repetitions good come on picking that pace up as you start to get comfortable with the movement one into the next you got it it’s a good time the routine here to start focusing on what brought you here today what is it what are your goals what do we work in I be thinking about it throughout the whole routine that way when that burns starts to kick in you can remind yourself why you’re here right why you started this workout and more importantly why you’re gonna finish it yeah let’s go what it brought you here today has to be a tribe we appreciate your work keep it up not much left on this one four five four three two one and zero excellent hold on to that one hand wait for the next one we’re gonna move into a reverse dumbbell chop feet are shoulder-width apart two hands on either side of the hand weight reach to your left and across now we’re going to reach up and chop up bring those elbows in as we crunch straight down and then back up in the opposite direction chopping down so it might take you a couple repetitions to get into the groove of this one so it’s up and across down and crunch up and across reach down and crunch and just repeat that one two three four forth a lot of time period there’s many repetitions in as you can making sure to breathe working at your own pace keeping your core nice and tight the entire movement and if you not quite moving at the pace we are that’s totally okay we just encourage you to make the routine your own keep moving and don’t give up most important part about workouts is to do them just keep moving don’t hit that pause button and push through right here come on right there with you crunching those ABS really focus on the ABS throughout every single individual move keeping them tight engaged and contracting especially as you hold down you breathe and keep moving we’re almost there everybody where yeah heads for tribe we’re yet let’s go finish strong last ten seconds on this one fighting through for a five four three two one and zero excellent next we’re moving on to a standing oblique crunch no hand weights needed for the next one feet are shoulder-width apart it’s gonna bring those hands up to your ears now we’re gonna take same side elbow and knee bring that knee out to the side up crunch back down opposite side now every time that knee is out and up so it’s not just coming straight up but it’s coming out to the side and you’re crunching those oblique muscles on your side and if you can’t quite get your knee up again as high as we are again no big deal do what you can that’s it and keep moving keep breathing stay focus on what brought you here today whether you’re trying to lose weight gain muscle just getting better shape better your daily activities whatever it is just stay focused on it and keep moving keep grinding right there working with you rep by Rep remember every repetition is getting us just that much closer to our goals come on let’s go getting there getting there together has four try come on almost there I should have breathe squeeze and contract those oblique muscles on every repetition these exercises are also getting your heart rate up – that’s by design so we’re gonna burn some calories along the way again we call that extra credit good let’s go last ten seconds on this one that’s it we’re almost there homestretch working with you everybody working with you four five four three two one and zero all right we need one hand wait for the next one we’re gonna move into a yoga inspired move it’s a warrior three balance crunch let’s get a staggered stance going with one leg back one hand on each side either side of that dumbbell and we’re gonna go ahead and reach out and extend your arms with that Dumbo trying to draw upper body close to parallel to the ground now we’re gonna crunch in as we bring that dumbbell to our chest and bring that knee up now Claudia is gonna return that foot back to the ground as she reaches and I’m gonna kick behind me you decide which one of these variations is right for you they’re both going to test your balance definitely if you’re happy doing Claudia’s version and you’re still having trouble you can sit up a little bit more and stand up a little straighter and if you want to do her version make it harder just bend over more either way keep a slight bend in that lead leg and this one’s not about being perfect you’re gonna see us being unstable at times but it really helps if you focus on something on the ground it really just help you keep your balance in the movement and focus on your core that’s it squeezing those ABS as you bring that knee up we’re gonna switch sides and five four three two one zero whoo all right I’m feeling this one has four on two right there with you okay getting set up and begin and again do not be surprised if you feel a little bit of lactic acid burn in that lead leg that’s a missionary leg it’s definitely working that lead leg as well but also engaging your core and getting all the muscles that were looking to hit of course trying to stay as stable and upright as possible so we’re just taking a hit here that’s it it’s all about control yep knee up and squeezing that core every time excellent also working on our balance on this one again nothing wrong with getting a little extra credit whoo oh and I lost it all right back into it now come on come on coach get it together hey this is a hard move it is so come on we’re all getting better together I don’t claim to be perfect that’s right let’s go this one four five four three two one zero nice work you made it I made it you’ll be all right we need just the hand weight again for the next one we’re gonna do a crossbody elbow to knee so feet are staggered same side arm is up of that lead leg now we’re gonna bring opposite elbow to knee as we crunch down bring that leg straight back up so you’re twisting that elbow in as you crunch kick that leg back every time and reset standing up nice and tall crunch squeeze and contract yes every rep my abs are definitely feeling a little fatigued all right it means it’s working that’s right that’s good news everybody that’s good thing means we’re doing our job right here guys as my coordination is being tested to that let’s go we’re getting better together that’s right that’s it every repetition giving us just that much closer to our goal trying to meet in the middle bring that elbow to your knee excellent twisting in two so not just coming straight but actually twisting and meeting together it’s those transverse abdominus come on let’s go one into the next not much left on this side four five four three two one zero switch it up here we go home stretch yep I’m going to switch to this side okay and begin breathe good posture all the way up all the way down twist into that knee every time coming down with your upper body and crunching again don’t just go through the movement in a relaxed state no way but instead focus on those ABS focus on squeezing them and every rep track those muscles that’s it’s what we came here for everybody it’s what you came here for finish strong and focus on what it is that brought you here today getting that much closer to your goal every rep how many can you get right here finish strong everybody finish strong let’s go has Fit Drive let’s go we’re right there with you working it out working it out come on let’s go ten seconds ten seconds that’s it come on almost there almost there and five four three two one zero ah that’s it now didn’t expect to get it going today excellent 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