Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workoutWARNING: This routine may cause extreme soreness in your abs. This 20 min advanced ab workout can be done anywhere without any equipment. You may add a dumbbell or medicine ball for extra resistance. This complete core workout will strengthen your abs, lower back, and even obliques! You may want a mat for comfort.

20 Min Advanced Ab Workout

Complete each exercises for one set of 60 seconds:

Part 1: Abs
High Plank Extensions / Arm Extension
Frog Tuck / from Upright
High Plank Walk Out / from Knees
Flutter Kicks / Knees Bent
Plank Pike / Plank
Hip Up and Reach

Part 2: Lower Ab Workout
High Knee Up and In
In and Outs / Feet Back Down
V-Up / Split V-Up (one leg)
Upright Bicycles / Feet Back Down
Mountain Climbers

Part 3: Obliques
Jack Knife / Modified
Side Plank Dips / from Knees
Side Oblique Crunch
Lying Leg Twist / Knee Twist
T-Rotations / from Knees
Cross Body Mountain Climbers / Modified
Around the World

it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak\par and I’m Claudia and this is a 20-minute\par ab workout this routine is broken up\par into three parts and part one we’re\par going to work your overall core in part\par two we’re going to focus on those lower\par abdominals and in part three we’re going\par to crush those obliques follow me for\par the intermediate through Advanced\par exercises and follow me for the easier\par modifications all right let’s get right\par into it\par [Music]\par you\par [Music]\par we’re going to get started on the ground\par with the first one we’re going to get\par into a high plank position we’re both\par going to perform a high plank extension\par I’m going to extend with my opposite arm\par and leg where Claudia is just going to\par alternate extending from her arms\par throughout the course of today’s workout\par we’re not going to count any repetitions\par we’re just going to perform as many reps\par as we can and a lot of time period\par moving at your own pace you decide which\par one of these variations is right for you\par that’s right and we’re keeping our core\par nice and tight on these plank movements\par and remembering to breathe try your best\par keep that back nice and straight\par and if you’re performing the version\par with your legs go ahead and pull up\par using those glutes keep on breathing\par through make sure not to hold your\par breath whatever you do it will catch up\par with you if you do full extension the\par best you can let’s hit this one for just\par 10 more seconds making sure to breathe\par throughout four five four three two one\par zero good okay we’re moving to our backs\par for the next one we’re going to perform\par a frog talk I’m going to start from\par lying down where Claudia’s going to\par start with our upper body on a 45 degree\par angle I’m going to sit up bring my legs\par in tuck and return where Claudia is\par going to stay keep that upper body on a\par 45 degree angle throughout and she was\par going to go ahead and rest those feet in\par between repetitions what I’m going to\par try my best to keep my feet up so again\par you decide which one of these variations\par is going to be right for you today\par neither one of them are easy definitely\par not it’s just tough and tougher again\par make sure to breathe whole in keep that\par core nice and tight on every repetition\par it’s a constant time under tension\par that’s going to get you those ABS you’re\par looking for\par but I want those abs resting whatever\par you do don’t hit that pause button today\par just keep moving if you got to switch to\par the easier variation that’s alright just\par don’t give up let’s hit this one for\par class ten seconds fight through it guys\par rap by rap right here and five four\par three two one zero\par alright returning over for the next one\par getting back into that high plank\par position Claudia’s going to be on her\par knees I’m going to be up on my feet from\par a high plank position we’re going to\par walk out and out in front the best you\par can and then walk back again you decide\par that the better if you do this one on\par your knees or up on your feet either way\par keep that core nice and tight this one’s\par a killer definitely I’m sure to keep\par those abs contracted you don’t want your\par butt way up in the air and you don’t\par want your butt sinking trying your best\par to keep your back flat throughout\par blocking out less you can feel it and\par then walk back as you get into it get a\par little more confident in it so you’ll\par forget to test your abilities a little\par more and walk out as far as you can okay\par if you walk out and can get back up just\par means you’re pushing the pace you can’t\par change without being challenged and this\par one is definitely meant to challenge you\par pushing yourself because nobody else can\par or will do it for you here we go guys\par you got it keep it moving let’s hit this\par one for ten more seconds almost there\par come on all the way out and five four\par three two one zero\par nice job okay we’re going to turn over\par for the next one under our backs we’re\par moving into a flutter kick so I wouldn’t\par place those hands at the small of your\par back and tailbone I’m going to have my\par legs out straight for this one but\par Claudia’s going to have her knees bent\par at about a 90 degree angle you decide\par which variation is right for you but\par either way we’re going from about it has\par zero to a 45 on those flutter kicks to\par the adds tight once you also if you feel\par a little string or pressure in your low\par back curl the chin in a little chin tuck\par and that will help keep your lower back\par on the ground on this one to relieve any\par little lower back tension that you may\par have again make sure to breathe this is\par a great one for those lower that lower\par abdominal area just burning it out right\par here guys and as this workout progresses\par and it keeps getting tougher it’s so\par important that you focus on what\par motivates you what brought you here\par whether you just want to have a killer\par six packs trying to get better at sports\par or just trying to dominate at life\par whatever it may be focus on it and stay\par focused out it on it throughout this\par workout let’s go ten more seconds on\par these flutter kicks I know it’s burning\par right through that burn guys fight\par through it and five four three two one\par zero\par all right let’s turn over we’re getting\par into a low plank position\par Chloe is just going to get in that low\par point position and hold well I’m going\par to do a plank hike so I’m going to bring\par one knee up curl my chin and tuck in and\par return next leg again and return you\par decide which one of these variations is\par right for you if you’re good just\par holding that plank position or if you\par want a little extra work you want to get\par a little crazy with me on this one if\par you’re doing this plank variation make\par sure you return all the way back to\par square your back straight in between\par anyway we’re keeping that core tight you\par don’t want your butt up in the air and\par you don’t want it sinking on this one\par make sure to breathe and go to that\par happy place on this one you got it one\par wrap into the next stay tough on this\par one guys it’s all about that mental\par toughness if it were easy everybody be\par fit but they’re not come on let’s hit\par this one for ten nine eight seven six\par five four three two one zero nice work\par all right let’s turn over to our back\par get into a hip hop position next let’s\par get those feet nice and close to our\par glutes we’re going to drive off those\par heels drive the glutes up and at the\par same time we’re going to reach up and\par across our shoulder listen from my side\par reaching up and across we’re rolling on\par to that opposite side shoulder as we\par come up and drive off those heels and\par every time not at the top and want you\par to squeeze your lower abdominal area as\par well as your glutes this is a great one\par for juster overall core making sure to\par breathe don’t hold your breath on this\par one if you feel like this one’s a little\par too much you can just go and do a\par traditional hip up you decide which is\par right for you\par move it at a pace that you’re pushing\par yourself but at the same time you feel\par comfortable you got it one wrap into the\par next guys come on\par keep fighting don’t give up no letting\par up right here you got it making sure to\par breathe whatever you do do not hold that\par breath last ten seconds fight through it\par fight through it in five four three two\par one zero\par excellent\par all right returning over now we’re\par getting into a high plank position also\par known as a push-up position cloudy is\par going to be on her knees and move you up\par on my hands we’re going one knee up and\par then twist that knee in alternating knee\par up and in whether you’re up on your feet\par or on your knees the move is the same\par keep your back nice and straight core\par nice and tight and just keep moving this\par workout will be over with before you\par know it think about how good you’re\par going to feel when this is all said and\par done and then you can check this off\par your list for the day just keep grinding\par one wrap into the next come on let’s go\par you got it\par pushing past that burn that burns got\par nothing on you come on let’s go you got\par it all day long we can feel it working\par that’s alright that’s a good thing that\par means it’s working we can feel it let’s\par go push past it push past it you got it\par one into the next guys let’s hit this\par one four five four three two one zero\par art we’re returning to our backs\par we’re going to do a v-sit I’m doing both\par legs Claudia’s doing one arms up\par overhead legs are out straight at the\par same time we’re going to crunch up and\par bring those legs up our body gets into\par about a v-shape hence the name be sick\par put those arms up and over you decide if\par you can use one leg or if you’re going\par to use two this one is brutal probably\par my least favorite that’s alright that’s\par what I’m working on it I’m not perfect\par just grinding it out trying to get a\par little bit better every single day let’s\par go guys what you got don’t hold your\par breath on this so please put it all out\par there only two more seconds on this one\par let’s go almost there almost there\par cool keep fighting keep grinding what\par you got let’s go last ten seconds we ran\par into the max here it is for sure right\par to the end\par and five four three two one zero all\par right moving into an upright bicycle\par next leaning back on a 45 degree angle\par legs are all straight over bring an\par opposite knee to opposite elbow claudia\par is going to go ahead and return that leg\par to the ground in between sets where i’m\par going to keep my legs off the ground and\par we want to try to keep a 45 degree angle\par as best as we can on this one really\par engage those ABS it’s gonna take\par everything you got just keep moving\par don’t stop matter how bad it hurts no\par matter how bad it burns you’re tougher\par than that burn you guys got it let’s go\par come on go go go go go what you got\par we’re not all out there last ten seconds\par that’s it that’s it come on don’t stop\par no stop don’t stop five four three two\par one zero\par we’re turning over last one for the day\par we got mountain climbers up into a high\par plank position bringing those knees up\par into your chest\par Claude is going to do the modified\par variation where she’s stepping up and\par I’m bringing those knees explosively in\par and kicking them back this is it right\par here guys this is what you came here for\par stay focused on your goals what you’re\par working on what’s your why come on\par that’s it go to that happy place and\par keep moving everything you got put it\par all out there let’s go what you got what\par you got I want you to exceed your own\par expectations today that’s it come on\par don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop don’t\par stop when it hurts stop when you’re done\par let’s see it come on you got it you’re a\par fighter not a quitter you’re a fighter\par not a quitter you got it ten seconds\par that’s it come on you can do anything\par for ten seconds you got it five four\par three two one zero we moving into\par a side oblique crunch now so legs are on\par the side both knees are on the side one\par arm out one arm on your head we’re\par crunching right here similar to a\par traditional crunch but we’re targeting\par that oblique no modifier for this one\par just get as many reps in as you can\par whatever that is we just encourage you\par to work at your own pace make this\par workout your own\par thanks for keep it up doing great so far\par keep moving keep breathing and keep\par squeezing that oblique at the top of\par every rep make sure you get full range\par of motion all the way up all the way\par down you got it right here right here\par let’s switch sides in five four three\par two one zero\par switching sides now alright and right\par into it you got it\par excellent work everybody again think\par about what brought you here today to\par begin with what is it what’s your why\par trying to tighten up those ABS trying to\par get better at your sport just trying to\par kick butt at life whatever it may be\par focus on it that that motivation is\par going to be what gets you through this\par workout come on stay focused on it let’s\par go what you got what you got put it all\par out there\par breathe squeeze and contract those ABS\par at the top every time squeeze that\par oblique you gotta fight through that\par burn come on you’re stronger than that\par burn let’s see it right here let’s go\par let’s go let’s go yeah just ten more\par seconds on this side almost there almost\par there no letting up four five four three\par two one zero nice okay we’re turning on\par your backs for the next one I’m going to\par do a lying leg twist Claudia’s going to\par do a lying knee twist\par so I ends out your side try your best\par keep your shoulder blades flat on the\par ground my legs are up straight Claudia’s\par knees are bent\par but we’re twisting so just using those\par obliques\par power through on this one again trying\par your best to keep your upper back flat\par on the ground and if you don’t have the\par full range of motion on this one to get\par your legs your knees all the way\par side-to-side that’s okay do the best you\par can you can just do a 45 to 45 or\par whatever feels right for you\par again we just encourage you to make this\par workout your own this is a tough workout\par it may be short but we are going\par non-stop that constant time under\par tension it is really going to work those\par obliques you got it make sure to breathe\par whatever you do do not hold your breath\par on this one you got it I know it’s\par burning\par fighting through that burn learning to\par love that burn you got it right here\par guys one rep into the next come on\par you’re a fighter not a quitter let’s see\par it right here let’s go let’s go let’s go\par ten more seconds on this one that’s it\par almost there\par breathe let’s go five four three two one\par zero\par all right I’m going to do a key rotation\par where Claudia’s going to do a key hold\par from her knee so you decide which one is\par right for you I’m going to switch side\par to side but Claudia’s just going to come\par up on one side and hold keeping that\par core tight I have stay nice and locked\par in you decide which one’s right for you\par either way keep that back straight if\par you’re doing a version from your knees\par you’re going to switch halfway through\par breathe\par keep that core nice and engaged while\par you’re sitting in this p rotation hold\par yeah keep your abs tight if you’re doing\par them merge them from your knees go ahead\par and switch sides after doing my version\par just keep on moving let’s go whatever\par you do keep fighting name of the game\par today we’re all hurting and burning\par together thousands maybe millions of us\par doing the same workout all on the same\par boat today all here fighting let’s go\par come on what you got what you got\par put out there geyser you sure to breathe\par let’s go here it’s hit this one for just\par 10 more seconds we go guys almost there\par fighting to the end and five four three\par two one and zero nice ok we’re moving\par into a crossbody mountain climber either\par from up on your feet or your knees I’m\par going to bring that knee in and to the\par side knee up into the side I’m on my\par feet Claudia’s on her knees but the\par basic move is the same not just bringing\par the knee straight up but actually bring\par it across to that opposite side you’re\par just getting in as many reps in as you\par can this was not only great for working\par the core obliques but also it’s a\par calorie torture as well I’m going to\par burn some fat on this one call that\par extra credit come on keep moving guys\par what you got don’t give up don’t pause\par that video this is what you came here\par for focus on that why what brought you\par here today come on keep it up keep it up\par let’s go don’t give up you got it don’t\par stop when it hurts stop when you’re done\par come on let’s go just 10 more seconds on\par this one that’s it that’s it fight\par through it fight through it\par you got it four five four three two one\par zero\par okay we’re going to be up on our feet to\par the next one I’m going to grab my\par dumbbell flyes you can use your\par bodyweight\par see they’re nice and wide cozy pointed\par out just a little bit arms are straight\par up we’re going to do an around-the-world\par we’re going to do a side Bend and you’re\par going to bend down as far as you can and\par then turn pivot reach and return so\par we’re going out as far as you can\par without having to pivot and then when\par you can’t anymore\par go ahead pivot and reach down to that\par foot you can’t quite get all the way to\par the foot that’s okay do the best you can\par and all this one takes a little bit of\par coordination\par we even had a practice this one earlier\par that’s alright but it does work and you\par can immediately feel it hitting those\par obliques so again it’s okay if you can’t\par quite reach all the way down do the best\par you can\par this one definitely has the added\par benefit of getting a little bit of\par mobility and flexibility working it as\par well nice let’s get into that rhythm one\par into the next this is it last oblique\par move of the day come on what you got\par let’s go put it all out there guys\par fucking through to the very end\par let’s go loosen yourself nobody else can\par do it for you what do you got right here\par prove it to yourself not us you’re not\par competing with us competing with\par yourself just getting a little bit\par better every single day you’re feeding\par that you from yesterday come on what you\par got last ten seconds keep focused almost\par there let’s go let’s go four five four\par three two one\par last one and zero hi Clark\par that high five that was a hard and fast\par today nice work today guys thank you for\par sticking with it right to the very end\par if you liked this workout you’ve been\par working out with us for a while you’re\par starting to see some results we’d\par encourage you to please go check out our\par patreon page where you can find out more\par of a hiking support our mission of\par keeping these great workouts free if you\par enjoyed this workout routine with us\par today we ask that you give it a big\par thumbs up and please subscribe to our\par YouTube channel so you never miss a\par workout from Hospit make sure to check\par out has be calm we have hundreds of free\par workouts just like this one free meal\par plans and our free complete in this\par program if you’re on Facebook Instagram\par Twitter snapchat combine has it because\par we want to connect with you thank you so\par much for working out with us today then\par our privilege I’m out of breath I’m\par coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will\par see you at your next workout\par


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