Beginner Difficulty
beginner workout

Build a foundation of strength in your core while firming and tightening your mid-section with this this easy ab workout for beginners. There’s no equipment required for this routine, but you may want a mat depending on the surface you’re working out on.

Easy Abs Workout for Beginners

Complete 1 round of 40 seconds of each exercise:
Reverse Knee Crunch
Hip Ups
Reach Crunch (legs elevated)
One Knee Raise + Crunch Combo
Lying Knee Twists
Half Get Up (40 sec each side)
Lying Knee Raise
Oblique Rotations
Knee Chops (40 sec each side)

[Music] hey everyone it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and this is a beginner abs workout for people who get bored easily this routine will never repeat the same move twice and there’s absolutely no equipment required you may he’ll ever want a mat for comfort depending on the surface you’re working out on I’m going to do the whole thing with you if you’re ready let’s get it going okay so we’re going to get right into it with a combo movement we’re headed to the ground for the first one we’re going to do a line knee raise plus reverse crunch so from our back you need to have your hands out to your side or under your glutes and lower back and extend your legs out straight so starting from the ground we’re going to bring your knees up so there is the knee raised and then we’re going to do a reverse crunch bringing the knees up and into the chest reverse it all the way back down now the harder version is going to be to not rest your feet down in between repetitions but if you need to feel free to do so so I want you to separate the movements near a reverse crunch and reverse it near a reverse crunch we’re not going to count any reps today so it’s crucial that you work at a pace you feel comfortable with if it’s faster than me if it’s slower than me whatever that is you make this workout your own we’re going to do every set today for a certain amount of time so again just don’t worry about counting the reps just focus on form good and five four three two one and done excellent so we’re moving on to a hip up and if your hands out at your side feet are pretty close to your your back side feet are flat on the ground you’re going to drive off your heels bring your gluts up and we’re going to at the same time you’re going to squeeze your gluts and your abs when you try not to squeeze your lower back it is going to work the lower back but get those abs engaged drive off your heels this is a great one just for your whole core excellent so many times people focus on only work in their ads but you definitely need that lower back strength at the same time or else you’re absolutely only ever going to be able to get so strong without it nice driving off the heels controls and squeezing abs and glutes up at the top just contract those ABS when you’re up at the top nice work keep it up good good good making sure to breathe and again working at your own pace whatever that may be nice okay only five more seconds and four three two one done nice okay so we’re going to bring your feet up cross your feet knees are up we’re going to do a reach crunch so just as the name implies we’re going to reach up and crunch bring your shoulder blades up off the ground on every repetition good we’re just coming straight up we’re not coming forward but getting those shoulder blades up reaching to the ceiling every time reach up and back down nice and controlled don’t bounce off the ground and back up let’s stay in control on the way down – don’t just flop and let yourself lie down but stay under control keep those ABS under tension it’s a key to add training is time under tension nice work you got it doing great not much less than this one good and breathe we got five four three two one and next one we’re going to go into a one knee raise plus crunch on this one so legs are out straight hands are overhead we’re going to bring one knee up and we’re going to crunch at the same time bringing our arms over so contracting bring that knee up and back down you can bring the feet all the way back to the ground on this one or if you want a little more of a challenge you can keep your feet up off the ground but there’s a beginner routine today so don’t feel pressured into it everybody has to start somewhere every winner was once a beginner and here we right now working through putting in the sweat and the hard work to accomplish that goal right here you’re well on your way my friend keep it up let anybody tell you otherwise don’t let me go to take your joy away your passion away you just keep fighting you just keep fighting nice work breathe you got it not much left on this one just ten more seconds under control you got it in five four three two one and zero excellent work we’re going to move on to eight line knee twist we’re going to have our hands out at our side knees up we’re going to twist using our obliques and our hips keeping our back flat on the ground and I want you to try to touch the ground with your knees your legs and then right back up so I don’t want you to bounce off or be flying back and forth but instead be under control and if you can’t quite go so far because your flexibility doesn’t allow you to then this is okay right here just get where you can comfortably keep those knees up and as always make sure to breathe excellent keep it up five more seconds and four three two one okay we’re standing the ground for the next one we’re gonna do a half get up three to get one arm out to the side one leg out when we’re going to come up reach at the same time coming up onto this arm and forearm come up reach across so we’re crunching reaching across coming up onto this elbow and forearm on the ground good if this one ends up being too easy for you you could always grab some extra weight or resistance and punch that weight up we can do half and a half on each side making sure to breathe and switch the opposite side now opposite arm out opposite leg out and we’re coming up reaching across good grip onto that forearm full range of motion good job again don’t feel pressure to move quite as fast as I am just get what you can getting a little bit better with every rep putting in the work you can see that change good you got it in five four three two one excellent okay moving on to a lying near a so staying on the ground I’m going to place my hands under the small my back and my glutes because this will help to take the pressure off your lower back oftentimes beginners will feel some pressure in their lower back on this one but if you don’t you don’t have to we’re going to bring our knees up and return our legs back straight now I’m not going to touch the ground in between reps but if you need to you can tap the ground and back up but try not to bounce and get momentum if you need to you can take longer break periods in between each repetition good sure to breathe nice and controlled you got it you’re doing great so far keep up the great work let’s go excellent that’s ten more seconds on this one keep pushing through when it starts to burn and the Turks to kick in it’s all about that mental toughness right we know we can do it physically but we gotta convince ourselves not to quit not to give up you got this four three two one break good okay we’re going to come up on our feet for the next one we’re going to do an oblique rotation so we’re going to bend over until our upper body is supposed to parallel with the ground hands out in front of us extended we’re going to twist side to side with our arm side to side working those obliques the trick on this one is to keep your eyes and nose in line with this center part of your hands on side to side twist so you’re not just twisting your arms your whole core is rotating nice and controlled don’t use a bunch of momentum with this one and get crazy just stay under control get weight in your hips nice doing great go ten more seconds to this one think about what brought you here focus on that goal focus on your why why are we here and three two one you got it moving on to a knee chop so staggered stance we’re going to reach up we’re going to act like we’re chopping something over my knee I always like to pretend like it’s a watermelon you get to choose what you want to break over here on me bring those abs and leg together at the same time contracting so squeezing and contracting know that with every chop excellent work keep it up half and half on each side and these we have five more seconds on this side four three two one switch it up opposite side now staggered stance reach up chop that watermelon boom excellent work start to feel comfortable with it you can pick the pace up a little bit it’s up to you remember to push yourself because no one else can do it for you so all you doing this for you today excellent and five four three two one and done excellent work thank you so much for working out with me today if you like this workout make sure you give it a big old thumbs up and subscribe to our YouTube channel it’s really the main thing that helps us keep this great service free like us on our Facebook or follow us on snapchat whatever social media platform you’re on we are there give us a follow and we’ll give you motivation again thank you so much for joining us today I’m coach Kozak and I’ll see you at your next workout

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