Intermediate Difficulty with Beginner and Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout
This 10 Minute Cardio and Abs HIIT Workout will shred and tone your total body! It’s a great routine for both men and women and doesn’t require any equipment.

Cardio and Abs HIIT Workout

Complete each exercise for 50 seconds before moving on to the next:

Skaters / Modified Steps
Bear Plank Kick Throughs / Bear Plank Step Backs
Forward & Back Hops / 1,2,3,4
Davies Test / from Knees
Moving Mountain Climbers / Modified Mountain Climbers

Lying Leg Crossover / Bent Knee
Low Plank Elbow Out to Knee / from Knees
Sit ups / Reach Crunch
Low Plank Hip Dips / from Knees
Hollow Body Hold / with Bent Knee

[Music] hey everybody it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is the cardio and abs workout this workout doesn’t require any equipment but you may want to use a mat for comfort I’m going to be doing the intermediate to advanced exercises and follow me for the beginner modification if you haven’t warmed up yet feel free to click the link up top and they’ll send you on over to our quick five minute warm-up let’s get started first thing I’m going to do is a skater so no waist needed here to start just our own body weight I’m going to be jumping side to side stand light and on the balls of my feet and I’m just going to do the modified step a little more lower impact but we’re just moving from side to side like Coach cozec is just throwing our legs to the back so you decide which impact and which version is right for you today but either way I want you to emphasize pushing off and taking off on the balls of your feet and staying light on your feet now I’ll trend today we’re not counting any repetitions we’re just going to get as many reps in as you can in a lot of time period so we’re breathing side to side for 10 more seconds again can use many in as you can good and 5 4 3 2 1 0 to the ground we go we’re going to move into a bear plank position just up on all fours knees are bent and I’m going to do a bear plank kick through where Claudia is going to do a bear plank step back you decide which one of these two moves is right for you I’m kicking through rotating at my core where Claudia is just stepping back for right and left leg remember to breathe through this exercise any time you’re down on all fours like this exactly it’s very easy to hold your breath and only forget about breathing man will it catch up with you good Lou able excellent total body cardio moves share breathe getting again getting as many as you can in and a lot of time keeping that core tight go ten more seconds on this one guys almost there and five four three two one zero we’re up on our feet I’m going to do a forward and back hop where Claudia is going to step forward and step back so again hers is a more low impact version finds a little higher for both being light and on the balls of our feet that’s the goal so I’m just jumping forward and back like you’re just going over an imaginary line exactly sing with her right so if you have a line forward and back over that line good come on let’s go get that heart rate up we can feel it we feel it working already good whichever what you doing push yourself because nobody else can do it for you it’s up to you right here let’s go keep the slight bend in your knees thank you perform the movement good the last ten seconds on this one let’s go you got it you got it keep it moving almost there in five four three two one zero to the ground we go again I’m going to be up on all fours Claudia is going to be underneath doing all the daddies task I’m going to swipe my hand left hand over my right in my right hand over my left you’re just trying to move that hand across as fast as you can again it’s all about speed and how many of these can you get in a lot of time frame keep your core tight shoulders Square and don’t stop moving good don’t drag your hand across the floor we’re not literally sweeping the floor you’re just making like the sweeping motion exactly kind of hard putting the words on sweepers but that’s where we could come up with sleeps like just go faster go back just move come on let’s go guys whoo you got it almost there let’s go ten more seconds on this one let’s go keep a little bend in your elbows the whole time core stays tight back stay straight you got it right here good don’t let that butt sink three two one zero good news and bad news news is we get to stay here bad news is that’s one thing I’m going to do a moving mountain climb where I’m going to go from left to right Claudia is going to do a little modified mountain climber where she’s going to step forward and step back you decide which one of these variations is right oh hey you like being up in this position not easy no it isn’t nobody said it’s going to be easy but it’s going to be worth it guys come on gonna be worth it bring those knees in your chest good don’t stop keep going keep fighting almost there go lap ten seconds on this one it’s go guys ten come on five four three two one zero good all right we’re on to the ground for the last round time for some ABS lying flat on our back if you got a mat you want it set it up now when do lying leg crossovers my legs are going to be straight Claudia’s going to bend at her knees but either way we’re opening those legs up and crossing them over good decide which one is right for you both of our legs around about a 45 degree angle good breathes going to burn those ABS right out not going to be easy but it will be worth it I promise you that much come on let’s go make a decision right now that you’re going to finish this thing and you’re going to finish it strong don’t give yourself an out if you tell yourself it you can quit at any time pause it at any time you’re going to do it that’s not an option not today come on let’s go fighting through if you guys with modified version no big deal I just want you to keep moving that’s the name of the game let’s go ten more seconds on this whoa come on right through everybody five four three two one turning over we’re going to be in a low plank position we’re on our forearms and I’m going to go elbow to knee or knee to elbow out to the side so you bring that knee out to the side try your best to bring it to your knee ease it from your knees like Claudia or up on your feet like I am you decide which one’s right for you let’s go again if you have to slow down that’s okay but keep moving don’t stop good again at the point that workout where it becomes all mental alright so it is all a big mental game what brought you here today how strong are you how much your pain are you willing to take then keep pushing through these are questions you got to decide for yourself come on let’s go you’re a fighter asking myself right now not a quitter you got it marriage yeah five four three two one okay we’re going back to our back he’s good a little bit we’re moving on to either a sit-up or a reach crunch so I’m coming all the way up where Claudia is just going to reach to the ceiling you decide which one is right for you today whoo you got it guys come on let’s go screech coach does not necessarily mean easier no it does she’s reaching straight up green those shoulder blades up off the ground we snap toward that ceiling well coming all the way up you got a guy don’t quit don’t give up don’t slow down come on you got this you got this come on those who believe they can’t and Yahoo’s who believe they can are both right which one are you make a decision throw with it come on your choice right now no regrets free give it your all or give up come on you got it right here got it you got it you guys let’s go ten seconds that’s it well almost there almost there and five four three two one zero nice okay we’re turning over into that low plank position I’m going to bring my hip to the ground left hip right hip Claudia’s doing the same thing but from her knees so bring those hips down they dip tap that hip back up tap that hip back up good walking into the next you got it we’re almost there move right through guys fight through almost there breathe you got it how many can you get in this time frame push yourself no one else can do it for you hopefully you guys are doing a little better than me oh come on – really feeling it I’ll be honest – lets go ten more seconds almost they’re getting closer let’s go last five seconds last five seconds three two one zero nice okay turn it over on your back keep it moving don’t slow down we do a hollow body hold on my back my chin comes in back is straight on the ground arms are out now either you can have your legs straight or knees bent you decide which one of these two is going to be right for you today but guess what this is it right here people this is it for the rest of the day come on give it everything you got all mental he’s so easy to just quit right now but guess what you’re stronger than that you are whether you believe it or not I believe that you are now we just need to convince you of us hold in tight holding strong what you got come on stick with the guys don’t give up on us don’t give up on this we’re hurting – come on what do you got what do you got – ten seconds that’s it ten seconds for the rest of the day you can do that in your sleep let’s go five four three two one zero nice work ah man that was brutal yeah she’s supposed to get up right now we’re feeling it just like you are if you can’t tell thank you so much for working out with us today if you’ve been working out with us for a while starting to feel do a certain see some results we’d asked you please consider checking out our patreon page where you can find out how you can help us support this cause keep these great workouts free for everyone around the globe and if you like this workout which we know you did just go ahead and give this video a thumbs up and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so that way you know when we have new workouts that come out you never notified we never missed anyone make sure to check out has sitcom for hundreds of free workouts free meal plans and free complete fitness programs that’s right and also be sure to find us on your favorite social media outlet whatever that is we’re there our favorite right now is catch up so whatever you’re on snapchat Instagram Facebook wherever you are we are we love like us and keep in touch to hang out with you online again thank you so much for giving us the privilege to workout with you today I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia kook and we will see you your next workout


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