Intermediate Difficulty (Beginner Modifications Provided)
intermediate workout

The 15 Minute Burner Workout includes cardio and ab exercises to have you losing your belly fat fast! It’s true that you cannot localize fat loss, but you can lose fat and tighten / tone your mid-section at the same time. That’s exactly what this workout will do.

There’s no equipment needed and it’s great for both men and women. Intermediate movements are given with beginner modifications provided.

Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Intermediate: Complete 2 Rounds
Spider Shoot Throughs
Push / Pulls
Broad Jump / Hop Back
Single Leg Walkout Push up
High Knees –
Push up / Squat combo
Triple Drop Squat –
Hollow Body Kickout
Roll to Boat
Mountain Climbers

Beginner Modifications: Complete 1-2 Rounds
Alt Seesaw
Faux JR
Walkout Knee Push up
Fast Feet
Knee Push up / Squat combo
Drop Squat
Hollow Body Kickout (legs only)
Roll to Half Boat
Modified Mountain Climbers

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