Beginner Difficulty with Intermediate Modifications Provided
beginner workout

This kettlebell workout for beginners is the perfect way to learn how to use the tool. It’s a great total body workout for both men and women. Using a kettlebell requires additional stability and coordination that doesn’t exist with a dumbbell. However, if you don’t have a kettlebell you may still perform the workout with a dumbbell.

Warm Up:
March in Place + Punch Out / Run in Place
Standing Twist
Skier Swings
The Pointer

Kettlebell Workout for Beginners

Sumo Deadlift
Floor Press / + Iso Hip Up
Single Arm Row / Staggered Stance
Curl + Front Squat + Overhead Press (two hands)
Glute Bridge to Crunch / Sit Up
Windmill to Shin / to Toe

Cool Down:
Standing Quad Stretch
Toe Toe to Scarecrow

hey everybody it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a kettlebell workout for beginners this is a total body routine for both bad loss and to improve strength if you don’t have a kettlebell don’t worry you can still perform this routine with just a dumbbell follow me for the beginner exercises and follow me for those intermediate progressions all right let’s get moving [Music] all right let’s begin with the light warmup we’re both going to do a punch-out but I’m going to do a march in place while Claudia is going to do a run in place so throughout the course of today’s workout will be showing the different variations and you get to choose which ones are appropriate for you in with this run in place I’m really just on the balls of my feet just putting my energy back into the ground and coming right back I’m going at a little slower pace and we’re both bringing those hands back to our chin in between every punch purpose of this warm-up is to get your heart rate elevated increase that overall core and body temperature and really just get a little bit of mobility working at the same time make sure to breathe and keep moving let’s just do this first one four five four three two one zero all right we’re both going to do the same move for the next one we’re going to do a standing twist so with your feet shoulder-width apart put a weight back in your hips sit back we’re going to twist and rotate at your core using your hips I don’t want you doing this one’s just to move your arms back and forth but make sure you’re actually twisting and rotating those abdominal and core muscles and making sure to breathe those arms out in front of you side to side there it is nice soft knees you don’t want your legs locked out on this one keep breathing and throughout the course of today’s workout we’re not going to count any repetitions we just encourage you to move and work at your own pace make this workout your own all right let’s do this one four five four three two one zero alright we’re going to move into a skier swing again no weight required feet or shoulder width apart a little bit in those knees let’s go ahead and throw our hands back behind us and then use our hips to bring those arms up to parallel to the ground so it’s all in our hips our arms may be moving but it’s all that energy and power is actually coming from the leg so with that slight bend in the knees I want you to drive those hips back every time and swing those arms up parallel to the ground good look great one to loosen up your posterior chain that’s your hamstring glutes lower back I’ll get them loosened up on this one keep your back straight and try to keep your head in a neutral position so you want that means in line with your spine and your back alright just five more seconds on this one and three two one zero good okay we’re going to do one mobility drill from the ground before we get started good move to the floor we’re going to come on all fours we’re going to do what’s called a pointer so we’re going to take opposite arm and leg we’re going to point them so the arm is going to come up the leg is going to kick back and down to do a nice straight line extend and then alternate in switch so left arm right leg and then right arm left leg so kicking back opposite arm and leg and then stretch that arm up at the same time excellent keep your core nice and tight back stays straight on this one and really emphasizing squeezing those glutes as you kick that opposite leg back I do this one for ten more seconds four stays nice and tight I have some course a parallel to the ground square with the ground and three two one and last one and zero all right excellent work warm-up is complete yeah I’m ready for the workout you ready Claudia I’m ready alright I hope you’re ready out there as well so go ahead and grab one kettlebell for this first one we’re going to do a kettlebell sumo deadlift so feet are going to be a little bit wider than shoulder-width two hands on one kettlebell the first movement we’re gonna do is gonna be in our hips kick those hips back and then break it your knees sit down head chest up and come back up so every time kick those tips back first before you bend at the knees so we’re going to get as many reps in as we can and there’s a lot of time period so don’t bother focusing on counting your actual rest instead just keep moving breathing hopes ting on form we’re gonna have that back straight again head is in a nice neutral position shoulders are back and retracted you don’t want to round your back taking those hips back giving the glutes nice squeeze right at the top at that pad yes squeeze those glutes at the top and on this one yours we’re both doing the same variation in order to make this one hard if you’d like to you just got it increase the weight or decrease it if it’s too hard for you – full range of motion kicking those hips back good push it out on your knees and keeping your feet flat let’s do this one four five four three two one zero good all right we’re headed to the floor for the next one we both just need our one kettlebell we’re both going to do a kettlebell floor press but Claudia’s going to make her version a little bit harder by adding a hip up so she’s going to drive off of those hips keep her back straight boots are tight and we’re both pressing all the way up all the way down full range of motion we have a kettlebell resting on the back of our hand make sure that you’re driving through that elbow that’s where your strength comes from elbow through the hand don’t bounce that arm on the ground in between repetitions nice and controlled all the way up all the way down working one arm at a time like this is great for working your stability source your chest shoulders and triceps excellent job keep it up we’re going to switch sides and five four three two one zero opposite side now set it down pick it right back up very little down time and get right back into it excellent you to squeeze the chest up at the top and if you’re doing the harder version that Claudia is doing what should they be doing with their glutes on this one Claudia you think should be squeezing their glutes right at the top of the movement keeping those heels underneath you back straight good either way go on full range of motion and that’s any of the moves today you start with the harder one you need to move it easier totally all right or vice versa you start the easy one you feel comfortable you want move the harder one do so again make this workout your own keep it moving guys you’re doing great let’s do this one four five four three two one and zero okay excellent take a big deep breath and come up on your feet we need just that one kettlebell again for the next one moving into a single arm row I’m going to have my feet shoulder width apart bent over on a 45 degree angle Claudia is going to be in that staggered stance so she has both knees bent back is on a 45 cores tight but with that staggered stance makes a little harder because it forces that front leg to do more of the work I’m definitely going to feel it too right and right in the glutes yes and on this row we’re pulling back from the elbow those have a opposite hand you can either have it on your hip or just have it to your side but at any point during the routine you need to switch up your weight then do so again make it make it this workout your own on this row let’s go and pull back from that elbow every time squeezing your back up at the top this is a great one to not only work your your upper back but also work your core now let’s switch sides in three two one opposite side if you’re doing the staggered stance switch those feet along with guys you’re doing gray really getting moving here again you can kind of see what we’re talking about as far as this begin a total body workout every muscle is getting hit today that’s right as this workout gets challenging further you get into it more important view to focus on what brought you here today to begin with what is it what’s your why what’s your goal are you moving towards trying to lose weight get stronger get in better shape kick about it life whatever it is stay focused on it let’s do this one four five four three two one zero nice all right we’re staying standing for the next one so this next one I want you to go ahead and grab onto that kettlebell like you’re grabbing onto a ball with your fingers and thumbs around that handle killer combo move coming up here feet are shoulder-width apart first move is a curl now we’re going to do a front squat weight back in your hips and then as you stand up press overhead so that’s one rep down up curl front squat weight back on those hips and press overhead finishing up big and tall again breathe focus on each individual part of this move and again it is a compound move working biceps forearms quadriceps hamstrings glutes lower back shoulders triceps mate it would be easier to name the body parts that this one doesn’t work at the trail and if you want to make this one harder just need to use more ways you need to make it easier use less weight excellent forget to breathe on these ones do not hold your breath you will regret it and I’m at squat really focus on kicking that weight back in your hips keeping your feet flat you don’t want to come up onto your heels around your toes on this one full range of motion reset perform that curl every time you’ve got it guys keep it up not much more on this one let’s go to last ten seconds right here finish strong and five four three two one zero all right let’s grab our kettlebell and let’s move to the floor so we’re going to take that kettlebell and as we lie on our backs we’re going to place that kettlebell on our pelvis beak and heels are nice and close to our group glutes we’re going to perform a glute bridge squeeze those glutes up at the top and then lower them back down the only difference of mine is that I’m going to bring the cutter belt up to my chest and I’m going to be performing a crunch and then bring it right back down your pelvis and again with the glute bridge so that adding that current that weighted crunch definitely adds a bit of a challenge to this move you decide if it’s appropriate for you today with your way keep moving keep working one rep right into the next you guys are doing great keep it up and be sure to breathe every one of those glute bridges I want you to squeeze those glutes up at the top drive through those heels and on that Creek you’re performing the crunch as well again for Mack abdominal contraction up at the top squeeze of that and I’m really just bringing my shoulder blades up off of the ground yep it’s just a crunch not a full sit-up right excellent workout you’re doing great this one’s going to work those hamstrings your glutes lower abs as well as your abdominals I’ll get hit on this one keep moving one rep into the next you guys doing great don’t stop keep moving don’t stop when it hurts stop when you’re done not much left only at ten more seconds on this one this is your the breathe stay focused on what brought you here today to begin with what is it what’s your why guys let’s go three two one zero excellent job okay if you have a lighter kettlebell this one maybe one that you may want to use a lighter kettlebell on we’re going to do a kettlebell windmill I’m going to perform it with a reach to my shin we’re both going to have our feet on a 45 degree angle one kettlebell and arm is up over head as we bend over we’re going to kick that hip out to the side and I’m going to bring it all the way down to my toe and bring it straight back up so you decide depending on your flexibility in your range of motion how far you feel comfortable taking it down you guys good flexibility and you want to go and come all the way down a touch Ito feel free to do so well if you’re more in the range of your knee or your shin and that’s totally okay as well but we’re using oblique muscles to help stand us back up and to help support us on the way down again making sure to kick those hips out to the side on every rep let’s do this side four five four three two one zero switch it up opposite side now again kick it right up and it will break in between toes are pointed kick that hip out and back up and those were both looking up at that kettlebell as we go down that’s an optional part of the move you can either do that or you can just go ahead and stay facing forward whichever one you honestly feel more comfortable with and in all honesty it really just helps me focus on the movement and keep myself stabilized but if you feel disorienting is not a requirement breathe and keep moving guys you’re doing great one body part at a time we’re knocking them all up the list think about how good you’re going to feel when this routine is all done you can cross your workout off for the day a rep by Rep we’re just getting that much closer right here guys and five four three two one zero Ashley’s up well good that kettlebell down excellent work I can honestly say our entire body has been worked yes so let’s move into a cool-down where we’re going to allow the heart rates to come down slowly as well as getting a little extra mobility work it’s going to move on over to a wall a chair couch painting you hold on to we’re going to do a quad stretch one leg and if you don’t need anything you want to test your balance you can go and do it on your own as well I usually like to put the opposite arm right into the air kind of helps me balance a little bit and I’ve never done a little giveaway all right so make sure to breathe keep a slight bend in that knee of the leg is down on the ground pull that foot back again depending on your flexibility you may be able to put your foot all the way back here your glutes or maybe not it’s alright once you use this opportunity to allow your heart rate to calm down nice and slow nice big deep breaths let’s switch sides and five four three two one zero alright switching sides now flew give yourself a second here to just be proud of what you’ve achieved so far today you know it doesn’t matter how slow you may be moving it points during the workout you’re still laughing everybody else on the couch everybody else who isn’t doing anything we’re not putting in the work to get better every single day like you are just keep showing up and good things will happen for you breathe nice big deep breaths let’s do this one four five four three two one zero excellent job oh good okay we’re going to little combo move next we’re gonna go from a toe touch and do a scarecrow so feet are nice and close little bend in those knees I want you to reach down as far as you can reach go and allow your spine to bend on this one and as you come up bring those arms up overhead and we’re gonna do a scarecrow pull down on those elbows excellent now right back in back into that toe reaching whenever that feels good with that stretch and mine does too and every time you do that reach try to get a little bit further down as your mobility starts to improve again just with the goal right now allowing that heart to come down nice and slow a little restoration work here we just spent the X amount of minutes working and now let’s do a little repair work breathe nice big deep breath pull down on those elbows in that scarecrow let’s do this one for three – 1 & 0 way to go out there has fit tribe where to go Claudia thank you so much for working out with us today and grinding it through right to the very end if you like this workout you’ve been working out with us for a while and you’re starting to see some results we’d encourage you to please go check out our patreon page it’s really the major thing that allows us to keep this great service free and if you enjoyed working out with us today we ask that you please give this video a big thumbs up and if you would subscribe to our YouTube channel so you never miss a new fresh workout from husband make sure to check out hats with comm where we have hundreds of free workouts just like this one free meal plans and our free complete fitness programs and if you are on Facebook Instagram Twitter snapchat whatever your favorite social media outlet is come find us because we’re there and we want to connect with you again thank you so much for working out with us today it’s been our privilege I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout