Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Mix up your training program by adding this 20 minute kettlebell workout. Use it to gain strength, burn calories, and build lean muscle mass. While this routine is designed to use one kettlebell, you may also perform it using one dumbbell by adjusting your grip.

Warm Up
Upright External Rotation + High Knees
Straight Leg Kick + Twist
Bird Dogs

20 Minute Kettlebell Workout

Snatch from Floor / High Pull
Kneeling Clean + Rotational Press
Halo + Squat
Single Rep Swings to Ballistic Push Up / Push Up
Crush Grip Curls
Reverse Lunge + Svend Press / Split Squat
Iso Hip Up Pullover
Close Grip Kettlebell Push Up / from Knee

Cool Down
One Leg Hip Hinge
Lying Side Quad Stretch
Floor Angels
Cobra to Child’s Pose

[Music] what’s up has four tribe it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a total body kettlebell workout while today’s workout is designed to use just one kettlebell if you don’t have access to a kettlebell you can certainly use one dumbbell you can follow along with me for the standard moves and you can follow me for some easier modifications if you’re ready to go let’s pump it up [Music] [Music] all right getting started today with the warmup we’re gonna do an upright external rotation plus high knee so elbows are bent at a 90 degree angle and we’re gonna bring up opposite side knee we’re pulling back on those hands keeping that upper arm parallel to the floor and breathing does a little compound move here warming up your shoulders and your legs at the same time this one specifically is great for those rotator cuffs and then as we’re going through this one you should be able to get those hands back a little further every time as you’re loosening up those shoulders and we’re not gonna count any reps today in the warm-up or in the workout just moving at your own pace and this is just the warmup here so don’t go too crazy purpose of this warm-up is to get your heart rate up a little bit at the same time getting some added mobility and increasing your overall body temperature making sure to breathe here four five four three two one zero alright moving into a straight leg kick plus twist feet are shoulder width apart arms are out straight by our side we’re gonna alternate sides twisting bringing up straight leg so it’s gonna hit your hamstrings your glutes thoracic spine shoulders chest again another compound move here if you’re not quite there with being able to kick your hands like we are then that’s completely okay if you just do the best that you can yeah get your kick as much and our knee as high as you can and yeah or if you feel more comfortable in doing so you can also just bring up your knee yeah we’re gonna encourage you throughout today’s routine to just make it your own yeah and focus on keeping your balance on this one as well we like these compound moves in the warm-up getting as much in as a short a period of time as possible you’ll see we’re not perfect here either well stumble here and there it’s not about being a perfect just about putting in that work and getting a little better every time let’s do this one for five more seconds four three two one zero let those shoulders relax for a minute we’re gonna move to the floor and do a bird dog so we’re coming onto all fours or hands and our knees and now let’s take our right hand to our left knee and then bring our right hand up as we kick back with that left foot squeezing our glute at the top bring that hand back down to your knee and repeat keeping your back straight on this one you’re not lifting your heel up to the ceiling but instead you’re kicking it straight back because if you were trying to kick a hole in the wall behind you so you definitely want to keep your hips in line with one another of course if you try to bring your leg up too high you can feel a twist keep everything nice and neutral that’s it we’re warming up that posterior chain on this one squeeze in your upper back as you bring that arm up as well as your glutes and hamstrings getting that posterior chain loosened up ready to go for that work ahead inhale as you bring your knee and fist together next I’ll let you kick out and bring your fists up we’re switching sides and three two one same move let’s go left hand or right knee and repeat again it’s not a race on this one but really control the movements focus on feeling that upper back as well as your glutes contract on every repetition driving back with that heel trying to make a straight line from your hand down to your foot keep your head in line with your spine as well so we’re not looking up on this one but instead keeping that head in line with your spine focus on contracting that upper back as well as your glutes actually not much left on this one and five four three two one zero excellent come on up onto your feet warm ups is complete ready to get this started Claudia I’m ready I’m ready to go let’s do it let’s grab your one kettlebell or dumbbell if that’s what you choose to use today we’re gonna start with our feet shoulder-width apart and I’m gonna do a kettlebell snatch from the floor I’m going to do a high pole from the floor so we’re gonna sit back weight in our hips drop that kettlebell in between our legs pulling up high on the elbow and I’m gonna flip that kettlebell overhead and I’m just going to be pulling back on my elbows using all the force from my hips you decide which variation is appropriate for you if you want to do the full snatch and flip it up over or if you just want to pull up on that elbow we’re gonna do equal time on each side again not counting any repetitions so it’s all about getting in as many as you can in a lot of time period so basically doing the exact same thing that Coach kozak is doing except I’m not flipping it over to a snatch exactly if you are doing the full snatch you shouldn’t be flipping that kettlebell over while it’s landing on your wrist but instead bringing it to the side and punching through making sure to breathe do not hold your breath on this one we’re going to switch sides in ten seconds keep it up let’s go let’s go weight back in those hips every time four three two one zero switch hands right back into it no downtime good using that power from your hips from your legs to explode that kettlebell straight up and again not about being perfect just about putting in the work getting a little bit better every time breathing throughout whatever you do do not hold your breath and as you’re swatting down make sure you do not allow those Lakes but those knees to collapse inward but instead keeping those knees out and weight in your hips throughout accent come on keep it up as fit tried let’s go last five four three two one and zero all right taking that one kettlebell with us to the floor we’re gonna get into a kneeling position we’re gonna do a kneeling clean plus rotational press so from this kneeling position I’m gonna drive my hips forward perform it clean again that kettlebell comes to the side and now we’re gonna rotate and press straight overhead and repeat or return back so I’m gonna clean rotate and press back down kettlebell back down repeat breathe throughout whatever you do do not hold your breath sticking exhale during the clean as well as exhale as you drive that kinda Bell straight up overhead good point always trying to exhale on the hardest part of the move keep that core engaged core stays tight one into the next and as you press that kettlebell straight up overhead trying your best to get that bicep by your ears good and just like we did on the snatch we’re not whipping that kettlebell straight over but instead we’re punching through and bringing the kettlebell to the side and we’re switching sides and five four three two one zero same move switch it up opposite side now again no downtime drive those hips for press good you got it tried and that is this workout continues and start to get tougher it’s gonna be so important that you focus on what it is that brought you here today to begin with what’s your why what’s your purpose we’re trying to get more fit trying to lose some weight being some muscle whatever it is staying focused on that good one rep right into the next recognizing every rep is gonna get you just that much closer to your goals let’s go try to keep it up almost there almost there keep it grind and keep it moving last five four three two one zero ohh all right let’s take a look let’s take their one kettlebell up onto our feet Ren put that catapult into a catcher’s grip we’re going to a halo + squat kettlebell comes up and around our head and then we’re gonna perform a goblet squat weight back on our hips come up opposite side now from Anna halo and back into the squat alternating each time which direction you go with your halo hope you can remember which side I did right which only gets harder as the oxygen gets a little harder to come by again not about being perfect just about putting in the work and getting a little better every time right come on try we’re yeah never said it’d be easy this is a brain workout too apparently here we go but it will be worth it one rain to the next this one’s hitting your shoulders as well as your core and your legs hamstrings quads and glutes all working together come on keep it up guys let’s go let’s go tribe I want you to inhale as you come down and squat exhale on the way up that’s it focus on that breathing don’t allow yourself to hold your breath last 10 seconds what do you got try to keep it going keep it going four five four three two one and zero excellent all right I’m gonna increase my weight a little bit for this next one but feel free to keep the weight the same for you if that’s what you choose to do we’re gonna do a single rep swing plus either a ballistic push-up or a traditional push up yep so starting with our feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart we’re gonna start with two hands on that kettlebell we’re gonna hike that kettlebell between our legs hips forward kettlebell swing and then set that kettlebell down out in front of you both hands on the ground and we’re either gonna jump back or step back and I’m gonna perform me one ballistic push-up and I’m gonna perform a single push-up now I’m jumping back up stepping and then again grab that kettlebell hike between your legs repeat one swing kettlebell down and repeat getting in as many as you can and you choose which variation is most appropriate for you neither one are easy we got hard and harder here for you make sure you keep that back straight on the swing don’t allow it to round ABS stay tight on that push up back a straight on the push-up as well try to set that kettlebell out nice and far in front of you so you’re now hitting your head on it again one swing at a time hips back hips four squeeze and those glutes up at the top on that swing this one is gonna get your heart rate up quick fast and in a hurry that is by design total body workout today getting as much working as we can in this short amount of time you gotta try focusing on what motivates you focusing on what brought you here today to begin with one rabbit in the next you gotta grind it out here last ten seconds almost there almost there let’s go five four three two one zero excellent ok for the next we’re gonna do a crush it curl I’m lowering my weight again for this one and allow our heart rates come down a little bit with this one shoulders are back grab that kettlebell on each side squeeze elbows stay in full range of motion curl so this forces us to not only curl but also squeeze that kettlebell or crush that kettlebell together full range of motion and then our heart rates are awfully high from that last one we’re trying their best to only been at those elbows shoulders stay back all the way up all the way down controlling that kettlebell not only I went on the way up but also as you lower it don’t just allow it to flop back down so we’re gonna inhale as we lower our Kutta bow and exhale as you curl it back up that’s it exhaling on that hardest part of the move full range of motion feeling those biceps as well your forearms working as well as everything else that we’ve just worked exactly it’s all burning burn so good come on never said it’d be easy but it will be worth it let’s go try it if you are used to working out with us you know it is all about efficiency that’s it getting as much work in and it short a period of time as well all about compound moves here last ten seconds that’s gonna be can you get let’s go almost there almost there let’s go try push it let’s go five four three two one zero Maxwell nice all right speaking of compound moves we’re gonna do either a reverse lunge plus phen press or a split squat plus the spend press all right so let’s grab that kettle bow with a catcher’s grip I’m sorry starting with my feet shoulder-width apart and I’m in a staggered split stance position both of us are gonna drop that back knee down to a 90 degree angle as we press straight up and return I should say press straight out their arms parallel to the floor so now would be a good time to reduce the weight if you didn’t already you’re finding out this one is whoo sorry your shoulders working your chest shoulders quads hamstrings glutes all working together on this one trying your best to keep that upper body straight up and down and again not holding our breath pushing those arms out to parallel breathing in on the way down breathing out exhaling on the hardest part as we stand back up almost there try keep pushing through let’s switch sides and 5 4 3 2 1 0 all right same move switch legs and keep on grinding come on there it is go to your happy place it’s all about that discipline that’s right doing what others won’t do so you can have what others won’t have when it gets tough put that goal right at the front of your mind that’s it focus on it gets on that what are you here for come on keep it up keep it up it’s not about how bad you want it it’s about how hard you’re willing to work for it that’s right and that’s what we’re doing right here right now come on try you can tell this is kicking my butt too I’m right there with you whoo almost there almost there let’s go keep grinding out let’s go class 10 seconds make it count try make it count four five four three two one zero we’re hitting the floor for the next one moving on to our backs we’re gonna do an ISO pull up up sorry I so hip up Plus pull over so again grabbing that kettlebell with a catcher’s grip let’s go ahead and bring our hips up off the floor driving off our heels squeezing our glutes now bring those arms straight up maintaining that isometric position with our legs we’re pulling that kettlebell all the way over all the way back feel those lats engage stay nice and under control don’t bounce that kettlebell off the floor but instead stay under control inhale as you bring a kettlebell down and exhale as you bring it right back up over your head keep squeezing those glutes don’t allow your butt to sink and don’t hyperextend your back you’re driving off your heels keeping your heels nice and close to your glutes on this one you don’t want to have your feet too far out in front of you whoo and you should definitely feel a bit of a booty burn with that that’s it working your hamstrings your glutes your core your lats as well as your chest again hitting multiple body parts with just this one move don’t allow yourself to bounce that kettlebell off the floor nice and under control on the way down as well as the way up that’s it right here come on try let’s go let’s push through you got it win this together what made you hit that play button today what is it what are you working towards staying focused on it every repetition don’t let go of it that’s it recognizing you’re getting just that much closer to your goals with every rep not much left on this one let’s go last ten seconds where you have a tribe right there with anything for ten seconds let’s do it four five four three two one and zero excellent work we’re gonna finish strong with a closed grip pushup set that kettlebell on its side we’re gonna have two hands on that one kettlebell I’m gonna come up onto my feet I am on my knees and I’m gonna keep my elbows in as I come down I’m a full range of motion push up and then back up inhale down exhale as you push yourself back up out of that push-up this is a tough move even from your knees definitely keep those elbows in looking your triceps chest shoulders core all working together if at any point you feel like it’s too difficult then you can do one hand on one kettlebell and bust those push-ups out make sure that you perform equal time on each side most important thing is just to make this workout work for you focusing out what brought you here today to begin with don’t wish for it work for it don’t dream about it be about it figure out what you got to do to get to where you want to go and day after day do at least one thing to get yourself there that’s what you’re doing right here come on finish strong tribe we’re almost there come on let’s go last ten seconds ride it out with us let’s go let’s go four five four three two one zero and that is it you made it nice work try we’re gonna move into a cool-down next whoo giving ourselves a second to allow our heart rates to come down we’re gonna get a little added flexibility work in at the same time catch our breath here – all right we’re gonna do a one leg hip hinge to start feet are shoulder width apart let’s put that one leg out straight on your heel keeping that right leg straight we’re bending over hinging at our hip keeping our back straight stretching that hamstring in the lead leg I can keep those shoulders square head in line with your spine big deep breaths stretching out the backside of that leg as well as your glute nice big deep breaths focusing on bringing that heart rate down on this one you pull back on those toes as well do a little calf stretch in at the same time let’s go five four three two one zero stand up nice and slowly let’s switch sides same move get that opposite leg out in front and then bend over hinging at our hips pull them back on those toes keeping that leg straight back stays straight and again nice big deep breaths here I really did a lot of posterior chain work today so it’s a great one to help that back side recover again nice big deep breaths four five four three two one zero come on up nice and slow moving into a lying side quad stretch coming down onto our sides for this one line down on our left side that arm out to our side let’s reach back grab our foot and try our best to pull that foot to our glutes stretching that quadricep and as Claudia’s pointed out before added benefit to this one as you get to lie down and rest after the workout just to hope fall asleep on us and if you need to on this one you can use a towel or band to help grab your foot if you can’t quite reach it try to keep that knee into your side don’t let it flare out because then all of a sudden you’re not gonna be stretching out that quadricep anymore again nice big deep breaths here four five four three two one zero excellent ok let’s turn over switch sides same move but let’s just hit that opposite side leg again hello everbody a lot of work in today it’s important that we put as much time at a recovery and our mobility flexibility work as we do in the actual work nice big deep breaths here they own that heart rate start to come down and don’t be alarmed if one sides a little tighter than the other and it is totally normal I always find my left quads a little tighter than my right and let’s hold this one for five four three two one zero Oh relax that leg excellent ok next we’re gonna transition into a floor angel so lying down on our backs we’re gonna get those shoulders stretched out on this next one let’s bring those arms straight up overhead relaxing those arms and then we’re gonna pull down on those elbows as we keep our whole upper arm and hands flat on the ground the best that we can which gets hard to do and then go ahead and extend those arms straight up overhead again as we’re trying her best to keep our upper arm hands and forearms in contact with the floor also try to keep your upper and lower back in contact with the floor at the same time oh yeah this one always ends up giving you stretches and feels and parts of your upper back and shoulders you didn’t even know existed again those shoulders got a lot of work in today so this is a good one to help him recover nice big deep breaths as you pull those elbows down tight into your sides and then extend the arms straight up and yours may look prettier than ours or it may look not quite as prettier as ours and that’s okay just keep putting in the work and you’ll get a little bit better trying your best to get to that ideal stage where both your hands your elbows are on the floor understanding that they may come up but every time you come back and repeat this you’ll get just a little bit better at it excellent full range of motion here this is a good one to kind of counteract some of the modern ailments with our posture from driving just sitting at a desk just staring down on our phones so many different things working against our posture every day let’s do this one four five four three two one zero excellent all right let’s go one last one we’re gonna turn over to a little yoga inspired move next when a transition from a Cobra to a child’s pose let’s go ahead and have those fingers pointed forward coming up in a prone position let’s bring that chest up shoulders back squeeze those glutes forming a Cobra chest up nice big deep breaths and now let’s sit back pull back on those hips as we relax your shoulders and sit back into a child’s pose relax those shoulders sitting down onto our heels this one’s great for overall spine shoulders posterior chain quads all getting a good stretch on this one let’s come forward one more time to that Cobra coming forward nice and slow squeeze those glutes up at the top track those shoulders nice big deep breaths and let’s sit back one last time into that Child’s Pose nice and relaxed here a couple big deep breaths and this is that time and the workout I like to remind you to just give yourself some credit for showing up and putting in the work today you know we’re so hard on ourselves trying to be perfect trying to keep up I think it’s important every once in a while give yourselves a pat on the back and say hey he put in the work today you were disciplined you may not have felt up to it but it didn’t matter you still showed up and you got it done so there’s something to be said for that he should be proud of yourself for doing so big deep breaths here four five four three two one zero come on up nice and slow and that is it my friends he made it klaudia he made it work he made it tried nice work out there thank you so much for showing up and working out with us today we literally could not do this without you please support our mission of keeping these great workouts free by stopping by our App Store and downloading our free app it’s available for both iOS and Android you can also stop by our store pick up a shirt or our diet guide eating for life and we know that you enjoyed this workout with us today so we ask that you please give it a big thumbs up and hit that red subscribe button so you never miss another brand new workout from house fit you know may be hard to believe but this shirt was like a light-colored gray at the beginning of this workout so I think I’m gonna go hit the showers yeah Thank You Sophia joining us today I’m coach Cosette and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout