Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

This quick full body workout will torch fat and build lean muscle with just a pair of dumbbells. This Tabata training routine utilizes 4 rounds of each exercise. You’ll perform as many reps as possible in 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest.

Warm Up
Knee Raise + Chest Opener
Multi-Planar Lunge and Twist
Posterior Swing to Overhead

20 Minute Tabata HIIT Workout with Weights

Reverse Lunge + Halo
High Plank Reverse Fly / from Knees
Squat + Curl
Push Press
Lateral Lunge + Upright Row / Lateral Squat
Chest Press + Flutter Kicks / Bent Knee

Cool Down
Bent Arm Wall Chest Stretch
Downward Dog / Upward Facing Dog
Child’s Pose

what’s up has fate tribe it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is the total body hit workout we’re gonna perform today’s routine Tabata style so that means we’re gonna do four back-to-back rounds of each exercise that’s 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest the only equipment required for today’s workout is a pair of dumbbells and the weight that you use is dependent on your fitness level follow along with me for the standard moves and follow me for some easier modifications if you’re ready to go let’s burn it out [Music] alright let’s get started with the warmup first move of the day is going to be a knee raise plus chest opener so opening those arms up feeling that stretch in your chest and in your shoulders and then doing like a march in place while we’re trying to bring that knee up to parallel to the ground and the purpose of today’s warm-up is to elevate your heart rate and increase your overall body temperature and we’ll even get a little bit of mobility work in here at the same time get your body warmed up for what’s to come that’s it now the purpose of the warm-up is not to get your actual workout in so make sure you’re moving at a warm-up pace don’t burn yourself out here whatever your warmup pace looks like go ahead and give it making sure to breathe along the way focus on that breathing nice and consistent feeling a stretch in your chest and in your shoulders every time you open those arms up doing this one for just 10 more seconds and let’s go five four three two one and zero we’re moving to the floor for the next one let’s go ahead and start in a high plank position also known as like a pushup position we’re gonna do a multi-planar lunge let’s take your right foot and move it up by your right hand now we’re gonna reach through to your left side and then reach up to the right go ahead and look at that hand as you twist and rotate from your core this one’s gonna loosen up multiple body parts from your thoracic spine to your hamstrings shoulders all getting loosened up on this one that like this one because it’s just such an inefficient move we’re gonna split our time equally on both sides and again this one is not a race moving through it a nice warm up pace this great mobility move keep that breathing going here and we’re gonna switch sides and five four three two one go and place that right hand back down step that right foot back now let’s step up with your left foot and we’re gonna reverse it reaching through to the right and then twisting up as we look at that hand excellent now is a good time to remind yourself of why you hit that play button today what it is that motivates you what brought you here to this workout we’re gonna keep that in your mind through throughout today’s routine and as today’s routine gets more difficult that’s gonna be that little carrot that gets you through keeping it up four five four three two one and zero all right coming back up to our feet one last warm-up move we’re gonna warm up our posterior chain the posterior swing to overhead feet are a little wider than shoulder-width apart point those toes out slightly bend our knees swing those hands through your legs and then up overhead now we’re starting with a slight bend in our knees we’re going to maintain that slight bend throughout driving our hips back you’ll feel a stretch and your hamstrings your glutes it’s also loosening up your lower back and those three big muscle groups make up your posterior chain loosening them up getting them ready for this action we’re trying to drive our hips back almost like we’re trying to touch our glutes to the wall behind us on this one and then finish up with those arms up overhead biceps by our ears also getting a little shoulder stretching at the same time again really efficient dynamic active stretch let’s do this one for just five four three two one and zero all right for our first move of the day we just need one dumbbell you ready to go I’m ready to go let’s do that if you’re ready as well one dumbbell needed we are gonna do a reverse lunge Plus halo so I’m gonna grab that dumbbell on either side have it out in front of us to start we’re gonna step back with one leg and we’re gonna twist in the opposite side direction drop from both knees to a 90 we’re gonna come up perform a halo bring it up overhead and now we’re going to opposite side drop that back knee down and up right back into halo and you’ll see how each move flows right into the next one that’s right okay again we’re going for back-to-back rounds 20 seconds of work above by 10 seconds of rest I’m ready to get the show on the road let’s do it all right first round here let’s get it going in three two one let’s get it cranking making sure to breathe throughout and your goal in these 20 seconds of work sets is to get as many reps in as possible keeping that pace up now of course we want you to maintain proper form throughout three two one and break well we’re going as fast as we can we don’t want a sacrifice form No all right so these ten-second breaks are gonna go by fast here we go in two one begin and hit it like I said 20 seconds of work goes by slow in that 10 seconds of rest is gonna go by fast so be ready for just enough time to take a couple deep breaths in your right back into it this move is gonna hit your shoulders core hamstrings glutes quads three two one break so excellent compound move definitely alright – now shake it out here we gotta go to one begin as you get a little more familiar with the move you can pick up the pace not about being perfect on this just about putting in the work keeping the pace up much longer and if you need to you can always adjust your weight three two one break3 now I wanted to go one more almost there a couple deep breaths boom alright guys here we go three two one last round picking it up let’s go how many can you get right here throughout today’s workout you’re not competing with us you’re competing with yourself trying to get a little bit better every time let’s go come on much longer here we go we should push it to one and break all right first one is down next one still only need the one dumbbell all right just the weight if you need to I’m gonna drop my weight we’re moving to the floor and we’re gonna get into a high plank position I’m gonna be up on my feet and I’m gonna be down on my knees we’re gonna do a high plank reverse flyes with that one Dumbo we’re gonna reach through and pull back keeping a bend in that elbow forming a reverse fly keeping your core nice and tight back straight alright here we go and three two one let’s hit it reach through and pull back well we do want to move at a fast pace at the same time try not to swing too much we want to make sure we’re staying under control make sure you use the appropriate weight that’s it doesn’t take a lot of weight for this move pulling back and keeping that bend in the elbow okay go guys in three two one and break all right we’re switching to the opposite arm now again getting ready position do that ten seconds is going by fast that’s right in three two one begin keeping our core tight back stays straight keep a slight bend in the arm that’s on the ground and stabilizing you don’t have that elbow locked out so is working your core your upper back both getting a really hit on this one three two one and break shake those arms drop back to down here to go come on history truck right guys here we go two one begin that’s error I didn’t do it and also really focus on controlling that descent as well on the way down we don’t want to just allow that Dumbo to flop down but keep it under control already guys – come on let’s go let’s go let’s go what you got how many can you get five four three two one break Oh three dots one one to go already moving alright guys here we go in three two one last one right here keeping that core tight back stays nice and straight if you started on your feet and you need to move your knees feel free to do so make this work out your own modify as needed also modify with your weight if you want to lowering or raising the weight three two one and break ah excellent alright we’re up on our feet for the next one and we’re gonna need to Dumbo all right I’m gonna go over here and grab a little heavier weight we’re gonna do a squat + curl combo two-for-one move little compound start with our hands at our sides feet are shoulder-width apart we’re gonna put a weight back on our hips squat down and as we stand up we’re gonna curl bringing those pinkies in back down and repeat and that’s the whole move that’s it let’s do it guys and five four three two one push it weight back in the hips and then curl and like I said it’s definitely a combo move hamstrings quads glutes lower back core biceps forearms all getting hit on this one four seconds three two one and break all right shut the weights down if you need to but not for long it’s just 30 seconds all right here we go guys in two one begin all right now that you got the move down let’s pick up that pace how many can you get right here come on try to keep those knees from caving in that’s right don’t allow them to come in keep them out and hand strong focus on good form here I mean you got four seconds three two one and break all right two down two to go feeling good feeling awesome adjust your weight as needed two one begin yeah I got squat want to make sure that you’re keeping our feet flat we don’t want to come up onto our toes driving off those heels making sure to sit back with your weight and your hips first and then break it your knees come on let’s go let’s go in three two one break ah three down one more to go under go it goes fast shake it up guys here we go starting again and two one let’s begin what do you got right here it’s you versus you that’s right and that lactic acid starts to kick in and that burn starts to kick in you got to remind yourself that you’re tougher than that burn what would you come here for what is it come on and three two one break excellent oh all right we’re gonna need two dumbbells again for the next one okay I’m gonna drop my weight a little bit so am i we’re doing an overhead press it’s called a push press I’m gonna start with both of our dumbbells up in a rack position dumbbells by our chin we’re gonna put our weight back at our hips sit back and use that power from our legs to help drive those dumbbells straight up so here we are you ready to go we’re going to you and three two one zero sit and push I can get as many in as we can and that a lot of time period it’s driving straight up finishing with those biceps by your ears use that power from your leg three rival up to one and break down if you need to one down three to go yep make sure your just that weight accordingly I said if you go up or down do so alright guys here we go and two one begin alright so getting a little bit of work in on your legs on this one but it’s mostly shoulders triceps and a little bit of chest also working your core having to stabilize it come on push it push it push it how many can you get right here in five four three two one break way to down who to to go I feel that lastik acid burning for sure alright guys again weights up to one let’s start come on reminding yourself what brought you here today to begin with what are your goals what are you working on hey every repetition getting you just that much closer right here keep it up alright guys in three two one and break ah oh three down one to go that’s gracious take a couple of big deep breaths here pick those weights back up cuz we’re starting right now let’s do it last one come on pushing yourself cuz nobody else is gonna do it for you come on what are you working on what’s it gonna take to get there come on every rep getting you that much closer push to the pace everybody three two one Dan break actually oh goodness okay only one dumbbell need it for the next I’m ready another combo move we’re gonna start with a Dumbo in our right hand we’re gonna step to our left side I’m gonna do a big step into a lateral lunge and I’m gonna do a lateral squat and as we stand up we’re gonna pull up from that elbow and perform it up right a row you decide if you wanted the long step or the short step two rounds on each side and three two one let’s go making sure to keep your weight back in your hips in both variations and you’re pulling up from that elbow like you have a string attached to that elbow pulling up with that elbow and not your hanging that’s right and five four three two one break all right one down Oh switch inside a couple of deep breaths here it’s a killer starting in 3 2 1 begin guys this move is tough but you’re tougher after you get the feel for it you can pick up the pace my move requires a little more flexibility and it puts a little more load on that outside leg for claudi’s a little more evenly distributed in five four three two one break all right halfway down to done two to go gyah alright guys starting again in three two one begin alright big reach and big pull straight up from that elbow this one’s working your quadriceps your hamstrings your glutes your shoulders your upper back your traps Oh getting worked on this one come on don’t hold your breath keep breathing and three two one break alright three down one to go has four tribe or right there with you alright guys and three two one last one come on give it all you got finish this one strong I know hold them back get this set done and there’ll be no more of these today everything you got right here no holding back and five seconds and three two one break uh excellent okay we’re gonna need two demos for the next one alright and we’re moving to the floor to the ground I’m going a little bit heavier for this one we’re gonna lie down on our back another combo move we’re gonna do a chest press plus a flutter kick we’re gonna start with our legs out in front of us I’m gonna tuck your chin and bring those shoulder blades off the ground into a hollow body I’m working my legs out straight and I’m gonna have my knees bent here now we’re gonna press and at the same time perform a flutter kick you decide if you want your knees bent or legs straight or a little bit of both right they’re both fun yes alright three two one zero key on this one is to keep your lower back glued to the ground and that’s why we bring her chin up tuck it in shoulder blades off the ground really helps us keep that lower back flat five more seconds guys come on in three two one and break that’s it ten seconds I’m gonna go by fast it sure is here we go in three two one let’s start again you’re having trouble keeping that lower back on the ground that’s when it’s time to bend the knees nothing wrong with that that’s it better safe than sorry that’s right keep breathing I know it’s a hard one to breathe while you’re moving five four three two one break halfway two down two to go we’re right there with you feeling that same burn and three two one here we go third one keep it moving keep it moving remember you’re not alone thousands maybe even millions at home doing that same move feeling that same burn you’re feeling we’re in it together has four tried and it together just keep moving keep moving keep working three two one and break huh whew one more warm last one you almost there yes come on and three two one last one don’t stop when it hurts stop when you’re done finish right to the end right here everyone right here come on let’s go let’s go let’s go would you come here for what is it what are you working towards reminds yourself getting closer and three two one and break that’s it tried hmm you made it it wasn’t easy but it was worth it sure the heck was come on give yourself a round of applause here be proud of what you’ve achieved today come with deep breaths and we’re gonna move into a cool-down and the purpose of this cooldown is to allow your heart rate to come down slowly mm-hmm and gain a little extra mobility at the same time we’re gonna move on over to a wall or just anything you can support yourself on we’re gonna do a bent arm chest stretch so with that elbow to 90 we’re gonna open that chest up and turn away from the wall stretch our chest woo as well as our shoulders I got a good workout in today we’re just gonna lose him up loosen them up here as well as taking a big much-needed rest just a static stretch just relax and hold for five four three two one zero let’s switch it up now opposite side ah again the work is done this is the easy part just a little bit of recovery work here loosening up that upper body taking a second here to be a proud of what you’ve achieved so far today and three two one zero shake those arms out we’re gonna move to the floor okay for a little yoga inspired stretch we’re gonna do a combo downward dog upward facing dog so let’s come up onto your feet in your hands I’m gonna pull those hips back like somebody’s grabbing your hips and they’re pulling them backwards we’re gonna feel a stretch in your hamstrings glutes lower back and then bring that head back and loosen up those shoulders at the same time now let’s transition dive down transition into an upward facing dog this one’s gonna loosen up your hip flexors core shoulders biceps Oh getting a little stretch on this one and the head up hips down and now let’s reverse it back into that downward dog pulling those hips back and you’ll see Claudia walking her legs out a little bit which is a good way to isolate each leg you also drive those heels to the floor if you’d like to get a little extra calf stretch and make these stretches your own you may be more flexible or less flexible than us just make it work for you let’s go into that upward facing dog one more time hand up and hips to the floor excellent nice big slow deep breaths four five four three two one zero let’s come down under your knees and we’re gonna sit back and do a child’s pose so go ahead and sit back on to your own heels or calves stretching out those arms in front of you trying to straighten them out sitting back as far as you can maybe further than us may not be quite as far again you make it your own you know stretching your shoulders quadriceps lower back and just take some big deep breaths taking a second here to just be proud of what you’ve achieved it took the steps needed today to just get one more inch closer to your goal every time you repeat this workout you’ll get just that much closer in five four three two one zero we’re coming up slowly now of course you don’t have to get up if you don’t want to that’s true we unfortunately have to you know if you need a minute feel free to hang out nice work Claudia nice work coach nice work to you out there today if you enjoy today’s workout we’d ask that you please support our mission keep these great workouts free by donating to our patreon page you can also download our app or pick up a has fit t-shirt or my book and stay fit for life we promise when we send you the shirt they won’t come for you and if you enjoyed this workout with us today we ask that you give it a big thumbs up and hit that red subscribe button so that you never miss another brand new workout from has fit again thank you so much for coming and working out with us today it’s been our privilege I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout