Advanced Difficulty with Intermediate Modifications provided
advanced workout

Full body HIIT workouts can be some of the most efficient routines known to man. In this one routine, you’ll hit every muscle group from head to toe while working on strength and endurance. The equipment you’ll need for this routine is a pair of dumbbells and the weight you choose will be dependent on your fitness level. Let’s do this!

Warm Up
Butt Kick + Overhead Shoulder Extension
One Leg Good Morning
Quadruped Elbow to Hand Rotation
Bird Dogs

30 Minute Full Body HIIT

Power Snatch from Floor
Straight Arm Fly + Leg Raise / Knee Raise
Side Lunge + Halo / Side Squat
Duels (wide stance, hammer curl + extension)
Low Lunge Row / Split Stance Row
Side Plank Leg Raise
Side Plank Press / from Knees
Dumbbell Sots Press / with ¼ Squat
High Plank Dumbbell Reverse Fly / from Knees
Hollow Body + Iso-90 Triceps Extension / Knees Bent
Reverse Lunge and Curl + Knee Raise / No Knee Raise
Dumbbell Side Raise + Run in Place
Prone Dumbbell Pullbacks / No DB’s
Dumbbell Slams

Cool Down
Hands Behind Head Chest Stretch
Standing Quad Stretch
Seated Toe Reach to Scarecrow
90-90 Hip Stretch