Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Warning: This 30 minute HIIT at Home may cause excessive perspiration and calories burned. The total body workout only requires a pair of dumbbells and includes modifications to make it easier to customize the routine for your fitness level. Ready. Set. Let’s do this!

Warm Up
Opposite Toe Touches / Knee Touches
Arm Pullover + Knee Raise
Jumping Jacks / Butt Kick Jack

30 Minute HIIT at Home with Dumbbells

Dumbbell Clean + Reverse Lunge / Front Squat
V Sit Fly / Modified Feet Down
Bent Over Row + Fly
Goblet Squat + Twist
High Plank Triceps Kickback / from Knees
Curtsy Lunge + High Pullback / Curtsy ΒΌ Lunge
Reverse Curl + Front Kick / Knee Raise
Chest Squeeze + Shoulder Press
Kickstand Skier Swing
High Plank Row + Press / from Knees

Cool Down
Toe Touch to Scarecrow
Straight Arm Wall Chest Stretch
Standing Quad Stretch