Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

There will be no muscle left behind in this HIIT Tabata Workout with Weights. Each exercise will be performed Tabata style, 4 rounds of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. You only need a pair of dumbbells and the weight that you choose will be completely dependent on your fitness level. Just remember it’s always better to start light and work your way up.

Warm Up
Cobra / Downward Dog
Frog Walk-In + Twist
Arm Crossover + Butt Kick

30 Minute HIIT Tabata Workout with Weights

Dumbbell Thruster
Bear Plank Push Up + Row / from Knees
Reach Across Dumbbell Row
Iso Deep Lunge Curl / Split Squat
Hand Release Push Up / from Knees
Suitcase Squat
One Arm Snatch from Floor / from Hang
Hollow Body Dumbbell Chest Press / Knees bent
Lateral Lunge + Core Press / Lateral Step

Cool Down
Chest Opener
Standing Quad Stretch
Toe Touch + Scarecrow

what’s up has fit tribe it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a total body hit workout we’re going to perform today’s routine Tabata style so that means we’re going to do four back-to-back rounds of each exercise that’s 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest the only equipment required for today’s workout is a pair of dumbbells and the weight that you use is dependent upon your fitness level follow me for the standard moves and follow me for some easier modifications if you’re ready to go let’s do it [Music] let’s begin with a quick warmup we’re gonna move to the floor for the first one and do a little yoga variation let’s go and start in a high plank position I’m gonna loosen up that posterior chain and core let’s go ahead and pull those hips back stretching and relaxing at the shoulders stretching our posterior chain as we pull back into a downward dog making sure to breathe stay relaxed here and now we’re gonna go ahead and dive down into a cobra head up chin up dropping those hips to the floor got a few big deep breaths and now let’s pull those hips back again I’m just gonna go through this sequence a few times here loosen up that posterior chain as you get into this you should feel like you’re loosening up just a little more with every transition let’s go back into that Cobra head up drop those hips down chin up they’re like stretching a posterior breathe like stretching your abs on this part and let’s return one more time pull those hips back into that downward facing dog if you want you gonna walk your feet out you see cloudy’s been walking them out just to give you a little extra stretch especially in the calves and big deep breaths and let’s pull forward one last time into the cobra head up chest up hips are down excellent and five four three two one zero okay go ahead and relax we’re gonna stay down on the floor for the next one we’re gonna move into a frog walk-in + twist so let’s go ahead and start up in a high plank position we’re gonna step your right foot up by your right hand the best you can you might not be able to quite get it all the way there and then we’re gonna take that same inside hand twist and reach straight up return that hand back to the ground step back now alternate opposite side now step up by your hand twist look up and return again this is just the warmup so we’re not moving at a fast workout pace here just loosening up joints or muscles creasing our overall body temperature just return back and forth between the two not counting any reps here making sure to breathe big deep breaths excellent it’s a great one for your your hip flexors your quads your hamstrings your glutes your thoracic spine shoulders are a lot of body parts getting hit on this one let’s just go ahead and continue this one for the last five four three two one and zero all right we can come up onto your feet for the next one we’re gonna get your heart rate up a little bit with this last one we’re gonna do an arm crossover plus butt kick last warm-up move for the day keeping a slight bend in those elbows getting a full extension opening those arms up and then closing and squeezing that chest as those aren’t crossover stepping side to side bringing that heel back to your glutes kicking yourself in your own butt moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with again this is just the warm-up I want to go too crazy here and try to alternate which arm is on top as you go through your arm crossovers excellent come on keep it up here let’s go last ten seconds on this one feeling good we’re ready for this workout and five four three two one zero we’re ready we hope you are too we’re gonna need our dumbbells for the first and we’re gonna do a dumbbell thruster so as we said before we’re gonna do today’s workout Tabata style so that means we’re gonna do each exercise for four rounds 20 seconds of work as many reps as you can in that time and we’re gonna take a quick 10-second break you’ll see as we go so let’s go and start this one feet are shoulder-width apart bring up those dumbbells to your chin palms are facing you we’re gonna squat down break at the hips then at the knees all the way down and as we stand up we’re gonna press it and twist straight overhead and return right back into the next one performing as many reps as we can in the twenty second time period here we go as you get this thing going I’m excited and three two one hit it hips are back boom that’s it right there so throughout today’s workout we’re not counting reps just up to you to push yourself and get as many in as you can and these a lot of time periods these twenty second time periods I’m gonna eventually feel really slow in the 10 second breaks are gonna feel fast that’s right in three two one and break excellent is a great total body move yep lower and upper body getting hit on this one alright starting again in three two one let’s go guys breathe in on the way down and out on the way up exhale as your driving exploding those dumbbells straight overhead head up chest up and keep your core nice and tight finishing with those palms facing forward so we’re twisting those dumbbells as we press three two one break5 nice I’m already feeling the Barna oh yeah me too two down two to go let’s go halfway there husband three two one here we go guys come on pushing the pace once you get familiar and comfortable with the form time to push it feel free to adjust your weight as needed today and the exercises you need to add weight take weight away we encourage you to make this routine your own you’re going 3 2 1 break away to one to go here we are these 10 second breaks go by too fast starting again in two one here we go last one come on push it everybody here it is throughout today’s workout you’re gonna have to focus on what motivates you what brought you here today because if you don’t you’re gonna want to quit focus on what it is that you’re working towards come on let’s get it in three two one and break ah excellent nice job we’re moving to the floor for the next one I’m gonna keep my dumbbells me and I’m gonna lose my dumbbells for this variation so you can decide which one is right for you I’m gonna do a bear plank push-up plus row so I up off of my knees knees are at a 90 degree angle I’m gonna go push up come up keep my core tight row row repeat and I’m doing the exact same thing except I am in a plank from my knees pushing up and then doing a row you just have what’s right for you but either way we’re getting started here come on let’s get it going try it in three two one zero another killer total body move hitting a lot of the efficient moves today a lot of work in in this short period of time and if this variation that I’m doing is not hard enough for you you can certainly go ahead and add some dumbbells into this movement or you can even take it up to a full pushup yeah you really again make it your own make it work for you okay three two one break excellent but making sure that is no matter which variation you choose keeping that core tight and your back straight that’s right alright guys starting again in three two one here we go here it is right back into it core stays tight but if you do do not hold your breath on this one definitely not you will regret it if you do come on keep it up one wrap into the next you’re a machine right here three two one break this one’s working everything from you your legs to your core shoulders triceps and back all getting hit on this one everything all right guy starting again and two one begin and I’m feeling it go fast in second it does does go by too fast come on we’re burning right there with you have you tried rep by Rep let’s go come on get it going breathe guys guys three two one and break one last one remaining last one that’s it come on that’s it energy up you need to adjust your weight feel free to do so but see moving one let’s go guys last one let’s go let’s go let’s go core stays tight back stays straight specially as you’re rowing you don’t want a big turn but instead keeping your core tight on this one excellent one wrap into the next nothing can stop you right here and three two one alright okay we need it here I need both dumbbells for the next one let’s go ahead and stand up we’re gonna do a reach across dumbbell row feet are shoulder width apart little bend the knees bend over in a 45 degree angle I’m gonna reach across and then pull keep that elbow up reach across pull keep that elbow up reach across pull keep that elbow up so one row at a time here we are how many can you get starting in three two one you got it reach oh and you’re pulling back on that elbow like you have a string attached to it so you get a little twist as you reach across that’s on purpose we’re engaging that core reach across whole back with the elbow working your legs – three two one break definitely appeals one your legs – just a for sure maintain that position whoo-hoo the deep breath and we’re right back into it alright guys here we go into one begin alright come on big power with every pull working everything from your legs your cord your back hole and back from that elbow somebody’s that string and they’re just pulling it back every time we reach across keep that core engaged you got it come on three two one and Britain two now legs and I’m officially translating math didn’t take long today alright guys here we go again in 2 1 begin all right here it is has to be tried knock him out right here not for anybody else but for you not for me not for Claudia but for you because you deserve it right here come on let’s go let’s go let’s go what you got breathe guys in three two one and break oh one more down one last one we got this you got this we’re right there with you try come on hang tight hang tight all right guys here we go in two one begin come on let’s go last one right here grooving it to yourself today that’s what it’s all about not about competing with us it’s about competing with the you from yesterday who couldn’t get it done but today is gonna get it done let’s go come on getting a little better every day right here four seconds three two one and break Oh feels so good alright next we’re gonna move into a lower body upper body combo I’m gonna get into an isometric deep lunge step and I’m actually gonna get into a split squat stance I’m gonna stay here and curl and I’m gonna go down into a split squat so you decide if you want to stay down the whole time or come up and down either way we’re gonna burn it out here in three two one zero if you’re doing that deep lunge we got that back leg nice and far back not the traditional 90 degree lunge taking a big step we’re just holding if you’re doing Claudia split squat variation dropping straight down to both knees to the 90 guys we go in three two one break alright so we’re gonna do two sets on each side switching legs for this one oh girl stay the same no alright here we go in three two one begin all right knocking them out how many can you get you got the move down let’s go come on pushing yourself right here don’t quit when it hurts stop when you’re done let’s go come on legs are burning behind you’re feeling it too my glutes are on fire huh three two one break yeah yeah hope this doesn’t get trademarked or flagged for Rihanna anyway okay what Alicia Keys actually is it yeah so you don’t even terrible all right guys three two one let’s go come on let’s get it going coach I’m burning I’m burning keep it up everybody hopefully these corny jokes he’s throwing her let me focus over there limited keep good posture on that curl make sure you’re curling those pinkies in squeezing your box all right three two one great all right that’s three down yeah something like that all right here we go in three two one last one guys here we go you start feeling that burning that lactic acid kicking in it’s so important you just remember that’s just that fuel that your muscles use as an energy source treats that nerve response you don’t have to listen to it though push past it come on not much left all right guys in three two one break whoo-wee that burns so good legs are gonna get a little bit of a break here set those aside we’re moving to the floor we’re gonna do a hand release pushup so I’m gonna do my hand release push it come up on my feet and I’m gonna do it from my knees but either way we’re both gonna come all the way down back down to our chest arms are out to the side back to push up and up so we’re totally doing a dead weight press boom up keeping your core nice and tight on the way up that’s true and three two one that’s it everybody core stays tight bring your core up with you so you don’t want you to leave your core down as you come up right but instead bring it all up at the same time come on hey power every press three two one break and if you start with one variation it’s too hard or too easy mix it up and if this version to easy you can get to an elevator push up put your feet up on something all right guys in three two one begin what you got right here you know you got the move down one down three to go and this dead stop push up really forces you to not a not rely on momentum and B do a full range of motion push up three two one and break whoo two down two to go halfway you’re going my hand it straight – I’m starting again in three two one here we go again it’s all mental were yeah as we tried mental check mental toughness check come on gotta be stronger than your excuses stronger than your will to quit stronger than your will to pause this video come on what you get what you got in five seconds almost there 1-0 haha I’m stay here one more that’s it as we travel burning with you again into one last one you know what you got remember thousands maybe even millions at home feeling that same burn you’re feeling it in it together come out by him through huh what do you got what do you got whoo burn them out don’t say that don’t think reach to one break up that’s what we ends are nice suitcase suitcase squat we need one dumbbell for the next one and that lower body Mac sir beat his shoulder at the park only one dumbbell in one hand weight back in the hips head up chest up one hand on your hip for range motion squat back up that’s the whole thing but it forces your core to engage because you only have the weight on one side right let’s get it going three two one pump them out make sure get that weight back and your hips on have a rapid put your feet flat knees out knees out head in a nice neutral position so that’s not looking down like this and it’s not looking up that’s right like that stare straight ahead and two one break all right so we’re switching hands right but the legs are still working either way come on again in three two one here we go about that time to work out when it starts getting tough that you had a double down on that motivation or motivator why it is that you came here today again with trying to lose weight get in better shape kick butt at sports whatever it is three two one break stay focused on it throughout what do you got to do to achieve that goal keep it to the forefront of your mind three two one begin two down two to go come on let’s go head straight try it what do you got right here how many can you get again not competing with us competing with yourself get a little bit better come back beat this workout well get a little better every time three two one break switching those hands just one last shake those legs almost there guys two one begin all right here it is remember when those legs get tired it’s time to run with your heart it’s all heart it’s all mental not even about your legs anymore it’s about your ability to push yourself and be stronger than you think you are it’s right right here come on come on right guys in three two one break all right it’s one dumbbell for the next one moving on to a one-arm dumbbell snatch yep I’m gonna go all the way down closing doors from the hang from the Hang so right here right about kneeling feet are shoulder-width apart weight back in my hips drop that dumbbell straight down okay I do all the way down now pulling up on that elbow flipping it up overhead and repeat where Claudio is just putting the way back on her hips and then popping up getting going here three two one zero full range of motion pulling that dumbbell all the way up overhead you’re pulling up as high as you can in that elbow when it reaches his highest point flip that dumbbell overhead whoo five seconds guys come on come on breathe two one break excellence what you want and again you decide your difficulty level by how far you go down with your legs that’s right also the weight that you’re using okay interview one begins always lighten the load or heavy the load if it’s too easy for you but keep moving that’s it that’s right don’t stop come on what you got right here prove it to yourself Brett by wrapping a little bit stronger three two one break whoo two down two to go you got this halfway point halfway point you got it you got it guys starting again in three two one begin big power on every pull use those hips use your legs if you’re doing that hang version make sure it’s hit back hit forward come on breathe core stays tight focus focus focus three two one break all right whoo one two go oh goodness catch that breath three two one here we go last round here it is how many can you get make it count again you versus you big power right here come on every repetition don’t hold your breath keep breathing keep moving keep fighting here you go guys in three two one and break excellent you guys made it all right let’s grab that second dumbbell we’re moving to the floor for the next one we’re gonna lie it on our back so we’re gonna perform a hollow body plus chest press get those legs out straight to start first thing we do is tuck our chin and bring our shoulder blades off the ground we’re gonna glue our lower backs to the ground so there’s no arch here now I’m gonna bring my legs up and put them out straight you decide which one is right for you next we’re just gonna press maintaining this hollow body position all right here we are let’s get it going you know the drill starting in three two one zero so it’s so important on this one that you keep that chin tucked shoulder blades off the ground and lower back glued to the ground the more straight out your legs are the harder it’ll be the more bent your knees are the easier it’ll be pressing all the way up all the way down there we go almost there in three two one and action whew again a total body movement hitting our legs a little bit killing our core shoulders chest totally try starting again ah one and begin it goes by so fast come on driving through those palms driving right into those dumbbells keeping the dumbbells directly over your elbows fill that chest stretch and then squeeze it up at the top almost there come on fight fight fight okay three two one and break oh my goodness again yeah you need to adjust difficulty about what you do with those legs that’s right and your weight if you need to all right guys starting again in two one in alright here we are two down two to go pushing through everybody pushing through what brought you here today to begin with stay focused on it come on use it use it go almost there almost there in three two one and break whoo all right guys we’re halfway they are a happy hour feeling three-quarters of the way yours away one last three you got it guys turning again in to one let’s go here we go last one burn him out make it count make it count well did you come here for put it all out there all on the line right now don’t save it don’t save come on pushing through them on guys you got five seconds fight pass in three two one and freight Thanks all right only one dumbbell needed for the next one and we’re on our feet we’re actually gonna do the same move so it’s really just a matter of how much weight you use to adjust your difficulty level we’re gonna start with our feet together dumbbell in our right hand let’s step out with our left leg into a lunge reach and then as we come up we’re gonna pull back on that elbow and step back up reach pull back on that elbow reaching just out in from the foot all one side at a time let’s go in three two one get it going this is called a dumbbell lawnmower so it’s like we’re starting a lawn mower pulling back on that string and if this move is too hard for you feel free to drop the weight and just use your body weight for this exactly especially at this point of the routine all right guys four seconds and three two one and break we’re gonna switch sides here switch inside same move you got it pick that pace up starting in three two one begin so we are bending over a little bit on this one to achieve that reach but we are keeping our back straight as we do it back stay nice straight line shoulders are retracted as we do it then pull back on that elbow breathe in three two one and break excellent – now do – go that’s right halfway point now the total body movement goodness starting again in three two one begin guys come on crank him out now that you’re a little more comfortable with it let’s see how many you can get right here come on again not in competition with us but with yourself but that you couldn’t do it yesterday go at your own pace a little bit better every day three two one break three down oh that’s one more to go that’s what that’s what just drilling or ripping oh my god I like it one begin last one here that’s how I know it’s working come on let’s go everybody and it together and it together come on in it to win it right here come on you’re a fighter know how to quitter stay tough with me stay strong three two one and break excellent whoo all right let’s keep that dumbbell for the next one just need one of them so with that hand up in a rack position dumbbell by your chin opposite hand on your hip I’m gonna take a big lateral lunge step and at the same time press up and look at the dumbbell pop back up and I’m actually just gonna take a lateral step pop the dumbbell up over my head and back to starting position we’re both really using that core to help you decide which one’s right for you yep let’s get it going two-one-zero push it look at that dumbbell take a big step if you feel comfortable otherwise a shorter one is still gonna work well that’s right so I’m going maybe just a little bit more than hip-width apart on my step and I’m thinking about a bigger step as I can get you down to one and break boom alright switching up sides I don’t know if I’m gonna look pretty for all four of these here we go definitely not and two one begin guys come on not about looking pretty it’s about getting it done that’s right right here really engaging those core to get that body right back up to starting position that’s it feel those glutes hamstrings quads all working to pump you back up shoot one and bring up two down glute ago we’re almost there everyone great fight through with us come on all right go to the end and to one begin everything we got right here stretch it out make sure to look up at that dumbbell as it’s going up feel that stretch engage those obliques or breathe almost there fighting to the end right here right three two one and break okay three down one to go try so close right here see what you’re made out of that’s going to one begin everything you got one rep into the next we’re feeling it too you’re not alone oh definitely not come on pushing through almost there you’re a fighter not a quitter let’s see it right here all right guys three two one and break yes damn we made it you made it got some job we’re shows dumbbells down nice work cool gonna kill me but I made it we’re gonna start with the chest opener a little cool down here all your hurry to come down slowly also work on some mobility once you take those fingers and kind of behind you back in here or lock them pull your shoulders back as you press your chest forward got a lot of chest work in today yeah we did all those push-ups treat it with some love here now pull gently up on those hands as you pull back and if you want some additional stretch you can then bend over and continue not necessary totally up to you we’re just gonna hold and keep pulling apart here not much left on this one for five four three two one you’re gonna come up slow low gonna pass out pull which go Zack okay we’re gonna put one arm up and perform it standing quad stretch if you need to can also use a wall or a chair you decide which variation is right for you we’re pulling back on that foot trying to keep your knee in and bringing that heel to your glutes now we’re just holding performing a little static stretch on that quadricep it took a lot of beating today but you made it through hoops and balanced ah here we go it’s got a lot of sweat he’s got a guy’s true balance on one foot three two one zero that’s a little extra slippery over here right now okay opposite side Oh again ooh I’m slipping I’m sliding I think you need a wall sir I’m good all right I figured it out everyone don’t be alarmed all right it’s just nice big deep breaths just pulling that foot back to your glutes and hold that’s it take a second here to be proud of what you’ve achieved today that’s right really tough workout she made it to 1-0 shake it loose let’s finish with one more for our posterior chain let’s start with a good old-fashioned toe touch feed her together bend over reach as far as you can whatever that looks like full stretch in your posterior chain I want you to come up with your arms up slowly and then pull down on those elbows are performing a scarecrow squeeze your back now return back down touch those toes or the best you can and then slowly come back up as you bring those hips forward and then pull down on those elbows engaging your back and rotator cuffs that’s it feel that stretch in your hamstrings gluts and calves on the bottom and that pull and you’re back at the top again nice and control here the workouts already done no matter what happens you the rest of the day you can be proud that you got your workout in check it off your list that’s right job well done my friend big deep breaths here and let’s go one last scarecrow up hands come up and then pull back on those elbows and that is it he made it coach he made it out there thank you so much for joining us and giving it everything you have today if you enjoyed today’s workout and you’ve been working out this for a while we’d encourage you please go check out our patreon page you can find out more about how you can support our mission of keeping these great workouts free and if you enjoyed this workout with us today we ask that you’d give this video a big thumbs up and hit that red subscribe button so that you never miss another brand new workout from has fit make sure to check out has komm where we have hundreds of free workouts just like this one as well as our complete meal plans and fitness programs and if you are on Facebook Instagram Twitter or snapchat come find hospit and connect with us because we want to connect with you thank you so much for giving me a pleasure of serving you today I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout