Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Grab your dumbbells and get ready to work! This 30 minute HIIT workout for fat loss can be done anywhere, anytime. The total body workout is great for both men and women.

Warm Up
Bird Dogs
Wrist Extension Stretch
Knee Raise + Arm Crossover
Straight Leg Raise + Twist / Knee Raise

30 Minute HIIT Workout for Fat Loss

Reaching Squat
Archer Row / from Knees
Lying Chest Press + Twist
Staggered Squat / Squat
Rotational Arnold Push Press / No Rotation
Hinge Row
Sumo Deadlift + Upright Row Jumps / No Jumps
Offset Push Up
Iso Hold + Leg Raise / Knee Raise
Kickstand Stiff Leg Deadlift + Curl / RDL
Dumbbell Triceps Extension + Flutter Kick / Knees Bent

Cool Down
Side IT Band Reach
Floor Angels
Downward Dog
Upward Facing Dog
Cat Cow
Child’s Pose

what’s up has fit tribe it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a hit workout with dumbbells the weight that you choose will be completely dependent on your fitness level you can follow along with me for the standard moves and you can follow me for some easier modifications if you’re ready to go let’s burn it out [Music] you [Music] we’re getting started with a warm-up and the first move of the day is going to be on the floor we’re gonna do a bird dog so we’re gonna get down onto the floor on all fours this one’s gonna warm up our posterior chain so we’re gonna take our left hand and bring it to our right knee now at the same time I’m gonna pull up on that left hand and kick back with my right heel like I’m trying to kick the wall behind me return back sweep back down and then repeat pulling up on that arm squeezing my upper back and at the same time squeezing my glutes nice and controlled on this one engaging that posterior chain which is your hamstrings your glutes as well as your back with that left hand I want you to keep it in a fist that’s gonna help you to engage that upper back and so we’re not kicking up but again we’re kicking straight back with that heel squeezing and engaging our glutes at the same time keeping her head in a nice neutral position and back is straight not counting any reps throughout today’s workout just moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with we’re gonna switch sides and five four three two one zero all right same move opposite side so right hand left leg again we’re kicking straight back with that heel getting those glutes lower back warmed up right from the start again being careful not to kick up but driving that heel back which is gonna force us to contract those glutes this is probably quickly becoming one of my favorite warm up moves it is a great one to warm up that back help prevent injuries and also strengthen those glutes make sure they’re getting make sure they’re firing and getting involved in our workout slowly good activation that’s it a nice controlled movements on this one pulling up on that arm keeping your fists nice and tight also squeezing that lower back driving that heel backwards not many left on this first one repeating this one four five four three two one zero all right we’re gonna stay on the floor for the next one we’re gonna move into a wrist extension stretch so from the same position we’re gonna take our hands we’re actually going to point those fingers back towards us so rotate those wrists now ideally you have your palms flat on the ground but if you don’t quite have the flexibility for it you can be up here on your fingers now if you can get your palms flat on the ground we’re gonna slowly come back until about 85 90 percent of what you’re capable of we’re gonna feel that stretch everybody’s gonna be different on this one so you take it as far as you can you might only be here or you might be up here still trying to get your palms down either way we’re working on loosening up the wrists forearms biceps take a lot of abuse in our day to day from typing texting driving and we want to make sure they’re ready to work today just pulling back gently hold for five four three two one zero okay we’re gonna come on up we’re gonna get our heart rate up next moving into a knee raise plus arm crossover little combo move here so we’re alternating right and left knees bring it a month marching in place and at the same time we’re crossing over our arms alternating which arm is on top open up your chest nice and wide and then squeeze it as you bring those arms together and you’ll hopefully find on these moves as you get into it you start to loosen up and your next rep isn’t quite as tight as the first one again we’re moving at a warm-up pace here so we’re not trying to go too crazy yet it’ll be plenty of time for crazy plenty of crazy time coming up just trying to get our heart rates up and increase that overall body temperature making sure to breathe open that chest up nice and wide this one’s great for your lower body your abs your chest your shoulders and your back all loosening up at the same time let’s do this one for just ten more seconds and five four three two one zero all right for the next one I’m gonna be doing a straight leg kicking twist and I’m gonna be doing a knee raise and twist so feet shoulder width apart arms are out to your side we’re gonna let’s twist start by twisting to your left and either bringing up a straight leg or by bringing up your knee you decide which variation is right for you or ideally we’re twisting 90 degrees in either direction you may not be able to bring your knee high quite as mine but do the best that you can you might find that as you go through this movement you’ll get more and more flexible and that’s gonna hold true for all of today’s workout we just encourage you to make this workout your own make it work for you this one’s great at loosening up your posterior chain hamstrings lower back glutes as well as your thoracic spine with this nice twisting motion here keeping good posture your shoulders are back even feeling this one in the shoulders a little bit as well just keeping the mountain not much left let’s just do this one four five four three two-one-zero shake the arms loose hope you’re ready to go out there ready partner I am ready to go let’s do this let’s get it moving okay we’re gonna need both dumbbells for the first one we’re gonna do a reaching squat so we’re gonna start with your feet shoulder-width apart and palms facing in at the same time we’re gonna sit back weight goes back in our hips breaking at the hips squat down bringing our thighs parallel to the ground and our arms parallel to the ground at the same time boom we’re breathing in on the way down breathing out on the way up now if you can’t get your arms on to their prey low to the ground then you’re using too much weight then you need to lighten your load there’s a great total body move working your legs hamstrings glutes quadriceps as well as your shoulders chest and back all working together to make this one happen and making sure to breathe we’re jumping right into this one today is the tough move make no bones about good and not counting any reps just getting as many in as you can and this a lot of time frame breathe you got it keep working through let’s go let’s go breathe in on the way down and out on the way up good not much left on this first one grind through it everyone grinding through it in five four three two one zero excellent oh okay we only need one dumbbell for the next one I’m gonna go a little heavier but you can decide if you want to keep the same way we’re gonna move into an archer row so from this one my one dumbbell I’m gonna start by coming up into a high plank position and I’m in a plank position from my knees we’re both turning to the side and you can see I’m posted on one knee here we’re gonna pull back on that elbow so from this twisted Archer row position pulling back on that elbow on every rep keeping our back straight core stays tight and engaged you decide if you want to have one knee down or be up on both feet yeah you know easy move here definitely not he got harder and harder yep I’m still feeling the oblique burn here on one side working our back our obliques overall core even a little bit of legs shoulders all working together excellent compound move pulling back on that elbow not back on the hand come on let’s go grind through it everybody fighting right here with you we’re gonna split time equally on each side want to switch sides in 10 seconds get as many in as we can right here 4 5 4 3 2 1 0 eliminating downtime switching sides and we are right back up good focusing on Form you want to sink your hips and you also don’t want your boat way up in the air getting full extension with that arm bringing that arm down and then pulling back from the elbow also really working that lat back muscle helping you pull that dumbbell up making sure to breathe and again we’re always inhaling on the easy part and exhaling on the hardest part so we’re breathing in as that dumbbell comes down and then exhaling as we pull it back good good good and as this workout gets tough it’s gonna be up to you to focus on what brought you here today to begin with whatever that is stay focused on it whatever it is it motivates you whatever it is it drives you don’t forget about it come on let’s go finishing this side strong right here has to try it let’s go if I ask 10 seconds on this side grinding with you here four five four three two one zero oh okay we’re gonna need your second dumbbell for the next one we’re gonna move into a dumbbell chest press Plus twist so starting on our back palms are facing forward we’re gonna press up and twist our palms till they’re facing in squeeze your chest and lower going back and forth controlling the way down as well as the way up we do not want to bounce our upper arms off the ground but instead controlling that descent pressing up and squeezing our chest every repetition and make sure that you have your dumbbells at chest level not at face that’s a great point if you dumbbells are over your face and your shoulders are gonna take over we do want your shoulders to work but on your chest and triceps to be the primary mover on this one so make sure those dumbbells are over your chest one rep right into the next cranking them out right here has betrothed inhale on the way down exhale on the way up that’s it stand focused on that breathing again inhaling on the easy part exhaling on the tough part good good good how many can you get right here this one’s working your chest your shoulders and your triceps all working together to press these dumbbells straight up really focus on contracting that chest up at the top as you twist those palms good not much left keep them keep them cranking let’s go let’s go one right into the next how many can you get let’s go hey every repetition getting you’re just that much closer to your goal last ten seconds that’s it we’re almost there come on keep it moving keep it moving four five four three two one zero all right let’s keep the pace up we’re gonna be up on our feet for the next one and we are gonna need both dumbbells I’m gonna be performing a staggered dumbbell squat and I’m gonna be performing a squat from the neutral position with our feet shoulder-width apart I’m gonna put one foot back now both of us are gonna put our weight back on our hips head chest up and squat down and stand up squeezing the glutes up at the top keeping your head and chest up head is in line with your spine again weight goes back in the hips if you’re using the staggered squat then your back foot is about one foot length back this is really forcing you to use that front leg to do the majority of the work weight back in the hips every time sitting back and then bending over if you’re doing two legs make sure to keep both feet flat on the ground doing my variation keep that front foot flat on the ground whew and for the Nutri squat position make sure that you’re breaking at the hips and sitting back down if you’re doing the sagger chance let’s go ahead and switch doing the two leg keep all move you’ve going keep grinding those out hey the way we’re both burning here that’s it come on fighting through that burn I know we’re just getting going here but that burns already kicking in it’s already a factor we’re gonna push through it today learning to love that burn if you need to drop your weight at any particular time just to get through the movement that’s fine you have to do change it up if you need to keep moving you need to make it lighter make it heavier that’s the beauty of these dumbbell workouts you switch up your weight as needed totally come on keep it moving every 100 right there with you running it up come on let’s go has to be tribal would you come here for would you hit that play button for staying focused on it let’s go home we’re almost there let’s go last five four three two one zero or where you need both dumbbells for the next one I’m gonna go a little bit lighter on this one I’m gonna stay right where I’m at and we’re moving into an Arnold press so with your palms facing you dumbbells in this rack position we’re gonna press up and at the same time twist those palms so they’re facing forward and return now I’m gonna add a rotation in right to left as I press and I’m gonna be sticking with the traditional Arnold press without the rotation I’m pivoting on that outside leg on the ball of the foot as I press overhead this is just gonna get my core involved a little bit more upper body’s still performing the same work this is working your triceps shoulders chest all working together start with those palms facing you and at the top twisting them today face forward come on when you got it one rep in the nexus right grinding through it fighting through it come on we’re right there with you you’re a fighter not a quitter let’s see it right here one into the next keep moving let’s go guys getting stronger with every rep feeling better moving closer to that goal last ten seconds right there with you how many can you get how many can you get four five four three two one zero excellent alright we’re keeping our two dumbbells for the next one we’re moving to an move for your upper back these are shoulder-width apart bend over in a 45 degree angle and perform a hinge row pull them back on those elbows until they get to a 90 degree angle and then pull back on your hands and doing an external rotation so it’s two parts back in the elbow back on the hands hinge row there’s a harder move so you may not be able to use as much weight for this one as you would on a traditional bent over row move make sure that you’re choosing a weight that’s appropriate for your fitness level your strength level and keep moving keep grinding definitely don’t want to use any momentum to get that hinge row up to external rotation yeah so it shouldn’t look like this where you’re moving your whole body right but instead keeping that back locked at that 45-degree angle may even feel this one in your legs a bit – yes we’re building that strong foundation just to hold this position and you’d be surprised if it gets too much with the dumbbells we’re just moving your own arms you can do for you or even a couple of water bottles just keep moving don’t stop you’re a fighter not a quitter right here one wrapping the next this move is no joke but you got it come on and we only have last ten seconds let’s go tribe how many can you get right here four five four three two one zero hello excellent okay move so keeping those two dumbbells removed our sumo deadlift plus upright row I’m gonna do mine with the jump and I’m gonna do mine with no job so feet are little wider than shoulder width toes are pointed out in a sumo stance weight goes back in the hips head and chest is up and then come up and as we stand up hold up on those elbows throwing an upright row and then I’m gonna throw in a jump up at the top now I’m gonna keep mine low-impact you decide which variation is appropriate for you sitting back with our weight in our hips weight on our heels feet are flat on the ground as we’re sitting down we’re breathing in on the way down exhaling as we come up that’s right the hardest part of the movement using that energy from our legs to pull up on those dumbbells come on keep it moving keep it grinding it let’s go tribe how many can you get grind it out with us right there fighting with you rep by Rep come on last 15 seconds you got it breathing in breathing out pushing pass that burn four five four three two one zero accent nice work all right your dumbbells are being set down for the next one and we’re moving to the floor we’re gonna move into an offset push-up I’m gonna be up on my feet for this one and I’m gonna be doing the push up from my knees so we’re gonna set one hand up in the spot that you would normally set it up for push up in line with your chest we’re gonna bring that opposite hand down and in now keeping our abs tight lowering our body and coming back up so this is gonna be a much harder variation and your traditional pushup as at one arm that is lowered and that elbow is in is gonna be at a harder angle more tricep on that arm breathing in on the way down out on the way up this is a hard variation if you need to take a minute on this one do so or can you turn it into a wall pushup you can do that as well just keep moving here I split the time equally on both sides come on let’s go what do you got one wrap into the next we’re gonna switch sides and five four three two one the opposite hand up alternating hand back and begin working your chest shoulders and triceps it’s probably our least favorite movie of the day you will see me struggle as well but I’m doing the best that I can and that’s alright this challenge is we’re change happens that’s right you’re not challenged you’re not gonna change pushing ourselves or getting outside of our comfort zones right we just keep on moving forward everything you want is outside of that comfort one wrap into the next challenging yourself to get as many in as you can here breathing in on the way down out on the way up last ten seconds what do you go there you got let’s go finish strong has four tried four five four three two one zero oh okay no downtime no downtime have your two dumbbells and we’re staying down on the floor we’re into an ISO hole plus either a leg raise or the knee raise variation which I will show you so arms are straight up extended head is up off the ground shoulder blades are off the ground the lower back is glued to the floor now I’m gonna perform a straight leg raise and I’m gonna perform the knee raise keeping those abs tight trying your best to keep that lower back flat on the ground no way you achieve that what you’re tucking that chin and bring your shoulder blades up off the ground if my variation is still too hard you can do a couple of things you can either rest your feet down here at the bottom bring your knees back up or you can do one knee at a time again making it work for you or if you need to adjust your weight up or down we recommend you do that as well but don’t stop don’t give up don’t hit that pause boy that’s right keep working hard with us finishing together everybody thousands maybe millions at home feeling that same burn you’re feeling we’re in it together working together what do you got right here come on hold come on come on how many can you get see who those ABS working another compound move last ten seconds let’s go tribe keep pushing through push push push what do you got what do you got four five four three two one zero uh excellent okay we’re gonna take those two dumbbells or up on our feet I’m gonna go a little bit heavier for this one we’re gonna move into a kick stand either sifl a deadlift plus curl or Romanian deadlift girl if you to shoulder with the part and then take one foot one foot back on the ball of the foot so slight bending our knees weight goes back on our hips to keep our back straight I’m going all the way down and I’m stopping just below the knee which is the Romanian deadlift now stand up straight squeezing your glutes at the top and then curl curling those pinkies in a repeat whew head stays in line with your spine drive those hips back to be feeling a stretch in that hamstring glute lower back on the way down again shoulders stay back head in line with your spine you don’t wanna have your head up as you’re going down but instead nice straight flat back oh and at the top squeeze your glutes and one full curl again we’re gonna go half and half on each side excellent work another compound move here stay and focus on balance as well so you need a little balance and stability work in at the same time I will just call that X you’re cray we love extra credit around here that’s it we love you fishing workouts that’s right getting as much in and it’s short a period of time oh good hey we’re busy look at other stuff to do want to get that workout in then get on with our day we’re gonna switch sides in five four three two one zero switch your feet put that opposite leg in front and right back into it right back enjoy again we these hinges don’t turn them into a squat just like you’re trying to touch your booty to the wall right behind you hinging at those hips yeah you start with a slight bend in that lead leg and keep that same bend throughout the whole move and while one leg is working now there is resting your biceps you’re working the whole time that’s right no downtime for those bicep no get those biceps and forearms in up at the top like we said a nice eficient move here how many can you get a sweet ride whoa thinking about what motivates you what’s your why trying to lose weight gain lean muscle just kick butt it life whatever it is stay focused on it whether it’s trying to get healthy stay healthy keep moving forward something made you hit that play button today and we want you to stay focused on it don’t let it go come on come on come on getting them in right here last ten seconds on this one tight ex does nothing on you that’s it just go just keep moving four five four three two one zero excellent all right we’re moving to the floor for the next one I’m gonna lighten my weight with just a little bit semi we’re gonna move into a dumbbell tricep extension plus flutter kicks oh-ho lying down flat on our backs palms are facing inward I’m gonna tuck that chin bring my show blades off the ground glue my lower back to the ground now I’m gonna perform a straight leg flutter kick and I’m gonna be doing the bent knee flutter kick now we’re gonna bend at our elbows keeping her elbows pointed straight up in the sky performing a dumbbell tricep extension a lot going on in this move focus on form focus on keeping that lower back glued to the floor you don’t wanna have an arch in it if you do get an arch and maybe you need to move to the bent knee variety and there is nothing wrong with that because trust me I’m feeling the burn on this one a lot of body parts moving and working on this one from our abdominals to or triceps shoulders and chest Oh working together never said it’d be easy but it will be worth it just keep moving every repetition again you just that much closer to your goal everything you want it’s at the top of that staircase there’s no elevator to the top just the stairs every rapper getting one step closer keep it moving here last ten seconds let’s go keep those elbows towards the sky four five four three two one zero oh goodness oh good oh my oh yeah I thought that today about that do you feel oh my goodness hope you felt it out there as well I mean can you tell oh nice work has to try all right take a couple deep breaths up off the floor slowly only we’re gonna move into a cool-down just gonna allow our heart rates to come down slowly we’re also gonna get some added mobility and flexibility we’re gonna start with a side IT band stretch so feet together take our right leg step behind our left seems a left hand on her hip let’s reach overhead take that right hip and push it out to our side we’re gonna feel a stretch along your IT band as well as our hip flexor and our side just stretch that hip to the right and breathe it may not take that much of a movement in your hip to feel that stretch that’s very true and we talked a lot about remembering and focusing on what your why is we’d love to hear it from you in the comment section below tell us what your reason for working out is what’s that why what’s your purpose what’s your reason what’s the reason why you hit that play button today that’s right we’re gonna switch sides so go ahead and take that left foot step behind and left hip out to the side you know that reminds me of a comment we received recently from tribe member Jenny yeah telling us that she pushes play because diabetes type 2 diabetes runs in her family and she doesn’t want to have any part of that problem is she wants to break that cycle break the diabetes cycle and we’re all here for a different reason but it’s right Porton that we focus on it let that be our driver nice big deep breaths here four five four three two-one-zero ah okay we’re gonna move to the floor we’re gonna lie down on our backs thank you Jesus I could use a little little rest here all right sleep down there okay we’re gonna do a floor angel next Oh so with our backs flat on the ground also try to put your head flat tuck that chin and your lower back glued to the ground now get those arms overhead the best that you can and we’re gonna drag those elbows down as we keep your whole arm flat on the ground as well as your hand this is a tough move so we’re gonna concentrate now we’re gonna reach and extend overhead in the same manner again dragging those arms along the floor up and down nice and controller you really got to focus on everything from your head to your upper back lower back arms and hands as you go through this because if you don’t the whole whole try to jump up off the ground that’s true my mid-back is trying to arch Oh feels so good as a great one for your shoulder mobility our shoulders and upper body got a lot of work in today it’s important that we’re also focusing on that recovery after all this work that we put our bodies through for range of motion nice big stretch overhead nice and control again staying focus on trying your best to keep your hands and arms on the ground might not look anything quite like ours does today but that’s why I just keep working on it improving a little bit every time and five four three two one zero all right shake those shoulders loose we’re gonna turn over now into a little yoga inspired move moving into a downward dog so let’s come onto our hands on our feet and almost into a high plank position and then we’re gonna walk those feet forward the best you can drive your hips backwards like somebody’s up there and they’re pulling back on your glutes relax at the shoulders and pull your body back trying to drive those heels to the floor now yours might look better than way better than ours or he might be closer to this which is okay as well again we’re all getting better together you also see a technique Claudia is using where she’s walking her feet out right to the left you can also do that to help isolate one side at a time you decide what it’s right for you and where you’re feeling the most stretch great one for your total posterior chain upper back shoulders lower back glutes hamstrings hula okay now let’s dive down into an upward facing dog bring those hips to the floor head up chest up and you either stay up on your feet do an upward facing dog or you can come down if you prefer and relax on the front of your feet you decide what you put which is right for you making sure to breathe that chin up everything is shaky right now squeezing those glutes while you’re down here nice big deep breaths for five four three two one okay now come down onto all fours I’m gonna do a cat cow so first let’s go ahead and start with the cat so I’m gonna pull up from your middle of your back bringing your chin into your chest like somebody’s got a hook in there bring your lower back straight up and feel vertebrae one by one stretching and coming up and then let’s slowly reverse it into the cow bring your upper abdominal muscles to the floor as you bring that chin up as well as bring your glutes up nice big deep breath hold all right now let’s finish with the child’s pose we’re gonna sit back onto our heels extending those arms straight in front of us trying your best to sit down onto those heels shoulders are relaxed arms are straight out in front of us nice big deep breaths here has just relaxed control breath ooh take a moment to feel proud of yourself this was a good good workout working hour easy everybody be fit but we both know that all of us know that’s not the case so what makes you so special for showing up today and getting your work done no matter what else the rest of your day brings you can feel proud that you got your workout in check it off your list four five four three two one zero come on up nice and slowly we don’t want you to pass out or you can stay there oh yeah you see we have to get up yeah nice work body oh thanks work nice work to you out there has fit tribe thank you so much for working your buns off with us today if you enjoyed this workout we’d ask you to please support our mission keeping these great workouts free you can do so by downloading our free app it’s available for both iOS and Android you can also visit our store pick up a shirt or my book stay fit for life don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up and hit that red subscribe button so that you never miss another brand new workout from has fit again thank you so much for working out with us today it’s been our privilege I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout