Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Let’s get ready to burn it out! This 30 minute HIIT workout with weights will simultaneously improve strength, burn fat, and build lean muscle. It will work your total body and only requires a pair of dumbbells.

Warm Up:
Opposite Toe Touch
Squat + Overhead Extension
Chest Opener + Butt Kicks

30 Minute HIIT Workout with Weights

Row + Batwing
Reverse Lunge + Chop / Step Back
Svend Press + Front Kick / Knee Raise
Iso One Leg Hip Up + Fly / Two Legs
Dumbbell Dead Bug / No DB’s
Lateral Drop / Sumo Deadlifts
Reverse Curl + Press + Negative Front Raise
One Arm Snatch / High Pull
Overhead Posterior Swing Jumps / No Jumps
Close Grip Push Ups / from Knees
Bear Plank Dumbbell Transfers / from Knees
Bent Over Row + Triceps Kickback
Dumbbell Squat + Curl + Knee Raise / No Knee
Dumbbell Ribbons
Dumbbell High Knees / No DB

Cool Down
Standing Quad Stretch
Bent Arm Wall Chest Stretch
90-90 Hip Stretch
Scapular Stretch
Cat / Cow

[Music] what’s up has Fateh tribe it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak I’m 24 weeks pregnant Claudia and this is a total body hit workout with weights the only equipment required for today’s routine is a pair of dumbbells and the weight that you use is completely dependent upon your fitness level you can follow along with me for the standard moves and you can follow me for some easier modifications if you’re ready to go let’s get started [Music] all right let’s do it heads for tribe getting started with our warm up ready to go Claudia I’m ready let’s do it let’s do it get me start with the opposite toe touch arms overhead feet are little wider than shoulder-width apart we’re gonna bend down slight bending our knees putting that weight back in our hips and touching either opposite side toe or opposite side knee depending on your flexibility you decide which variation is appropriate for you again we are hinging at the hips keeping our head in line with our spine and touching opposite knee or toe so driving those hips back as you bend over should feel a stretch and hamstrings glutes on this one don’t turn it into a squat and start bending at the knee may even feel it down in your calves – also true depending on wherever you’re most tight is probably where you’re gonna feel it the most making sure to breathe now we’re not counting any repetitions in the warm-up or in the workout today we’re just gonna encourage you to move at your own pace throughout making this work out your own along the way four five four three two one zero alright little combo one that’s gonna test our mobility now feet her shoulder a little wider and shoulder width apart toes pointed out we’re gonna do a squat plus overhead shoulder extension let’s start with those hands relax straight down palms facing in we’re gonna drop our weight back into a squat as we bend down we’re going to raise those straight arms overhead and then stand up weight back in the hips arms stay straight and ideally at that bottom position we have our back in a nice straight line and our arms are in line with our upper body getting into that overhead squat position you’re going to inhale on the way down and exhale as you slowly come back up this one while it doesn’t look like much will really test your overall total body mobility usually whatever your tightest point is will be your weak point on this four some it might be your squat depth for others it might be some tight shoulders or spinal mobility but practicing this move will really improve your overall mobility that’s why we like this one very efficient move nice and relaxed pace here again this is just the warmup keeping that breathing going let’s do this one four five four three two one zero all right shake that one loose got a combo move coming next we’re gonna do a chest opener plus alternating butt kicks so elbows are bent at a 90 degree angle we’re gonna go side to side kick in our own butts bring those hands together and then pull back on those elbows stretching your chest as well as your shoulders this one’s working chest shoulders hamstrings quadriceps glutes all warming up on this one and the objective of this warm-up is increase your overall body temperature get your heart rate up and then we sneak in some added mobility work along the way just so very important who I’m feeling my tight chest on this one again must be for my workout yesterday come on tried four five four three two one zero shake those arms loose let’s do this I’m ready we need two dumbbells for the first exercise we’re gonna do a bent over row plus batwing so two dumbbells feet are shoulder-width apart we’re gonna bend over on a 45 degree angle palms facing inward now we’re gonna pull back on those elbows and then we’re gonna extend the arms straight out into a tea formation and then return back down so it’s one two three four again one two three four repeat pull them back on those elbows extend those hands straight out and return great one for your upper back your lats your shoulders and we’re going to work a little bit of legs and core just to maintain this position well keeping your head in line with your spine don’t be afraid to drop your weights if you were a little deceived by the name throughout today’s workout feel free to increase or decrease the weight depending on the exercise and how you’re feeling just try your best to keep moving here excellent work one right into the next keeping that head and lying with your spine working at your own pace that’s it whatever your all looks like that’s what I want you doing come on keep it up keep it up let’s go five four three two one zero excellent we need just one dumbbell for the next one so you can set one of your dumbbells down we’re gonna do either a reverse lunge plus chop or a step back plus the chop grab that dumbbell on either side and put it to our left side I’m gonna step back into a reverse lunge dropping both knees doing 90 and I’m just gonna step back and as I come up performing an overhead chop return so you decide what depth you want to take with your legs I’m dropping both knees to that 90 degree angle and a step back into what would be like a split squat stance is where I’m taking it today can you decide which is most appropriate for you if you are doing that full reverse lunge we don’t want to bounce that back knee off the floor so k if it touches the floor but a NoHo balancing so was working your hamstrings quadriceps glutes core and shoulders all at the same time so you’re gonna inhale as you step back or lunge back and exhale as you draw and bring that dumbbell up overhead that’s it concentrate on that breathing getting it in sync with your movements we’re gonna switch sides in five four three – one all right starting on the right side now same move setback opposite leg up and chop very good keep it up and again if you need to adjust your weight feel free to do so but if you do don’t stop moving let’s go inhale exhale as you chop up one repetition right into the next and as that burn starts to kick in today as this workout starts to kick in it can be so important that you remind yourself what it is that brought you here today to begin with something motivated you to hit that play button don’t forget about it keep it at the front of your mind not at the back of your mind excellent let’s go last ten seconds on this side how many can you get right here let’s go tribe four five four three two one zero keeping that one dumbbell for the next one we’re gonna do a spin press Plus either a front kick or a knee raise so holding that dumbbell at chest high and we’re gonna press out and I’m gonna perform a alternating front kick and I’m doing alternating knee raise you decide which variation is best for you I’m bringing that knee up and then extending and if you want to do the front kick but you can’t quite kick as high that’s okay as well you can take it down here with a low kick you decided which one’s best keep breathin though whoa my shoulders arms fire oh let’s go try it really we’re right there burning with you already this one’s working your shoulders your chest your legs even your core all working together moving at your own pace pushing yourself because nobody else can or will do it for you come on let’s see it all about that push Oh persistence do it until something happens pushing through that burn let’s go last ten seconds on this one alright how many can you get let’s go let’s go four five four three two one zero excellent all right we’re gonna need our second dumbbell for the next one and we’re headed to the floor we’re gonna do an isometric hip up either with one leg or with two legs and then we’re gonna throw in a chest fly so from our back we’re gonna drive off our heels I’m gonna use one leg my opposite leg straight and I’m pushing up both of my heels and now with their elbows slightly bent performing a fly full range of motion squeezing that chest so we’re driving off our heel or heels feeling that stretch in our chest try to keep your hips nice and square feeling those glutes work keep those hips up and then stretch that chest and squeeze it at the top you want to think about your body being in one nice straight diagonal line we don’t want to hyper extend our back just keep our nice and neutral spine throughout the entire hip up as those arms are lowering you’re inhaling breathing in and then exhaling as you bring them up if you’re using one leg we’re gonna switch in three two one switch legs were using to just stay up this one’s working your hamstrings glutes lower back abs chest and shoulders again when we said total body we were not exaggerating today yeah it’s in front and back work going on here that’s it again focusing on that breathing using proper form don’t bounce those arms off the floor keep those dumbbells right over your chest keep driving off that heel if you want a little more glue emphasis you can pull your toes up as you driving off the heel just to make sure your quadricep doesn’t get involved should be all posterior your leg breathing in on the way down out on the way up almost there almost there let’s go last ten seconds grind it out tribe or burn it with you four three two one zero all right next we’re moving into a dead bug we’re staying on the or I’m gonna do mine with dumbbells and I’m going to drop my dumbbells altogether we’re gonna start with their knees bent at a 45 degree angle arms straight up in the air now we’re gonna opposite arm and leg extend and return opposite now so the left arm right leg focus on keeping that lower back glued to the floor on this one try to keep your pelvis and hip bones nice and square this shouldn’t be doing much moving at all control on this one is the name of the game yes you do want to be moving but don’t want to sacrifice control on this one keep those arms straight as they come up overhead this one’s working your core as well as your lats and breathe again we’re inhaling on this one as we extend and exhaling as we come back up one to the next year and ideally we’re not resting or bouncing those feet up off the floor either nice straight extending with that heel making sure engaging and activating those glutes and hamstrings one of the next year come on try it probably one my favourite core movements right now yeah doesn’t look like much but it sure is effective and functional you got a tribe thinking about what brought you here today what is it go to that happy place and keep grinding them out not much left let’s go last ten seconds what do you got right here in five four three two one and zero excellent alright we’re back up onto our feet for the next one and we are going to need two dumbbells doing a lower body move next I’m going a little bit heavier on this one as am I just slightly so I’m gonna start with both of my feet together and I’m gonna start in a sumo deadlift stance both of us have our Dumbo’s straight down palms facing us I’m gonna jump out wait back in my hips I’m just gonna drop into the sumo deadlift and then I’m jumping back up you decide if you want to do the jump or if you just want to do the sumo deadlift mine’s called a lateral drop but the general movements the same except for the obvious jump putting that weight back on our hips back stays straight on this one head in line with our spine breathing in on the way down exhaling as you bring yourself back up and squeeze those glutes up at the top that’s right nice gentle squeeze here now you shouldn’t be coming forward onto your toes should really have your feet flat throughout emphasize putting that weight back in your hips back in your glutes and then side push myself up I really focus on making sure that I’m pushing myself up through my mid foot that way you don’t really find yourself going one way or the other that’s how about that balance and if you find it hard to stay balanced a lot of times it’s gonna be lack of flexibility as the root cause so I be focused more on some stretching come on let’s go burning out those legs with this one I feel it right there with you try let’s go last ten seconds show us what you got let’s go five four three two one zero excellent all right we’re moving to our upper body for this next one and I’m gonna go a little bit lighter as am i yeah three in one move here starting with our feet shoulder-width apart our elbows into our side we’re gonna do a reverse curl palms facing down press up overhead shoulder press and then a negative front race low I ain’t controlled so again it’s curl palms down press overhead control that descent which is the hardest part of the move here curl press negative excellent again getting as many in as we can here controlling that negative descent be much easier to just allow the Dumbo’s a flop down but resist that temptation this one’s working our forearms our biceps our shoulders as well as our triceps all working together right here come on let’s go try reminding yourself what it is I brought you here today to begin with one right into the next focus on that goal each repetition is getting you just that much closer to it go ahead and position that goal up at the top of the staircase and every one of these reps is giving you one step closer there it is come on that’s it your dreams and goals are not gonna become a reality by wishing for it you gotta work for it let’s go tribe and that’s what you’re doing right here putting in that work rep after rep last 10 seconds fight with us try fight with us come on five four three two one and zero all right we only need one dumbbell for this next one we’re gonna move into a one-arm snatch or a one-arm high pull so those feet shoulder width apart palm is facing us put that weight back in our hips slight bend in our knees bring that elbow up and I’m gonna flip mine over I’m just bringing my elbow up stopping right there I’m not flipping over so we’re loading those hips bending and hinging at the hips and then driving them forward thank you sad to bring that Dumbo all the way up overhead you decide which variation is best for you the head and line with your spine so that means you don’t want your neck cranked up throughout the whole move when the said let your head follow the rest of your body all that power is coming from your hips you bring that elbow up and then in coach Kozak’s case the weight is just following that momentum working your hamstrings glutes lower back traps grit all at the same time here come on one of the next grind them out right here prove it to yourself how strong you are let’s see it it’s you versus you set time of the workout where it all becomes mental switching sides and three two one switch it up same move you got it right here right here come on it’s all about speed on this one big power with that speed comes power hips back hips forward inhale exhale let’s go keep fighting right here you’re a fighter not a quitter let’s see it stay in balance keeping that core engaged and every time bringing those hips back and then hips forward good good good you’re a power factory right here come on last ten seconds let’s go tribe almost there almost there let’s go five four three two one zero only one dumbbell again for this next one I’m keeping my same weight we’re gonna go in overhead posterior swing I’m doing nine with the jump and I’m skipping the jump feet a little wider and shoulder with two hands on that one dumbbell weight back in the hips dry those hips forward overhead and I’m throwing in a jump whoo you decide if the jump is right for you or if you just want to stand straight up and squeeze those glutes up at the top again using that hinging pattern yeah pushing our glutes to the wall back behind us using all that power in our hips to drive the dumbbell overhead we’re both keeping our back straight we’re bending over that doesn’t mean that we’re rounding at our back always a neutral spine that’s it keep that back straight driving those hips back and driving them forward squeezing those glutes up at the top inhale as you swing exhaled you so get back up overhead come on let’s go it’s all about that mental toughness right now pushing through tribe pushing through not much left on this one how many can you get last ten seconds right here right here right here five four three two one zero nice all right set your dumbbell down and we’re moving to the floor working on that upper body next we’re in a closed grip push-up position so we’re gonna get down to push-up position with our hands in line with our shoulders I’m going on my feet and I’m on my knees we’re lowering ourselves keeping our elbows in line with our body up against our body breathing in on the way down out on the way up keeping that back straight working your triceps chest shoulders as well as your core it’s harder than a traditional pushup it’s from your knees it’s still too difficult you can do this one come up against the wall or you can place your hands and a bench or couch and do an incline variation or if you just need to take a few pauses that’s completely okay too you will see me pause during this workout keep on going you got it elbows stay in back is straight don’t let your abs sink don’t let your butt go way up in the air come on getting as many in as you can here it’s the name of the game if you need to take a second feel free to do so we get right back into it let’s go last ten seconds ride it out let’s go five four three two one and zero we need one light dumbbell for the next one we’re gonna do a high plank dumbbell transfer I’m doing mine from a bear plank position and I am again on a plank for my knees position so I’m coming up off of my knees reaching through grab that dumbbell transfer to the other side reach through grab that dumbbell let’s transfer it to the other side can you decide if you want to be up on your feet or on your knees it’s a great one for your chest shoulders and core just to maintain this position neither one of these variations are easy we got hard and harder here you want to maintain the square shoulder position so not a lot of rocking back and forth try to keep it nice and stable which is definitely a challenge easier to rock back and forth trying to avoid that rotation on this one keep breathing keep moving here you got a tribe you got it come on how many can you get almost like you’re balancing something on your back whatever you do don’t hold your breath let’s go last ten seconds almost there to the end and five four three two one zero excellent can we’re back up onto our feet and we need two dumbbells for this one another combo we’re going to move into a bent over row plus tricep kickback so feet are shoulder width apart I’m gonna pull back on those elbows for a row extend at the elbows tricep extension and back so it’s one two three four back stays straight one two three four pull back from the elbows and then extend at the elbows squeezing those triceps yeah excellent this one’s hitting your lats as well as your triceps even a little bit of glutes hamstrings and lower back just to maintain this position keeping your head in line with your spine let’s go tribe if you had upper body we’re feeling it too right there with you don’t forget you’re not alone thousands maybe even millions of us at home doing this workout with you feeling that same pain that same burn you’re feeling we are in it together come on has fit tried finishing strong last 10 seconds you got it you got it four five four three two one and zero great work all right keeping our two dumbbells another combination move let’s start with our feet shoulder width apart we’re gonna do a dumbbell squat plus curl and then an optional knee raise weight back in our hips full range of motion squat as we come up we’re curling and I’m throwing in a knee raise along the way I’m skipping the knee raise and just doing the dumbbell squat Plus that bicep curl so make sure you keep those feet flat as you’re lowering your body into that squat and then as we come up and curl we’re curling those pinkies in squeezing our biceps up at the top for extra challenge bring one leg and knee up as you’re coming up using those abdominal muscles to do so little extra core stability little extra credit that’s ones working your hamstrings glutes quadriceps core biceps forearms all at the same time here remembering to inhale on the way down exhale as you come back up and curl it as many in as you can if it’s too easy for you up the way if it’s too hard for you lower your weight it’s the best thing about these hid dumbbell routines you just adjust the way that you use to make it harder or easier that’s it justing it for your needs and fitness levels right let’s go last ten seconds grind it out almost there let’s go for five four three two one zero one dumbbell needed for this next one right do a dumbbell ribbon grab that dumbbell on both sides feet shoulder-width apart start with that dumbbell to your left bring across your body halo overhead then to your right side reverse it overhead so we’re twisting side to side getting our core involved as well as our shoulders breathing along the way working your shoulders grip biceps core even a little bit of legs along the way great functional multi-planar movement here excellent come on Drive this is here right here you are almost there let’s go not much left don’t quit when it hurts we’re gonna stop when we’re done that’s right fighting to that finish line focusing on what brought you here while you’re trying to lose weight get in better shape just kick butt at life whatever it is keep your eyes on the prize and don’t give up come on you got it you got it putting in that work so you can enjoy the results that’s right result so you deserve the fruits of your labor that’s it almost there don’t hold your breath fighting through last 10 seconds how many can you get come on tribe let’s go here we go 4 5 4 3 2 1 zero alright hold onto that dumbbell for this last one and I’m actually gonna drop my dumbbell for the last one we’re gonna do a high knee bring those arms up pull those hands down contract your abs and bring alternating knees up right here come on tribe let’s go every time we’re crunching into that knee you decide if you want to use the dumbbell for just you’re a homebody weight again neither one are easy we got hard and harder here whoa come on I don’t have a dumbbell on my hands and my arms are still burning from all that other work that’s super mine come on come on remember it’s not about how bad you want it it’s how hard you’re willing to work for it keep working right here give it all you got not much left pushing through working on their mental toughness you can do with this you can do anything come on finish strong tribe Evan you got last ten seconds persevering to the end come on Jack I’ll make an account four five four three two one zero Louie yes you made it you made it later high-five ha ha excellent work okay we’re gonna move into a cool-down and the purpose of this cooldown is to allow our heart rates to come down slowly catch your breath when also to get some added mobility work in that’s right we’re gonna start with a standing quadricep stretch you can do this one on your own we’re gonna do a holding up the wall cuz we’re a little tired we’re all a little wobbly around here wobbly right now feel free if you want to do it on your own but we’re gonna pull back on that foot or ankle keep that knee closed here side stretching that quadricep whew which is that front thigh muscle pulling it back nice good stretch don’t make sure you’re not winged out to the side this is just a static hold and any of our static hold stretches trying to get to bout 85 90 % be on a good stretch but not feeling any pain switching sides and three two one zero whoo quads got some good work in today oh yeah they did you’re gonna feel good tomorrow too again nice big deep breaths here fill up that belly with all that air nice gentle exhale focusing on bringing out heart rate down nice and slowly if you don’t have a wall you can use a chair couch anything really just to help give yourself some balance four three two one zero all right let’s move into your upper body now we’re gonna do a bent arm wall stretch this one could also be done in a doorway so with that elbow at a 90 degree angle putting it flat up against the wall getting our body nice and close to that wall and then we’re gonna turn away so gently stretching our chest shoulders at the same time ooh this feels so good just an isometric stretch again a static stretch especially if we’re at our desk all day hunched over at on our phones in the car driving yes just a great stretch to help improve and restore our natural upright posture your mama always holding that baby yeah so many things give us in that slovaks position switching in 3 2 1 same move opposite side just a great one to even do throughout the day even not not just at your at the end of your workouts but as well like you have a sedentary job it’s always nice to get up stretch throughout the day I always see coach Kozak in the hallway it’s doing this stretch we work from home so it’s a little easier I don’t have it I don’t have an audience but normally I’ll come around the corner and I’m like Oh fine to find a quiet corner at work that you can stretch without anybody judging you’re working on your posture here we go for five four three two one shaking it loose and we’re moving to the floor we’re gonna work on our hips next so sitting down on our back side we’re gonna move into a 90 90 stretch and it’s called that because we’re gonna have a 90 degree angle at both legs now ideally you’re sitting up straight but this is too much you can lean back and slowly bring yourself forward now if this feels good and you’re able to successfully get feel stretch here and I want you to turn in to that back leg and you can get even more stretch you decide which variation is appropriate for you but again we’re just gonna hold here nice big deep rest throughout gralen to open up those hips trying to drive both of those knees to the floor I’m giving my front knee just a gentle push I always want Claudia’s favorite especially throughout her pregnancy hips get tight tight we’re gonna switch sides in three two one so same move just switch which is in front big deep breaths and again I’m going to turn to that back leg but you can stay square or if you need to you can lean back as well again they’re just progressions to the same move you can find which one works right for you today and as you come back and repeat this workout I asked with all the moves today you can start to try some tougher progressions as you progress and this is your first time doing a 90 90 hip stretch you may actually feel that your back leg gets a little bit cramped so not unusual that’s why coach because I said if you need to bend yes leave some of that pressure yep it’s not uncommon so if you’re feeling that sensation just adjust and don’t be alarmed don’t be alarmed by cramps four three two one zero especially after that hard workout yes okay we’re gonna turn over now and do all and all fours position and our hands and knees we’re moving into a scapular stretch so now I want you to bring your chest to the floor squeezing the middle of your back together like you’re trying to squeeze a quarter or coin with it squeeze them together it’s that middle back and then reverse it now what you try to draw those shoulders away from the spine like somebody’s got a hook in the middle there but your back and you’re pulling it straight up and hold reverse it now again just straight down squeeze in the middle of your back keep your lower back straight but really just squeezing that mid-back between your shoulder blades like you’re trying to squeeze somebody’s finger and then one more time draw those shoulders away from the spine pull straight up hey deep breaths here great spinal mobility move here great scapular mobility three two one relax all right similar move bit different Logansport move here now we’re going to do a cat cow so let’s start with a cat this time I want you to bring that chin into your chest as you bring up pull up in the middle of your back and allow your whole back to round again drawing those shoulders away from your spine but along your whole back to round on this one and then reverse it now you bring that abdomen to the floor pawn back on those shoulder blades head up into the cow nice exhale deep breath on this one and one last time bring that chin into your chest nice and slowly controlled movement big stretch pulling your middle your back up and last one drawing those abdomen muscles to the floor head up and stretch taking a second here to just be proud of what you’ve achieved today awesome work out no matter what the rest of your day brings you can feel proud that you check this off your list and you got your workout in yes and three two one zero whoo-whee that is it we’re done work you can stay on the floor you can come up I’m gonna give my wife a big sweaty high-five that’s her favorite we can surprise her with you sometimes and to move out of the way thank you so much for working out with us today we’d ask that you please support our mission of keeping these great workouts free you can do so by downloading our free app it’s available for both iOS and Android you can also stop by our store pick up some has big gear or our diet guide eating for life if you enjoyed this routine which we know you did please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up and follow us on your favorite social media channel again thank you so much for working out with us today it’s been our privilege yeah I’m coach Kozak I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout