Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Do you hate repeating the same move more than one set? Try this 40 Min Dumbbell HIIT Workout! It’s the perfect workout for people who get bored easily because it never repeats the same move twice. The only equipment required is a pair of dumbbells. Let’s go!

Warm up
Butt Kick + Arm Crossover
Standing Elbow to Knee
Arm Pullovers

40 Min Dumbbell HIIT Workout for People Who Get Bored Easily

Complete 1 round of 50 seconds of each exercise:
DB Clean to Reverse Lunge / Front Squat
Push Up to Twist & Press / from Knees
Side Lunge to Upright Row / Side Squat
One Arm Renegade Row + Opposite Knee Tuck / from Knees
1 ½ Sumo Deadlift Jump / no Jump
Press to Elbow w/ Iso Leg Raise / Feet Down
Skier Swings to Overhead / to Parallel
Iso One Leg Hip Up + Pullover / Two Legs
High Plank Dumbbell Transfers / from Knees
Split Low Squat + One Arm Arnold Press / Split ¼ Squat
One Arm Snatch / weight used
Crab Curl + Press / no Press
Jump Squat + Shrug / Squat + Shrug & Calf Raise
Hollow Body Chest Press / Knees Bent
Reaching Lunge / Split Squat
One Leg Stiff Leg Deadlift + Shrug / Two Leg
Bridge + Press + Pullover Combo
Side Lunge + Upright Row / Side Squat
Dumbbell Row and Reach
Overhead Skiers / Skiers
Reverse Lunge Swing (KB) / Reverse Lunge
Lying Fly + Leg Raise / Knee Raise
Low Split / Split Stance Row and Press
Sumo DL + Curl + Press
Bear Plank Triceps Kickback / from Knees

Cool Down
Staggered Chest Stretch
Downward Dog / from Knees
Cobra / from Elbows
Child’s Pose

hey everybody it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a hit workout for people who get bored easily this total body workout never repeats the same move twice and the only equipment required for today’s routine is a pair of dumbbells and the weight that you use will be totally dependent on your fitness level follow me for those easier modifications and follow me for the standard movements if you’re ready to get started let’s do it [Music] you [Music] okay we’re going to get started with a nice little warmup so the purpose of this warm-up is just to get your heart rate up it’s not to burn you out we’re going to do an arm crossover plus butt kick to start aka don’t go crazy with this butt kick crossover movement exactly this is just to get you loosened up we got plenty of actual workout coming up so going stepping side to side bringing that heel back kicking trying to kick our glutes and as we’re crossing our own arms over I’d like you to alternate which arm is on top now for this one as well as all the other ones for the rest of the day we’re not toning any repetitions so we’re just trying to complete as many reps as possible in the allotted time period and we’re breathing let’s continue this one four five four three two one and zero next we’re going to do a standing elbow to knee so feet are shoulder width apart hands are on our head we’re going to go opposite elbow to opposite knee now if you can’t quite bring your knee up as far as we are that’s okay just do the best you can make sure to bring that in mean up and in at the same time so we’re squeezing those ABS loosening up our hips our core a little bit shoulders in there breathe and again moving at a warm-up pace not a work pace let’s do this one four five four three two one and zero all right we’re going to an arm pull over last one in the warm-up round feet shoulder width apart back event on a 45 degree angle arms are straight we’re going to pull those arms up and over and then let them swing back the opposite way with your palm up trying to get full range of motion on this one being sure to breathe warming up that back arms feeling that my shoulders are ready we need to slow it down a bit loosen it up get that heart rate up a little bit let’s hit this one for just five more seconds everybody and three two one zero good okay so we are going to need your dumbbells for the first exercise both of them and Claudia and I are me doing a different variation throughout the course of today’s workout you’re going to need to decide if it’s better for you to do my variations or Claudia’s modifiers or a combo of the two or yeah combination the tube feed is shoulder-width apart little bend the knees we’re going to do a dumbbell clean dumbbells coming back and then forward and up now I’m going to drop into a reverse lunge I’m going to drop into a front squat both of us are putting our weight back in our hips using those hips to drive forward and clean those dumbbells up and Claudia is just going to hit that front squat so she’s on both legs equally where my variation is going to put the majority of your body weight on that front leg and with the front squat of course I’m breaking at the hips pushing my booty back into a squat and keeping my knees out do not let your knees collapse in on this reverse lunge I’m dropping that back knee till it gets to a 90 degree angle alternating back and forth right leg then left leg good let’s keep this one up for ten more seconds guys stick with it breathe we’re going to focus on that breathing today four five four three two one zero alright so we just need one dumbbell for the next one we’re going to go to the ground into a push-up position height is going to be under knees I’m going to be up top we’re going to go push-up and then as we come up we’re going to roll pull the elbow in twist and press you decide it’s better for you to be down on your knees or up top and on the twist you see I’m bringing my right knee up over my left one so it’s down pull it into a row and turn to the right with my right knee on top and back down we’re both keeping our core nice and straight and tight back stays nice and straight you don’t want that but way up in there we’re going to get equal time on both sides by excellent corn stays tight throughout let’s hit this one I missed that four five four three two one and switch all right other side I know this is a good one all these movements today you’re going to notice you’re hitting multiple muscle groups at the same time so this one’s hitting your core lower back triceps shoulders chest I know I might be missing something that’s okay your body will tell you tomorrow right guys you’re doing great keep it up the elbow in on both the row and that twist straight up and back down it’s at this one four five four three two one zero we’re up on our feet for the next one still need the one dumbbell we’re going to do a side lunge or a side squat plus an upright row I’m going to take a big step or claudia is going to take a shorter step and then we’re both dropping back with the weight and our hips and as we come up we’re bringing that elbow nice and height blowing up from the elbow make sure to breathe throughout when you get equal time on both legs good doing this side lunge try your best to keep that inside leg nice and straight we’re both keeping our core tight back straight good head up chest up on the squat let’s switch this one in five four three two one opposite side right into it let’s go good so basically the bigger the step you take in the more of a challenge this one is going to be you decide which variations right for you along the way a lot of unilateral moves we’re going to do today which is basically working each side of the body separately from one another great technique to do to make sure you don’t have any imbalances and if you do it’ll help to work them out excellent so it’s working the hamstrings your glutes your quads your core your tracks shoulders hit this one four five four three two one to the ground we’re going to go one dumbbell still we’re going to get up into a high plank position I’m going to do a bare plank clouds can be underneath we’re both going to roll pullback from the elbow renegade row and then knee up and in you decide if we’re going to do it from your knees or in this bear plank position either way you’re keeping your back straight core tight pull back from that elbow on your raw remembering to breathe through the movement does not hold your breath anytime we get up in this plank position really got to focus on your breathing it’s easy to hold that breath good you’re doing this bear plank trying to keep both knees bent at a 90 degree angle let’s hit this one this side four five four three two one opposite side switch it up and right into the Geiser just everything’s opposite opposite arm pulls and knee up and in excellent works throughout the course of today’s workout you are going to be challenged you are going to have times you’re thinking about why am I here right now so it’s important that you focus on what motivates you what drives you what brought you here today to begin with because that is what’s going to be the thing that gets you through to the end come on keep it up that’s it this one for five more seconds almost there guys three two one zero good we need both dumbbells for the next one we’re doing a one and a half sumo deadlift legs are nice and wide toes are pointed out dumbbells are in front weight back on her hips break at the knees up and then half halfway up and back down we’re going one and a half I’m going to jump Claudia is just going to do the one and a half so all the way down half way up back down and repeat keep your diaper diet sorry I was going so you decide that jump is right for you keep your head up chest up and drop that weight back into your hips come right back up and squeeze your glutes right at the top this one is all about that back side so making sure you’re getting your weight back there on every rep good let’s keep this one up four five four three two one zero good ok we need your dumbbells for the next one we’re going to the ground lying down on our backs Claudia’s gonna have her feet up I’m gonna have my legs straight we’re going to do a press to elbow so we’re going to press up on that opposite elbow to make this exercise harder you can do an isometric leg raise we just hold those legs out straight in front of you and you decide which variation is right for you so we’re pressing up and across and crunching at the same time and rolling onto that opposite side elbow now if you want to do a mixture of the two you have your knees bent and then it’ll get your abs involved do a certain degree but not quite as Extreme as having your legs out straight again you decide which variations right for you making sure to breathe whatever you do do not hold your breath on this one good keep it going with this one for 10 more seconds stick with it side to side for 5 4 3 two-one-zero we need both dumbbells up on your feet we have a skier swing next feed your shoulder width apart little bend our knees both palms facing one another swing those dumbbells back I’m going to swing my dumbbells up overhead where Claudia is going to swing hers out until they’re parallel to the ground but the big thing at both of these moves have in common is you’re doing the work with your hips your lower back hamstrings not about your arms they’re really just along for the ride keep your back nice and straight head in a neutral position good keep it up guys popping those hips big power in those hips but back then but forward one right into the next you’re a machine you got it to a slight bend in those knees throughout little bend your elbows to don’t have your arms locked out you got to keep it up guys let’s hit this one for ten more seconds good good good hit it for five four three two one zero all right we need both dumbbells again going to the ground we’re going to do a combo move an isometric hip up plus a dumbbell pullover so we’re on our feet balls of our feet we’re pressing off of our heels your hips up off the ground back is straight we’re going to perform a pullover slight bend in the elbows pulling over do not bounce the dumbbells off the ground and pull back to make the workout harder one leg is straight and you’re balancing on the other driving off that heel using those glutes to keep you up don’t hyperextend your back or arch your back but instead focus on driving off that heel making your hamstrings and gluts do the work absolutely up I’m up here squeezing my glutes at the top of this hip up keeping them nice and tight meanwhile we’re performing that pull up using your stretching your lats and your chest to pull them override excellent you’re doing one leg let’s switch opposite side good keep it up guys you’re doing great so far remember focus on what brought here what is it what’s your why why are you here at the front of your mind not the back your mind do this you can do anything it’s on your head one rappin to the next you got it good I’ll take this one four five four three two one it’s zero we turn it over we need these dumbbells once are just one dumbbell for the next one and a high plank position we’re doing high plank dumbbell transfer so come up here under your feet around your knees back is straight we’re going to move this one dumbbell from side to side or transfer it from side to side so we’re coming up onto one arm the focus is forcing us to stabilize with their abs while we move your weight back and forth you want to get creative you can move it around in different places make it harder on yourself you really have to go and find it good one wrap into the next you guys got it get core tight and back straight be sure to breathe read throughout hold your breath should be able to balance a glass of water on your back but how straight it is focus on it you put up guys one wrap into the neck good someone’s working your core your legs shoulders back a lot of muscles getting hit on this one keep it up almost done hit ten more seconds here good how many switches can you get let’s push that pace four five four three two one zero on our feet we need just on one dumbbell again we’re both going to get into a split stance I’m going to drop all the way down dropping that back knee to up at a 90 Claudia is going to drop a quarter of the way down now we’re going to do an Arnold palm starts facing us and as you press you twist that palm till faces forward give that arm nice and close you’re finishing your bicep by your ear opposite arm is all for balance and you just hold in this position now your legs are going to burn up on this one you decide how hard you want to make it by one with the weight you’re using but also by how deep you go into that split squat position one side at a time almost there on this side let’s hit this one four five four three two one opposite side now right into it no breaks you got it you’re a machine let’s see it right here whatever you do today don’t stop this video don’t pause it you got it I want you to push through keep working keep fighting keep that core nice and tight bring that bellybutton in towards that spine and keep pushing that weight up over your head shoulders stay nice and square you got a guy stay strong here stay strong almost there for five four three two one zero good okay we need just the one dumbbell for the next one we’re going to do a one-arm snatch or both doing the same move so adjust your weight accordingly feet are shoulder width apart little bend the knees hips go back elbow comes up and go ahead and flip that dumbbell up and over so we’re getting that momentum and power from our hips driving those hips forward and as you do that you’re going to bring your elbow straight up and also bring your hand up like you’re zipping up a jacket just picture that coming straight up when that dumbbell reaches its highest point go ahead and flip the dumbbell over and catch it this one might take a couple repetitions to get the hang of it keep your core tight back stay straight and again the modification on this one is just lighter weight if you don’t have light enough weight feel free to pick up a water bottle or something light and go ahead and continue following along whatever you do don’t take a break don’t stop just keep fighting here with it let’s switch sides and three two one zero opposite side right into it good remembering to engage those hips on every rep so I’m pushing my butt back and then my butt comes forward it’s that simple every time hips back hips forward big power you got it come on pushing through to your powerhouse let’s get after it once you get the hang of it once you pick that pace up okay so now what drives you what is it why are you here come on keep it up get this one for ten more seconds you got it you got it push four five four three two one and zero to the ground just the one dumbbell again we’re going to get into a crab position so feet are kind of close to us palms are facing for our fingers are facing forward we’re going to come up with that one dumbbell I’m going to curl and then press Claudia is only going to do the curl you decide which variation is right for you and that curl you’re just pulling up from the elbow using that elbow as a hinge we’re going to do the press when press straight up from that position and this is a hammer curl movement as opposed to a a regular bicep you have your palm facing you you’re going to keep your palm facing in on the hammer curl this one engages more of your forearms a little different part of your bicep try your best to keep your core tight your shoulders nice and square you know I’ll be leaning too terribly to one side of the other excellent work just this awkwardness of this one it’s supposed to feel awkward forces your body to stabilize a lot of muscles working and engaging here let’s switch size in three two one zero opposite side switch it up you don’t have to don’t go down in between good find that right sweet spot for your hand where it feels better and keep it up you got it one of the next stay focused guys stay in it rep by Rep don’t let your mind drift off be right here focus on what you’re working towards what’s that goal what are you after what are you trying to do to get there every day let’s go come get after guys let’s hit this one four five four three two one zero nice all right we need both dumbbells to the next we’re going to hit those legs next we’re going to do either a squat plus shrug and calf raise or a squat plus shrug and jump you decide which version is right for you biomechanically very similar move the only differences I’m getting speed momentum going I’m actually jumping at the top either way we’re dropping those hips weight back in your hips that is keeping those knees out and I’m that shrug you’re bringing your shoulders to your ears using those trap muscles good one to the next the tough one guys we’re not imagining it right here with you suffering through it with you that’s alright think about how good you’re going to feel when it’s all said and done one into the next good stay focused on this one let’s hit it for ten more seconds almost there almost there and five four three two one zero whoo both Dumbo’s needed go to the ground for the next one we’re going to do a hollow body plus chest press first thing you’re going to do it through chin up off the ground and your shoulder blades off the ground helps keep your back straight now I’m going to press with my legs out straight Claudia’s going to do it with their knees bent just press Plus hollow body look straighter your legs are the harder this one will be you decide what’s right for you good keep that chin tucked head up and I’ll help you keep your back flat on the ground you don’t want your back to come up and start arching good staying guys tough one I know remembering to breathe on these types of movements you Deltora on every movement you want to exhale as you’re lifting the weights up over your body so you exhale up and inhale all the way back down and focused thumbs working your ass legs just a little bit but mostly your chest shoulders and your core keep it up sit this one four five four three two one zero we’re up on our feet let’s get those legs going now I’m going to do a reaching lunge closing to a reaching split squat difference is I’m going to step every time dropping that knee down to a 90 and reach at the same time Claudia is just go ahead and starting in that split stance position dropping that back knee to a 90 bringing those weights right in front of my shin and right back up like you’re reaching for something like the name reaching lunge or reaching split squat suggest we’re going to go half and a half on each side keep it up right there with you feel those quads burning we film two but you’re stronger than that burn switching sides in three two one zero opposite side right into it come on you got it guys just dropping that knee straight down your sensation to quit may be strong but your will is stronger keep it up fight through it how tough for you prove it to yourself today you got it one in a master Dan focus on your grind every rep getting you a little bit closer to where you need to be it’s at this one four five four three two one zero alright this is your one and only rest period we got a 20 second rest if you need some water you want a towel whatever it is that’s your brand now is the time to do it because we’re getting right back into it here in 10 seconds we have those stiff leg dead lifts either the one leg stiff leg deadlift or the two leg you decide or a combination of the two whatever you want to do what’s right for you let’s get it going here and three two one let’s hit now remember the second time around you’re a little more familiar with the movements so we’re going to try to keep the pace elevated you keep that pace up a little less transition time between the moves one right into the next right let’s pick up the pace a little bit here on this one you get that slight bend in your knees whooping you’re driving those heels back and if you’re doing the one leg to focus your eyes on something help you keep that balance that’s what I need to do right now they were going as you get more fatigued of course your balances and a quite be what it was in the first round but just stay focused grind them out one into the next feel that stretch as you go down excellent where keep that back straight you got it right here focus on what motivate you trying to lose some weight second whatever it is you’re trying to do stay on it four two one zero good both dumbbells needed to the ground we go you got that hip up her ass and pull over combo so let’s go drive off those heels hip up press slight bend in the elbows as you over and back return that’s it up press pull over you got it guys again you notice we’re stitching with some pretty phat pace one into the next here you got it now stick with the space throughout this workout no pause and no given up we’ve got a switch to an easier modification that’s totally okay but a watch or lighter weight that’s another option right so I it’s nice to have a couple different dumbbell variations dumbbell options you need to switch up the wink or have your go lower but just keep moving you got this come on one to the next you can do it right but doesn’t you think that’s it getting a little bit better rep by Rep remember what you came here for stick with it it’s all in your head I’m or second time listen ah going going by so fast you got it four three two one zero we’re up on our feet we only need one dumbbell for the next one we’re going either side lunge or side squat big step reach across pull up from that elbow that’s it and you got it one into the next breathe put in our time half and half on each side and place that opposite hand on your hip if you’d like just for balance for a place to put it good job guys you got it now the total body movement here hitting the legs as well as your upper body and your back by more seconds put you inside switch in and to10 let’s go come on keep it up what you got what you got I want you to fight so hard today that you impress yourself I want you to achieve more than you thought you were kid capable of achieving let’s go to you versus you not you verse claw DRI nope or anybody else it is all about you you deserve it be more fit and you ever thought you could be not your competition we’re your teammates not your competition I hate it let’s go five seconds and three two one zero nice okay we need both dumbbells for this next one we’re going to go dumbbell row and reach Peter little wider than shoulder width Dumbo there in the middle of our legs bend over 45 pull back from that elbow turn and press good reach pull good look one of the nice guys you’re a machine you got this nothing can slow you down you could do this all day long come on get after right here guys you got it stay focused stay in it pushing yourself because nobody else can or will do it for you anytime we do any of these rows really focus on pulling back from that elbow not from your hand but from that elbow like you have a string attached to your elbow go stick with it what you got what you got let all out there now much longer guys getting a little bit closer to your goal with every single rep five more seconds there it is here it is finish strong three two one zero Dumbo stay in your hand we got secures next feet shoulder-width apart swing those dumbbells back either bring them overhead or arms the peril of your live which variation is right for you but I want you to keep that back straight drive those hamstrings and glutes back behind you right your hip muscles arms and then squeeze those gluts up at the top nice come on oh when can you get it’s a good one to pick the pace up on let’s go come on put it out there what are you waiting for don’t feel like you need to save anything in this workout just keep going 100% whatever you’re 100% looks like let’s see it come on you got it guys you got it keep at it keep breathing don’t hold your breath back in core stays nice and tight nice and straight good almost better I might make it blue let’s go finish strong three two one zero nice IRA moving into that reverse lunge now it’s either the reverse lunge plus swing or just that stationary reverse lunge either way alternating legs we’re going to burn out that lower body that’s okay that’s what we came here for now we know it’s working I’m familiar with a move so I’m expecting you to move a little bit of a faster pace here if you’re doing this swing make sure you get those hips and ball and swing pop those hips forward squeeze those glutes up at the top or nice and tight you drop it back down to a 90 trying not to bounce that back knee off the floor one rep right into the back down and pop it right back up when those legs start to catch on fire and get that burning sensation it’s important to remember that’s just lactic acid just that fuel that your muscles use and you don’t have to listen to it a little nerve response your ladies got plenty left you know whoa they’re not done five more seconds come on let’s go you got to keep pushing let’s go three two one zero nice to the ground we go we got that lying fly plus you get leg raisin or knee raise no break remember right into it here which is tuck that chin into your chest and that helps you keep your lower back flat on the ground and once your lower back is coming up off the ground and arching on this water go squeeze your chest to hang your abs up at the top come on if you’re hugging a big old tree that’s it wrapping around and squeeze come on guys let’s go you got it rep by Rep halfway through this movement that’s it we’re all out there so let’s go let’s go what are you waiting for come on nice work guys we’re burning just like you are right right there with you we can’t quit you can’t quit we’re gonna keep fighting right through the end we’re not gonna stop when it starts to hurt we have five more seconds we’re gonna stop when it’s done let’s go three two-one-zero nice only one dumbbell for this next one I’m getting to that high plank claudi’s in her split stance either way we’re going to Road Plus reach and press nice you decide which variation is right for you today mine is working a little more legs a little more core Claudius is also a great movement you know if today you’re doing some of the easier moves that’s alright come back get a little bit better maybe try out some of these harder ones or if you’re already doing the harder ones come back and just increase your weight using a little heavier weight even a Tony – switching sides in five seconds three two one switch sides even when you come back if it’s only two three four five more pounds making huge difference I guess it does it here’s this I’ve had to switch weight middle of a workout before that’s all right that’s right but she kept moving that’s the goal that’s the key just don’t give up guys come on keep grinding you’re better than giving up your fighter not a quitter fighter through and through prove it to yourself you can do this you can do anything you got five more seconds let’s hit it four three two one and zero me both dumbbells the next one standing up at sumo deadlift plus curl sumo deadlift curl Pratt you got it weight back in the hips toes are pointed out just a little bit make sure drive those knees out as you sit down sit back don’t allow your knees to come or fall in create one for your hamstrings glutes quads biceps shoulders triceps core Hey i’ma say it’s easier this is a compound move easier to name the body parts that it’s not working and we can feel it guys right there with you alright now we know it’s working well then that work so we can accomplish our goals we’re getting that much closer with every rep really make sure like a big old staircase and everything you want is at the top of that staircase and all you got to do is climb one step at a time that’s what life is all about five more seconds on this little elevator guys no elevator let’s taking the stairs right here three two one zero only one dumbbell me to do that next let’s go to the ground let’s get it right here good after I’m in that bear plank position tricep kickback cloudy’s in the plank from her knees you decide which one is right for you whatever you do don’t you give up don’t you slow down you’re better than that is it her better than that come on let’s go stand at that elbow squeeze that tricep up with a tap try best keep your core nice and tight and parallel to the ground nice and square you don’t want to rotate on this one which in size in five seconds go three two one zero switch eyes right into it right into it come on what you got put all out there this is it right here guys this is it yeah everything you got what are you made up come on prove it to yourself everybody prove it to yourself what you got what you got good stay focused come on let’s go you’re a fighter let’s see it lets see it three is that oxygen going five more seconds guys three two one zero whoo and that huh is how it’s done huh nice work out there everybody don’t have to try who know Claudia we do a quick little cooldown just allow your heart rate to come down slowly we also get a little extra mobility where it’s over their feet staggered we do a stagger chest stretch once you have your thumbs up arms are low pull those hands back behind you like someone’s pulling on your hands back there now once you slowly raise your arms while still trying to pull your arms out behind you hands back behind you so your arms are about parallel to the ground and just hold keep pulling those hands back behind you like to try to touch your hands behind your back obviously that’s not going to happen obviously gives you a great chest not especially under that workout no oh great chest and shoulders stretch ah couple deep breath nice you guys did great today oh let’s keep this up 5 4 3 2 1 shake it loose nice ok let’s go to the ground we’re going to do a little yoga move you’re going to do a downward dog glad you can do it from your knees I’m doing it up out either way we’re going to sit back drive our hips back behind us at the same time you’re all your navel in to your abs in your core and stretch those shoulders at the same time really pull your body and your butt back behind you feel that stretch all along your posterior change whether you’re doing this standing or version on your knees very similar just drive those hips back behind you nice let’s hold this one for 5 4 3 2 1 okay we’re going to transition into a Cobra so to come down hits to the ground Claudia’s going to do this one from her forearms I want to be up on my hands and my toes so notice my legs aren’t on the ground either but claudia has her legs relaxed you decide which variations right for you anyway we’re just dried that chin up to the ceiling chest is up and if on the forearms it’s still too easy for you you can keep your body on the ground and just push up nice stretch those ABS you decide which variation is right for you just hold and breathe hard barks done today five four three two one last one child pose same move for both of us from your knees go ahead and sit back and try your best to sit all the way back under your glutes and this one can be especially hard after that workout arms stay in front for your upper body to the ground try best of your arms straight and try also your best to basically sit back I knew your feet nice deep breathe I’ll just think about everything that motivates you while you’re here right now doing what you’re doing won’t you be proud of yourself what you’ve achieved and getting yourself just that much closer to your goal take a second here to say hey you know what I did what I was supposed to do and check that one off of this take just one second feel good about yourself and then it’s right back to it and we’ll see you again tomorrow let’s breathe four five four three two one zero and that’s it take a big deep breath come up slowly so you don’t pass out excellent work out there thank you so much for all of your hard work if you like this workout you’ve been working out with us for a while we’d ask you to please go check out our patreon page where you can find out more about how you can support our mission keeping these great workouts free and if you enjoy working out with us today we ask that you please give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe to our YouTube channel that way you were notified every time has to drop some new work out make sure to check out hats vidcom for hundreds of free workouts free meal plans and our free complete fitness program and if you are on Facebook Twitter Instagram snapchat come find a SPECT we’re there and we want to connect with you again thank you so much for giving us the privilege of working out with you today I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout