Beginner Difficulty with Intermediate Modifications Provided
beginner workout
Kettlebell training is one the most functional exercise methods in existence. Using a kettlebell requires additional stability and coordination that doesn’t exist with a dumbbell. This kettlebell workout for beginners is a great place to get acquainted with the tool.

Warm Up:
March in Place + Punch Out / Run in Place
Standing Twist
Skier Swings
The Pointer (bd but diagonal)

Kettlebell Workout for Beginners

Sumo Deadlift
Floor Press / + Iso Hip Up
Single Arm Row / Staggered Stance
Curl + Front Squat + Overhead Press (two hands)
Glute Bridge to Crunch / Sit Up
Windmill to Shin / to Toe
High Pullback from Hang / No Reset
Split Squat / Reverse Lunge
Halo + Curl / Halo
Kettlebell Swing / Overhead

Cool Down:
Standing Quad Stretch
Toe Toe to Scarecrow
Page Turners
Upward Facing Dow to Child’s Pose


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