Intermediate Difficulty with Beginner and Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Use this quick kettlebell workout to burn fat and improve strength at the same time. This kettlebell routine is great for both men and women. No kettlebell? No problem! Just grab a dumbbell and perform the same moves. Ready. Set. Let’s go!

HIIT Kettlebell Workouts for Fat Loss & Strength

Complete each exercise for 50 seconds (per side if applicable):
Swing + High Pullback
Side Cossack Squat + Overhead Press / Lateral Squat
Archer Plank Row / from Knees
Crush Grip Curl + Thruster
Bear Plank to High Plank / Step Back
Kneeling Snatch / Snatch from Hang
Swivel Swing / Parallel
Pullover + Leg Raise / Knee Raise

it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak\par and I’m Claudia and this is a kettlebell\par workout for fat loss and strength\par throughout the course of today’s workout\par we’re going to be using kettlebells\par ranging between 10 to 50 pounds but we\par recommend that you use a weight as\par appropriate for your fitness level\par follow me for the intermediate through\par Advanced movements and I’ll be doing the\par easier modifications\par [Music]\par show time time to workout go and grab\par that kettlebell first one is going to be\par a swing + hi pullback\par we’re going to perform the same move on\par this first one so your modification is\par just going to be lighter weight feeder\par shoulder-width apart one hand on the\par kettlebell we’re going to go ahead and\par swing that kettlebell through your legs\par and then high pull up pull up on your\par elbow as you’re doing that swing you\par have a slight bending your knees and\par you’re driving those hips back and then\par drive your hips forward and now once you\par get to that top I want you to pull that\par elbow back that’s that high pull back\par every time so good posture standing up\par nice and straight keep your back\par straight when you see that I naturally\par just keep my opposite side arm out for\par balance you don’t have to do that if you\par don’t want to just wandering that bottom\par half it’s all about like that posterior\par chain your hamstrings glutes lower back\par pushing it back and then driving it\par forward good let’s put the time half and\par half on each side doing this side for 10\par more seconds keep it up again just\par grinding it out getting right into it\par right from the start we’re going hard\par and fast today let’s do this one 4 3 2 1\par zero opposite side now right into it\par boom like I said every time hits back\par hits fourth and pull that elbow up nice\par and high\par excellent work when you get that top\par squeeze those glutes so as you stand up\par squeeze your gluts up at the top\par you keep that back straight as you swing\par the kettlebell through your legs this\par one’s working your hamstrings your\par glutes your lower back your upper back\par all didn’t hate on this one\par nice work keep it up guys keep it up\par well how many can you get one right into\par the neck make sure to emphasize that\par pullback at the top anytime we’re doing\par that pullback pullback on the elbow not\par the hand\par let’s do this one four five four three\par two one zero\par good ok so next we’re going to do either\par a side Cossack squat plus overhead press\par or a side squat so kettlebell is up in\par rack position we’re going to step to our\par right I’m going to keep this leg\par straight I’m going to come up and press\par and you can see Claudia is going to\par sidestep and she’s just going to perform\par a squat\par you decide which variation is right for\par you\par so on the squat it’s just like any other\par squat you can step out to your side make\par sure that you’re breaking at the hips\par pushing that bum back and then coming\par right back up and of course just like\par any other squat you want to make sure\par that our knees are not collapsing in\par that you’re keeping them nice and\par pointed out and this cough is quite so I\par keep this inside leg straight and I keep\par those toes up so feel a nice stretch\par really isolating this outside leg making\par it do all of the work and as you perform\par this one can start to get loosened up as\par you go do this one four three two one\par switch it up opposite side again right\par into it OOP I get other side here we go\par like ways I can where am I\par there we go you really have to\par concentrate on these movements and\par really think about what it is that\par you’re doing always be aware what each\par muscles doing always aware of your\par posture your form there’s some complex\par movements and each one of these moves\par sitting multiple\par also groups so stay focused on it keep\par breathing throughout the course of\par today’s workout if any of these you\par start on the harder variation I need to\par move to these you’re wondering that’s\par okay\par he is just to keep moving whatever you\par do don’t stop don’t slow down the key is\par to always keep yourself challenged and\par I’m so challenged put you’re sacrificing\par form exactly let’s hit this one for just\par ten more seconds\par almost there grinding out guys good good\par good five four three two one\par we’re going to move into an archer row\par so we’re gonna get down on the ground\par and do a high plank position and from\par that high plank position\par go ahead and turn on your side buddy’s\par going to do hers from the knees now put\par that one hand on the kettlebell go ahead\par and pull back full range of motion that\par core nice and tight back stays straight\par you decide if you want to have that\par inside knee on the ground or if it’s\par better for you to be up on your feet\par like I am again you choose and move\par that’s right for you one rep right into\par the next anytime we do any of these\par pools so very important and pull back\par from that elbow so all about pulling\par back Meadowhall who you’re really going\par to feel it in your back – upper back\par lower back ABS are getting hit on this\par one as well right making sure to breathe\par you can even feel it in my closet and\par I’m booting all getting loose but when\par we feel it that’s how we know it’s\par working we’re going to switch sides in\par five four three two one zero\par opposite side now again try to make that\par down time one right in the neck alright\par ready position and pull back from that\par elbow good make sure to keep\par slight Bend and that base arm and hand\par and that elbow so don’t have that arm\par locked out but instead give a soft elbow\par it looks like then I’m pulling back from\par that elbow on the rowing arm keep your\par core nice and tight draw that belly\par button into that spine back stay\par straight nice and straight no drop on\par your butt no but way up in there you got\par it one into the next guy’s good stay\par balanced I know it’s hard you got it\par good posture come on\par as this workout increases and difficulty\par can be more and more important for you\par to focus what brought you here today to\par begin with stay focused on it through\par this one four five four three two one\par all right that kettlebell we’re up on\par their feet at a combo move next again\par we’re going to do the same move so you\par decide what support what weight is right\par for you right so we’re going to start\par with the actually kettlebell down feet\par shoulder-width apart let’s go\par curl squat weight back in our hips and\par then press thruster overhead back down\par now curl weight back in the hips squat\par thrust your press so it’s a crush curl\par plus thruster so in that kettlebell or\par grabbing it on the ball squeezing that\par kettlebell together sitting back waiting\par our hips and driving that kettlebell\par straight overhead another excellent\par compound move this one let’s say from\par bottom up hitting your hamstring glutes\par quads lower back biceps shoulders\par triceps probably easier to name the\par muscles that it doesn’t work good come\par on keep it up guys one in the neck sir\par be how many you can get come on keep\par that pace up throughout the course of\par today’s workout one into the next you\par got it\par oh come on let’s go let’s go okay now\par what drives you what motivates you stay\par focused on it whatever this that driver\par is that brought you here today it’s\par going to be the same thing they get you\par through to the end right hold on to it\par why are you here whatever you want lose\par weight get stronger gain muscles be more\par fit kick butt at athletics or just kick\par butt at life in general whatever that is\par you’re here doing it come on let’s keep\par it up one of the next one of the next\par we’re hitting this one for her just five\par more seconds let’s go and three two one\par zero\par all right let’s take that one kettlebell\par we’re going to the ground I want you to\par face the ring up top forward we’re going\par to get into a high plank position both\par hands on that kettlebell here they’re\par going to step up or jump up to a bear\par plank you decide which variation is\par right for you either way you’re bringing\par those knees up and in\par so they both at a 90 degree angle and\par then back returning to that high plank\par position as you see I’m doing the step\par up to the bear plank position and\par alternating which leg comes up so if I\par step up with my right I step back with\par my right and then the opposite come on\par keep it up whatever you do keep it\par moving you got it you got it guys come\par on let’s go let’s hit this one four five\par four three two one zero nine okay next\par we got a snatch I’m going to do a\par kneeling snatch but is going to do a\par snatch from a hang you decide which one\par is right for you I’m going to start from\par a kneel and we’re both going to drive\par that elbow up and snatch that weight\par overhead you decide if you want to start\par from that hang position that Claudia is\par it or if you want to start from the\par knees but either way or bring that elbow\par straight up driving our hips forward\par and then flipping that kettlebell up\par overhead we’re focusing this on this one\par on punching that hand up at the very top\par what that will do is not allow that\par kettlebell to flop over right we don’t\par want that I want to try your best to\par avoid that kettlebell from flipping over\par and hitting our risk keeping cattle nice\par and close to you on this one driving\par those hips forward and that elbow comes\par straight up a good way to think about\par this hand motion like you’re dipping up\par your jacket right hand that elbow come\par straight up good breathe one the next to\par get after you’re doing it from the Hang\par position those hips go back and forward\par on every rabbit let’s switch sides and\par five four three two one opposite side\par now right into it no downtime drive that\par elbow straight up pop up big posture Oh\par horse neighs tie is like good movement\par you can tell Claudia’s feeling it any\par time he gets tired good rule of thumb is\par she is feeling the heat\par that’s all right so am i sore thousands\par or millions of you doing the same move\par at home that’s right all feeling\par together all working together come on\par comes a team effort that’s it we’re\par right there with you you’re in this\par together you’re not competing with us no\par competing against yourself look in that\par mirror that’s your competition\par day after day just getting a little bit\par better defeating the you from yesterday\par getting one more rep in then you could\par yesterday coming back repeating this\par routine get just a little bit better\par every single time you got it four five\par four three two one zero\par good alright next move two hands on a\par kettlebell we’re going to do a\par kettlebell swivel swing so that\par kettlebell going to go side to side\par going to pivot those feet as you swing\par the kettlebell up either to overhead or\par to parallel to the ground either way\par both hands stay in that kettlebell use\par that momentum to swing fluid three side\par to side a little pivot with those feet\par is that those hips is that oxygen\par flowing and keep breathing you might\par need to focus your eyes on something so\par that you don’t fall forward like I just\par did you decide which variation is right\par for you\par it’s all about that power one in the\par next what you got put it all out there\par for just 10 more seconds getting after\par it\par whoa you got it you got it go and five\par four three two one zero\par or hitting the ground for the next when\par we’re gonna lie down on our back we’re\par gonna do a kettlebell pullover plus\par either a leg raise or any knee raise you\par decide which one go and keep your head\par down on the ground\par your legs stay straight or bring those\par knees into your midsection both hands on\par that kettlebell slight bend in your\par elbows\par I like kettlebell to pull over and then\par you use your lats and your chest to pull\par it back over feel that stretch in both\par your lats chest and even in your ass get\par another compound movement making sure to\par breathe and if you need to rest your\par feet if you’re doing my variation for a\par quick pause that’s fine and if you’re\par not quite where coach codes that gives\par yet you can of course keep your feet off\par of the ground a little in between\par movement yeah so if you need to you can\par rest your feet down on the ground\par of course what we’re working towards is\par either just kissing the ground or not\par even touching the ground at all\par make sure to get that full range of\par motion though all the way up all the way\par down you got it guys stay strong\par stay focused again what is it to brought\par you here today to begin with\par keep that the front of your mind not to\par back your mind\par what are you working towards what do you\par got to do to achieve that goal\par but then that work right here to get it\par not going to come overnight but day\par after day do at least one thing to get\par yourself there and that’s what you’re\par doing right now keep it up\par let’s go 5 4 3 2 1 zero nice face bomb\par this is called nice work out there guys\par excellent you’ve been working out with\par this for a while you’re starting to see\par some results we’d encourage you to\par please go check out our patreon page you\par can find out more about how you can\par support our mission of keeping these\par great workouts free and if you enjoyed\par this workout routine to us today we ask\par that you please subscribe to our YouTube\par channel for more of these kinds of\par workouts and so that you never miss a\par new one from us when we drop it make\par sure to hit that thumbs up button at the\par bottom of the screen and check out hats\par sitcom for hundreds of free workouts\par free meal plans and our free complete\par fitness program and if you are on\par Facebook Instagram snapchat Twitter\par whatever social media channel you are on\par fine hospit and connect with us thank\par you so much for working out with us\par today it’s been our privilege I’m coach\par Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see\par you at your next workout\par

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