Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Tabata training is one of the most efficient ways to exercise. This tabata cardio hiit workout will burn calories, improve strength, and enhance endurance all at the same time. The full body workout is great for both men and women. Ready. Set. Let’s go!

Warm Up
Forward Leg Swings
Downward Down to Multi-Planar Lunge
Diagonal Hand Crossovers
Jump in Place / Run in Place

Tabata Cardio HIIT

Sprinter Skip / Sprinter Knee
Bear Plank Walkout One Leg and Arm Ext / One Arm
Single Leg Linear Hops / Two Leg
Split Jack Planks / Step Jacks
Lateral Broad Jump + Squat / Lateral Hop
Burpee + High Knees / Modified Burpee

Cool Down
Wall Angels (Elbows Bent)
Hip Hinge (Back Straight)
Toe Reach (Segmental Flexion)
Child’s Pose

hey everybody it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a full-body – bought a workout without equipment in this Tabata hit workout we’re going to do four back-to-back rounds of each exercise that’s 20 seconds of work followed by ten seconds of rest well I’ll be providing some easier modifications for some of the movements today this is not a beginner routine if you are a true beginner go ahead and click the link right up here and this will send you over to one of our beginner workout [Music] you [Music] if you’re ready to work let’s get right daddy this thing we’re going to start with the light little warmup we’re going to start with a single leg swings one place your hands on your hips slight bend in one knee go ahead and kick that leg forward and back if you need something to hang on to on this one feel free to walk over to the wall and do so make sure to breathe keep that leg nice and loose just a slight bend in that knee loosen up that hip those hamstrings on this one now we’re not going to count any repetitions throughout the course of today’s workout we’re really just gonna be trying to complete as many reps as we can in each Tabata round alright let’s switch legs now and through this warm-up to really the purpose is just to increase your overall body temperature go and loosen up those muscles and get a little bit of mobility work in along the way and the little balance work on this first one too right no big deal keep swinging that leg don’t worry for three me two two one zero let’s Bend that work out last night sneaking in it’s alright it’s just a warm-up next we’re going to move into a downward dog to a multiplanar lunch Peter’s shoulder-width apart go ahead and come down into a downward dog when stretch yourself back pulling back on those hips and then step up with your right leg outside of your right hand reach through to your left and then twist up and reach return that hand back down step back now we’re going back into another downward dog back now left leg steps up this time left arm reaches through to your right reach and then reach up top and return okay so go ahead and repeat the sequence move it as your own pace whatever pace you feel comfortable with you feel you need a little extra stretch in any particular part of this movement feel free to get it I like this move because it is just hitting so many different muscles at the exact same time and I do this one for about another 10 seconds again nice and controlled on this one feel that stretch working on that mobility at the same time here and three two one and at zero good come on up next we’re going to move into a diagonal arm crossover so thumbs are facing inward and we’re going to swing those arms alternate which arm is on top every time you open them up we’re swinging and moving them on a diagonal or an angle like a 45-degree angle across alternate which one is on top every time the chest and shoulders loosening up on this one excellent we’re trying to best to keep that angle going Louie all right up them shoulders for shirt all right let’s switch opposite side now oh yeah shoulders are going to get a lot of work in today’s workout got to prepare them for that work that’s coming up try your best to keep good posture on this one core stays tight and don’t forget to breathe most important part excellent let’s hit this one four five four three two one all right we’re going to get your heart rate up with this last one I’m going to do a jump in place like a full jump rope so I’m jumping light and not involves my feet as if I had a jump rope where claudia is just going to do a light Brian place if you decide which one is right for you but the primary thing I really want you to focus on is just understanding this is your warm up so don’t go to harder and now get plenty of work come exactly just stay nice and light if you do in mind well both really exactly and again just getting that heart rate up not going to crazy saving some of that juice for this workout that’s right all right and this warm-up I really want you to focus on getting your mind right right we got this workout coming up why are you here today what made you hit that play button something brought you here today I want you to keep that at the forefront of your mind throughout this entire workout all right here we are in five four three two one zero it is Showtime folks let’s do this alright we’re going to start with a sprinter move I’m going to do a sprinter skip cloudy’s going to do a super nor knee throughout the course of today’s workout you’d be able to choose which variation is appropriate for you so feel free to go back and forth from serve with their feet shoulder-width apart in a staggered stance both elbows are bent at a 90 degree angle opposite arm of that leg is back now Claudia is just going to go ahead and bring that knee up I’m going to bring it up and I’m going to skip at the same time do you decide which variation is right for you we’re going 20 seconds on switching sides back and forth for rounds all right here we are and three two one begin so it’s full on speed today getting as many reps in as you can in each allotted time period a dick nice soft little bend in that front knee one wrap into the neck 3q1 break alright so we’re going to switch sides next this ten second rest period is going to go by fast here we are getting in ready position and opposite on back there we go two one begin get skipping off that front leg for doing my variation and just bringing that knee in to your midsection if you do in claudius either way when you use these arms though they’re not just swinging them for fun but actually driving that back arm helps you bring that knee up and break back so it’s halfway done two down two to go shake it loose switch inside now much rest here just enough and go hit it there it is come on guys let’s go get going did it pumped up get not heart rate up on this first one that’s not an accident come on let’s go everything you got today both feet should breathe to the core tight good posture and freak excellent oh goodness gracious okay so switch inside right into it only again ten seconds to the last set right here and begin all right let’s go again full range of motion get that knee up as high as you can bring it all the way into that chest you’ve got a speed speed speed pumping those arms with every knee raise three two one break all right go ahead shake those legs out because we’re going to go to the ground we’re going to get into a bear plank position next so we’re starting in a bear plank position which is like coming on to all fours and then you’re going to lift up off your knees going to a fair point walk out so walk out into a high plank and the claudia is going to lift her one arm up I’m going to lift my opposite arm and leg and then we walk back you decided to want to lift both your arm and leg or just your arm either way we’re getting started and two one hit it all right walking out and then raise either opposite arm and leg or just one arm you decide which variation is right for you I want you to keep that core engaged throughout keep your shoulders Square to the ground and three two one and break alright so one down three to go with E it’s a move you have to movement down a little bit now this next round should be a little more natural and queue up in ready patient let’s go alright walking slowly out into that high plank don’t hold your breath on that’s not oh my goodness yes do not hold your breath on any of these movies but especially the ones worth we’re in these plank positions you will regret it I’m your best to get full extension on that arm and leg raise armory you won great excellent all right two down two to go ready shake it out if you got two and again we’re going full speed how much you get right here e 2 1 begin guys did challenging yourself today only person you’re competing against is yourself not either one of us that’s right don’t worry about how fast we’re going that’s right worried about you a little bit better every day that’s what we’re trying to do so we want you to do as well we hope you’re kicking our butt and break all right excellent job I will redound one last one to go come on you got it right here on fire come on pushing yourself there’s nobody else we do it for you guys q1 begin all right hit it full extension nice keep that core tight especially as you raise up onto either one are my two legs whichever one you’re doing alright good really focused on keeping that core tight back straight trying to get full extension on your arms and or legs nice job guys you got it not much left on those last set almost there fight through right to the end all right guys round over in three two one and break nice work okay we’re up on our feet for the next one we’re going to do a linear hop Chloe’s going to do two legs I’m going to do one leg but we’re jumping forward and hopping back light and on the balls of the feet for doing the one leg variety it’s all one leg in 20 seconds and you’re switching legs alright we’re going to get started here and three two one zero so nice and light on the balls of those feet I want you to keep a little bend in your knee throughout don’t want that leg locked out nice breathe try to stay nice and light anytime we’re doing a jumping exercise like this you were turning that energy back in the green to one break all right so if you do one leg we’re switching legs otherwise go and keep up with the car burning already oh alright with tape on nine minutes two one let’s go guys all right good again the hips been as well nice athletic ready position full horde and back you can decide how far forward and back you need to jump depending on your space you got five seconds good balance you read to one break alright good quick ten second rest period that focus on stand light return eeeh energy back into the ground and to one let’s go right hit it guys and this one we’re trying our best not to allow those heels to come in to the ground but again really trying to keep it on the balls of our feet you got a one into the next and you should have breathe and just keep moving just keep fighting two one break ah nice ro one last one that 3.1 to go right here guys you’ve got this you got this alright guys starting again into one let’s go all right hit it how many can you get again this twenty second time period just pushing yourself there it is come on come back repeat this workout getting a little bit better every single time you got it 3q1 break nice I’ll remove into the floor for the next one we’re going to get into a low plank position so onto our forearms and the balls of our feet we’re going to do either a split jack plank where you’re going to jump out and back together or a step side to side like Claudia is going to do you decide which variation is right for you 20 seconds of action here we are and three two one zero on this one really focusing on keeping it back and core nice and straight they keep those atoms engaged you don’t want your butt up on this one and you don’t want it down nice and flat and breathe through the movement guys that’s it keep that oxygen flowing and two one break alright good one down three to go again anytime we’re in one of these low plank positions it’s easy to hold your breath keep breathing you one begin all right right into it ten second break sure to go by fast you got it one right into the next pushing yourself how many can you get right here guys come on it’s you versus you right what do you got right there put it all out there almost there three two one break that’s it whoa two down two to go this one’s hitting everything it’s an AB killer tool a killer shoulder killer all getting worked on this all right guys let’s begin in three two one begin that’s it come on let’s go as a very efficient workout full body workout today you can do at home come on let’s go come on guys you got it keep moving keep breathing keep that core tight let’s do it go go go go go and three two one freak that’s it ho ho $3 one last one to go this is it you got it guys push it right to the very end all right guys beginning now whoo all right let’s do it come on let’s go everything you got put it out here in this last one no holding back after this says you can check this one off your list huh to that core tight back stays straight abs are engaged almost there in three two one and break nice work up on our feet guys for the next one we’re going to do a combo move we’re going to go back and forth between a body weight squat feet are shoulder-width apart all the way up all the way down and then either a lateral hop or a lateral broad jump you decide how hard you want to make it by how high or how far you want to jump okay again 20 seconds everything you got on this one making sure to breathe here we are in three two one zero full squat and then on that jump make sure you’re landing with your weight back in your hips whole range of motion on that squat nice one knees out on that squat that’s it head up chest up and three two one and break that’s it good and eye on those jumps which doesn’t matter which one you’re doing I really want you to focus on absorbing that weight back in your hips and beginning in two one begin that’s a good if you haven’t done a lot of plyometric work definitely recommend you start with the shorter hop before you jump into the big jump nice the whole range of motion on that squat one right into the next nice work guys keep it up and three two one and break whoo two down two to go I know I play there is a leg killers hurting us – you’re not alone right there with you alright guy starting again in two one begin come on big power on that jump guys you’re a powerhouse power factory show us what you got right here prove it to yourself and exceed your own expectations today q1 and break ha this one more three down one to go come on heads for tribe we’re yeah oh yeah try right there with you come on alright in three two one begin I see it last side of these make it count guys make it count come on doesn’t matter what your goal is or they’re trying to lose weight gain strength muscle just get better at life whatever it is stay focused on it and three two one and I’ll do it without shake those legs loose alright next we’re going to do a burpee hybrid movement we’re going to go back and forth between a burpee and four high knees Claudia is going to give you the modified version so sitting down weight back on my hips jump in my legs back push up up and then we’re going to go one two three four high knees you decide to undo the step-back version when you get down or the jump back version alright anyway kind of barn a little bit there are no easy version – I’m gonna put it out hit alright here we are let’s go ahead and get started and three two one-zero right into it up and then one two three four right into that next one again who’s seen yourself guys nobody else can do it for you this one’s gonna get that heart rate up in a hurry and three two one break that’s it one down three to go I’m not going to lie to you guys it can be tough never said it’d be easy but it will be worth it think about how are you gonna feel – we mrs. da line again come on that’s God let’s go get it moving guys one right into the next your machine can’t stop won’t stop let’s go what you got they’re all out there right by rep and three two one break that’s it halfway done two down two to go in I say right here can’t stop won’t stop guys alright again in q1 begin that’s it come on you got it no give up and you guys come on you’re a fighter not a quitter let’s see it right here let’s hat sound there that mental toughness for this one three three two one and great posit whole one remain I’m on you got it guys come on prove it this up what’s up for you hey all right here two one begin that’s it come on how many can you get I want you to come back get a little bit better every single time you got to keep pushing halfway there moving I almost there almost there dude guys did 3q1 break high-five you out way to push through guys we’re going to do a light little cooldown next up as we catch our breath alright we’re going to move into a wall angel so go ahead and scoot on over to the wall excuse me hahaha shoulder blades flat up against the wall we’re gonna wall angel with bent elbows so hands are flat against the wall best you can to those elbows back bring the hands together and then pull them apart bring the hands together and then bringing those elbows together nice controlled movement hands together and pull those elbows together trying your best to keep your back flat up against the wall as well as your shoulders and head we know it’s tough especially after that workout pointing this cool down it’s just allow your heart rate to come down nice and slowly and get some extra mobility work in keep this one up for five four three two one zero shoulders sorry nice we’re going to really focus on stretching out those hamstrings and glutes we’re into a hip hinge so feet are together on this one so it’s a tiny bend in those knees now let’s go ahead and keep your shoulders retracted and back as you bend over driving your hips back on this one really one you focus on keeping your back straight how about reaching as far as you can but instead of reaching while your shoulders retracted back is straight head is in a neutral position driving those hips back behind you and just stretch and breathe just hold again shoulders stay retracted on this one heads in a nice neutral position back remains flat oh a nice deep breath that’s it relax think about all you’ve accomplished so far today give yourself a second here to be proud of yourself and three two one and flow zero ah nice okay next we’re going to a little different variation we’re going to do a toe touch this time we’re going to a segmental flexion which means go ahead and allow your back around we’re going to get a full reach so this one’s going to really stretch out the whole spine full reach all the way down chin is tough full reach again then it up those hips going to eye on your back to band as well nice full reach as far as you can without compromising a knee bend again just nice big deep breaths not much left on this one let’s hold this four five four three two one zero perfect let’s move to the floor for the next one we’re moving to a little bit of a yoga move here we’re going to do a Cobra you can need to do it from on your hands or from on your forearms so either from here or if you feel good you can feel free to come up onto your hands you decide which version is right for you either way when you feel that stretch looking up and back bring that chin up shoulders are back straight all along your hip flexors abdominals little back contraction on this one really stretching out that interior excellent I can’t just give your second self a second here to be proud of what you’ve achieved so far today this were easy everybody be fit but they’re not be proud of yourself for doing what others will not do so you can have what others do not have let’s do it and hold it four three two one zero I want you to come back now we’re just going to come back and sit back and do a bit of a Child’s Pose sit back the best you can on your feet might not be able to go all the way back no big deal do the best you can bring that head down arms straighten out and a stretch back on those shoulders and your back muscles in chest at the same time filming stretch all down from your ankles your quadriceps your back shoulders all stretching on this one this is the last one right here guys just breathe feel good about having this workout done for the day cross it off your list in five four three two one zero come on up nice and slow we don’t want you passing out on us come on now ah and that’s it sweat my eye down very much thank you for hanging with all right to the very end that was nice and open ass now not an easy workout congratulations you made it yep if you like this workout you’ve been working out with us for a while and you’re starting to see some results we encourage you please go check out our page on page so you can find out how you can support our mission of keeping these great workouts free and if you enjoy working out with us today we ask that you give this workout a big thumbs up and please subscribe to our YouTube channel so you never miss another brand new workout from hospit make sure to check out has fit comm where we have hundreds of free workouts free meal plans and our free complete fitness program and if you are on facebook Instagram snapchat Twitter combined Hospit we’re there and you want to connect with you again thank you so much for working out with us today it’s been our privilege yeah I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout