Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Jump, sweat, and burn your way through this 30 minute cardio at home workout without equipment. You’ll perform just one set of each exercise, so it’s perfect for those who get bored easily. This routine also includes a chaos element, so anytime you hear Coach say “chaos” you are to drop down and perform 5 burpees.

Warm Up
Multi Planar Lunge
Hamstring Sweep
Squat Openers

Cardio at Home Workout without Equipment

Switch Jumps + Knee / Step Back
Broad Jump + Hop Back / Forward & Back Hops
Child’s Pose + Planche Pushup / from Knees
Star Jumps / Jumping Jacks
Bear Plank Lateral Shuffle / Side Steps
Sumo DL + Frogger Jumps / Frogger Steps
Lying Leg Raise + Crunch / Knee Raise
Squat + Opposite Knee to Elbows / ¼ Squat
Lateral Battling Rope Hops / Hot Feet
Lying Leg Twists / Knee Twists
Lunge Back Touchdown + High Knee / No High Knee
Push Up + Split Jack / High Plank Split Step
One Foot Lateral Hops / Two Feet
Bear Plank Shoulder Touches / from Knees
Overhead High Knees / Overhead Run in Place

Cool Down
Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch
Sprinter Quad Stretch
Wrist Extension
Cat / Cow
Child’s Pose

[Music] what’s up has four tribe it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a body weight cardio workout with a twist today’s routine includes a chaos element so at any point in time throughout today’s routine that you hear us say the word chaos you were to stop whatever exercise you’re doing and perform five burpees I’m gonna be performing a standard Burpee and I’m gonna be providing a modified version of the Burpee and throughout today’s routine you can follow along with me for the standard moves and you can follow me for the easier modification if you’re ready to go let’s burn it out [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] all right we’re starting with a warm-up first one is going to be a multi-planar lunge we need to get down into a high plank position on our hands and feet then we’re gonna with our right foot let’s bring that right foot up by your right hand we’re gonna reach through to the left and then reach up and twist to the sky reach back through and then reach up we really like this move because you’re getting so many different muscle groups and body parts at the same time it’s a great to stretch out your legs your thoracic spine shoulders chest all warming up together on this one and the purpose of this warm-up is to get a little bit of mobility at the same time raise your heart rate and your overall body temperature all right we’re gonna switch sides so go ahead and put that right hand down right foot back and then bring your left foot up by your left hand opposite side move now reaching through to your right and then reaching up trying your best to keep your back straight on this one don’t want to have your butt way up in the air and everybody’s gonna feel the stretch a little bit different places on this one depending on where you’re tight a lot of different factors that play into that making sure to breathe here and taking a moment to mentally prepare yourself for this work that we are about to perform minding yourself what it is that brought you here today and five four three two one zero all right up on our feet for the next one we’re moving into a hamstring sweep again compound move here let’s go ahead and put our right foot out on our heel keeping that right leg straight let’s swing those arms back and at the same time let’s bend over feel that stretch in our hamstring and then back up what comes back opposite foot now alternating legs that right foot out then your left leg out big arm circles loosening up your shoulders Pam strings glutes lower back all at the same time we like these efficient moves in the warm-up here just trying to get as much done in a short a period of time nice big deep breaths and as you progress through it you can probably bend over just a little bit more every time and five four three two one zero excellent all right one more move here and I’ll warm up let’s get a wide stance going we’re gonna do a squat opener toes pointed out just a little bit arms out in front of you let’s swap after their weight in our hips open up our chest muscles and shoulders come back up this time we’re gonna bring those arms up overhead as we squat down perform an overhead squat and return back and forth between opening up that chest and opening up those shoulders overhead making sure to breathe keep your weight back in your heels and in your glutes as you’re squatting down breathe in on the way down and out on the way up excellent yeah another efficient move here warming up our upper and lower bodies at the same time let’s do this one for just another 10 seconds legs and shoulders are feeling good and three two one zero shake it loose time to get this workout started you ready Claudia I’m loose I’m ready to go all right let’s do this half spit try first moving today is either gonna be a switch jump plus knee or a step back plus me so I’m switching legs bringing that back leg up driving that knee forward and I am starting in a neutral position stepping back me up step back again back to neutral switch sides you decide which variation is appropriate for you today both of these moves are kind of also put your brain to the test a little bit making sure to breathe throughout not holding your breath throughout today’s routine we’re not going to count any repetitions so your goal is to just perform as many repetitions as you can in a lot of time period that’s it keep it driving keep it moving so great we’re gonna get the party started because it’s gonna get your heart rate up real quick it’s nice and warmed up that’s it nice consistent breathing nice light ground contacts if neighbors underneath you we don’t want them to hear you stand light on your feet let’s go keep it up keep it up let’s go last ten seconds on this one let’s go how many can you get keep it moving four five four three two one zero all right keeping the party going I’m moving into a broad jump which is a Bigfoot two footed jump and then I’m hopping back and I am doing forward and back hops like I’m just hopping over an imaginary line front and back you decide which variation is right for you you’re doing the broad jumps make sure that you’re landing the weight in your hips taking a big power jump if you’re doing the front and back hops that you’re also just nice and light on the balls of your feet and you decide which variation is gonna be right for you today your bouncy ball not a rock on these that’s it piss yourself as a bouncy ball returning that energy back into the ground that’s it then if you need to switch back and forth between my variations and claudius feel free to do so you got it keep cranking come on let’s go it has to try getting that energy up right from the start yep going hard and fast today oh yeah last 10 seconds on this one let’s go let’s go push it getting as many and okay whoo hot rates already up four five four three two one zero for your upper body involved next we’re headed to the floor we’re gonna do a little combo going from a child’s post and do a planche push-up so sitting back on your legs and heels in the child’s pose now I’m coming forward and as I do I’m raising up off my knees and I am on my knees keep my elbows in push up and back into that child’s pose you decide if you want to come up onto your feet or if you want to stay on to your knees now you notice this push-ups a little bit different because app launch push-up you really have your body weight over your hands also if you’re doing it up on your feet notice I’m not on the balls of my feet but I’m more on my toes a little bit different push-up more of a challenge than a traditional push-up or traditional push-up on your knees it’s a total body routine today in your heart rate up but also not ignoring our per body keep it going working at your own pace whatever that is whatever your all looks like give it competing against yourself today it’s you versus you it’s right what do you got and impress yourself today going to exceed your own expectations that means you’re going faster than us great if that means you’re just trying to do better than you did yesterday that’s great to just keep moving in there let’s go let’s go let’s go I’m gonna can you get here last ten seconds almost there and the further your head and upper body is over those hands the harder that push-ups gonna be four five four three two one zero whoo and we’re up on our feet I’m moving into a star jump so I’m sitting down waiting my hips coming up big jump and I am moving in to jumping jacks just like 5th grade PE that’s additional move bust a mountain you decide which variation is gonna be right for you today either way I get full extension pushing yourself cuz nobody else can or will do it for you you are a bouncy ball on these jumping jacks as well it’s all in your head fighting through that burn mental toughness right here right here that challenge you feel right now is where change happens and without that challenge there is no change so working towards here we’re at by rep jump by jump right getting it a little bit better keep pushing you almost there last ten seconds let’s go make it count right here and five four three two one ah zero nice all right moving to the floor for the next exercise we’re gonna get into a bear plank position so start on all fours and then bring your knees up off the ground with a 90 degree angle all around I’m gonna perform a bear plank lateral shuffle hopping side to side put one leg off to the side and if you notice I’m just doing a sidestep so step out to the side return your foot and then do the opposite side you decide which variation works best for you but either way I want you to keep that back straight like you could balance a glass of water on your back shoulders are retracted nice and square hips and shoulders stay Square to the floor and you are breathing getting as many steps in as you can keeping that pace up maintain a slight bend in your elbows you’ll want to have your arms locked out remembering to breathe through the entire movement that’s a wrap hold your breath in this position he’ll catch up to you if you do try to do so that breathing going here let’s go let’s go you got ten more seconds on this one that’s it fighting through fighting through you’re a fighter not a quitter four five four three two one zero excellent back up onto our feet next we’re gonna do is going to be a sumo deadlift plus either a Frogger jump or Frogger step back feet are nice and wide sumo deadlift weight back in your hips both hands on the floor I’m gonna jump back with my feet wide bring my knees up and then back to my feet outside my hands and repeat as if you noticed the difference between mine is that I’m just stepping back into the white stance coming right back up into the same position right back down again you decide which one of these is gonna be appropriate for you today mine is definitely more challenging more dynamic move or maybe you want to split it to half a mind half of claudius whatever you do we encourage you to make this one work for you feet or out nice and wide I’m both that deadlift and the step back and do not hold your breath come on let’s go how many can you get right here it’s you versus you in competition with that you from yesterday that couldn’t do it coming back repeating this routine getting a little bit better every time come on let’s go let’s go let’s go last ten seconds what do you got right here put it all out there for five four three two one and zerah back sorry alright next we’re going into the floor Lennie’s beat me to it we’re gonna do an ab exercise lying down flat their arms overhead I’m gonna form a lying leg race Plus crunch and I’m gonna do a lying knee raise plus crunch you decide which variation is right for you I want you to glue that lower back to the floor we don’t want that lower back arching on this one and for my variation if you want to make it just slightly harder you can keep your feet in the air and then return with your knees back to your chest or you can rest your feet either way your upper body and lower body coming up at the same time and your contracting know that haps in the middle good meeting in the middle great overall ab exercise and chaos that’s it chaos Burpee time I’m gonna hit you with it five burpees let’s go on fast as you can go and then you’re going right back into that lying near leg raise plus crunch good come on get that heart rate up moving into that ab exercise good however long it takes you to go home go through all five feel free to do so you’re lying right back down good good good making sure to breathe do not hold your breath excellent under control on this one those ABS working and they are under control let’s go last ten seconds how many can you get pushing through that burn you’re up we’re right there with you rep by Rep four five four three two one zero excellent whoo all right we’re on to our feet for the next one moving into a squat Plus elbow to knee or quarter squat feet are shoulder-width apart hands are on our head I’m gonna come all the way down into a full squat stand up opposite elbow to knee opposite elbow to me and repeat and I’m doing a quarter squat elbow to knee elbow to knee and notice how in our quarter squat she’s still breaking at those hips so it’s not all on the knees but she’s just not going down as far either way it’s those hips that are going back definitely so not so much the knee but in the hips depending on depending on how much those legs have left you decide how far you want to go down that’s right and if you can’t quite get your knee all the way to that elbow that’s alright do the best you can trying to meet in the middle work in those ABS at the same time a great standing ab exercise here you notice throughout today’s workout doing a lot of combo moves here getting a lot of work in and a short period of time that’s right aim for max efficiency around here that’s it cuz who’s got time to be working out all day not me trying to get that result and as quick of time as possible I wish I did alright keep a-movin here keep going how many can you get pushing yourself here nobody else can or will do it for you keep it up keep grinding and keep moving let’s go on every repetition getting you just that much closer to your goals now holding their breath still breathing still moving still working and five four three two one zero staying on our feet for the next one feet of shoulders apart doing a chopper let’s go and interlace those fingers RINO’s arms up and over chop straight down opposite side now arms up and over chop up and over chop like give an axe in your hand and we’re chopping wood get your whole body involved not just your arms and shoulders put your ass your legs all of the above and take it out right now let’s go come on you got any stress at swinging you down anything on your shoulders now is the time to work it out let’s go come on make sure to breathe big power up overhead and straight down it get those ABS involved total body on this one making sure to breathe and chaos let’s go come on five burpees how many how fast can you get these five done and then we’re moving right back into choppers however long it takes you get them done right here come on push yourself push yourself and right back into choppers making sure to breathe come on I did it we did it y’all with you fighting with you working with you together come on how many can you get total body workout today we’re feeling it everywhere fighting through that burn let’s go last ten seconds pushing through pushing through come on we’re almost there four five four three two one zero alright next we’re gonna mimic a battling rope movement I’m doing a lateral battling rope hop and I’m doing feet so I’m just moving my feet and pretending like I’m slamming some battling rubs down to the ground like we’re holding two big ropes if you haven’t seen battling ropes know we’re using all of our power to slam those ropes through the floor and I’m happen side to side as I work my rope okay I’m doing hot feet just as light as I can get another total body move here yeah everything’s working together whatever you do do not hold your breath you will regret it when those legs start to tell you they don’t have anything left you gotta push on those legs are lying to you I got plenty left it’s all in your head it’s all mental it’s all about that mental toughness testing yourself right here all in your head gotta win that war in between your ears come on let’s go pushing it pushing it pushing it what do you got have you tried last 10 seconds on this one come on digging deep digging deep for five four three two one zero to the floor we go for another ad movie line down on our back arms are out to our side I’m gonna do a lying straight leg twist and I’m going to do a knee twist you decide which variation is right for you keeping that upper back flat on the ground feet and legs stay together or twisting side to side working those obliques and those ABS as a whole and you don’t have to go it’s all the way down to put your knees or your feet on the ground you decide which range of motion is appropriate for you that’s right you want to stay in a power zone where you have control those ABS are working good nice and controlled on this one it has to be easier to just fling those legs back and forth but keep them on your control good good good stay focused making sure to breathe and chaos well up on our feet come on when I hit you with that one it goes you know five burpees let’s do it again getting them in as fast as you can and then we’re moving right back to the lying new twist almost there almost there right pick into that ad move with you doing your own pace whatever that is those are awful come on it’s all good awfully effective they are I’m sure come on let’s go keep it going Hauser try we are right there with you feeling that same burn you’re feeling it all of a sudden these legs feel like lid after those last burpees – that’s it thousands maybe millions of us at home feeling that same burn that’s right you’re feeling I’m pushing through we’re all in it together house for trash and I love to stop four five four three two one zero excellent alright we’re back up onto our feet from the next set has fit tribe we’re gonna do a lunge back touch down I’m doing a high knee stepping back touching the floor knee up and I am skipping the knee up altogether so you decide if you want to bring that knee up on every rep or you just want to bring that opposite foot to either way we’re bending over keeping that back straight touching the floor and atom right back up whew now already feeling in my glutes that’s it you feel that drive off the heel of that lead leg doing all one leg at a time bending over and about a 45 degree angle as we bend over and touch the floor and then drive straight back up ooh work at your own pace here people whatever that is whatever your all looks like give it we’re switching sides and five four three two one opposite side same move and begin good if you can and you’re doing that knee up bring that opposite side arm up with you and drive with that elbow bent at a 90 you feel a little bit extra work there with the upper body takes a little more coordination it’s up to you if you want to incorporate that running move making sure to breathe it’s grinding time everybody how many can you get right here come on push yourself right here exceed your own expectations I want you to look in the mirror that is your competition right here remember those who believe they can and those who believe they can are both right which one are you right here let’s go five four three two one and zero to the floor we go a little upper body move well and lower body combo coming up into a high plank position I’m gonna go into a push-up lure hold at the bottom perform a split back together and up and I’m just doing the sidestep so I’m in a high plank position stepping side to side if you’re feeling froggy and you’re not quite ready for the push-up you can certainly just do the jack in height position I’d say we’re giving you all the tools here you decide which variation is gonna work for you today that’s right whatever you do just keep moving don’t hit that pause buddy don’t quit on yourself and don’t stop breathing that’s it inhale and exhale – the hardest part of the movement watch if you’re doing the pushup it’s on the way up that’s it keep it up right here that’s right not much left to go every time you come back repeat this workout you’ll get just that much better at it that’s right getting stronger last ten seconds what are you doing right here ten seconds put it all out there five four three two one zero one defeat we’re doing a lateral hot next I’m gonna do a one leg lateral hot and I’m gonna do a two-foot lateral hop stand nice and light on the balls of your feet hop in side to side side to side nice and light ground touches again if you have neighbors underneath you we don’t want them to hear you keep breathing here keep moving let’s go reminding yourself what brought you here today what is it what are you working towards stay focused on it and chaos let’s go on whoa my burpees come what do you got right here you’re doing a one leg version come back switch legs go go go go come on get him down get him done whoops accidentally did a hard one I guess a you’re doing the one leg there it is we’re almost there has for a try keep it up come on whoo make sure to breathe keep moving keep fighting give a slight bend in those knees don’t want to have that leg locked out light touches light touches come on I know this is tough but you’re tougher prove it to yourself right here so all in your head think about how good you’re gonna feel when this workout is all said and done it’s right let’s go five four three two one zero excellent all right has for Treiber back to the floor I’m getting in a bear plank position position we were in earlier and I’m doing shoulder touches and I’m doing the exact same thing except I am in a high plank position on my knees keep those shoulders square back Square to the ground back is straight we’re touching opposite side shoulder try your best not to rock too much but instead keep everything nice and stable and breathe and if you need something that’s in between these two movements then feel free to do it from a high plank position just keep moving this one does not look like too much but man will it catch up with you sure well especially if you’re not breathing appropriately the slight bend in those elbows don’t have your arms locked out let’s go let’s go how many can you get racing against yourself right here coming back repeating this routine getting a little bit better every time let’s go you versus you right here come on let’s go let’s go working towards that goal every touch every step getting just that much closer for ten nine eight seven six five four three two one zero are on our feet almost there almost arms are overhead right leg left leg I’m gonna go over head high knees and I’m doing overhead run in place you decide which one is right for you like you’re running towards the finish line right this is a food speaking of finish this is a finisher made to finish you off that’s right let’s sprint towards that line let’s go all right has to be tried now’s the time to dig deep remind yourself what brought you here what’s your why what made you hit that play button today trying to lose weight gain muscle just getting better shape overall and kick butt at life whatever it is focus on it that’s right all mental right here chaos last time let’s go fiber three what do you got come on don’t let off that gas everything you got last five burpees come on come on come on come on Oman Sierra and then we’re right back into it come on almost there Harry try sprint to that finish line let’s go yeah prove to yourself how tough you are today let’s go ten nine eight almost there almost there four three two one zero huh Claudia leave me hang you made it you made it out there has to be try oh my goodness nice work it was not easy but it was worth it all right we’re gonna move into a cool-down as we catch our breath here let’s go ahead and come down to one knee we’re gonna do a kneeling hip stretch I’m gonna allow our heart rates to come down and gain a little bit extra flexibility at the same time so we’re gonna put our hands on our hips I want you to squeeze your glutes and squeeze your abs now gently come forward and feel that stretch here it doesn’t take much of a range of motion just keep those glutes squeezed and you only have to move out of inch you’ll feel it in that quad and in that hip flexor nice big deep breaths here focus on allowing that heart rate to come down glutes stay squeeze oh four five four three two one alright switching sides now same move the opposite side leg in front I can start by squeezing those glutes that’s your first move squeeze those abs and then gently come forward and breathe nice big deep breaths here keep those glutes squeeze again only takes about a one to two inch range of motion on this one for you to really feel that stretch in your hip flexor and quad did a lot of work on those quadriceps and hip flexors today so it’s nice to give them some recovery work four three two one zero excellent okay we’re gonna come down to the floor now we’re gonna move into a sprinter stretch another stretch for that quadricep so it’s why our left leg out in front bring our right foot back and show you a couple different variations you can have that foot out to the side and then gently lean back or you as Claudia will show you can tuck that foot under a little bit more and then lean back you decide which variation is right for you and how far you want to lean back some people can go all the way back down on their backs but again go with what feels comfortable and on these static stretches you want to go to about maybe 85 90 percent of what you’re capable of you want to feel good stretch but you shouldn’t be feeling real pain here either so there’s a nice happy medium between getting a good stretch and making sure you’re not hurting yourself again nice big deep breaths focus on getting that heart rate down a lot of work put in today four three two one zero come on up and let’s switch legs now same move bring that opposite leg back and you might find that one side is little bit more flexible than the other and that’s totally common working through it and that’s why we’re putting in the work just getting a little bit better every workout a little more flexible and as you work out you discover things about yourself that you didn’t know before in reference to imbalances you know one size tighter than the other one side stronger than the other yeah finding weaknesses yeah and it’s important you do find those weaknesses that you start to work on them do not ignore them know they’re just gonna get worse that’s definitely something you find any specific imbalances you know whether it’s a shoulder or knee whatever maybe you can locate one of our other videos that will help you isolate and resolve that problem holding it for three two one zero come on up we’re going to turn over and come onto all fours or knees and hands next we’re gonna do a wrist extension stretch I don’t need to turn those hands around so those fingers or point it straight at you now the more you lean back in those palms on the ground the more of a stretch you’re gonna feel again using that same rule from earlier I want to go to a point where you about eighty ninety percent of what we’re capable of but we don’t want to overdo it we spend a lot of time on our hands today so I want to give those wrists a good stretch they take a lot of beating in our day to day life from texting typing driving etc we don’t always think about it but they get a lot of work in so it’s important that you’re stretching out those wrists as well if you have tight wrists or experiencing wrist pain doing things like push-ups again recommend checking out our wrists stretching video just a few minutes a day can make a big difference for five four three two one zero come on forward turn those hands around and move into a couple of yoga inspired moves next I’m gonna move into a cat cow so let’s go ahead and start by bringing that chin into your chest and pulling up from the middle of your back rounding that back like you have a string in the middle of your back and somebody’s pulling up on it and now let’s reverse it bring that abdomen sternum to the floor as you retract those shoulders and bring and up to the ceiling and reverse again this time pulling up in the middle of you back chin goes into your chest nice big stretch and reverse one last time again sternum comes into the floor and chin comes up shoulders retracted and lastly let’s go ahead and sit back into that child’s pose position sitting back on your heels arms are out straight in front of you biceps by your ears shoulders relaxed get a nice full stretch stretching everything from your ankles quadriceps shoulders lower back glutes all stretching and working on this one why don’t you take a couple did big deep breaths here take a moment to pat yourself on the back be proud of what you’ve achieved so far today if exercise were easy being healthy were easy then everybody be fit but we both know that’s not the case it is hard work and that’s what makes you so special for showing up and putting in the work today and that’s why you’re going to show up again and your next scheduled workout day and do it again and you’re making this a lifestyle it’s not a temporary fix this is just the way you are the way you live coz you understand that you are worth it and you want to be around long enough to fulfill your purpose big deep breaths here for five four three two one zero come on up nice and slow or stay where you’re at or stay where you’re at you know we got a you know the drill we got a standard yeah I’ll tell you what I felt every bit of that one today so I think I could use a shower I know what you guys think maybe give me a clean shirt thank you so much for working out with us today we asked you please support our mission of keeping these great workouts free you can do so by going and downloading our free app it’s available for both Android and iOS you can also stop by our store pick up a nice dry t-shirt or never been worn right sure or our new diet guide eating for life and we know that you enjoyed this workout routine with us today so we ask that you’d give it a big thumbs up and hit that red subscribe button so that you never miss another brand new routine from has fit again thank you so much for giving us the privilege of working out with you today I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout