Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

If you’re looking for an indication of how good this workout is, then just check out Coach Kozak’s shirt at the end of this workout! Did he just get done swimming or doing a HIIT workout? It’s hard to tell! This full body workout is performed tabata cardio style. You’ll perform 4 back-to-back rounds of each exercise with each round including 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest.

Warm Up
Spider Lunge Extension
Wrist Stretch
Scapular Pushup
Butt Kick + Arm Crossover

Tabata Cardio Workout without Equipment at Home

Forward & Back Hop / 1,2,3,4
Bear Plank Up Downs / from Knees
Broad Jump to Backward High Knee / Bunny Hop
Rotating Elbows
Wide Grip Mountain Climbers / Modified
Lying Bicycles / Feet Down
Reach Jumps / Reach Squats
Skydiver Pullbacks / Feet Down
Reverse Lunge + Twist + Knee Raise / No Knee
Lateral Bear Plank Walk / High Plank

Cool Down
Toe Touch to Scarecrow
Crab Shoulder Extension
Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

everybody it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is our body weight Tabata workout we’re going to go for back-to-back rounds of each exercise that’s 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest and while I will be providing easier modifications for today’s workout this is not a beginner routine if you are a true beginner we recommend that you check out one of our beginner workouts there’s no equipment required for today’s workout but you may want to use a mat for comfort all right if you’re ready to go let’s get started [Music] let’s go ahead and get started with a warm-up we’re going to start on the floor for the first one we’re going to start in a high plank position we’re doing a spider lunge extension so going to start in that high plank position with your right foot step ups by your right hand next we’re going to reach up with your right arm extend that right arm straight up and then extend as you keep your eyes on that hand cuz in that arm back behind you bring it back return that arm to the ground and repeat so we love this one because you are warming up and stretching so many different body parts at the same time from our thoracic spine to our legs growing arm core all getting stretched on this one it’s a great mobility move nice little dynamic stretch to loosen you up before this workout and the whole point of the warm-up is get your heart rate up a little bit and at the same time prepare your muscles for and then joints for what’s to come alright let’s go ahead and switch sides now so step back with your right leg step up with your left leg and back into the spider lunge extension arm straight up extend and then follow that arm as it extends and reaches back and reverse keep your core tight on this one back stays straight definitely not a race on this one just moving at a warm-up pace excellent making sure to breathe don’t hold your breath whatever you do that holds true for the warm up and especially it’s going to hold true for the workout let’s repeat this one for just five four three two one and zero all right while we’re down here we’re going to stretch out our wrists so we’re going to do both an extension and a flexion let’s go ahead and start with those fingertips facing you turn those hands around now the further back you are the more stretch you’re going to feel and the further forward you are the less stress so you really want you to what is an appropriate amount of stretch for you and we’re just going to hold holding this one for just 10 seconds loosening those wrists out preparing them for these loading exercises and supporting your own body wave and three two one zero okay let’s go and turn those hands over now so fingertips again are facing you and the easy this is going to be easier if you really get your your arms directly underneath you and your hands nice and close to you trying to get the back of your hand flat on the ground the best you can and then if you’re able to do that I want you to lean back ever so gently to apply pressure and I means you might not be anywhere near the flexibility that we’re at today you might only be here with your hands again I can’t stress to you enough to really make these stretches your own and you apply the right amount of pressure for your fitness and flexibility level holding this one for just three two one and zero good all right shit goes out like that yeah specially after spending all the time on our phones and our keyboards yeah alright moving on to a scapular pushup so again from all fours just go and loosen up that back we’re going to drop your midsection and chest to the ground squeeze your back and scapular together and then stretch like you’re being pulled straight up from your back with a string and then again drop and squeeze those shoulder blades together squeeze the scapula and extend and pull up like somebody’s got that string attached to the middle of your back going to both extreme ends you can try to breathe back and forth doing this one four five four three two one zero alright let’s return to our feet for the next one we’re going to get our heart rate up just a little bit loosen up those legs and do an arm crossover Plus butt kick it’s a great one because we’re hitting the upper body and lower body at the same time keep a slight bend in those elbows throughout and alternate which arm is on top and again we’re just moving at a warm-up pace here so we want to get that heart rate up a little bit but you shouldn’t be getting to the point here where you’re really fatiguing yourself well plenty of time for that coming up oh yeah side to side trying to kick yourself and your butt on this one good great one to stretch out those quadriceps as well as your shoulders and your chest breathe not much time left on this one let’s hit this one four five four three two one and zero all right warm-up is complete writing time to start this Tabata workout and just as a reminder like we said we’re gonna do four rounds of each exercise 20 seconds of work and then you get a very quick 10-second break that’s right that’s going to go by fast first we’re going to do is going to be either X forward and back hop or one two three four throughout today’s workout you have a choice to make which move is more appropriate for you I’m light and on the balls of my feet jumping forward and back where Claudia is stepping forward and back one two three I can be whipping over an imaginary line one of us really alright we’re going to get this first step first set going here and 5 4 3 2 1 0 we’re both standing nice and light and the balls of our feet we’re getting as many repetitions and as you can in this twenty second time period so just keep it moving hot feet hot feet the name of the game stay on the light yes for 3q1 break all right ten-second wick 10 seconds yep catch your breath and as you get into this feel more comfortable starting again in degree so q1 we go here we go as one of the moves penny come are doing plyometric moves you really want to absorb your own energy you don’t want to making big pounding noises but instead you want to be returning energy back into the ground keep those knees it 5 4 3 2 1 great all right that’s it you’re down two to go it’s also a great agility move as well as being as well as being a good endurance move q1 let’s get started we are two down two to go hot feet hot feet let’s go throughout the course of today’s workout you’re going to realize there’s going to be more mental than anything so important that you remind yourself what it is brought you here today stay focused on it what is it that motivates four three two one break one more that’s it whew they can lose three down one to go right here tribe let’s go try again two one and let’s get started all right one make it count last one right here hot feet hot feet hot feet making sure to breathe whatever you do don’t hold your breath got about 10 more seconds come on pushing it pushing it pushing yourself because nobody else any nice four will do Longoria three two one break alright we’re going to get your outer body on the next one let’s go ahead and move to the floor I’m going to get into a bear plank position and Claudia is going to go ahead and get into a high plank from her knees so I’m on all fours when I come up off of my knees cloudy’s going to stay on her knees give her back straight I’m going to lower myself from this position into a low point position then press up back into the high plank Claudia is doing the same thing but seeing on her knees we’re going to go up and down alternating which side you go down on first for 20 seconds straight yeah all right let’s get it going here two-one-zero begin very important on this one that you keep your core nice and tight core and back stay straight and keep track of which arm you go down on because you need to alternate every single time we don’t want to only be working one side three two one and break that’s what you’re going to steal this one all over from your legs your abs shoulders triceps chest all getting hit on this one and three two one let’s begin guys alright let’s go on and again it’s your job to push yourself and to get as many repetitions and as you can it’s a lot of time period while maintaining proper form come on let’s go what do you got guys we have five four three two one break all right that’s it shake those arms loose two down two to go I hope it’s warm in here what more oh I already got the sweat go one and begin alright come on let’s go guys come on everything you got right here one wrap into the next keep that core tight back stays straight if you’re doing this one from your knees make sure to try to keep your hips down keep that core nice and age almost very two one and break okay that was a third one right three down that’s it three down one to go these brakes are gone bad alright guys in two one and begins there it is last one push yourself guys it’s it right here not trying to be better than anybody else just trying to be a little bit better than we were yesterday trying to defeat that you from yesterday that couldn’t do it five four three two one and break however up on our feet for the next one who want that upper body rest the legs are going to get in now we’re going to go either a broad jump or a bunny hop forward so I’m going one big jump Chloe’s doing multiple and then we’re going to go high knee back repeat you decide which one of these is right for you either go ahead here they are and five four three two one zero I’m going one big broad jump and I’m really absorbing that weight in my hips and then back right I turn this way so I get a bigger jump there you go and five four three two one and break alright that’s it one down three to go if you’re doing the bra jump really land with that weight in your hips alright here we go in three two one begin that’s it big power guys everything you got again pushing that pace as many as you can and get that heart rate up and getting that work in right here that’s it what is it that brought you here what motivation three two one and break alright – now – to go beyond good shake those legs out well we’re you a tribe where yeah three two one let’s begin nice it should breathe and you want soft landings on every jump and on every high knee put my energy back into the ground and five four three two one and break whoo all right oh my goodness almost there almost there guys boom double D breasts yeah we got about three seconds three long finish strong you won begin that’s it everybody last round right here never said it’d be easy but it will be worth it come on boy should you sell everybody push yourself up dawg well what you guys you choose which move is right for you right in three two one and break PAH correct alright our next move really emphasizes the core we’re going to start with their feet shoulder-width apart we’re both going to do the same moves you decide what intensity is right for you hands are clap together in front arms are parallel to the ground elbows are bent at 90 we’re into a rotating elbow we’re going to rotate and twist to our right I click you’re trying to strike somebody with that elbow actually twist and pivot your legs and then back to the opposite side actually got a target right here in front of you and trying to blast through that target with your elbow yes all right here we are and three two one zero boom everything you got twist and pivot with those feet at the same time channel that inner mike tyson’s get those hips going core working together well big power every time to that core engage not just about swinging those arms three two one freak that’s it not so those arms but really engaging hamstrings glutes lower back and all right guys in three two one let’s go boom big power side to side 20 seconds of it let’s go come on your powerhouse power factory let’s go it’s a mitochondria let’s go little signs there for your little science analogy one rappin to the next come on big power big power what you got almost here to one great ah do down two to go thank goodness I’m gonna say come on read it out guys alright come bring more try board you come here or one go I go put it all out there this is an easy one to slack on if you let yourself but don’t allow it only be cheating yourself come on fifth power big power what you got almost there in three two one freak ah one more three down one to go working on that core working on those obliques with this one alright guys in three two one here we go come on power it up hard up remind yourself what is it that motivate you something made you click on this video today what is it what brought you here like say anything that gets you through come on almost there five four three two one great pie excellent movie Hyundai so moving to the four night stand of the flow we have a wide grip mountain climber so we’re going to have your fingers out facing outward arms our hands are place wide core is tight back is straight I’m going to do a traditional mountain climber and I’m going to do the modified version where I’m stepping up and stepping back down and alternating either way we’re keeping our core tight back straight yep you decide what’s right for you so we are in three two one zero It’s Showtime everybody this is it right here that’s what you came here for let’s go let’s push it if it were easy everybody be fit and it wouldn’t be so special but they’re not that’s what makes you so special for showing up today to one break that’s it oh man one down there you go is Grey’s gonna go fast all right we got five more seconds where we start again use your mind right to my right and to one let’s go that’s it let’s go let’s go let’s go yeah has four tried come on number thousands maybe even millions doing the same routine doing that same burn we’re right there with you come on tribe let’s go grind it out grind it out left hand five four three two one break Oh times I got a nice little pool of sweat developing over here hi what’s your working IV a half way through into one let’s begin your sex go by fast two down two to go what you got tribe what you got put it all out there so what’s what you got that core tight back stays straight there’s many repetitions in as you can one write 3x 2 1 break o 3.1 to go it’s all mental from here everybody last line you got high more seconds about that mental toughness q groove it to you why let’s go guys last one prove it to yourself hot tough are you not about how bad you want it about how hard are you willing to work for it putting in that work right here rep by Rep every step can you have much closer to your goals come on keep it up keep it up give it up and three two one break whoo all right we’re turning over onto our backs now yeah being on the floor do it when you lie in bicycle two different variations for you real hard and harder okay come on keep my feet up in my head up the whole time I’m gonna be upset I’ll bow to me return and line bicycle and I’m going to return back to the bottom position both my upper body and my legs you decide what’s right for you bang darted three two one zero keeping constant keeping your abs in account intention it definitely makes us one harder by keeping your feet and upper body up but you need a little moment to rest go ahead and put those feet down to me to read come on three two one and break huh who weren’t so good everyone burn so criticals are my favorite whose love-hate relationship all right into one let’s go are you certain yeah and start to feel that burn kick in you got to remind yourself at that just lactic acid just the muscle fuel that’s your muscles use if you don’t have to listen to it you gotta push past it come on breathe and read to one and break all right who you don’t you two go halfway point guys halfway point go to your happy place on these alright and restarting again in two one let’s go whoo grind them out everybody grind them out how many can you get just about coming back getting a little bit better every time not about being perfect not about competing with anybody but yourself that’s right and two one and break all right three down one to go one more guys one more elbows you out there try but my abs are on fire all right here we go in two one let’s round guys last round I’m pushing past it pushing through come on let’s push together everybody push together come on come on what you got put it all out there a little bit closer every rep last entities last set almost of the finish line and 2-1 and break oh man we’re up on our feet for the next one I’m going to do a reach jump cloud is going to a reach squat so feet are shoulder-width apart throw my arms down put energy my weight in my hips and I might explode up I’m going to jump up and reach and I’m going to explode up onto my toes and reach up towards the ceiling you saw which one’s right for you either way you know the drill 20 seconds of work let’s hit it in three two one zero it’s all about repetitions on this one big power getting as many reps in as you can one squat right into the next and really whether you’re doing the squat or the jump you’re both either way you’re putting that weight back into your hips and then exploding up three do one break ah oh and if you needed alternate between the two of these that’s right start with the harder one move easier we’ll make this work out your own alright starting again in two one let’s go big power either way weight goes back in the hips and explode like you’re sitting back into a chair loading up onto the balls little feet and reach I think you breathe don’t hold that breath reach almost there almost there one break huh Oh take those legs out I love this put some burn in my claw I like it though alright guys in three two one here we go two down two to go where you have to try to remember it’s all mental gube to yourself today how tough you are I’m not just talking physically I’m talking mentally come on gut-check time let’s go come on you can do this you can do it Hillary won great high take those legs out just one more of these one more that’s it come on starting again in two one here we go last 20 seconds come on Wade go 25 everything you got right here big pile don’t stop don’t stop let’s go kick it up a notch don’t stop what a hurt stop when you’re done come on all right in three two one and break Taksim we’re moving to the floor for the next one so the legs a little bit of a break going to a prone position lying flat on our stomachs arms are out in front legs are behind you I’m gonna bring both my legs and upper body up what Claudia is only going to bring her upper body up I’m gonna pull back from elbows extend the arms skydiver pullback here we are and three two one and pull back just an isometric hold getting that upper body up and legs optionally up keeping your head in neutral position with your spine so staring down at the ground and pull back on those elbows squeeze your back to one break oh I know I’m doing good hurting with you one get back down there coaching alright come on that’s it Brett times over all right guys second round be sure to keep your glutes nice and tidy for doing the version that Coach Kozak is doing and just pulling back on those elbows about halfway through this one doesn’t look like much but it will kick your butt all right guys in three two one break all right we got ten seconds of rest right here to create one for your total posterior chain yep hold back hamstrings glutes all getting hit all right down to the ground I’m starting again into one go ahead let’s go two down two to go pull those elbows pull those out them what you got right here guys one right into the next squeeze that back remembering to breathe not hold your breath let’s go what you got what do you got put off their tribe here we go in three two one break ten seconds break wine one to go right here right pushing through right there with you everybody come on alright and last round beginning now let’s go that’s it that’s it and second suppose my pastor does every rep getting you just that much closer to your goal your halfway point right here burn it out learn about come on don’t quit don’t quit your fighter not a quitter but they’re not a quitter e21 break pie alright alright we’re up on our feet to go and get those legs working on this next one we’re going to go reverse launch + twist your shoulder width apart step back with one leg into reverse punch twist into the opposite direction as I come up I’m going to bring my knee up and Claudia’s just going to stand up that’s right we’re doing all one side to begin with you decide which variation is right for you here we are and three two one zero going twist into that side of that front leg core stays tight if you are bringing that knee up stay in balance and you’re twisting back into that knee keeping your core tight use those ABS no matter which one you’re doing alright and three two one and break alright now we’re switching sides hop suicide now that’s it back with the left leg or whichever leg you started with whew No here we go one go trying our best to get both knees to drop to about a 90 degree angle that will ensure that we’re keeping our knees nice and safe and healthy distributing our weight evenly great one for hamstrings glutes quads and core all right in three two one break whoo you didn’t shake you there at the end all right it’s not about being perfect I’ll put in the work opposite side and three two one here we go halfway done come on let’s go stay focused what you’re doing right by rep they focus on while you’re here what is it what motivates you trying to lose weight get more toned just be more fit or just be better at life to one and break whatever it is last one very focused on moment all right starting in 3 2 1 go we’re focus on that form not about speed just about you versus you right here that’s it a little bit better than you were yesterday right rep by Rep wouldn’t in that work alright guys do about three to one and break ah nice moving to the floor and do a lateral plank walk I’m going to do it from a bare plank position meaning off of all fours my knees are up body’s going to be in a high plank position we’re going to walk side to side with both our feet and our hands working and walking together keeping a core tight and straight total body move on this one here we are and three two one zero important on this one that you don’t let your butt come up and you don’t let it sink and that you don’t hold your breath head you hold your breath they’re going to be sorry yep come on keep it moving to the head in a nice neutral position it’s like bending those elbows all right in three two one break one down three to go everybody hey toss d’etat that’s right stay in it stay in it that’s it keep your head in it here we are 3q1 so then in those elbows core stays tight you got don’t stop moving now let your butt up don’t let it sink to you versus you would you come here for everybody what is it tried what are you working on that’s it every step three two one freight car hold on two to go come on halfway there that’s it you’re a fighter not a quitter right let’s see it right your eyes and q1 let’s go come on keep it up don’t stop no quitting you no stopping you come on let’s go how hard are you willing to work for it right here don’t let anybody outwork you might be more talented than you have more natural gifts but they can’t outwork you right here too one great pie you guys we have one more to go that’s it right yeah finish strong let’s go ahead good try cool down that’s it right there with you two one slide 20 seconds come on go make a count everybody make it count core tight abs are tight and engage whoo you gotta breathe ten-second almost there almost there fight with this everybody fight with us we’re yeah has to try we’re yet to 1-0 ah of AB is my breast you made it so did we barely but we made it hot touch-and-go there for a little bit come on up slow yes nice and slow we’re going to move into a cool-down and the main purpose of the cooldown is to allow your heart rate to come down slowly and at the same time gain some added mobility and flexibility we’re going to start with the toe touch – scarecrow standing up feet are together I want you to go ahead and bring your foot your hips back slight bend in your knees as you reach down and try to touch those toes or your knees with the ground depending on your flexibility go ahead and allow the head and neck to round a little bit as you reach down don’t just come up we note arms up all the way up and now pull down from the elbows and do a scarecrow repeat nice and slow reach all the way down come up slow now pull down from those elbows or repeat whew so so good after that workout again coming up slow from that toe touch position and I read a lot of comments about some people wanting to pass out I’m just telling you go very slow not a race now the race is over with that’s right take a second here to be proud of what you’ve achieved so far today a lot of things you could have been doing today it’s been in your time but you wisely chose to get a workout in right you’re investing in yourself that’s it like it should be proud of yourself for that like I said a breezy everybody be doing it three two one rest okay we’re going to move to the ground for the next one I’m going to get into a crab position we’re going to do a crab shoulder extension so sitting down on your back side fingers are pointing back behind us arms are straight oh my shoulder needs this one this is already feeling okay so we’re going to scoot our butt forward as far as we can till we start to feel good stretch on our shoulders and all these static stretches you want to take them to about 85 90 percent of what you’re capable of you want to feel a good stretch but you don’t want to be inducing pain those arms straight move foot move your butt as far forward as it takes to feel a good stretch want those arms straight on this one and we’re just holding nothing fancy on this one just did a lot of work on those shoulders today do a little recovery here four five four three two one zero come on up slowly only now we’re going to get to one knee we’re going to do a kneeling hip stretch this one’s great for your hip flexors as well as your quads come on up onto one knee if you need to you can place a mat or pillow anything like that underneath your knee for comfort Oh 90-degree angles all around I want you to squeeze your glutes and squeeze your abs squeeze now you might already feel a big stretch in those quadriceps and hip flexor and not even need to do the second part but if you don’t not yet go ahead and bring your hips forward this is about an inch or two is all it takes to feel that big stretch all down your quadricep and in your hip flexors all while maintaining that nice squeeze on your glutes and your abs right under lose that squeeze and that’s what helps us to emphasize and isolate the quads and hip flexors otherwise you can come all the way down here and not feel anything so we need to keep those abs tight keep those glutes tight and squeeze and squeeze good posture that’s it let’s go five four three two one zero switching sides now here we go finish this last side strong getting good posture squeeze those ABS squeeze those glutes ever so slowly inch your body weight forward to feel that nice stretch in your quadriceps and in the hip flexors and again if you need to put a pillow a mat or something underneath your stationary me or you need it’s on the bottom do that that’s it just take a second here to be proud of what you’ve achieved so far today everybody no matter what the rest of the day brings you you can feel accomplished feel proud of yourself for checking this one off the list and do it what you know you need to be done discipline is do what needs to be done even when you don’t watch it’s right here we are three two one zero come on up slowly shake those legs loose eat it you made it you did excellent work out there as you try we appreciate you and all of your hard work if you like this workout you’ve been working out this for a while we encourage it you please go check out our patreon page we can find out more about how you can support our mission keeping these great workouts free and if you enjoyed this workout with us today we ask that you please give this video a big thumbs up and hit that red subscribe button so that you never miss another brand new workout from Hospit make sure to check out has where we have hundreds of workouts just like this one and our free complete fitness programs and if you are on facebook Instagram Twitter or snapchat come find us connect with us because we want to connect with you again thank you so much for working out with us today it’s been our privilege I’m coach Kozak and Claudia and we will see you at your next workout