Intermediate Difficulty with Beginner Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Running short on time? Try this 5 minute HIIT at home to get your heart rate up and burn calories in a flash! The routine doesn’t require any equipment and can be performed anywhere, anytime.

5 Minute HIIT at Home

Reverse Lunge + Twist
Bear Plank Push Up / from Knees
Smurf Jacks / Jumping Jacks
Pilates Swimmers
Burpee / Mod Burpee

[Music] what’s up has fit tribe it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is five minute hit workout without equipment today’s routine can be performed on its own or in combination with any of our other workouts you can follow along with me for the standard moves and you can follow me for some easier modifications if you’re ready to go let’s burn it out [Music] all right we’re getting started with the reverse lunch plus twist feet are shoulder-width apart hands are out in front of you let’s step back with our right leg drop both knees to a 90 and twist to our left side back up now let’s step back with our left leg twist to our right side reverse it alternating stepping back with our right and left legs try not to bounce that back knee off the ground now we’re not going to count any repetitions today so we’re just moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with pushing yourselves through the five minutes we’re gonna inhale on the way down into the move and as we come up out of that lunge give it a nice exhale making sure to breathe throughout do not want to hold your breath throughout this workout keeping good posture core stays engaged as we twist into that lead leg come on let’s go ahead spit tribe it’s just five minutes what do you got quads are burning already put it all out there this one’s gonna work your quadriceps hamstrings as well as your glutes and core four five four three two one zero we’re gonna work our upper bodies next let’s move to the floor I’m getting down into a bear plank position I am in a plank position from my knees so I’m gonna come up off of my knees and we’re both gonna perform a push-up now you decide which variation is most appropriate for you both of us are gonna keep our back straight we’re controlling that negative lowering descent phase of the move and then drive and through our palms or straight up finishing up at the top of course your breath with this one is you inhale on the way down exhale as you push yourself out of that push-up this isn’t working your triceps your chest shoulders and if you’re doing my variation you’ll even get some extra leg work in there and you decide what’s right for you and if you need to switch it up halfway through feel free to do so absolutely nothing wrong with that almost there almost there let’s go five four three two one zero up on our feet we’re gonna get our heart rates up with this next one I’m gonna drop down into a squat and perform a smurf Jack and I’m doing traditional jumping jacks just good old-fashioned jumping jacks so I’m stand down in this low squat position or Smurf Jack position throughout the move or Claudia is standing upright again you decide which variation is most appropriate for you today try to stay as light as you can on the balls of your feet that’s it returning that energy back into the ground and this is gonna bar learn so good let’s go try we’re burning right there with you it’s a 5 minute workout give us what you got remembering what brought you here today to begin with what is it what are you working towards what are you fighting for come on put it all out there now much left last 10 seconds make a count right here right here four three two one zero nice why were hitting the floor we’re getting into a Pilates swimming prone position on our front side I’m gonna move with my thumbs up opposite arm and leg swimming together and I’m just moving my upper body so bring your upper body up off the floor or your provider and your legs and we’re alternating right and left so he’s gonna work your whole posterior chain doesn’t look like much but it will engage your back and your glutes at the same time remembering your breath of the entire movement do not hold your breath so being easy one two hold your breath on but boy would you regret it by the end come on try pushing through right left right left what do you got focus on what brought you here today for me to put hit that play button what is it what is it come on let’s go last ten seconds pushing through pushing through four five four three two one zero we’re on our feet North finishing with the banger we’re doing good old-fashioned burpees I’m coming down and I’m coming up and I’m showing you a modified Burpee where you step back step up with your feet and skip the jump put your arms overhead you decide which variation is most appropriate for you today but whatever your all looks like I want you to give it not much left don’t save anything in that tank put it all out there don’t quit when it hurts stop when you’re done come on it’s you versus you think about your goals think about what it’s gonna take for you to achieve Oh Dan day out putting in that work last 10 seconds come on try let’s go let’s push it come on 5 – 5 minute workout right here that’s it four three two one zero oh and that’s it burn so good burn so good nice work driver thank you for working your butt off with us today giving us all you got thank you cloud us to catch our breath yes we’d ask that you please support our mission of keeping these great workouts free you can do so by downloading our free app it’s available for both Android and iOS you can also stop by our store pick up some has fit gear or our diet guide eating for life please also do not forget to like this video and follow our page again thank you so much for pushing through with us today we couldn’t do it without you I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout