Ultimate Warrior Difficulty
ultimate warrior workout
If you’re looking for an advanced workout, then this Atomic calisthenics workout is perfect for you! Coach Kozak will guide you through the body weight workouts. The bodyweight exercises are great for body weight strength only require a couple of towels and a pull up bar. Bodyweight training is great for both men and women.

Complete 1-3 rounds of each calisthenic exercise depending on your fitness level. Take 45-60 seconds between each set.
Towel Push Ups x 8
Tempo Supinated Pull Ups 1-5 x 5
One Leg Deadlift + Jump x 8 each leg
Hanging Windshield Wipers x 8
Manual Triceps Ext x 5
Towel Pikes x 8
Side Lunge + One Leg Jump x 8 each leg
Pronate Pull Up w/ Fat Grip x 8
Hanging Knee Tucks x 8
Crucifix Push Up x 8
Pistol Squat x 8 each leg
Towel Pull Ups x 5
V-Tucks x 20
Push Up + Opposite Arm / Leg Raise x 12
Squat + Sit Up x 8

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