Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout
Need to strengthen your chest, back, and arms? Then this workout is for you! There’s no equipment needed for this strength upper body workout. You may want to use a towel for a couple of the movements, but it isn’t required. Let’s do it!

Warm Up
Upright row + rotation + press
T Raise
Y Raise

30 Min No Equipment Upper Body Workout

High Plank Row / from Knees
Staggered Push Ups
Iso Biceps Triceps Crusher
Pseudo Planche Hold / from Knees
Triceps Popups / from Knees
Skydiver Pullbacks / Feet Down
Pike Push ups / from Knees
Towel Hammer Curl / Iso Hammer Curl
Star Plank / from Knees
Dolphin Pushups / from Knees
High Plank Reach Through / from Knees
Diamond Pushups / from Knees
Star Superman

Cool Down
Posterior Shoulder Stretch
Overhead Wall Shoulder Flexion

hey everybody it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is an upper body workout without weights while there’s no equipment required for today’s routine if you have a towel available you will be able to use it for one of the exercises follow me for the beginner modifications and follow along with me for those standard movements if you’re ready to begin let’s do it [Music] alright let’s get started with the warmup we’re going to warm up the upper body especially our shoulders chest and back so let’s start with an upright row good posture slight bend in those knees I want you to bring your elbows up and then when they reach the highest point flip your hands over into an external rotation and then press straight up overhead and return back down so we’re going to go back in that same exact movement pattern that we went up so it’s one two three four five six part movement on this one it is a total shoulder warm-up making sure to breathe again this is just the warm-up so I want you to move at a pace that you feel comfortable with whatever that may be now we’re not going to count any repetitions throughout the course of today’s workout I just want you to move at a pace that you feel comfortable with whatever that may be aiming for between five to twelve repetitions on every single exercise nice full range of motion stretch those arms up overhead feeling those arms loosen up already let’s go ahead and complete this one four five four three two one last one and zero excellent all right we’re going to move into a tee raise we’re going to bend over on a 45 degree angle once your thumbs up for this one so we’re going to create a tee keeping our back straight thumbs are up arms are straight bring those arms back keep your head in a nice neutral position and line with your spine weights back in your hips a little bit on this one again keeping that core tight back stays straight arms stay straight on this one and just pull back and squeeze and little bit back every time on this one I feel it it’s also great one if you suffer from any little shoulder impingement to loosen up those shoulders excellent nice full range of motion on this one getting a little looser with every repetition let’s do this one for five four three two one okay stay here we’re going to move right into a why race so thumb stay up now for bringing those arms out in front we’re making a Y shape with our arms and body so bring those arms slightly out to the side about a 45 degree angle again thumbs stay up head stays in a nice neutral position in line with that spine core stays tight full range of motion on this one excellent work warming those shoulders up already I’m already feeling it gonna be a good workout today all right let’s keep it up here four five four three two one zero stand up shake it loose warm-up is completely ready I think so alright well what are you ready or not we’re doing this let’s get into it alright we’re going to move to the floor for the first one we’re going to get into a high plank position also known as like a push up position core is tight back is straight Chloe’s going to do this one from her knees but she’s still keeping your hips down so notice how she immediately brings those hips down and doesn’t have her butt way up in matter this way either I’m not you hope they need my back either hyper-extended exactly alright so from this position we’re going to do a high plank row I want you to pull back on those elbows if your core nice and tight we’re going to alternate arms again anytime we do any row you’re pulling back from that elbow like you have a string attached to it so not pulling back on the hand but instead pulling back on the elbow and then squeezing your back muscles at the top and we’re also trying to keep our shoulders square so we definitely don’t want to turn this into a I know what you would call rotation there you go rotation yeah we want to go a shoulder square hips square both to the ground which does make it more challenging I can try to breathe whatever you do when you’re down here do not hold your breath nice full range of movement you gotta pull back squeeze that back on every rep and moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with whatever that may be let’s keep this one up for ten more seconds almost there grinding through it guys you got it four five four three two one zero all right when I rest for just a second here while we’re playing the next take out we’re going to go into a stagger push up so normal push up hands are shoulder-width apart and they’re in line with one another this time we’re going to start with you your left hand work normally would be and bring your right hand back one hand length so that staggered position we’re going to do push-ups from here either here up on my feet or as you see cloudy’s underneath and then we’ll switch halfway through here we are three two one full range of motion all the way up all the way down then those elbows so they get to about a ninety degree angle and then back up this is a tough one you know bones about it today’s workout is very efficient a lot of compound upper body moves today getting a lot in a short period of time this one’s working your chest your shoulders your triceps and your core all getting hit on this one make sure your elbows are not flaring out you want to make sure your elbows are coming out to about a 45 degree angle relative to your torso we’re going to switch sides three two one zero so right hand back where he normally would be and then left hand comes back behind and right back into it so again we’re halfway done with this set we’re going to do each exercise today only one time through so when it’s done it’s done so give it your all right that’s right to my flat see it right here whoo I’m feeling everybody I am too we’re all feeling it come on hatchet tribe let’s go matter how bad you’re burning just concentrate on what brought you here today to begin with whatever that may be four five four three two one zero action alright shake those arms loose we’re going to go ahead and stand up for the next one fine you got a little combo isometric exercise we’re going to do an ISIL biceps triceps crusher so it’s all about the grip on this one let’s go one arm ninety degree angle hoping that hand up place your opposite side hand in it keep it nice and close to you now this arm is going to press down with my tricep well this arm is going to pull up with my bicep I’m going to get a nice isometric contraction fighting against one another we’re going to hold and three two one zero so I’m pressing down and pushing up at the same time whew hurling ball and pushing one arm it’s your bicep other arm to tricep fighting against yourself trying to maintain a 90 degree angle at both elbows keeping really Hajus line this is a good one to keep squeeze and keep squeezing don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop and relax shake it out all right let’s go the opposite side flip it now so hop is a side bicep tricep is going to work three two one go on turn up pressing down you got it fighting against yourself on this one it’s all about you and how much effort you want to put in right here come on squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze you got feel those arms working and said you need weights to be worth it to work your arms three two one zero shake it loose okay we’re over back to that opposite side here and three two one begin go again one side bicep is resting while the other ones working and vice-versa come on keep it up pressing and pushing three and everything you got here hold hold hold for five four three two one zero good shake it loose we got one last one keep good posture a little bend in those knees of course they say I only imagine my face looks like right now right and faces right now yeah come on let’s go Risa guys squeeze it come on it’s not about looking pretty you’re looking cute it’s about getting the job done right here come on you still look cute at the end of your workout you can work hard enough or if you look cute in the middle of your workout you didn’t work hard enough hold it four three two one zero and shake it loose alright we’re going to go back to the floor for the next one I’m going to move into a little calisthenics move Oh gymnastics move we’re going to do a launch so I want your fingers facing you so turn those hands around and you decide if you can do some communities or from up on your feet we’re going to get into a very similar position to a push-up but only again those arms our hands are facing backwards and I’m actually going to let my upper body travel as far you can’t up over those arms and we’re just going to hold keep a very slight bend in those elbows not much you notice I’m up on my toes and that already even create a little bit extra resistance you decide in here where it’s right for you all the way over or maybe pulling back a little bit you decide at what point is the right difficulty for you today remember to keep that core nice and engaged breathing sitting movement do not hold your breath don’t let those ads get loose all them nice and tight core is engaged just like Claudia said hold it hold it guys we got ten seconds on this one there’s a double duty workout the only good body and core that’s right three two one zero oh my gosh ah got that one check on my forearms my biceps triceps all day on that one okay we’re going to move into a triceps pop up for this next one again I’m going to be up on my feet claws gonna be underneath yet again so I’m coming up the high plank position I’m going to walk my hands a little further in front of me but one hand length they would normally be for a push-up Claudia is on her knees now I’m going to bring my elbows in to the ground and I’m going to pop them back up so it’s nice and controlled elbow stand they don’t flare out they stay in is really just focusing on only bending at that elbow joint it’s not getting your shoulders involved in your core to give you any help keep your core tight and engage all the way up all the way down let’s go come on how many can you get in this a lot of time period hey sink level if you need to come down to your knees it’s totally okay some exercises you might be all right on your feet something you might need to come down to your knees you decide what is right for you and go at a pace that works for you that’s it it would much rather you have good form on this one and try to fly through as many as you can right and not even feel it if you’re bouncing up and bouncing down how to even getting the work in you need that time under tension oh let’s go come on how many can you get last ten seconds right here get the core tight and engaged come on right through up guys fight through it everything you got four five four three two one zero nice alright next we’re going to move into a skydiver pull-up so it can be on the ground in a prone position I’m going to use my towel for this one Claudia’s just going to use your hands you decide which one is right for you so line down arms out straight in front of us I’m going to bring my legs up off the ground and my upper body with Claudia’s just going to bring her upper body off the ground now I’m going to pull to my chest bringing those elbows back keeping my upper body and legs off the ground isometrically contracting that posterior chain on every pole I want you to pull back on those elbows making sure to breathe squeeze your back as you pull those elbows back working those scapular stabilizer muscles great one also for your rotator cuff strengthening strengthening those rhomboids middle back muscles nice full range of motion whatever you do don’t hold your breath on this one so God becomes all mental and that burn starts to kick in that lactic acid starts to take over it’s all about your mental toughness how much burn can you take and keep moving forward keep pushing yourself because nobody else can or will do it for you concentrate on what brought you here today to begin with what is it what motivates you hold on do it for five four three two one oh my goodness ah burn so good real okay who knew hey we’re gonna move into a pike pushup so a little adjusted pushup put you more on a vertical plane straight up and down we’re gonna start with our fingers facing one another first step now I’m gonna be up on my feet Chloe’s going to be underneath but either way we’re actually going to take your upper body and put it on more of a vertical pointing straight up and down to achieve this you get your hands closer to you I have my legs straight Claudia’s on her knees now looking back at our feet or knees we will straight down bending at those elbows this variation puts more emphasis on your triceps and shoulders a little less on your chest and a traditional push-up for most this is going to be harder than the traditional push-up again no shame if you need to go to those knees either way you’re keeping those elbows out on this one fingers facing inward elbows out and you’re definitely going to feel this one in your triceps even from your knees if you need to adjust your knees a little bit either forward or backward until you feel that burn because you really should be feeling it then do that again make this workout work for you your body type your strength fitness level whoa here’s my sweet spot right there yes you found it everybody if you’re finding yours too come on let’s go try it never has to a try thousands if not millions doing this themed workout at home doing that scene burn you’re feeling you’re not alone rat by rat keep working it right here including us too when you’re here with you yes we’re feeling it two four five four three two one zero Oh couldn’t actually shake those arms loose we’re going to stand up on our feet for the next one hi I’m gonna grab my towel but I just gonna use their body weight we’re going to do a hammer curl hammer curl so that’s palms facing in curl I’m going to use this towel grab on both ends I’m going to step on it but Claudia’s can perform the same move with just her arms either way we’re going full range of motion I’m creating resistance with my leg and I’m just creating resistance with myself really ruts just squeezing as I move up and down in the hammer curl movement so she’s creating isometric contraction squeezing her forearms and biceps the whole way through squeeze squeeze squeeze imagine that you’re holding a pair of really heavy dumbbells and just squeezing them up and down nice and slow on this one so one two three one two three nice and slow no race just keep constant tension on those biceps and forearms squeezing yeah you will feel a burn come with nothing in your hands or with the towel or towel working against your own leg so you got it if you want to do the towel but you don’t quite have to balance it do this version you can do this from a seated position soon as well I meant to mention mat that’s right we do have this one in such a position either way keep it going fighting through that burn remember that lactic acid is just the fuel that your muscles use you don’t have to listen to that burn love to listen to that nerve response it’s all about that mental toughness and fighting through it when it gets hard you’re going to quit or are you going to keep pushing come on let’s push together guys you got it almost there four five four three two one zero whoo starting to feel good by two oh yeah I’ve been on a pump don’t smoke alright let’s go to the ground guys we’re going to go into a star point that’s a look a wife gives their husband not a news lamb leg okay okay arms are out nice and why getting into a star position glut is going to be on her knees I’m doing this one from my my feet so arms are out to your side and we’re just going to hold star plank good one for your upper back as well as your core your training and really you don’t have to get all the way down on this one again actually that make your back take over I prefer that you don’t go quite all the way down stay up make those back muscles work pulling your hands aren’t slipping class s work in forearms working core is engaged you don’t want your butt way up in the air and you don’t want it sinking down keep your head a nice neutral position in line with your back and we are breathing you’re not hold your breath you will regret it if you do you will might get a little shaky but that’s expected yeah that’s how we know it’s working guys you’re right there with you come on to push and keep grinding would you come here for today remind yourself of it what’s your goals what are they what’s it going to take to accomplish them think about it think about it for ten more seconds come on getting closer to those goals every second five four three two one zero whew I’m sweating alright we’re moving into a dolphin goes up staying down on the ground let’s go and get onto those forearms it’s going to start off like we’re doing a normal low plank so high on your balls your feet or on your knees and then on your forearms now we’re going to do a dolphin pushup so we’re actually going to move at your shoulders I want you to pull your body back from the hips we look back behind you with those shoulders relaxed and then come all the way forward up over those hands you can even move your arms a little can’t further underneath you on this one then you might the normal role plank getting a full range of motion and core stays tight your little shoulder stretch as you pull back and under control it’s a great one for your lat as well as your core one of our all-time videos that’s my favorite has this movement oil in it yeah we’ve used this one in a couple it’s one of my favorite moves as well doesn’t look like much mana kick catches up to you quick side old-school bodyweight routine that you have coots with the red shorts with the red shirt we’re doing a few times but okay let’s go how much left last ten seconds flight through full range of motion come on come on come on five four three two one zero nice all right we’re going to come up into a high plank position for the next one hands are underneath your chest core is tight keep it for me an easier feet we’re going to reach under and then pull back and fly three high plank reach through and fly alternating arms right then left keep your shoulders Square to the ground hips stay square to the ground core nice and tight tight tight pull them back squeezing your back muscles up at the top reach all the way through the slight bend in that elbow is pull back and squeeze those upper back muscles right left to right left you got it guys don’t have a whole lot left in this upper body routine just keep moving and things rep by Rep step by step getting you just that much closer to your goals think of it this way everything you want is at the top of that staircase every rep every workout every day you just get one step closer to achieving your goals up at the top not going to happen overnight but if you put in the work and you keep showing up then and day out you will get there come on guys let’s go everything you got right here keeping that core tight not much left on this one let’s go ten more seconds you got it you got it four five four three two one zero excellent job all right we hope one of Claudia’s personal favorites coming up next a diamond pushup so I put those hints in her diamond shape I want to do this one from up top of my feet Claudia’s going to do this one from her knees but it’s exactly like it sounds so with that diamond shaped with their hands coming up into a push-up position luring her body those elbows get to about a 90 and then back up breathe the best you can this one puts extra emphasis on the triceps and if you need to you can come to the knees put the hands closer to you it’ll make it much easier so closer those hands are to the easier this one will be the sweater you are and the sweater your your mat is the harder it’ll be you will see me struggle with this one as you said it’s my favorite move but we’re in this together so I’m going to keep moving that’s it we can’t break so you can’t break keep it going guys everything you got not about being perfect just about putting in the work getting a little bit better than you were yesterday right here you got it only 10 more seconds on this one come on you got it what can you get what can you get four five four three two-one-zero Oh awful okay all right here we go next we’re going to do a star Superman so back into that prone position can I fly it on our stomachs arms are out in front of us no we’re going to get into a star shape legs are out arms are out if I can stretch my six foot to frame here and then we’re going to bring her upper body and our lower body up off the ground and squeeze your upper back glutes and lower back Oh every time come back down in a nice controlled fashion no flopping around that’s it and squeeze keep those arms out can that star shape come up as much as you can you may not get as much range of motion as us well you might get more exactly either way make this workout your own keep moving everything you got compare yourself to nobody else but you that’s it a little bit better and all the improvements that you’re making go better every day whoa it burns we’re in so good guys we’re right there with you don’t stop don’t give up no matter how slow you’re moving still laughing everybody else that’s sitting on the couch this is it right here right to the end what do you got prove it to yourself right here for ten more seconds breathe and then five four three two one zero hahaha excellent job everybody slowly stand on up and we’re going to move into a cool-down purpose of the cooldown is to law your heart rates going down slowly as well as getting a little extra mobility and flexibility where again we’re going to start with a waterfall so get that elbow tucked in nice close to your side elbows bent palm is facing straight up opposite side hand grab those fingertips pull back on those fingertips as you slowly bring that elbow up and hold that stretch that’s it right there just holding I’m stretching your wrists forearms biceps all feeling good on this bed you spend a lot of time on your phone texting well time medicator at a computer driving these are all muscles that will probably be tight on you we get a lot of wrist comments we do a very common problem this mean age yeah new age we live in hold for five four three two one zero shake it out let’s do the opposite side next again pulling back on those fingertips slowly pull back as we bring that elbow up and hold that’s the whole game right there excellent works so far today guys remember no matter what else today brings you can consider your workout done check it off your list it’s done feel so good to just be over with it be that’s right and just we’ll accomplish it and say I did it that’s right no matter what else today brings or doesn’t bring you did something today you can be proud of hold it four three two one zero shake it loose alright we’re going to do a classic move next the posterior shoulder stretch so go ahead and bring that arm across pulling with your opposite arm trying your best to get that arm straight across your chest but that only means right here for you that’s alright do the best you can just going to hold great one to help stretch out those shoulders stress chest and upper back stress that’s room yeah that’s really stress food that works you know what Evernote is hold and breathe guys that’s it right there focus on bringing that heart rate down nice and slow control your breathing that’s it four five four three two one shake it loose go that opposite side now again nice big deep breaths getting yourself a second here to just be proud of what you’ve achieved so far today once you think about all the stresses of your day everything that gets in your way it brings you down once you go and put all that in a box I want you to take that box and I want you to throw it away breathe and relax starting fresh starting anew right here let it all go let all that stress go you just work out as a catalyst start fresh three two one zero shake those arms loose go over the wall we do an overhead wall flexion last move whole back is flat on the wall and your head heads on the wall shoulders on the wall lower back and hips which is hard to do on its own once you get there palms facing inward bring those arms up overhead full stretch all the way down who I’m pretty tight on this one after that workout especially on the left side you might find that one side is tighter than the other cuz we often say that’s all right and from day to day you might have tightness Azur little things getting in your way as you work hard it’s alright that’s why we do these mobility routines just working on improvement every day and as you even go through this little routine here by the end of it you’ll be just that much more loose excellent trying your best keep that back flat on the wall as you raise those arms up overhead you want to talk about some pretty faces Claudia I’m sure we’re making some pretty big ones right now that’s alright again we’re not trying to look cute here just put in that work appreciate you guys coming and working with us today that’s it hey last ten seconds moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with four five four three two one zero that’s it I’m a Turk look look excellent job out there thank you so much for working out with us today if you enjoy today’s workout you’re working out this for a while and you’re starting to see some results we’d encourage you to please go check out our patreon page we can find out more about how you can support our mission of keeping these great workouts free and if you enjoyed today’s routine we ask that you give this video a big thumbs up and please subscribe to our youtube channel so that way you never miss a brand new workout from husband make sure to check out hash sitcom where we have hundreds of free workouts our free meal plans and our free complete fitness programs and if you are on Facebook Instagram snapchat Twitter whatever social media is your poison find us because we’re there we want to connect with you again thank you so much for giving us the privilege of working out with you today I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout