Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

This 45 minute tabata cardio workout will push you to your limits. There’s no equipment required for this routine, but you may want to use a mat for comfort depending on what surface you’re working out on. The hiit workout uses a tabata format of 4 rounds of 20 seconds work followed by 10 seconds rest.

Warm Up
Faux Jump Rope / Run in Place
Arm Swing + Knee Raise
Multi-Planar Lunge

Tabata Cardio HIIT Workout No Equipment

Wide High Knees / March
Skydiver Pullbacks / Down in Between
Lateral Lunge Hops / Lateral Juke
Bear Plank Side Steps / High Plank
Wall Sit Leg Extensions / Wall Sit March
Wide to Narrow Push Ups / from Knees
Hip Up + Sit Up / Crunch
Around the World / 1,2,3,4
High Plank Punch Out / from Knees
Smurf Jacks / Jumping Jacks
Bear Plank to Push Up / Modified Step Out
Reverse Lunge + Kick and Twist / + Knee Raise
Posterior Swing and Jump / Posterior Swing to Toes
Lying Leg Twist / Knee Twist
Burpee + Hip Change / Mod Burpee

Cool Down
Vinyasa Flow
Cat Cow
Child’s Pose

\par let’s begin with the warm up I’m going to\par start with a faux jump rope and I’m\par going to start with a run in place but\par also moving my wrist is if I was using a\par jump rope we’re both going to stay\par alight and on the balls of our feet\par making nice light ground contacts so\par throughout the course of today’s workout\par you’re going to choose which variation\par is right for you I’ll be performing the\par standard variations and I will be doing\par the easier modifications make sure to\par breathe and stay nice and light on your\par feet you don’t want big pounding noises\par we want to be a bouncy ball not a rocket\par also throughout the course of today’s\par workout we’re not going to count any\par repetitions so it’s going to be up to\par you to move at a pace and you feel\par comfortable with and getting as many\par reps in as you can in a lot of time\par period purpose of today’s warm-up is to\par get your heart rate up go ahead and\par increase that overall core body\par temperature and we’re going to get a\par little mobility working at the same time\par go ahead and breathe let’s hit this one\par for just 10 more seconds again this is\par just the warmup\par right we got plenty of work coming up do\par this one four five four three two one\par and zero next we’re going to move into\par an arm raise plus near a so at the same\par time bring alternating knees up swing\par those arms down and swing those arms up\par palms are facing in at the same time\par that knee comes up go and bring both\par arms up overhead\par it’s a great one also for your shoulder\par mobility loosen those shoulders up got\par plenty of upper body included in today’s\par workout is going to help you get through\par it that knee up nice and high trying\par your best to get your arms all the way\par overhead good again moving at a pace\par that you feel comfortable with whatever\par that is whether it’s much faster than us\par right now or much slower\par again we’re going to encourage you to\par make this work out your own throughout\par the course of the whole workout do this\par one for just ten more seconds keep it\par moving use this warm-up as a time to get\par your mind what right and to focus on\par what brought you here today to begin\par with what are your goals and what is it\par that’s motivating you four three two one\par zero\par all right we’re going to move to the\par floor for the next one we’re going to\par get into a high plank position for a\par push-up position\par I’m going to take your right foot step\par it up by your right hand we’re going to\par a multi-planar lunge and wrap around\par bring your right arm up into a why race\par and then wrap it around look at that\par hand as it comes back and back down to\par the floor again why race and then as you\par wrap that arm around once you look at\par that arm as it comes all the way back\par and then back to the floor\par moving at your own pace nice and\par controlled go ahead and go through that\par sequence this is a great one for some\par thoracic spine mobility shoulder\par mobility your hips are getting loosened\par up on this one accomplishing a lot with\par just one move going all the way through\par this entire sequence continue on this\par side four five four three two one zero\par okay step your right leg back left leg\par up forward and let’s repeat now on the\par opposite side y rays and then wrap that\par arm back as you look at your hand back\par to the ground and repeat go all the way\par through the sequence again using this\par time to focus on what brought you here\par today to begin with something made you\par click on that on this video and start\par this workout today it’s gonna be\par important that you keep that at the\par front of your mind throughout the whole\par workout three let’s do this one four\par five\par four three two one and zero done all\par right everybody\par that is the end of the warmup\par no we’re not done we’re just getting\par started this will work out that time to\par get into it so again for each exercise\par we’re going to do four rounds twenty\par seconds of work followed by ten seconds\par of rest and that 10 second rest time is\par going to go by what it is all right\par first move today is going to either be a\par tiny wide March or a high-knee run in\par place\par you decide which variation is right for\par you either way get those knees out to\par the side you’re in a nice wide stance\par uh-huh here we are 20 seconds many reps\par as you can and 5 4 3 2 1 It’s Showtime\par folks let’s do it\par I like to have my hands out to the side\par cuz that just kind of keeps me honest\par and maybe early did I get my knees all\par the way up cause it normal already\par filled it oh yeah second step on the\par first one almost there alone three two\par one break oh yeah this is a brutal to\par start with yeah I mean I’m not doing\par what you’re doing but I can still feel\par it\par oh we’re gonna feel this one for sure\par here we go three two one let’s go number\par two let’s get that energy up all about\par that positivity today just a positive\par mindset from beginning to end\par come on keep it up keep it up he’s out\par nice and wide\par hi you got five seconds almost there\par three two one great ah-oh two down two\par to go play that’s ones getting those\par legs kick it right from you guys really\par on my glutes\par – all right three two one let’s go let’s\par do it guys come on\par halfway done with this one we need to\par burn I remember it’s all mental it’s all\par in your head come on keep it going\par you’ve got nice and high alright and\par three two one break all right three down\par one to go\par we go all right we started off with a\par killer today all right here we go last\par one and three two one let’s go let’s do\par it what you got your last twenty seconds\par come on and then you won’t see this one\par again come on\par so this strong on this one guys come on\par keep it going keep it going driving me\par I’m gonna go almost there\par and three two one and break Louie all\par right that’s all good we’re going to\par move to the floor for the next one we’re\par going to get into a prone position their\par arms on front of us we’re going to do a\par skydiver pullback so I’m going to bring\par my legs up off the ground and my upper\par body off the ground I’m going to pull\par back on my elbows now Claudia’s going to\par do the same move but she’s going to\par return an arrest engage being in between\par reps all right here we are\par and three two one let’s get it going\par again I’m just keeping my feet up\par throughout the whole move as well as my\par upper body pulling back on those elbows\par every repetition squeeze that back this\par one doesn’t look like much but it will\par kick your butt faster all right in three\par two one and break excellent oh this\par one’s working your entire posterior\par chain yep all the way up and down\par alright coach you better hurry up me on\par two one let’s go oh man those brakes go\par by so fast\par yes they do hold back on those elbows\par every repetition squeezing your back\par muscles you got it\par squeeze those glutes to keep your legs\par up you got it one wrap into the nest in\par three two one and break Karen well do\par down two to go\par you got it guys you got it get that\par energy up like I said from beginning to\par end\par q1 again all right right back into it\par come on let’s go don’t forget to breathe\par I’m burn to hold your breath so be an\par easy one to forget to breathe\par the man that would be here mistake the\par pull back on those elbows every time\par three two one and break alright here we\par are one more three down one to go\par you got a couple of deep breaths it’s\par out he really got time for and to one\par let’s go\par last one right here there it is got it\par out by a set of this one one wrap into\par the next no giving up you’re a fighter\par let’s see it right here come on three\par squeeze those back muscles I never have\par you guys and you have three two one and\par great alright we’re going back to the\par legs let’s stand up for the next one I’m\par going to perform a lateral lunge hop and\par I’m doing lateral Juke so I’m going side\par to side and I’m going to touch the\par ground in between each performing a\par lateral lunge one leg straight where\par Claudia is just going to say more\par upright she’s gonna replace for placing\par one fly on her foot\par alright here we are and three two one\par let’s in it remember you decide which\par variation is right for you either way\par we’re skipping back side to side stay\par nice and light on those feet happens do\par my variation get down nice and low and\par touch the ground with that inside three\par two one and break who reads it a nice\par and quiet on those feet\par that’s it you’re a bouncy ball not a\par racket means you’re putting your energy\par back into the ground all right here we\par go in three two one let’s go oh here we\par go\par put it all out there this one’s working\par that entire lower body your calves\par hamstrings glutes and quads all getting\par hit on this one\par and if anytime you start with the harder\par one and you need to move the Erie here\par feel free to do so\par one great all right that’ll do down\par that’s where to go shake those legs\par whoo lactic acid moving\par here we are next day in three two one\par and begin I decide we danced and nice\par and light getting as many reps in as you\par can hop in side to side channel that\par inner bouncy ball not a rock good right\par and three two one\par break three down one to go\par all right here guys stay tough right to\par the end this is it right here with you\par let’s go three two one last one right\par here come on and it’s just one strong\par can you get you gotta keep breathing\par make sure not to hold your breath keep\par it up keep it up fast feet breathe\par almost there in three two one and break\par nice or moving to the floor for the next\par one I’m going to get into a bear plank\par position so if they see on all fours and\par I come up off of my knees where Claudia\par is going to get into a high plank\par position now we’re going to go side to\par side steps you decide which variation is\par right for you but either way we’re\par moving here in three two one and zero\par kick that leg out keeping your core\par tight add stay engage throughout back\par stays nice and straight I’d stay engaged\par but remembering to breathe through this\par movement yes do not hold your breath we\par have major Madrid a 2-1 and break\par excellent man did not take long for me\par to get my sweat going today oh no warm\par in the gym today but we’re right there\par guys right with you here we go in three\par two one let’s go back guys let’s hit it\par one down three to go as many reps as you\par can keep that core tight abs to engage\par so yes you literally are contracting and\par flexing those ass throughout the whole\par move\par and three two one and break all right\par that’s two down two to go\par again focus on what brought you here\par today to begin with what is it will\par motivate you alright guys it starting in\par two one let’s go third round right here\par today how many can you get right here\par keep that core engaged keep a slight\par bend in your elbows on this one don’t\par want your arms locked out core stays\par tight come on let’s go let’s go let’s go\par keep breathing\par keep moving keep fighting three two one\par and break that’s it three down one to go\par you’ve got guys fighting to the end on\par this one fast feet fast feet we’re going\par to one begin last one let’s go what do\par you got guys put it all out there come\par on focus on what brought you here today\par to begin with it’s going to be the same\par thing that gets you through to the end\par staying mentally tough all day let’s go\par almost there almost there new one and\par break excellent job\par alright we’re standing up we need to\par make our way on over to a wall for the\par next one we’re going to a wall sit\par variation I’m going to get down on the\par wall flat back up against the wall\par these are at a 90 I’m going to do a one\par leg leg extension alternating bring a\par one leg up at a time now I’m going to be\par doing a March where Claudia is doing her\par March we’re going to burn those legs out\par here we are all ready let’s get on that\par wall starting in three two one and begin\par I’m extending it that knee kicking that\par leg out nice and straight and I have my\par core nice and tight I’m bringing my\par knees up best as I can hear it’s okay if\par you don’t have as much range of motion\par as I do but just do the best that you\par can if you get to a point where you\par can’t do either just a three to one\par break this will really get that lactic\par acid burning in the legs you got to\par remember you’re tougher than that burn\par right here right to the wall beginning\par in two one let’s go ten second breaks\par are going to go by too bad\par any time that lactic acid starts to kick\par in\par you just got to remember that’s just the\par energy and the fuel source that your\par muscles use and so you don’t really have\par to listen to that burn or that nerve\par responding to one and brake who just cuz\par it’s screaming at you tell me you don’t\par have any left you’re halfway lie into\par you you’re tougher than that burn you\par right next to the wall into one begin\par come on guys button through that burn\par right here one rep into the next think\par about how good you’re going to feel when\par this workout is all said and done think\par of the consequences if you stop this\par workout and never work out again come on\par it’s not something you watch keep them\par moving three moving q1 break whoo\par three down one to go we’re burnin and\par work her eating right with you\par thousands maybe millions at home doing\par the same workout feeling that are a\par night in two one here we go this is the\par last round\par you are not alone we’re all hurting\par together let’s go have a try pushing\par through together right here with you\par that’s right\par right there rep by Rep every rep can you\par just that much closer to your goal off\par almost there push through come on fight\par to the end and three two one\par break whoo no more of those whoo we’re\par gonna burn out your upper body let’s go\par to the ground next we’re going to do a\par narrow to wide push-up I’m going to do\par it up on my feet\par Claudia’s going to do it down underneath\par wide stance push-up step in step in\par narrow push-up step out step out wide\par push-up back and forth between the two\par for 20 seconds here we are come on let’s\par get it going in five four three two one\par lower your body till both elbows get to\par about a 90 degree angle and then come\par back up the narrow push-up works your\par triceps a little bit more now wide\par push-up hits your chest a little bit\par more you decide if you want to do it on\par your feet or on your knees three two one\par great and if any of these you want to\par start on your feet you have to move your\par knees\par or alternate right there’s no shame in\par that no they not work out your own back\par in three two one let’s go guys\par whatever you do don’t quit don’t stop\par moving don’t give up and don’t hit that\par pause button\par just keep moving let’s go come on we’re\par fighting here with you Brett by rep and\par everything you want it’s at the top of\par that staircase and every repetition get\par you one step closer connect to one great\par aah oh my god ow\par Judah go not only to goes on to I know\par it’s crazy\par three columns of a demonstration come on\par go\par why push up step in step in narrow come\par on guys you got if I can only do three\par in twenty seconds\par that’s okay yeah so no a one that’s okay\par do what you can come on let’s go on in\par three two one\par and right now we only have one more Oh\par your goal for today is to exceed your\par own expectations not to compete with us\par not to keep Pete with anybody else look\par in the mirror that’s your competition\par q1 let’s go here – one make it count\par everybody you vs. you rep by Rep grind\par it out what you got right here\par make it count guys make it count almost\par there I’m up there fighting to the end\par and three two one and break ah excellent\par job okay we’re turning over to our backs\par for the next one we’re going to do a\par little combo move we’re going to go hip\par lope driving off your heels squeezing\par your glutes up at the top return your\par glutes back to the ground now I’m going\par to do a full sit-up all the way up and\par lay down crunch and Claudia is just\par going to do a crunch getting her\par shoulder blades off the ground\par you decide which variation is right for\par you but here we are let’s work that core\par in three two one zero hip up squeeze\par those glutes and then either sit up or\par crunch back and forth between the two on\par that hip up you’re driving off those\par heels\par squeezing your glutes up at the top then\par you decide which ab variation is right\par for you 2 3 2 1 break alright that’s one\par down three to go\par really working the core on this one as\par well as their glutes back to it in two\par one let’s go guys up up the hip okay\par risking your glutes as well as your\par lower back as well we really just\par focusing on squeezing and contracting\par those glutes on a lie getting as many as\par you can one wrap into the next in three\par two one\par great excellent job that’s two down two\par to go stay in it guys all about that\par mental toughness here alright in three\par two one here we go again\par let’s go keep it up remember those who\par believe they can and those who believe\par they can’t are both usually right which\par one are you today you decide only up to\par you gotta push yourself because nobody\par else can do it for you one break\par I actually three downs just one to go\par guys more to go come on say top state\par off alright\par beginning again in three two one\par let’s hit it let’s go no breaks one wrap\par right into the next don’t hit that pause\par button don’t give up just keep moving\par you got this all day every day you got\par it yeah five more seconds nothing can\par stop you four three two one and right\par zero alright we’re up on our feet for\par the next one then I get our heart rate\par up I’m going to do around the world so\par I’ll come eyeballs my feet I’m gonna hop\par forward side backwards and then to the\par side and I’m just doing a one two three\par four like I’m stepping over an imaginary\par line exactly one two three four hot\par lights on whether I’m jumping both feet\par at the same time you decide which one is\par right for you but either way we’re\par moving here in three two once I’m doing\par it around the world\par forward side side and back come on let’s\par go forward side back side\par fast feet fast feet on this one fast\par feet on both of them yeah I feel like\par the light touches on the balls of those\par three three two one break and on these\par next set I want you to switch if you’re\par doing my variation switch which way\par you’re going in your circle doing\par Claudia’s version switch which foot\par steps first here we are three two one go\par which it up let’s go if you have\par neighbors underneath you I don’t want\par them to hear you stay nice and life not\par big pounding noises put your eternia\par energy back into the ground on every\par foot strike three two one great hi\par Ashley whoo two down two to go again\par switching either which direction I mean\par the hurry of my right foot this time\par again which put yourself in first three\par two one go\par either way there’s no give up in you\par you’re a fighter not a quitter let’s see\par it right here yeah everything you got\par fast fast fast that fast\par come on make sure not to hold your\par breath breathe happy happy whoo come on\par dig with it three two one freak faster\par one one starting with my left foot just\par a couple big deep breaths more right\par back in and three two one let’s go come\par on how many can you get it’s all about\par getting as many ground contact and it’s\par many ground strikes as you can in this\par twenty second time period you’re ready\par you’ve got ten seconds left\par that’s it come on push it guys push it\par right there with you\par come on three q1 break back okay down to\par the ground down to the ground we go work\par on our upper body in our core on the\par next one I want to do this one up top\par from a high plank position\par Claudia is going to be on her knees so\par add two tight back is straight look one\par arm up we’re going to punch out in front\par of us so high plank punch out punch\par twist that thumb in that hand\par from palm up to palm down all right here\par we are 20 seconds everything you got in\par three two one and began he’ll do all one\par side at a time so we’ll switch to\par 20-second mark and do your other arm\par keep those shoulders nice and square\par with the ground in the arm and the hand\par is on the ground we keep a slight bend\par in that over one you want that elbow\par locked out we go and we got it three two\par one\par break cool feeling this one in my core\par guy must be working yep\par we’re right there with you look going 3q\par one other side one down three to go\par just think of it this way every\par repetition every point get you that much\par closer to your goal get you that much\par closer to the end of this workout keep\par on breathin just think about how good\par you’re gonna feel when this routine is\par all done and we cross it off your you\par won break ah excellent\par oh do down two to go guys you got this\par all day every day now I can stop you\par three nothing could stop you one here we\par go punch that right side again come on\par let’s go come on e can you get how many\par can you get push that pace guys you got\par it you versus you looking in the mirror\par that’s your one and only competition not\par competing with us or anyone else trying\par to be a little bit better than you were\par yesterday and three two one break all\par right that’s three down one line one\par right here\par whoo I’m dripping with sweat burnt so\par good are you\par q1 let’s go come give as many as you can\par Oh jack\par arm out straight core stays tight and go\par come on breathe fight through guys\par you’re a fighter not a quitter all right\par here prove it to yourself I’ve only got\par five seconds left that’s it that’s it\par four three two one zero excellent job\par we’re coming back up onto our feet for\par the next one\par Claudia is going to do a traditional\par jumping jack where I’m going to do a\par smurf Jack so I’m going to get down low\par and I’m going to stay low while I\par former jumping jack I’m going to wait\par back in my hips\par you decide which variation is going to\par be right for you today I’m going to get\par that heart rate up on this one let’s get\par it moving here in three two one zero so\par if you’re doing the Smurfs Jack we’ve\par just stand down and almost like a\par isometric squat position of the whole\par time you decide which variations right\par for you you’ve been moving and keep\par breathing and you got it getting as many\par as you can let’s go let me to one break\par whoo these are brutal how much any\par mistakes about it I’m right there with\par you guys true and if you need to\par alternate between the two totally cool\par do whatever you got to do to get through\par this set and begin Oh keep moving that’s\par the name of the game you’re not alone or\par right there her and with you no shame\par remember thousands maybe even millions\par at home doing the same routine doing\par that same burn you are ready to go three\par two one great huh let’s go Hospital\par let’s go have to try where you at pouch\par we’re right there with just two down two\par to go\par let’s do it two one here we go again\par come on everything you got remember you\par got to make the mind run the body right\par not the other way around\par your legs are telling you they don’t\par have anything left they’re lying to you\par come on you’re in charge three not your\par legs two one right whoo\par Lonnie done one two go we’re right there\par with you let’s go on if I threw it guys\par you’re a fighter not a quitter starting\par again in three two one\par let’s do it make it count right here\par every rep giving you that much closer to\par your goal what is it what are you\par working towards trying to lose weight\par get more fit just getting better shape\par kick butt at life whatever it is three\par focus on two one top break that’s it no\par more of those we’d go to the floor next\par ladies you get a little break focus on\par that upper body next\par I’m going to move into a bear point\par we’re both going to do a bear plank two\par push-ups so come up onto all fours from\par that bear plank position I’m going to\par hop out jump into a push-up and hop back\par where Claudia is going to step out and\par do a push-up and step back that’s right\par and you have another variation if you\par don’t want to do the push-up then you\par can step out from the very planks drop\par to your knees and bang out a push-up so\par you decide you want to push it from up\par top or on your knees but either way here\par we are let’s have that upper body moving\par and three two one zero\par Taylor total body movement here from\par your shoulders chest triceps core legs\par all getting hit on this one what if you\par do don’t lie your bus to come way up in\par the air and three well to sink you one\par right oh goodness\par one down who agree to go come on try to\par hold you we told you this wasn’t a\par beginner working now open it up a level\par deal guys\par one let’s go back into it definite up\par get a little bit better\par rat by rap coming back repeating this\par workout been a little bit better every\par time\par all right guys when you’re done in three\par two one\par great yeah whoa\par no milord are done you promise those are\par done okay\par silver evil okay we’re moving into a\par reverse lunge Plus twist so step back\par both knees to a ninety twist to the\par opposite side now I’m going to come up\par and perform a front kick where Claudia’s\par going to do a knee raise and then back\par down into the lunge and twist you decide\par which variation is for you we’re going\par to switch halfway through either way\par let’s get it going here in three two one\par step back both needs to go to a ninety\par twist and then either kick it or near a\par so all your weight is on that front lead\par leg really throughout this entire set\par you’re not taking them break to set both\par feet down entirely one wrap into the\par next Q one\par great accident whoo okay so we’ll switch\par legs on this one one leg gets arrested\par while the other leg is going back in\par three two one here we go\par and twist engage those ABS in your core\par and that’s alright if you’re a little\par wobbly I am to get that balance right\par get it together it’s been a tough\par workout yeah like you definitely feeling\par it oh yeah not at 100% that’s for sure\par whoo grind it out to one break ah nice\par how it doesn’t help that I have a pool\par man\par gathering here yeah don’t flip all right\par green 3q1\par let’s go I remember guys it’s not about\par being perfect it’s about giving it your\par all rep after rep doing the best you can\par just in competition with yourself every\par rep getting yourself just that much\par closer to your goals three no sir two\par one break wow that was really hard for\par me holidays are burning here we are last\par one guys laughing and three two one here\par we go that should make this last one\par counter we’re hurting – guys come on\par many as you can get that’s 20 reps or\par two reps whatever it is make it count\par come on let’s go let’s go let’s go oh\par goodness all right there with you grind\par it out guys yeah right in three two one\par and break oh nice for the next one we’re\par going to get your legs a little wider\par than shoulder width apart toes are going\par to be pointed out we need a slight bend\par in those knees we’re going to do a\par posterior swing take your hands swing\par them between your legs press your hips\par back behind you swing those arms up\par overhead as you bring your hips forward\par Claudia’s just going to come up onto the\par balls of your feet and I’m actually\par going to jump so arms come between the\par legs and then I’m jumping overhead\par Claudia’s just raising up on the balls\par of the feet you decide which one is\par right for you that’s when it’s all in\par the hips yep here we go in three\par two-one-zero so slight bend in those\par knees drive those hips back behind you\par on this one and then drive the hips\par forward as you stand up big and tall you\par decide if you need that jump or if just\par coming up onto the balls of the feet is\par enough for you today to one break good\par this was all about that posterior chain\par that means hamstrings glutes and lower\par back on this one whoo all right\par beginning again in three two one let’s\par go keep breathing whatever you do do not\par hold your breath stay focused on what\par brought you here today to begin with\par whatever that motivator is is going to\par be the same thing it gets you through to\par the end stick with it\par three two one break ah nice Oh halfway\par down two to go\par right there guys right there well\par goodness getting closer to the end with\par every single rare three two one here we\par go\par that’s it drive those hips back behind\par you should be feeling a stretch in your\par hamstrings and your glutes at the bottom\par as you press those hips behind you keep\par your back straight on this one dry those\par hips back like you’re trying to reach to\par one break good like you’re trying to\par touch your butt to that wall behind you\par pressing those hips back those arms are\par only along for the ride coach Kozak says\par on that swing glad you got right you won\par let’s go come on make this line make\par this last one count everything you got\par one rep and into the neck let’s go\par you’re a fighter not a quitter\par prove it to yourself right here whoo\par five more seconds almost there three two\par one right high actually yeah we’re to\par the floor for the next one let’s hit\par that core hit those ads going down to\par our back side go ahead and rest on your\par forearms as you get your upper back up\par off the ground I’m going to have my legs\par straight on this one I’m going to\par my knees bent at a 90-degree angle we’re\par gonna do a lying leg twist legs under\par control are going to twist from side to\par side this one is not a race you’re going\par to keep those abs tight as we swing\par those legs from side to side again under\par control and three two one zero\par nice and controlled I know we’re doing\par 20 seconds\par but again all about the control on this\par one breathe core stays tight little bend\par the knees we’ll make it a little easier\par and three two one break oh this one’s\par hitting that core share extra emphasis\par on those obliques all right in two one\par go get it again that’s it one rep right\par into the next staying nice and under\par control\par hoo-wee and going to about 45 – 45 you\par don’t have to go all the way down on\par this one I actually prefer you not to\par three two one break whoo this one’s all\par about that time under tension on your a\par tight so you don’t want your abs ever\par relax on this back in and three two one\par here we go another 20 seconds remember\par it’s not about being perfect that’s just\par about that effort giving it everything\par you got throughout every repetition whoo\par and all those small steps that going to\par get you to your goal five more seconds\par guys\par come on fight through it fight through\par that burn – one\par break5 one more to go\par that’s it one more hurting with you has\par to try we’re in it together right to the\par very end who won here we go last one of\par these make it count\par everything you got do what you can’t\par right here do what you thought you\par couldn’t do do what you can to I like\par that one when I stole from Casey nice\par though come on keep it going all right\par guys five more seconds keep it moving to\par the ABS stay tight and\par me too one and all done with that one\par all right those are all done that’s the\par good news\par one more exercise to go all right I’m\par gonna level with you guys this last one\par is going to take everything you have but\par we got to stop when we’re done we’re not\par going to stop when it hurts last thing\par we had today is a burpee plus hip change\par Claudia’s going to do the modified\par Burpee I’m going to do the traditional\par we’re squatting down weight back in her\par hips I’m going to jump back jump forward\par and then we’re coming back up we’re\par going to go hip change hip change back\par to square back down\par same drill 20 seconds on 10 good this is\par it give it everything you got right here\par don’t quit what a Hertz quit when you’re\par done let’s hit it in five four three two\par one let’s see it guys come on everything\par you got right here put it all out on the\par line this is what you came here for\par think about what motivates you what is\par it\par what are you working towards getting\par closer whether every single review one\par and break that’s it that’s one dough\par only three to go think about how far\par you’ve come\par think about this is it right you’re only\par three three two one let’s go hit it\par we’re hurting too guys you are not alone\par know everybody in the has we tried is\par burning right now but we are in it take\par out there guys and it’s in again three\par two one and break two down two to go\par come on this is a let’s see a guy big\par deep breath and we’re back in it\par three two one break come on time to\par exceed your own expectations every time\par comeback getting a little bit better\par every rep getting just that much closer\par to your goals what is it what are you\par working towards three\par q1 break haha why more only one more\par guys okay you got this you everything\par you’re a fighter not a quitter three two\par one\par here we go let’s do it learning to love\par that burn come on going through that\par burn don’t listen to it you got it\par your body’s got plenty left just telling\par you to stop\par it’s lying to you three two one and\par break ah zero oh man\par here it is give it to me Claudia oh God\par do it soon yeah you made it we made it\par while we’re trying to remember our name\par here I’m afraid to stand up we’re gonna\par do a cool down believe it or not if we\par can ever get our act together we’re\par going to move into a vinyasa flow yeah\par and the whole point is cool down is\par allow our heart rates to come down\par slowly we’re going to get a little extra\par mobility working at the same time whoo\par whoo we seen some bright lights all\par right I think we’re ready to start with\par the cooldown we’re going to start with a\par vinyasa flow so we’re going to get into\par a downward dog position a little\par modified yoga move it’s going to come\par down to all fours\par drive those hips back legs are straight\par out of the balls of their feet relax\par those shoulders pull those hips back\par feel that stretch in your posterior\par chain now let’s go ahead and come\par forward into a high plank position lower\par your body push up and then press up and\par do an upward facing dog\par pulling that chin up feeling that\par stretch in your anterior ab I’m going to\par let’s reverse it\par pull back again into it into that\par downward facing dog now facing that\par stretch and your posterior chain if you\par want you can kind of walk the legs a\par little bit\par give you a little extra stretching those\par hamstrings again come back into the high\par plank hello your body and that chat\par around go push up and drive up and press\par up into that upward facing dog my chin\par comes up to the ceiling feel that\par stretch in your abdomen and then again\par one more time pulling back into that\par downward facing dog feel that stretching\par your hamstrings cat lower back in your\par glutes relax those shoulders as you pull\par your body backwards and one more time\par into that high plank lure your body and\par then drive up into that upward facing\par dog one last time excellent so on that\par heart rate to come down nice and slowly\par making sure to breathe and relax I’m\par going to come onto all fours for the\par next one we’re going to move into a cat\par cow great one stretch out that spine\par let’s go ahead and start with the cat so\par bring that mid back and the scapula is\par up to the ceiling as you bring your chin\par into your chest and this one’s like\par almost like somebody’s pulling the\par middle of your back up with a string and\par then let’s reverse direction bringing\par sternum and add them into the floor as\par you bring that chin up and feel that\par stretch good nice and controlled on this\par one and again let’s reverse directions\par pulling up from the middle and upper\par back bringing your chin into your chest\par for that background and stretch and\par reverse directions one more time bring\par the abdomen to the ground as you bring\par that chin up to the ceiling making sure\par to breathe and reverse directions again\par nice and slow and controlled every\par little movements under control can to\par your chest pulling up from that back\par her it’s coming down nice and slowly and\par let’s reverse directions one last time\par so that back arch as you bring that tune\par to the ceiling and relax good all right\par let’s do one last one let’s come the\par same position now let’s go ahead and sit\par back and do a child’s pose and your best\par to sit back onto your glutes under your\par heels for that stretch and your\par quadriceps and your shoulders stay\par relaxed is your arms are out in front of\par you pull that upper body straight down\par as little shoulder stretch head comes\par down in between your arms arms stay nice\par and straight and sit down the best you\par can and relax you should take a moment\par here to be proud of what you achieved\par today this was a killer workout and you\par made it right to the very end plenty of\par times you wanted to quit but you didn’t\par grinded it out and you should be proud\par of yourself no matter what you do for\par the rest of the day you can cross this\par off your list and just be proud of what\par you’ve achieved so far today you made it\par breathe five four three two one zero\par come up nice and slow and that’s it\par you made it everybody here made it coach\par school work hit list there for a while\par but we pushed through thank you so much\par for joining us today and grinding it out\par right to the very end if you liked this\par workout today you’ve been working out\par with us for a while and you’re starting\par to see some results we’d encourage you\par to please go check out our patreon page\par where you can find out more about how\par you can support our mission of keeping\par these great workouts free and if you\par enjoyed this workout with us today we\par ask that you please give it a big thumbs\par up and 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