Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout
Push, pull, burn, and sweat your way through this 45 minute workout. There’s no equipment required for this routine, but you will have the opportunity to add light hands weights for added resistance. The full body workout uses a tabata format of 4 rounds of 20 seconds work followed by 10 seconds rest.

Warm Up
Jog in Place + Arm Crossover
Posterior Swing
Standing Arm Hauler

Tabata HIIT Cardio and Abs Workout

Complete each exercise for 4 rounds of 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest
Straight Arm Jack
Wide / Narrow Pushups / from Knees
Blastoff Lunges / Lunge + Knee Raise
Butt Kick + Overhead Punch
Bear Plank Knee to Elbow / from Knees
Touchdown Jacks / Touchdown Mod Jack
Switch Jumps
Divebomber Pushups / from Knees
Side Squat to Curtsy Lunge / Side Squat
Walkout + T Rotation / Walkout
Lateral 1-2-3
Pushup Jack / from Knees
Jumping Monkeys
Bear Plank Donkey Kick / Fast Feet
Burpee + Opposite Elbow to Knee / Modified

Complete each exercise for 50 seconds (per side if applicable):
Jack Knife / One Leg
Bear Plank Jump to High Plank / Step Back
Seated Windmill / Knees Bent
High Plank Hip Touches / from Knees

Cool Down
Hip Flexor Stretch
Chest Opener
V-Sit Stretch (3 ways)

coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is\par a total body strength training workout\par the only equipment required for this\par workout is a pair of dumbbells but\par you’ll also have the opportunity to use\par a utility bench choose a weight that is\par challenging for you but that still\par allows you to perform each exercise with\par proper form while we will be providing\par some easier modifications this is not a\par beginner workout if you’re a true\par beginner and you’ve never worked out\par before we recommend you click the link\par up top and it’ll send you on over to our\par beginner strength training workout\par alright so if you’re ready to go let’s\par do it\par [Music]\par starting with a light warm-up we’re\par going to do a run in place\par plus an arm crossover so on this arm\par crossover I want you to alternate which\par arm is on top we’re going to get a nice\par full range of motion opening those arms\par up and then crossing them over and keep\par a slight bend in your elbows not run in\par place again just a nice light touch with\par the balls of your feet making sure to\par breathe we’re not counting any\par repetitions in this warm-up it’s just\par about moving at your own pace getting\par that heart rate up and then we’re going\par to sneak a little bit extra mobility\par work in at the same time warm-up is just\par that it’s just a warm up so make sure\par that you’re not going too hard we don’t\par want you to overexert yourself here save\par it for the workout it has a warm one in\par the gym you’re going to see the sweating\par well at least me I don’t know about\par Claudia nice and light touches on the\par balls of those feet opening that chest\par all the way up to fill that stretch as\par you open those arms up let’s do this one\par four five four three two one zero all\par right shake those arms loose next we’re\par going to move into an overhead squat\par plus a hamstring stress so Peter\par shoulder-width apart it’s going to bring\par those arms straight up palms facing one\par another we move into an overhead squat\par that weight back in your hips keeping\par good posture your arms are in line with\par your body reach down to your feet or\par ankles and extend those hips back and\par stand up repeat so weight goes back in\par the hips you guys full range of motion\par overhead squat and then stretch those\par hamstrings and return up now depending\par on your flexibility you may or may not\par be able to get quite as far down as we\par are on that overhead squat just try your\par best to get as far down as you can\par bringing those hips back while keeping\par your arms and your body in a nice\par diagonal line wait back in the hips feet\par stay flat on this one good this is a\par great one really to loosen up your\par entire posterior chain also also helps\par you work on that depth on your squat if\par you have any mobility issues there just\par a nice total body move loosening\par everything up getting ready for this\par work we have coming good moving at a\par nice relaxed pace again this one is in a\par race just going through the movements\par here every time on that overhead squat\par really focus on driving those hips back\par first and then bending at the knees\par they’ll help you keep your balance keep\par those feet flat you want to come up on\par your toes or on your heels let’s do this\par one four five four three two one and\par last one zero good are moving to the\par floor for the next one we’re going to do\par a high plank position we’re into a high\par plank why Plus rotation so from a high\par plank position we’re going to bring one\par arm up and out then bring it to your\par head and rotate reverse direction and\par repeat on the opposite side so one arm\par straight out keeping your core tight\par bring it to the head then rotate so\par here’s your why bring that one arm out\par and then your rotation the excellent one\par for both shoulder mobility as well as\par that thoracic spine loosening it up\par again getting ready for that work that\par we have to come moving at a pace that\par you feel comfortable with and just\par trying to increase that overall body\par temperature a little mobility at the\par same time loosen up those muscles\par you got it working at a pace you feel\par comfortable with let’s hit this last\par warm-up move for just 10 seconds side to\par side I think you should have read\par throughout whatever you do do not hold\par your breath for three two one and zero\par nice job for our first superset we’re\par going to go back and forth between a\par lower body move and an upper body move\par we only need one dumbbell for this lower\par body move we’re going to do a one leg\par deadlift\par so cloud is going to be showing you the\par slightly easier modification hold that\par dumbbell on one hand opposite hand of\par the leg that’s going to be working go\par ahead and put your weight back in your\par hips sit back bend at that knee keep\par your core nice and straight and I’m\par going to stand up with that one leg\par we’re Claudia is going to then go ahead\par and put that second leg down on the\par ground she’s going to do one leg down\par and she’s going to do two legs up\par you decide which variation is right for\par you we’re going to do three sets of\par eight repetitions alright let’s go ahead\par and get started on that first leg keep\par that core tight back stays straight\par really emphasize driving those hips back\par putting that weight back in your hips\par you want to keep you foot flat on the\par ground on this one you don’t want to go\par back onto your heel or come up onto your\par toes so at the same time you’re driving\par those hips back and bending at the knee\par keep your core tight head stays in a\par nice neutral position we have three more\par to go you get a nice full range of\par motion all the way down all the way up\par try on your best to balance not about\par being perfect on this one it’s okay if\par you need to touch down for a second last\par one right here breathe in on the way up\par out on the way down there alright next\par side good posture again breathing in as\par you lower inhale and then breathe out\par exhale on the way up try to get that\par breathing down with every move and this\par one’s really all about control not a\par race on this one you can see we’re\par really\par both focusing on that time under tension\par on this one\par putting that way back in your hips you\par see I have my opposite arm out for\par balance you can choose if that works for\par you\par another little balance tip is to find a\par focal point something for your eyes to\par focus on keep your eyes on it will help\par you stave down more I usually focus on\par something right here in front of me yeah\par on the ground yeah just like a couple\par feet out in front of your lead leg this\par is your last one right here guys\par actually okay so we can go ahead and\par pick up your second dumbbell I’m going\par to change weights for this one if you\par need to change or change weights or keep\par the same way it’s up to you twice a\par night having a couple different weight\par variations we’re going to do a drag curl\par plus an Arnold press palms are up in\par front of us dumbbells are resting up\par against your legs keep those dumbbells\par up against your body as you curl and\par bring them all the way up now we’re\par going to perform my Arnold press\par pressing straight up overhead twisting\par those palms until they’re facing forward\par now reverse direction and then drag curl\par back down dumbbells stay up against your\par body so that’s one rep we’re going to do\par it eight repetitions in total all right\par here we are\par dumbbells they up against this full\par range of motion all the way up press\par overhead reverse it and down by keeping\par these dumbbells up against you in this\par drag form really isolates those biceps\par and does not allow your shoulders to get\par involved it really makes it hard for you\par to use any momentum so it’s a great way\par just to isolate those biceps this one\par also works well with a barbell as well\par nice full range motion all the way up\par but without the Arnold press well\par without the arm yes I’m gonna kinda I\par was like no way works I’m sorry datavac\par you the director only were slow the\par Arnold breasts are with the dumbbell\par curl not quite with the press slight\par bend in those knees core stays nice and\par tight\par excellent full range of motion we have\par three more reps all the way up all the\par way down\par keep those wrists nice and tight and\par locked you don’t want what I call\par spaghetti wrists for their flimsy and\par just dangling uh is actually a four-part\par move so even though it’s only eight\par repetitions it’s going to feel like more\par we got one more yep last one right here\par again keep those dumbbells up against\par you full range of motion press overhead\par and return good okay so that’s one down\par of each exercise we’re going to go back\par to the one leg deadlifts we’re doing\par three sets of each back and forth so one\par down two to go with both of these right\par into it while their upper bodies\par wrestling legs are going to work three\par two one and begin remember find your\par focal points and you know it’s not about\par being perfect on this balance of course\par you’re trying to improve and you’re\par trying to be perfect but don’t beat\par yourself up if you have some moments of\par instability here you’ll see we’re not\par going to be perfect along the way that’s\par for sure not about being perfect it’s\par just about doing your best getting a\par little bit better every single workout\par three more on this side nice full range\par of motion all the way up all the way\par down you got it guys nice work and last\par one right here and it’s just leg strong\par good ok opposite side now eight\par repetitions let’s hit it right into it\par and begin boom the temperature and in\par the gym is going to kick my butt today\par just as much as the workout is I’m\par telling you it is warm here today I’m\par sure that some of you were it’s freezing\par cold right now and you’re not feeling\par sorry for me but that’s alright you’re\par south of the Equator you have total\par opposite weather than we do so very true\par you’re totally okay good make sure drive\par those hips back there’s a great one for\par hamstrings glutes quads as well as\par working on that stability and balance\par back stays straight on this one to mark\par make sure you’re actually bending at the\par knees and at the hips and not just\par bending over at the waist last one right\par here and zero okay set that dumbbell\par down we have your second dumbbell\par choosing that weight that’s appropriate\par for you and let’s get right into those\par drag curl plus Arnold press palms are\par facing forward three two one let’s get\par it going all the way up and as you press\par up you’re rotating those palms they’re\par facing forward and finishing with your\par biceps by your ears\par good work anytime you’re doing a\par strength training routine like this it’s\par great to have at least two pairs of\par dumbbells if you can really helps you\par switch up the weight for four different\par movements some moves are going to be\par stronger on some are going to be weaker\par on that’s why you see I use those\par adjustable power black dumbbells make my\par life a little bit easier when it comes\par to having multiple personnel bells ready\par do you notice I dropped my weight also I\par figured if I want to make it to this\par entire workout of sure probably really\par have to wait a little bit that’s true\par you can always go up and wait if you\par need to but if you start light helps you\par to make sure you Finn is strong all\par right and we have two more that just\par comes with a workout experience getting\par better knowing your own body and what\par weight to use so you don’t burn out too\par quick last one last one right here all\par the way up and all the way down\par all right good that’s two down one to go\par hip each one and if you are interested\par in these power block adjustable\par dumbbells we do have a link in the video\par description for you to check them out\par alright here we are back to the legs\par let’s get it going Showtime in three two\par one\par I make it through all three sets of\par these without falling it will be nothing\par short of a miracle well I have noticed\par that my balance gets a little better and\par as a workout progresses so you may find\par that by this third set your balance is\par great that’s true usually the first set\par of the day is the one super wobbly is\par the heart\par that says your body’s getting used to\par this new move full range of motion many\par more break at the hip and at the knee\par fighting through that burn that you\par might do get stronger every rep last one\par right here\par good okay switch it up opposite side now\par and last a to this one full range of\par motion bend at the hips and at the knee\par at the same time back stay straight I\par want to hunch over almost lost it there\par three\par I said not about being perfect just\par about putting in the work getting in a\par little bit better every time almost\par there three more last three right here\par guys come on doing it together right\par there with you rep by Rep getting\par stronger here we are\par great unilateral move even out any\par imbalances you may have last one who\par done with those for the day okay cross\par those off the list let’s go back to the\par drag curl plus Arnold press here we are\par working those shoulders biceps triceps\par on this one full range of motion all the\par way up all the way down don’t want to\par any little half reps and won’t cheat\par ourselves come on those shoulders back\par core stays tight and engaged on this one\par say focus on that form and again as you\par get tired you’ll notice it’ll be\par tempting to speed up a lot of these\par repetitions where to use momentum we\par encourage you not to do so I really want\par those muscles to work and contract\par throughout that full range of motion\par stay under control on these doing great\par getting stronger with every repetition\par which is another reason why we say you\par know challenge yourself with the weight\par that you’re using but not too much to\par where you can’t do this a proper\par warm okay so if it’s feeling too easy\par and you want to go too fast then you may\par want to reconsider the way a little bit\par exactly and again that’s just where the\par experience comes in and really learning\par what weight is right for you and as you\par get stronger that way it’s going to\par change and you’re going to need to have\par your way all right guys you have one\par more after this one\par almost there be nice enough last that’s\par wrong there we go last wrap of these\par right here push it through and zero nice\par job for our next superset we’re going to\par go back and forth between an our dl+ row\par and then an underhand chest press so for\par the second one the underhand chest press\par you’ll have the opportunity to use a\par bench press or stability ball if you\par want\par but for this our dl+ row resource our\par feet shoulder-width apart a little bend\par in those knees and we’re going to keep\par that same bend your knees throughout the\par whole move back stay straight as we\par lower self lower the dumbbell to about\par mid chin level then pull back and row\par from those elbows now drive your hips\par forward to stand up big and tall that’s\par one repetition we’re going to do three\par sets of eight of this one alright let’s\par go ahead and get started in three two\par one zero really when you drive those\par hips back keeping that slight bend in\par your knee throughout so we’re not going\par to squat down but really just going to\par drive those glutes back like we’re\par trying to touch your glutes and your\par butt to that wall behind you stretch\par those hips back keep them just that\par slight bend in the knee till those\par dumbbells reach about mid chin and up at\par the top I want you to squeeze those\par glutes you know we’re doing eight\par repetitions on this one it’s a great\par overall posterior chain move hitting\par your hamstrings your glutes your lower\par back and upper back the back stays\par straight throughout the whole move at\par the head anymore keep your head in a\par nice neutral position on this one\par squeeze those glutes up at the top last\par one right here\par and I owe excellent okay we need both\par dumbbells for the next one I’m going to\par do this one from the floor Claudia is\par going to do this one from the bench but\par if you have a stability ball you could\par also do it with the stability ball we’re\par gonna do an underhand chest press so\par it’s like a traditional chest press but\par only our palms are going to be facing up\par or forward so a little bit different\par move I’m gonna do it from the floor so\par we’re gonna do a full range of motion\par all the way up all the way down if\par you’re doing it from the floor we don’t\par want to bounce your arms off the ground\par all right here we are eight repetitions\par and three two one full range of motion\par bring those elbows out as you come down\par and then bring those dumbbells together\par as you come up\par squeezing your chest up at the top and\par trying your best to keep your elbows\par directly under those dumbbells\par throughout the whole move we don’t want\par to get me any awkward positioning on\par this one you have three more controlling\par every repetition not rushing through it\par I said really focusing on that time\par under tension making sure those muscles\par are working and last one right here all\par the way up and all the way down actually\par won’t work okay so that’s one down of\par each of these two more to go two more to\par go so again three rounds in total going\par back to the our dl+ row move my weights\par out of the way here remember every time\par you’re picking up these weights off the\par ground use your legs come down and\par didn’t do a squatter deadlift to get\par them up injury-free hard to get our\par gains if we have an injury alright for\par you to show them in the park let’s go\par weight back in the hips all the way down\par feel that stretch in those hamstrings\par and pull back from the elbows good\par squeeze the gluts up top anytime we’re\par doing any type of row I really want you\par to focus on pulling back from the elbows\par don’t think about pulling back from your\par hands right but instead from the elbows\par a full range of motion feel that stretch\par in the back on every rep the halfway\par point as you’re doing great keep it up\par rep by Rep just getting you that much\par closer to your goal whatever it may be\par just want you to stay focused on that\par goal something made you come here today\par something inspired you to start this\par video focus on that throughout that one\par whatever you do do not lose sight of it\par and squeeze those glutes at the top\par all right back into that underhand chest\par press moving to the floor and at any\par time during today’s workout you need to\par adjust your weight in between sets we\par encourage you to do so right you’ll see\par us\par definitely shuffle with our weights here\par exactly okay don’t just use the same\par weight for convenience always finding a\par new way finding the weight that’s\par appropriate for your fitness level what\par challenges you but allows you to keep\par proper form all right here we are in\par three two one\par underhand chest press full range of\par motion and now if you’re doing this one\par from the bench or from a stability ball\par really the major advantage is it just\par allows you get a little fuller range of\par motion or I have to stop because my arms\par are hitting the ground\par cloudy can go about another one to two\par inches she just gets a little more range\par of motion but both still good moves\par two more squeeze that chest up at the\par top boom there it is at one more last\par one right here\par excellent excellent work okay that’s two\par down everybody oh man did we mention\par it’s hot in the gym today whoo um if it\par wasn’t obvious you can see what I have\par going on here a little situation doesn’t\par gross you guys out too much if it does\par I’m sorry it’s just\par karate of us working our butts off all\par right here we are our dl+ row getting\par into position use those legs to pick up\par your weights find a coach and last Betty\par Lee’s let’s get into it hips back back\par astray feel that stretch pull back from\par those elbows good if you’re looking for\par a little more of a challenge on this one\par this is one that if you have a barbell\par you can swap out and use a barbell on\par this Moo yeah that’s a good\par yeah a little heavier weight totally up\par to you we encourage you to make this\par work out your own adjust it make it\par easier harder whatever it takes so it\par suits you and your specific needs\par remember to keep that core nice and\par tight keep it engaged throughout right\par like doing an ab workout without ever\par came down and ground for crunch the best\par that’s right keep it nice and tight guys\par q more she’s working that grit to Philly\par forearms working on this one as well\par that’s fine anyway our last one finish\par strong pull back on those elbows squeeze\par those glutes boom you got alright\par last set of this underhand chest press\par to the ground we go I think I’m going to\par increase my weight a little bit that’s\par it and if you’re not feeling challenged\par there’s only one reason because this\par doesn’t matter how strong you are this\par workout can challenge you you just have\par to use more weight okay always adjusting\par that weight alright we’re breathing down\par breathing in on the way down and\par exhaling on the way up so breathe in as\par you lower those dumbbells and exhale on\par the way up and that’s true for any\par exercise we’re always inhaling on the\par lowering or eccentric part of the\par movement and then exhaling on the part\par that’s hard halfway through or the\par concentric part of the movement\par excellent you’ve got a full range of\par motion control that descent as well\par don’t just allow those dumbbells to fly\par down almost there guys\par and you have one more after this whoo\par whoo all right last one finished strong\par and zero excellent job we got another\par killer superset coming your way\par I’m going to grab two dumbbells for this\par first one we’re going to do either a\par dumbbell sidelines Plus upright row or a\par dumbbell lateral squat plus upright row\par you decide which one is right for you\par I’m going to take a bigger step cloud is\par going to take a shorter step and then as\par we come up we’re going to bring those\par elbows up into an upright row I’m\par feeling that nice stretch where Claudia\par is stepping out into more of a\par traditional squat\par by the way you’re looking at a good\par challenge yes man we’re going to do six\par in each direction twelve in total here\par we are in three two one good keep good\par posture head and chest is up and as you\par stand up pull straight up on those\par elbows one wrap right into the next try\par to get good depth kick that weight back\par in your hips on this one last one those\par feet flat all right switch opposite side\par that’s it and begin opposite side now go\par pulling up on those elbows as you\par perform that upright row like you’re\par zipping up a jacket big reach two more\par making sure to breathe in breathe out\par left one and zero all right some set\par these dumbbells down we’re going to\par alternate this one with a diamond push\par up Claudia’s going to do this one from\par her knees I’m going to do it up the up\par on my feet you decide which variation is\par right for you but either way we’re\par getting into a push-up position making a\par diamond shape with their hands\par this one’s really going to emphasize\par those triceps shoulders and chest are\par getting hit as well I’m just as scared\par of urs but you can do it that’s right\par there’s nobody versions in this workout\par they’re going hard and harder alright\par eight reps here we are in three two one\par full range of motion all the way down\par all the way up going down into those\par elbows get to a 90 degree angle nice and\par controlled breathe in on the way down\par out on the way up no shame and dropping\par to your knees on this one if you need to\par or maybe you can start on your feet and\par then transition your knees and all about\par making this work out your own last line\par right here and push through okay that’s\par one down of each going back to those\par lunges plus upright rows using a weight\par that’s appropriate for you a little\par harder move probably not quite have you\par weighed on this one\par all right six in each direction you\par ready let’s do it big stabbing and power\par as you pull up weight back in the hips\par good posture taxes I keep that foot flat\par as you go down you don’t want to come\par onto your heels or onto your toes back\par job guys come on keep it up last one\par right here on the side and up all right\par opposite side now right into it no rest\par began every repetition getting just that\par much closer to your goal rep by Rep and\par getting that much closer here it is\par keep fighting guys you’re a fighter now\par let’s see it right here\par last one and pull up those elbows good\par but nothing but compound moves today one\par compound moving the neck let’s go into\par those push-ups we’re getting a lot of\par working in a short period of time today\par again using that diamond shape in your\par hands let’s get full range of motion on\par these push-ups in three two one begin\par breathe in on the way down breathe out\par on the way up and while it may be\par tempting to rush through these I do want\par you to take your time with them halfway\par through that core tight back stay\par straight you want your butt way up in\par the air Kim or even a finger on your\par knees I want to keep that back straight\par last one and hand it zero whoo guys are\par doing great here we go we got one more\par of each grab those dumbbells moving into\par that lateral lunge or squat and three\par two one let’s do it\par we’re in it together guys right there\par with you fighting through it rep by Rep\par we can’t rest so you can’t rest come on\par we’re all in it together let’s go have a\par tribe we’re yet last one on this side\par and zero opposite side now I can’t wait\par to hear all the comments about how much\par you all hate / love coach Kozak oh yeah\par like this one well has a love-hate\par relationship we understand that as long\par as you guys keep showing up and we read\par every comment that’s all we care about\par thank you so much for showing up working\par with us today all right last one right\par here\par that’s it oh there we go\par check those off the list let’s go on to\par those push-ups right here right here\par come on Hester tribe where yeah in the\par last edit e that said of these push-ups\par getting stronger every rep you’ve\par already done sixteen one six more hey I\par like that alright let’s hit it laughs\par eight of these and three eight more okay\par – sorry one all right Claudia a little\par Freudian slip there I wish it was six\par control the way up and the way down last\par eight reps come on guys you got it right\par through rep by Rep halfway you’re a\par fighter not a quitter don’t pause that\par video don’t give up just keep pushing\par two more come on pushing yourself\par there’s nobody else can do it for you\par almost there last one and zero excellent\par for our next superset we’re going to go\par back and forth between two upper body\par moves they’re antagonistic or opposite\par of one another we’re going to get\par started with a dumbbell reverse fly\par great one for the middle of your back\par rhomboids and rear delts go ahead and\par feet shoulder-width apart then over on a\par 45 degree angle bend those elbows and\par wrap your arms like you’re hugging a big\par tree now keeping those elbows bent let’s\par pull apart and squeeze the middle of\par your back and return back down we’re\par going to eight controlled repetitions\par here we are let’s get it going and three\par two one zero\par squeeze that middle of your back every\par time and this one I like to pretend like\par somebody has their finger right in the\par middle of my back and I’m trying to\par squeeze their finger it’s a good little\par mental note to make sure you’re using\par the right form so you’re not just\par pulling back on the elbows but instead\par you’re pulling apart and again wrastler\par arms like you’re wrapping your arms\par around a tree last one and zero I\par personally tend to drop my weight on\par these a lot\par it’s obviously I’m using my back muscles\par which aren’t as maybe strong as other\par parts and it’s a harder move so you\par don’t hurt or move so you may want to\par drop your weight an FYI so for the next\par we’re going to do a spin press we only\par need one dumbbell for the next one this\par one’s going to work your chest the\par opposite or antagonistic move here so go\par ahead and squeeze that one dumbbell on\par both ends now we’re going to extend your\par arms out straight keep squeezing and\par pull it back in keeping your arms out\par parallel to the ground and the whole\par time you’re squeezing and we’re with\par your chest here we are for eight\par repetitions and three two one\par squeeze as you extend and squeeze on the\par way back this is one of those exercises\par that would be so much easier if you\par could just rush your way through it in\par out in out in out but then it wouldn’t\par be nearly as effective we really want\par you to control your moves half way\par focusing on squeezing that dumbbell and\par over end throughout the whole move\par pretending like I’m trying to crush this\par thing as you can exactly\par between my tuning good I keep a slight\par bend your knees back stay straight and\par last one are air Bennie strong and zero\par Wow okay you need that second dumbbell\par we’re one down of each weave back to the\par root dumbbell reverse fly remember to\par use those legs as you pick up your\par dumbbells injury-free around here come\par on all right feet shoulder-width apart\par slight bend in those knees bent over at\par 45-degree angles\par hug your tree and now hold those\par dumbbells apart nice and controlled on\par this one you want to keep your head and\par back in a neutral position so that means\par you don’t want to be up like this but\par instead you want your head to be in line\par with your spine\par three more squeeze that back up at the\par top rat by rap nice and control last\par line\par zero fou hasslein okay one dumbbell\par spend depressed think I’m dropping my\par weight on the spend press oh mine that’s\par about the weight more but I’m so darn\par sweaty it slipping over here alright\par here we are let’s go spend for us it was\par my personal problems Oh alright here we\par are\par squeeze that dumbbell together and\par extend full range of motion good all the\par way forward all the way back really\par concentrate on contracting your chest or\par your pectoral muscles squeeze them\par throughout the whole move try our best\par to extend those arms all the way out and\par three more almost there come on keep\par fighting guys you got it you got it no\par give up in you there’s no quit in you\par let’s see right here last one oh yeah\par excellent guys pardon my lovely workout\par face I’m sure we’re both making them\par okay let’s pick up that second dumbbell\par hey if you still look cute at the end of\par your workout and you didn’t work or\par dairy on your workout yeah so I don’t\par plan on looking too cute by the end of\par this thing alright hug that tree guys\par let’s go 4 3 2 1 8 repetitions full\par range of motion on this reverse fly you\par got it really control both the way down\par and the way up it would just fling them\par back there and allow them to drop\par especially control that negative or\par lowering phase you know I move flying by\par right here last one\par and 0e alright we’re feeling good yeah\par they’re super set up their last set of\par spend but SBE and D by the way just in\par case you’re keeping track ur scoring at\par home alright\par bonus points if you can tell us where to\par originated from I don’t know so leave\par comment in the description if you do ok\par here go squeeze that dumbbell end over\par and try not to let it slide out of your\par sweaty hands and squeeze it together and\par pull it back slight bend in your knees\par keep that core nice and tight squeeze\par all that squeeze the core as well not\par just your chest\par squeeze neck core those core muscles at\par the same time who almost add feel so get\par it burn so good job way we’re right\par there with your rep by Rep were\par thousands maybe millions of the home in\par the same workout we own that saying burn\par all in it together guys last one right\par here\par sim is strong and real excellent here we\par are at our last superset of the day the\par first move\par oh she’s excited first one we’re going\par to do is either going to do it here it\par is high either a reverse lunge plus\par overhead press or a split squat plus\par overhead press you decide which one’s\par right for you anyway we’re gonna start\par with those dumbbells up in rack position\par I’m going to step back drop that back\par knee to a 90 and press overhead at the\par same time what Claudia is going to start\par in that split squat position and she’s\par just going to drop the back knee you\par decide which variation is right for you\par we’re going to do six repetitions on\par each side 12 in total here we are and\par three two one zero so you’re literally\par dropping underneath so you’re pressing\par up and dropping at the same time so it’s\par not a drop and then press but instead\par pressing up as you drop your weight down\par and back all right guys you have one\par more on this side and we’re switching up\par and zero opposite side now\par whew other leg three two one drop in\par both knees until they get down to about\par a 90 degree angle is your goal trying to\par come up before that back knee hits the\par ground if it just touches the ground\par it’s okay you don’t want a big strike\par and last one right here\par zero whew go down shoulders are on fire\par good and you can set those dumbbells\par down or move into the floor for the next\par one we’re going to get into a low plank\par position I’m going to do this one from\par on my feet Chloe’s going to be\par underneath we’re into a scapular push-up\par we’re going to start with a retraction\par bring those shoulder blades back squeeze\par one another and then protract come all\par the way up and beyond stretch get\par retrack bring them together protract\par separate them back and forth between the\par two\par keep your core nice and tight along the\par way just 12 repetitions of this one\par breathe squeeze those back muscles this\par one’s working your shoulders your back\par as well as your core nice full range of\par motion\par halfway through guys you decide if\par you’re better off from your knees or on\par your feet they’re both tough go squeeze\par those back muscles especially on that\par retraction pulling them together almost\par there\par one or rap in the next you gotta get two\par more right through it\par doesn’t look like much with us and we’ll\par kick your butt and zero oh man\par good good good I know that’s going to be\par sore tomorrow yeah so if they wanted to\par that’s one down of each back into the\par press plus reverse lunge or split squat\par one down two to go guys come on we’re\par right there with a fight through the end\par kick those dumbbells up and three two\par one begin nice work come on stick with\par it guys this point of the workout so\par important that you think about what\par brought you here today to begin with\par whatever it is\par stay focused thanks is right here and\par switch sides opposite side three two one\par right into it last six come on finish\par strong guys core stays tight good\par posture fight through it\par ah come on few more aren’t so good last\par one right here\par zero hi my shoulders are off player\par alright that’s how I know it’s working\par oh yeah you are not right to the floor\par we go guys Oh to the floor we go here we\par go low plank position\par scab breather push up and three two one\par we gain drops and squeeze throughout and\par squeeze you got it one rep right into\par the next no give up no quit in you come\par on\par not about how bad you want it stuff how\par hard you’re willing to work for it\par halfway that’s what you’re doing right\par here rep by Rep putting in the work so\par close so close come on finish strong\par everybody two more last two and here we\par are last one ah zero good do it good we\par got just one more set of each of these\par I’m gonna drop my weight ever so\par slightly so I can keep good form\par great all right here we go come on right\par here guys right there with you\par where Fiona – let’s get it going last\par set three two one and step back slide\par into the end we don’t stop when it hurts\par we stop when we’re done come on let’s go\par we’re not done yet we’re getting close\par well we’re not done last one on this\par side\par oh all right what’s your real last six\par Chanukah and begin whoo burn so good\par burn so good right there with you guys\par come on anymore grind it out grind it\par out almost there last one zero whoo all\par right nice work everybody you set those\par down last set of you scapular push-ups\par finish with this guy’s right here let’s\par go ahead to try what you got what you\par got right want you to exceed your own\par expectations today make yourself proud\par three two one begin remember you’re not\par in competition with us look in the\par mirror that’s your one and only\par competition trying to get a little bit\par better than you were yesterday\par day by day putting in the works so you\par can accomplish those goals\par doesn’t matter how slow you’re moving -\par laughs and everybody on the couch who’s\par not trying\par come on what you got getting closer guys\par getting closer\par make sure to breathe don’t want your\par breath to more edit last one finish\par strong mmm\par zero you made it huh nice work out there\par the word Claudia\par okay so workouts complete now we’re\par going to move into a nice light cooldown\par yeah\par purpose of this cooldown is to allow\par your heart rate to come down slowly\par as well as getting some extra mobility\par work and that’s my breath if you didn’t\par know it we’re going to move on over to a\par wall we’re going to do an overhead wall\par flexion so once you get your whole back\par up against that wall as well as your\par head best you can flat palms are facing\par inward now let’s bring your arms up do\par an overhead wall flexion and back down\par whoo my shoulders are tight all the way\par up oh nice and controlled we’re not\par counting any reps on this one just doing\par our best to work through that full range\par of motion all the way up all the way\par down excellent\par breathe nice and control yeah really\par focus on catching your breath inhale and\par exhale trying your best keep your whole\par back and head flat up against that wall\par we know what stuff to do my shoulders\par are on fire right now it’s alright I\par know it’s working do this one for just\par five more seconds and three two one zero\par step away from that wall we’re going to\par move into a chest opener loosen up your\par chest want you to interlock your fingers\par behind your back now let’s pull your\par chest apart as you bring your chest\par forward shoulders back feel that stretch\par in your chest for an additional stretch\par you can then bend over at your waist and\par bring those arms up and over while\par continuing to pull back you decide which\par variation is right for you although if\par you’re super sweaty\par kind of hard to keep your fingers hold\par interlocked totally your zippers 20 okay\par mean right now all right doing the best\par you can hold and stretch that chest for\par five four three two one zero come up\par slowly oh yeah slowly pass out okay\par let’s go to the floor we’re gonna do a\par sprinter stretch or a quad stretch hang\par on what you want to call it one leg out\par straight let’s go and bring that\par opposite leg back easier version is your\par leg out to the side here slightly harder\par version like Claudia’s Dennis ready\par there put more tucked underneath and for\par even more of a challenge you can then\par lean back or lie all the way back you\par decide which variation is going to be\par right for you and what’s going to\par provide the right amount of stretch this\par is a good amount of stretch for me right\par here with all stretches you want to\par we’re all static stretches you want to\par try to take into like 85 90 percent of\par what you’re capable of you want to take\par it to the point where it hurts and you\par actually can do some pain feel that\par stretch in that quad some nice big deep\par breaths whoo\par give yourself a big pat on the back\par think about how awesome this workout was\par and you’re done for the day\par right just check this off your list\par switch sides in two one zero that’s it\par and just be proud of what you’ve\par achieved so far today no matter what you\par do or don’t do for the rest of the day\par you have this workout to hang your hat\par on and be proud for what you’ve achieved\par and if ever were easy everybody be\par working out everybody be fit but my\par goodness are they not because this takes\par a lot of where it takes a lot of work\par everything in your day to day life from\par busy routine to sedentary requirements\par you know sitting in car computer all\par working against you to your nutrition\par options especially oh my goodness is\par Metacom barded with organizations yep so\par way to stick with it today two-one-zero\par all right we’re going to move into a\par figure four stretch once you go ahead\par and lie down on your back\par one foot down flat bring that opposite\par leg and knee up I want you to reach\par through your legs to grab that knee and\par bring that knee in as you stretch this\par side you’ll feel a stretch in your hip\par stretching your IT band your quad and\par your glutes on this one try your best to\par bring that opposite leg in you can’t\par quite reach through you can just do it\par just by grabbing that leg\par or maybe you’re here again make this\par stretch your own do you have to do to\par make it work for you again just use this\par time to be proud of what you’ve achieved\par so far today nice big deep breaths\par three two one zero\par excellent switch it up opposite side now\par getting closer guys we’re getting closer\par reach through and pull again this is a\par great one for your hips and your\par performance if you have any sciatic\par nerve pain close your IT band which will\par help with any knee pain just making time\par for this mobility work here we’re going\par to be working as hard as we are we also\par have to focus on restoration work and\par keeping our body healthy pulling it in\par here for five four three two one zero\par okay we’re going to turn to our right\par side now and you’re moving to what’s\par called a page-turner so go ahead and\par roll onto your right side completely\par bring one knee up both knees are bent at\par a 90 degree angle and arms are out in\par front of you now we’re going to do a\par page turners we’re going to open up the\par book and I want you to look at that\par opposite direction as you open the book\par and then rotate back nice and slow and\par controlled actually want you to look in\par that direction too you’re looking over\par your opposite side shoulder this one’s\par again great for that thoracic spine for\par your hips shoulders\par multiple body parts you can stretch out\par on this one lower back I’m all about\par these efficient moves getting multiple\par body parts hit and just one move because\par hey you know we’re all busy so we have\par to be as efficient as we can with our\par routines on this last one I want you to\par stretch and hold now just hold good try\par best keep that outside knee on the\par ground\par just keep looking over that shoulder\par stretch stretch stretch four five four\par three two one bring it back close that\par book okay flip it over one more time on\par the opposite side and this is it right\par here everybody getting so close to the\par end get that opposite side knee up both\par knees are bent at a 90 bring those hands\par together and now let’s slowly open that\par book Oh feel that stretch and come back\par and it’s not uncommon to have one side\par feel tighter than the other\par you’ll hear Claudia and I mention that\par all the time that’s alright I even\par switched from week to week that’s right\par it’s nothing wrong with you it’s totally\par normal\par it’s just something to monitor be self\par aware of your body at all times\par part of longevity and fitness is really\par just getting to know your body\par understanding when you’re being\par overworked or underwater or we just\par happen to predominantly sleep on one\par side yeah right so we have I know I’ve\par mentioned it before I have shoulder\par issues on my left side because that’s\par the side I sleep on so and put yourself\par aware of it yeah go important all right\par let’s open this book one last time and\par we’re gonna hold hold and stretch big\par stretch for 5 4 3 2 1 0 close that book\par one last time and that’s it\par we made it oh my god my gosh I wonder\par how much water I just know you’re chug\par some water excellent work give this guy\par a salt pack for real excellent work out\par there thank you so much for sticking\par with us and grinding through it right to\par the very end yep if you liked this\par workout you’ve been working out with us\par for a while and you’re starting to see\par some results we\par encourage you to please go check out our\par patreon page where you can find out more\par the how you can support our mission of\par keeping these great workouts free and if\par you enjoyed this routine with us today\par we ask that you give this video a big\par thumbs up and please subscribe to our\par YouTube channel so that you never miss a\par brand-new workout from Hospice make sure\par to check out has fit calm where we have\par hundreds of free workouts just like this\par one our free meal plans and our free\par complete fitness programs and calendars\par and if you are on Facebook Instagram\par Twitter snapchat whatever social media\par outlet is your favorite come find us\par we’re there and come connect with us\par again thank you so much for hanging out\par with us today it’s been our privilege\par I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we\par will see you at your next workout\par


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