Intermediate Difficulty with Beginner and Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

This hiit cardio and arm workout can be done anywhere, anytime. Burn calories while you strengthen and sculpt your biceps and triceps with only a towel and a chair, box, or step. This is a great routine for both men and women.

HIIT Cardio Workout without Equipment

Part1: Complete two round of 50 seconds of each exercise:
Predator Jack (drop down in open squat) / Seal Jack
High Plank Hot Hands / from Knees
One leg Pogo Jumps / Pogo Jumps
Double Crab Kick / Crab Kicks
High Knee + Burpee / Run in place + Mod Burpee
T Rotations / from Knees
Split Squat Jump / Split Switch Jump
Bear Plank Walkout / Bear Plank Step Backs
Speed Bag Forward & Back Run / Speed Bag + Run in place
Knee Tuck / Squat Jump

Arm Workout without Weights

Part 2: Complete 2 Rounds of 30 seconds of each movement:
Standing / Seated Leg Resisted Curl
Manual Triceps ext / from Chair
Hammer Iso Curl / 5 sec Iso Curl 1 sec Rest
Close Grip Push Up / from Knees
Reverse Towel Curl + Pull Out
Chair Dips / Bent Knee

hey everyone it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia welcome to our cardio and arms routine now this workout doesn’t require any weights whatsoever but you will want to grab a towel and then either a chair box or a step I’m going to do the intermediate through Advanced exercises and follow along with me for all of those beginner modifications now this workout is broken up into two parts the first part we’re gonna get your heart rate up with our cardio routine and in part two we’re going to carve and shred those arms now if you want to get a little warmed up before this work up against just go ahead and click that link in the upper left hand corner to start our warm-up workout otherwise we’re going to get right into this thing I hope you are as excited as we are let’s go we’re getting started with a predator jack or a seal Jack you decide which one is right for you today we’re going to open up your arms and I’m jumping forward dropping down or quality is basically doing a modified jumping jack I want you to breathe through every movement today we’re not counting any reps so I want you to work at your own pace we’re just getting as many in in a lot of time period as possible and if you notes my arms guys I’m cute my elbows close to my body so none of this wide elbow movement just keep it nice and tight exactly nice work not much left on this first one already burning those legs out and five four three two one and done okay we’re going to the ground for the next one I’m grabbing a map for my knees and we’re gonna do from a high plank position high plank hot hand so it’s like a hot feet quick feet but only with your hands right so bring your hands up about one to two inches up off the ground keep your core tight I just want you to move your hands as fast as you can’t hi aunt you decide whether you’re on your knees like Claudia or if you up in the high plank position like me but either way I want you to keep that core nice and tight good work guys keep it up breathe moving moving moving you got it you got it breathe stick and move stick and move here we go let’s go ten more seconds on this one how many can you get the next five four three two one we’re up on our feet into a pogo jump I’m going to do a one-foot pogo jump plot is going to do too what is this is just heal elevated off the ground all balls of the feet no he’ll contact stay light and breathe good you decide which bride is right for you doing a one-foot we’re going to switch here and three two one switch otherwise just go ahead and continue think you’re a pogo stick bouncing up and down nice and fast there you go hot feet quick light touches that’s what it’s all about you have neighbors underneath you I don’t want them to hear you good breathe let’s go five more seconds on this one that’s it almost there and 3 2 10 going into some crab kick snacks he’s way to get rid of favorites not at all actually crab position and we’re either gonna kick individually or explosive dynamic kicks you decide which one is right for you today good breathe keep a little bend in those elbows throw em all the way locked out ever go good this one’s hitting a lot of different body parts all at one time yeah I was gonna try to give this one to Claudia earlier haha she wouldn’t have a dog Oh Carly bitch let’s go guys you got it you gotta keep pushing not much time left on this one let’s go five more seconds three two one nice we’re up we’re either gonna do a high knee to Burpee one two three four five six or a modified or you’re just gonna go one two three four five six and then hands on a box and come on out now it’s too much for you go ahead and for your modified just step out and step out and come back up so it’s all about making this work out your own so we gave you three different versions of this Burpee you decide which one is right for you today so this is the one movement as you see you may want a chair step or box oh nice yeah 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 and up no let’s go I know since kicking my butt to almost there five four three two one nice okay we’re getting down into a high plank position next for some tea rotations here they’re doing this one from your knees or from up top and a high plank position coming from that plank position twisting tire body together twisting that core keeping it nice and straight reaching up we’ve decided which one of these two is going to be right for you today but I want to make sure you keep your hips up nice and oh so your back is nice and straight at the same time you don’t want your butt way up in the air either and for this movement on the modified one I’m happening to leave both of my knees down onto the mat for this T rotation but if you feel more comfortable I mean all the way up and bringing one meet up off of the mat then go ahead and do so making sure to breathe throughout though this is definitely one that becomes easy to hold your breath it’ll mess you up especially with all these other crazy workouts we’re doing along the way all right let’s hit it for five four three two one and we’re up all right we’re either going into a split squat jump or a split jump you decide which one’s right for you we’re swinging her arms back using her arms as momentum to jump and to switch but you’ll see I’m dropping that back knee all the way down and I’m just going into a little bit of a quarter squat yeah she just keeping soft knees or I’m actually squatting down I am using my arms must like that I’ve got momentum to move on up yeah get that power from your arms and if you see my balance is a little wobbly tonight just find us something to focus your eyes on if you’re just doing these split jumps nice work almost there let’s go five more seconds on this one four three two one nice okay we’re going into a bear plank position which is on all fours I’m gonna do a bear plank walk out like Claudia’s gonna do a bear plank step back so I’m walking up my hands which still feels pretty terrible after those split jumps either way your legs are going to be feeling after this one and if you’re not feeling either right now you can just hold the position again make this work out your own comeback do it off and get a little bit better every time so it’s all about nice work come on keep it up guys I know it’s hurting doing great we’re hurting there with you walking out good five four three two one and we’re up we’re gonna go a speed bag plus either run in place or speed back run forward and back and I just got fast feet over here see we’re rotating at the elbows on nice little circles right good seeing under control those arms moving fast and I want you switch other way so if you’re going forward now come back with your hands punch in the opposite direction good come on keep it up guys keep it up push it push it what do you got put it out there nice not much left five four three two one all right here we go I got knee tucks oh man claudia has squat jumps you decide which one is right for you either way I want you to land softly with your weight in your hips every time good big power everything you got exploding up and soft landings good you got it little bending those knees but back big power up good keep it going let’s go ten more seconds almost there almost there fight guys you’re a fighter not a quitter right here right here and three two one nice work end of the first round first one is for your biceps we’re going to use that towel thank you ma’am so we’re going to use the towel in a few different interesting ways today the first one is going to be for just a traditional curl I’m going to do it from a standing position where cloudy’s going to do it from a seated position this one also requires a little bit more balance all right so we’re going to start with your pinkies down we’re gonna use your foot and leg as resistance and then curl your pinkies in as you come up so the unique thing about this one is you get to decide how much resistance is appropriate we’re not going to count wraps we’re just going to get as many good repetitions and as we can and a lot of time period so you get to like I said you get to choose that resistance and don’t be nice on yourself all right don’t make it easy nice good curl those pinkies in like I said this one requires little bit of balance at the same time nice ok let’s go ten more seconds excellent giving yourself that resistance curl those pinkies in up at the top and three two one and excellent ok so we can set this one down we’re going to move on to the next one so for the next one I’m going to do it on the ground buddy’s going to use her heart box for this one but like we said you can certainly use a chair as well we’re going to move into a manual tricep extension so we’re going to use our body weight as resistance I’m going to come from the ground here i’m only going to bend at my elbows with my hands out in front of me coming down touching my elbows to the ground and back up easier version as you see Claudia doing not easy but again only bending at the elbows keeping a core tight and bending and keeping those elbows in not allowing them to flare out you decide which version is right for you good full range of motion all the way up all the way down the own those triceps starting to work here we go in five four three two one and done excellent okay so we need a towel again for the next one similar to the first one a little bit different that we’re going to use a different hand positions you move this out of the way here we’re gonna use a different hand position a hammer hand position so we’re going to have our palms facing one another grabbing the towel on both sides again we’re going to use their feet both of these movements are going to be from the standing position we’re gonna bend over weights in my hips I’m going to head with my palms facing one another who have my elbows at a 90 degree angle we’re gonna do an ISO curl so that means isometric just hole pull and hold I’m gonna hold for the whole 30 seconds Claudia is going to pull for five seconds relax and then back up so you decide if you want to go the whole time or if you want to do it in smaller intervals good keep pulling and try to keep those elbows at a 90 degree angle alright so see that angle that my elbows around try to get there and keep it there excellent those biceps working we’re moving around hitting all the different bicep and tricep heads today all the different muscles of the arms are going to get hit in this workout good not much left me five more seconds and four three two one and done okay good moving on to the next one going back to the triceps we’re going to a close grip pushup so from the ground I’m going to do a push-up up on my feet and Claudia’s going to do it from her knees we’re gonna have our hands shoulder-width apart up into that high plank position I’m going to keep my elbows in as I travel down up against my side and back up full range of motion so yes this one is going to work your chest and your shoulders a little bit but if keep those elbows in really helps hit the triceps back of the arm full range of motion and if you have to mid set no big deal switching from this top position to the bottom position on your knees is he even that one is not easy no it isn’t as a Claudia these are always my favorite read least favorite that’s what you mean I always get the eye roll any time I tell her we’re doing them ah good not many left fighting through guys let’s go in five four three two one and done okay coming back up towel again we’re going to do a reverse pull out curl so grabbing your towel again hands are about shoulder width apart this time on a towel palms are down wrists are straight levels are in tucked into our side we’re going to get a full range of motion curl but we’re pulling out the whole time like you’re trying to spread that towel and pull that towel up are really going to feel this one in your forearms and your grip works pretty quick huh I know it doesn’t it doesn’t look like much and you’re just pulling the towel part but really blast those form of bicep muscles I like this one good Bonaparte so even when you’re the top and at the bottom don’t stop pulling apart excellent not much left on this one good give me five four three two one good ok so tell to the side we’re going to need that chair that box again when I grab one we’re doing a chair dip so Claudia is going to do it with her knees bent I’m gonna do with my legs out straight which makes it a little bit harder and if you really want to kick up the intensity I’m not going to do it today but you can also LOL avater feet to make it just that much harder so but the key is when you’re doing this one not to use your hips notice how cloudy is not bringing her butt up like this while she’s doing it but it said she’s keeping those knees bent throughout really trying to make the triceps do the work leaving everything else out of the equation good fighting through read feeling it I’m feeling it and five four three two one and done good job okay that’s the end the end of the first round one more round one to go everybody okay so one round down one to go if you need some water now’s the time otherwise you those arms out yeah shake them get rid of that lactic acid I know just for being my own bodyweight workout we’re going to get it good today I promise okay five more seconds then we’re getting back into that stick either standing or seated curl and three two one and go so remember we’re going curling pinkies up and in on the way up so at the very top curl knows pinkies in getting that extra bicep contraction if you’re doing the standing version working on your balance at the same time nice push yourself on this one you get to control that resistance don’t be easy on yourself let’s go remember what you came here for what’s your why what goal you working on how do you want those arms to look feel kind of strength you wanted to have focus on something made you start this workout today excellent work we got five four three two one and done good okay moving on to a manual tricep extension so for this one I’ll go into our knees cloudy’s going to use your chair her box and I’m gonna do it just on the ground further out in front you put your hands the harder this one gets you just drop those elbows down and the further out you put your knees on this one the harder it is also true exactly so the more underneath you are the easier it’ll be wrapping them out getting as many in as you can that a lot of time period and if you really want to kick it up you come find your feet and do them from here you decide which one is right for you today who those triceps burnin oh my goodness do I ever get up upper body workout video yesterday too we’re feeling it nice work guys we don’t have much left stay focus to those abs tight me five four three two one and done my goodness alright we’re up on her feet let’s keep that pace up triceps have any gas left for the chair this oh and the push-ups I forgot about those okay we’re doing hammer curl next with the towel so getting the hammer grip that means palms facing one another like we’re hammering alright so grabbing each side bending over getting in that absolute perfect position we can get your elbows at a 90 degree angle and just pull so you find what that right combo is if it’s just pulling the whole 30 seconds if it’s five seconds in your ass if it’s ten seconds if it’s too whatever it is push yourself let’s go nice work everybody go to that happy place pull pull pull pull pull pull keep those elbows at a 90 come on home like your life depends on it because it does let’s go you’ve got it you’ve got a pull give me 10 seconds that’s it just 10 line last 10 seconds almost there and five four three two one and rest ok so moving on I’m gonna use this a load my forehead perfect heaven Eddie can move on to a close grip pushup round remember hands are shoulder width the park we’re in a high plank position and those elbows just come up right to our sides full range of motion get those elbows to a 90 before you come back up no shame and drop into your knees on this one especially with all these other movements we’ve been doing hard and fast today getting everything you need and just these two rounds come back repeat this workout get a little bit better at it every single time that’s how change happens right your body’s gonna adapt its stronger you got it not much left there but not much left and five four three two and done okay so we’re up again we got that reverse pull out curl so palms facing down that’s why it’s a reverse Oh couple deep breaths pulling out on that towel all the way up all the way down I’m gonna need some new shirts after this one sorry it was a bad corny joke took night minute I was like not even my wife laughed at that’s why you know it’s bad she doesn’t laugh as a strikeout all the way up all the way down pulling apart everybody pulling apart you got it nice they’re burning burn so good burn so good don’t stop pulling apart don’t stop pulling apart don’t pause this video either come on let’s go fight with me we don’t have much left all the way to the end everybody all the way to the end give me five more seconds on this one and four three two one done okay to the side it goes and we got chair dips that’s it last one it’s chair out let’s get some dips in and let’s call it a day all right in position your knees bent legs straight you decide but stark going all the way up all the way down full range of motion nice work everybody fighting through that burn your arms are telling you they’re done but you don’t have to listen to him you can push through you can persevere same thing is true and everything in life pushing through pushing through nice work not much left almost there give me five four three 210 ah that was good short quick and effective until about Claudia’s face she loved it / hated it daddy’s at work if you liked this video make sure to give it a big ol thumbs up and subscribe to our YouTube channel check out hasfit comrie with free workouts free meal plans free fitness programs all they’re all for you for free that’s right follow us on any social media platform that you may be on because we’re there we got Facebook Twitter snap Instagram it’s just the list goes on and on we are they’re putting out motivation for you thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you today I’m coach Kozak I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout

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