Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Running short on time, but still need to get in a good workout? This 20 minute HIIT cardio workout will get your heart rate up, work your total body, and can be done anywhere. There’s no equipment required for this routine, but you may add light dumbbells or water bottles for extra resistance.

Warm Up
Step Back and Reach
Upright Row + Rotation + Reach
Overhead Posterior Swing + Calf Raise

20 Minute HIIT Cardio Workout at Home

Side Raise + Run in Place
Dumbbell Double Punch
Front / Back Hops / 1,2,3,4
Knee Chop
Lateral 1,2,3
Bent Over Row + Fly
Faux Jump Rope Run in Place
Mountain Climbers / Modified
Front Squat + Push Jerk
Bent Over Punch Out
Faux Jump Rope One Foot / Two
Alternating DB Snatch
Switch Jumps + Twist / Switch Steps
Arm Crossover Jacks / Modified
Overhead High Knee / March

Cool Down
Rotator Cuff Stretch
Toes on Wall Calf Stretch
Cobra to Child’s Post

what’s up has fit tribe it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a fast paced cardio workout today’s routine can be performed with just your body weight only but if you want to add a little resistance feel free to grab a pair of light hand weights water bottles or even soup cans follow me for the standard moves and follow me for some easier modifications if you’re ready to go then let’s do it [Music] let’s begin with a warm-up first one for today is gonna be a step back and reach sort with your feet shoulder-width apart we’re gonna step back with your right leg and reach to your left side up and across now come back this time reaching to your right side and stepping back with your left leg alternating sides right and then left not a race on this one this one’s gonna loosen up your hip flexors quads a little bit of your thoracic spine and shoulders multiple body parts getting loosened up and warmed up on this one and I can account any repetitions today and the point of this move here and this warm-up is just to increase your overall body temperature as well as warming up your muscles and joints making sure to breathe throughout get a nice big reach looking up at that hand as you reach up and across and depending on your fitness level you may want a little bigger step back or you might be good with a shorter one you go ahead and decide what’s right for you today but we’re gonna move on here in five four three two one and zero all right moving into an upper body move neck specifically for your shoulders and back let’s do an upright row start with your feet shoulders apart shoulders are back bring those elbows up now we’re gonna do a rotation flip those hands around and now reach up overhead bring the elbows back down now in a reverse direction hands down so those elbows up rotate over and reach and back down reverse it great one to warm up those shoulders those rotator cuffs gain that extra mobility again I’m ready for this action that is on the way it’s gonna be a good one it is I plan on sweating up a storm see if I can I’ll probably break a sweat in this warm up honestly alright even though shoulders back full range of motion and breathe not much left on this one make sure getting a big reach up at the top four five four three two one and zero all right next one we’re going to loosen up your posterior chain which is your lower back hamstrings and glutes at the same time getting your heart rate up a little bit feet are a little wider than shoulder-width toes are pointed out little bend in those knees we’re gonna do a posterior swing swing those hands between your legs pushing your hips back and then hands up overhead onto the balls of your feet so it might take you a couple of repetitions to get into the flow of this one keep that back straight as you come down and as you come down really driving those hips behind you and driving your glutes behind you like you’re trying to touch the wall behind you with your glutes that’s right so definitely hinging and not turning this into a squat right we’re not coming down and squatting down the major bend at the knees but instead it’s all in those hips hips back hips forward and then coming up onto the balls of the feet loosening up those calves we’re gonna do a lot of dynamic moves today keeping this one up making sure to breathe and again going at a nice warm-up pace whatever that looks like for you faster than us might be slower than us it’s gonna be up to you to make this workout your own throughout today’s routine keep this one up here for just five four three two one zero excellent okay warm-up is complete let’s do it and ready for this I’m ready for this okay if you are using hand weights like dumbbells water bottles two camps whatever it may be good worry about the first one yeah or if you just want to use your body weight totally cool as well we’re gonna do a side raise plus run in place it’s a thirty second set and we’re getting as many reps in as we can yep here we are I’m ready two one zero It’s Showtime everybody making sure to breed hot feet in as many steps in as you can keep those palms facing down bring your arms up and out – they’re parallel to the ground you got it and again throughout today’s routines can be up to you to make it your own by increasing the weight lowering the weight whatever that may be or even move here we go guys three two one and break all right right into the next one we’re gonna do a dumbbell punch out feet shoulder-width apart weight back in your hips palms are facing one another good posture pushing out and pulling back those not just about the push but also the pull back from the elbows that’s right how fast can you go that’s it getting as many as you can today’s work I was gonna work both your upper and lower body so it is a cardio workout but we’re getting the whole body involved today that’s it feel that heart rate cone up it’s work and we can feel it come on breathe all right guys here we go we got five more seconds I see it push them to the end three two one zero okay you set the hand weights down for the next one little footwork move here next I’m gonna go do a forward and back jump light and on the balls of my feet I’m actually gonna do a one two three four she’s stepping forward and stepping back you decide if you want to do the jump or the step hop feet hot feet everything you got like you’re stepping over an invisible line anyway moving those feet as fast as you can my version is a little bit higher impact than Claudius so choose accordingly for your needs either way feet hot feet that’s it say either way get as many quick light ground contacts as you can come on pushing that pace bushing it give a little bend in those knees go guys we got five seconds that’s it fight you to the end four three two one zero all right we need if you’re using your hand weights we need just one for the next one we’re gonna do a knee chop Feder staggered one leg back both arms up on that one dumbbell gonna pull in and chop it contracting those ABS and crunching as you bring that knee up and in fast pace get it going again breathe step that leg back every time extend those arms up overhead on every rep it’s like you’re you have a big watermelon in your hands and trying to break it over your knee breathe crunch those abs get them engaged another total body move here lower body upper body abs all getting hit five more seconds on this side and then we’re switching switching into 1-0 same move just switch which leg is in front get right into it try to eliminate that downtime keeping the pace up right here as this workout progresses and it gets tougher it’s gonna be just that much more important for you to focus on what it is it brought you here today whatever your goals are whatever it is that motivates you focus on it keep it at the front of your mind here we go in three two one and zero excellent all right you can set your dumbbell or hand weight to the side if you’re using it we don’t need it we’re gonna do a lateral one two three so we’re gonna take three steps laterally one two three then to the opposite side one two three get into it a little faster as you get more comfortable and I’m actually just gonna be doing the steps so I’m not gonna be doing the high knee like coach Kozak simply moving my feet one two three from side to side you decide which one is it we’re proprietary one eventually need to move on to the easier one either way just making it your own did you get comfortable with the move pick up the pace a little bit that’s it making sure to breathe I’ll hold that breath you know a nice little rhythm here 1 2 3 1 2 3 right here we go opposite arm and legs working together guys yet five more seconds on this one make a count let’s go to 1 & 0 all right if you’re using hand weights picking them back up next one’s an upper body move feet shoulder-width apart then over 45 degree angle were gonna do a bent over row pull back on those elbows back down now fly pulling back an apart row fly row knots to move like getting right into it making sure to breathe alternating between the two on that row just pulling straight back on the elbows and on the fly keeping a slight bend in those elbows as you pull apart and squeeze in the middle of your back making sure to not hold your breath but keep breathing throughout keep it moving let’s go how many can you get pushing yourself right here five more seconds pushing yourself because nobody else can or will do it for you 1 & 0 alright we’re moving into a full jump rope + run in place so we’re moving our hands just as if we have a jump rope and then we’re running in place with the hot feet again you decide if you want to use hand weights for this one we’re just your own bodyweight I also decide at what pace you can keep up on that that’s right run in place either way pushing yourself right here defeating the you who couldn’t do it yesterday not competing with us competing with yourself getting a little bit better every day right here come on grind it out have a try what do you got let’s go move move move don’t hold your breath or whatever you do here we go in five four three two one zero all right hand weights this side we’re moving to the floor for a classic killer move I’m moving into a traditional mountain climber starting in a high plank position bringing those knees up and I max the mountain climbing but I’m gonna be doing the toe tap and then right back down so you decide which pace is appropriate for you if your core tight slight bend in your elbows this one’s working your shoulders triceps abs and legs everything everything all getting hit at the same time and chest come on keep it up right here would you come here for remind yourself what are you working towards what is it what’s it gonna take to achieve it come on stay focused on it right here right here in five four three two one and zero all right whoa back on the feet keep it going has four tribe grabbing our hand weights if you’re using them feet are shoulder-width apart moving into a front squat plus push jerk weight back in your hips full squat then as you stand up drive those dumbbells hand weights water bottle soup cans or just your hands straight up overhead every time we perform that squat we’re sitting back putting our weight in our hips keeping our feet flat on the ground then you’re using that energy from your legs to blast those weights or your hands straight up overhead keeping your knees out head up chest up and core nice and tight and breathe breathe in on the way down and exhale on the way up come on big power right here right here what do you got make it count have a try oh yeah let’s go here we go in five four three two one zero nice work excellent all right holding onto your hand weights for the next one moving into it bent over punch out then over 45-degree angle and we’re punching straight down making sure to rotate those hands them all the way back up to your chest and breathe core stays tight and this is more of an upper body cardio move but your legs are gonna be engaged just to hold you in this position that’s it come on big power right here let all that stress out right here whatever’s weighing you down get it out let’s go come on let’s go ahead for tribe what do you got there sis what’s wrong here we go guys in three two one zero nice ok I’m gonna do a faux jump rope on one foot and I’m gonna do the faux jump rope on both feet you decide which one’s right for you I’m gonna switch halfway through either way we’re staying lighting on the balls of our feet keeping a slight Bandhan night me trying our best to avoid heel contact yeah very important keep that ball the foot all on that calf yeah bouncy ball not a rock I sit and switch if you’re doing the one leg keep it up keep it up come on hot feet how many little light touches can you get right here that’s it come on Bri how much luck guys and move in five four three two one zero all right we have a Olympic weightlifting inspired move next one-arm dumbbell snatch feet are shoulder-width apart bend over using your hips as a hinge and then bring that dumbbell that elbow straight up as you swing that dumbbell up overhead so pull up on that elbow and then flip that dumbbell up overhead pulling with your back using those legs and we’re just moving again it’s about getting as many in as you can not about using a lot of weight on this it’s about speed speed and consistency many can you get that’s it come back repeat this routine try to get just a few more than you did the first time much longer guys let’s go Oh grind it out grind it out five four three two one and zero just one hand wait if you’re using it for the next one moving into a switch jump plus twist feet are staggered stance it’s a hand weight this on the side of that front lead leg and I’m gonna switch and jump and I’m doing the step back so I’m just stepping back with the opposite leg and twisting into that stationary leg the moves are basically the same but mine is a little more dynamic where cloud is a little more little more impact that’s right you decide what’s right for you at this point in time in the workout depending on what you got left come on good stretching those obliques that’s it working your legs your balance agility athleticism your core all working right here all right now let’s go have much longer guys get after that pace up don’t slow down let’s go we go in five four three two one and zero all right I’m gonna pick up my second hand wait for this next one I’m actually gonna just use my body weight here we’re doing an arm crossover and at the same time I’m gonna do a leg crossover and I’m actually doing the modified version of that one so just using one leg crossing my arms over one another and then side to side with a butt kick that’s right you decide if you want to do more dynamic version I’m crossing over opposite arm and leg alternating which arm is on top and which foot is in front come on let’s go let’s go have fit tribe well yeah we’re yeah right there working with you all right guys you have five more seconds there we go finish this ring two-one-zero whoo all right hand weights are back up if you’re using them both arms straight up overhead I’m gonna do an overhead high knee and I’m actually gonna do an overhead March did you decide what’s right for you because those arms up that’s right get those legs moving right in those knees up if you’re doing the March do the best you can they’re both tough neither one is easy but just keep moving it behind yourself what brought you here today to begin with if it’s right guys what is it what are you working on it let’s get after it right here keep them before nice and tight remembering to breathe through the movement almost there almost there that’s right guys all right guys five more seconds here we go in five four three 1 & 0 whoo nice that workout kicked my butt excellent work coach I think it’s safe to say I could use a new shirt good one all right we’re moving into the cool-down and the purpose of this cool-down is allow your heart rate to come down slowly and at the same time gain some extra mobility first move is going to be a rotator cuff stretch good posture shoulders are back let’s take one hand and put it just behind your back and I’m actually going to modify that a bit and put my hand right here on my hip now a little harder version is to grab your elbow a little easier version is up here in your arm you decide what’s right for you we’re gonna gently pull forward on that elbow or that arm not a lot of range of motion on this one and we’re just gonna hold it’s a static stretch and any of these static stretches we’re taking in about 85 90 percent of what you’re capable of I want to feel a good stretch but we don’t want pain we’re gonna switch sides and three two one zero opposite side now again great one for those rotator cuffs loosen up those shoulders a lot of work in today on them again gently pulling forward if you decide if it’s better for your hand behind your back or on your hip slightly easier and we’re just gonna hold it let’s do this one four five four three two one zero all right we’re gonna work our way on over to the wall but you could also use like a couch or a table for this one we’re going to do a toe on the wall stretch so I’m going to take your foot in your balls of your feet I’m gonna place them up on the wall now we’re gonna bring your knee closer to the wall as we stretch those toes back and you’ll also feel a stretch in the bottom of your foot this one’s stretching your plantar fascial as well as your calves proving that overall calf and ankle mobility so it feels great after all of those faux jump ropes and one two three fours all those plyo moves for sure and that’s exactly why we’re doing it the very effective moves but they can take a lot Audia so it’s important that we also focus on that covering we’re gonna switch sides in three two one alright gonna put that opposite side footing balls of the feet up on the wall and we’re slowly bringing that knee closer to the wall to feel that stretch and your calf ankle and the bottom of your foot and depending on which one of those three is the tightest is probably where you’re gonna feel it the most but it is working in all three areas and again it’s just a whole little static stretch loosening up that ankle joint four three two one zero excellent okay we’re gonna move to the floor for the last one I’m going to work on that spine with a little yoga inspired move let’s go ahead and slowly come on down to the floor and we’re gonna get into a Cobra position so in a prone position both feet flat on the ground palms are facing are down and your fingers are facing forward we’re gonna stretch up look up and get into that Cobra position bringing that chin up and breathe feeling that stretch and your whole anterior abs hip flexors quads and now let’s transition back bring those hips back and we’re going to sit down into a child’s pose this time working that back shoulders quadriceps all getting stretched on this one and just come down as far as you can it may be further than us and may not be as far as us just make it your own loosen up those shoulders get those shoulders to stretch as well bring that head down and then let’s come back for transition into that coal girl head up squeezing those glutes feel that stretch and your hip flexors and your quadriceps your abs chin is up nice big deep breaths here and let’s transition back into that Child’s Pose nice controlled pace here controlled breathing and this is a great time to just take a second to be proud of what you’ve achieved so far today if working out we’re easy everybody be fed everybody be in great shape but they’re not it’s what makes you so special for showing up today and getting a little bit better one last time forward into that Cobra and nice big relaxing deep breaths no matter what the rest of the day brings you can be proud of yourself that you’ve checked this one off your list workout is complete and last one sitting back into that Child’s Pose just a few big deep breaths and five four three two one zero and that’s it folks slowly come up we don’t want you to pass out on us or just stay down or just stay down we have to stand good you know feel free to hang out down there thank you so much for working out with us today and pushing it right to the very end if you enjoy today’s routine you’ve been working out with us for a while and hanging off my sweaty behind and who encouraged you to please go check out our patreon page we can find out more about how you can support our mission of keeping these great workouts free and if you enjoyed this workout with us today we ask that you’d give it a big thumbs up and hit that red subscribe button so that you never miss another brand new workout from house fit make sure to check out has fit calm or we have hundreds of free workouts just like this one including our free complete fitness programs and meal plans and if you are on Facebook Instagram snapchat Twitter come find Hospit and connect with us because we want to connect with you thank you so much for giving us the privilege and honor of working out with you today I’m gonna go hit the showers until next time I’m Coach Kozak and Claudia and we will see you at your next workout