Intermediate Difficulty with Beginner and Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

You won’t believe how much you can accomplish in just a 15 minute workout! Use this cardio hiit workout burn calories and build strength at the same time. There’s no equipment required, but you may wish to utilize a mat for comfort.

Kick & Twist / Knee & Twist
Butt Kick with Arm Circle
Skier Swings

Cardio HIIT Home Workout without Equipment

Complete 2 rounds of each exercise for 50 seconds:
Scissor Jumps / Switch Jumps
Bear Plank Walkout w/ Pushup / No pushup
Skaters / Lateral Juke
Bear Plank Box Walks / High Plank
Broad Jump + Hop Back / Hop Forward & Back
High Plank Elbow to Knee / from Knees (kickback)
180 Squat Jumps / 180 Squats
Bear Plank Updowns / from Knees
Runner’s Skip / Runner’s Stepback
Crab Reach / Rest in Between

Cool Down
Chest Opener
Upright Row + External Rotation
Toe Touch

[Music] hey everybody it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a hit home workout without equipment this workout will help you to burn a bunch of calories all while building lean muscle and strength follow me for those beginner modifications and follow me for the intermediate through Advanced exercise all right let’s go all right we’re going to start with a quick little light warm-up the first thing we’re going to do is either a kick and twist or a knee and twist you decide which versions right for you the version I’m doing requires a little more flexibility but either way I want you to bring up that opposite side leg twist into it keep your arms out straight and big making sure to breathe get a nice full 180 degree twist in if you can remember moving out a warm up pace here so this isn’t the actual workout yet I want you to burn yourself out just trying to get that heart rate up get the muscles nice and warm all right let’s breathe good posture on this one let’s keep it up for five four three two one and zero we’re moving into a buck kick plus arm circle so it’s kind of like a jumping jack but we’re going side to side lifting that opposite side leg up kicking your butt with your heel if you can again moving at a warm-up pace and that might be a little slower or a little bit faster than we’re doing now we’re not going to count any repetitions today just going to be about getting in as many reps in as you can and a lot of time periods and moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with we’re just going to keep encouraging you to make this workout your own good let’s keep this one up there five four three two and one nice last one in the warm-up we’re going to do a skier swing B either shoulder width apart little bend the knee go swing those arms back behind you driving your hips back and then try your hips forward as you stand up straight bringing those arms up overhead really want you to get your backside posterior chain involved in this one feel that stretch in your hamstrings in order to do so you just keep that slight bend in here and your knees and then drive your hips and your glutes back as you bend over really loosen up that whole posterior chain feels good get nice and loose getting ready to work here guys use this warmup time to get your head right it’s focused what drives you what is it alright let’s get this one going four five four three two one zero all right throughout the course of today’s workout Claudia and I can be performing different moves up to you to decide which one is right for you first one we’re going to do is either a scissor jump we’re both starting a stagger stance I’m dropping this back knee and Claudia is just going to switch those feet so you decide if you want to do the scissor jump or just the switch jump and just switch or a mix of the two whichever one is more challenging for you pick it and go with it either way I want you to stay nice and light on your feet we don’t want to hear any big studs if you get high neighbors underneath you today I don’t want to hear you breathe this was a great one for your overall lower body is going to get that heart rate up you’re doing my version that scissor jump make sure you’re not bouncing that back knee off the ground if you want you can just barely touch the ground but that’s it 9 keep it up let’s do this one for 10 more seconds feel no heart rate getting up now here we are this will workout time four three two one zero we’re going to the ground for the next one we’re going to get into a bear plank position so that’s knees bent hands underneath you on all fours so feet off the ground we’re going to walk out into a push-up position I’m going to push up and come back why are you just going to do the walkout and walk back you decide which variation is right for you but throughout this exercise as you’re walking back and forth get that core nice and tight back stays straight and when you’re coming back to position make sure that you come right back into the bear plank and that you’re not stretching yourself back right because we don’t want you in that relaxed state as you go back there back here is the place to take a break we don’t want that we’re going hard and fast today one rep right into the next nice this one is working a lot of body parts from our legs to our core shoulders triceps chest all getting hit on this one keep this one up four five four three two one rough on our feet I’m going to go skater side to side stay nice and light on the balls might be taking that opposite leg back and I’m doing a lateral Juke did you see ng sure placing one foot with the other staying light on the balls of my feet and just going as quickly as I can he’s where we’re both focusing on we’re turning our energy back into the ground so we’re not like rocks where we’re slamming into the ground but instead we’re staying light on our balls our feet and jumping here spring it up soon as we start to make contact nice one of it knackered you guys are doing great keep it up that pace up good let’s get this one for just ten more seconds almost there dan lights band light five four three two one zero back to the ground we go I’m gonna go bear plank box walk sure glad he’s going to do side to side high plank walks where I’m actually from this bear plank position block full warrior and back side to side so on a nice little square where Claudia from that high plank position it’s just going out walks I decided either way we’re focused on keeping good form long this position best we can focusing on breathing back stays straight anytime we get down here one of these plank positions it becomes easy to forget about our breath and to hold it whatever you do do not hold it you will regret it good keep it up you’re going and if you’re doing my version let’s switch sides hit that opposite side now go ahead and hold it out guys stay talking stay tough breathe good fighting through that burn get a lot of muscles hit at the same time on this one you’re not imagining things keep it up stay tough here for ten more seconds almost there good core stays tight back stay straight fighting fighting fighting let’s do this one four three two one zero up on our feet we’re going to go either broad jump plus hot back or hot forward hop back some differences I’m getting one big power jump and then I’m hopping back difference for me is I’m just returning as an imaginary line I’m popping back and forth over that line either way again stand light return that energy back into the ground you’re doing that broad jump make sure that when you land putting your weight in your hips good keep it up guys oh the legs are starting to feel it starting to feel good it’s alright that’s how we know it’s working guys is doing excellent keep it up that’s it that’s one for just ten more seconds don’t stop come on keep it up keep it up keep it up four five four three two one zero nine we’re getting down on the ground for the next one we’re getting into a high plank position we go high plank elbow to nice we’re going to bring that knee out and to the side all one side at a time starting with our right sides Claudia is doing this move from her knees and I’m going to do this move up on my feet you decide which variations right for you but don’t just bring the knees straight in set up out to the side to that elbow and notice I’m adding a kickback to mine so I’m bringing my knee to my elbow and I’m kicking straight back with my heel you decide which variation is right for you anyway keeping that core nice and tight if you can’t quite get your elbow all the way all the way to your knee that’s okay to do the best you can come back getting a little bit better every time you come back and repeat this workout and if the kickback is too much for you guys that’s okay leave it out and just bring your dog to your knee opposite side as always we just encourage you to make this workout your own and don’t stop moving definitely not you got to go to an easier modification but don’t give up don’t hit that pause button no breaks let’s go we’ll just fight into the finish keep on moving remember what brought you here today to begin it to begin with what is it use it focus on it come on are you guys make sure to keep a slight bend in your elbows we’re hitting this one for just five more seconds and four three two one zero okay we’re up on our feet hitting those legs neck we’re going to a 180 squat so start the feet shoulder width apart hands out to your side the squat back sit down reach down one hand look up as I come up I’m gonna jump cloudy’s doing the same move but she just isn’t going to do the jump you decide which variation is right for you either way it’s a good mobility work in on this one as well through your thoracic spine at middle your back put your weight back in your hips sit down try on your best of your feet flat on the ground and not totally bending over at your waist but instead of using those hips sitting down with a flat back looking back at that hand looking up a day and keep it up guys come on fighting through your machine you can do this all day long if you believe it’s true it will be true come on don’t give up right here right now ten seconds on this one almost there breathe and five four three two one zero excellent moving on we got in the heck sorry bear flank up-down very plank position my legs are on fire people so I’m going to bear plank position Chloe’s gonna be like my knees we’re going up and down all turning from a high plank to a low point position you decide you want to be on your feet or on your knees either way let’s alternate which side you start with every time so don’t just keep going the same circle yeah that’s right so see I’m using my right arm and down with my left and then back up with my left and switch to the core tight back stay straight and as always keep moving guys you can do it you can do it got to believe it come on pushing through what you got what you guys I’m working a lot on different muscle groups blue flakes chest shoulders triceps add helix lower back easier to find them up most a group that it isn’t working at this point we feel it okay now we know what’s working just keep going for five four three two one wrap on our feet when do a runner’s step back or runners skip p-star show at the park one leg steps back touch the ground I’m going to bring one knee up and return and I am going to do two different variations for you so for this one you’re not going to do the skip you’re going to bring your your knee up if that is too much for you just to step up and then back down step up and right back down and for a mid variation bring that knee up I have to drop back drop that AAPIs back knee so it’s about a 90 degree angle big power right back up one right end of the next let’s switch sides in three two one opposite side oh come on let’s keep it up the guy our legs are on fire just like yours are stationary legs fit genuine we burn it up we can feel it everybody right there with you burning through it give it everything you got dog fight with us guys come on we’re yeah a sweet ride let’s see it good good posture back see straight if you bend over hi let’s go five four three two one we round we go crab position point those fingers back just drive off our heels pick yourself up now one arm to start here keep this elbow in let’s reach back while driving our hips up alternates I and I’m going to take a rest down coach Kozak is not so on this one you decide if you need to rest your hips in between reps or not we’re not just going straight back we’re going back and over that opposite side shoulder come on go ahead and alternate sides for claudi’s just going to go ahead I know you’re opening tonight I’m alternating as well my apologies those alternating reaching back across that opposite shoulder nice and controlled come on what do you guys got let’s see it put all out there once you have control heat it up a little bit one wrap into the neck right and breathe this is it right here what you came here for make it count make it count everybody push yourself because nobody else can or will do it for you out there come on no regrets just everything you guys good but sit this one for just 10 more seconds almost there let’s go come on right there with you we’re burning we’re hurting push that’s it we’re stronger than that burn and five four three two one zero nice work all right all right let’s get out and do it quick little cool down whoo legs are on fire hopefully the humans who as good as mine are now shake them loose bargain allow that heart rate to come down nice and slow couple little mobility moves who’s got a keypad we’re going to do a chest opener let’s start by interlacing or interlocking our fingers behind our back and our hands behind our back now let’s draw those shoulders back as well as pushing your chest forward till stretching your shoulders and your chest bring your hands up in the back get more of a stretch if you really need extra stretch you can bend over bring those arms overhead pull those shoulders back as you stretch breathe just hold this one four five four three two one come on slowly if you’re down alright next let’s do an upright row + upright external rotation it starts a palm facing you pull up from your elbows now let’s rotate those hands back and reverse it so it’s one two three four just like that repeat through this sequence your little shoulders getting a nice little stretch my shoulder there beat up it’s amazing how after workout like that something like this you can really feel it’s just to help you allow your heart rate to come down slower so you don’t pass out but then also to improve your mobility and your joint your shoulders excellent through this one four five four three two one zero all right let’s do one last move I promise we’re going to do a cool I’ll move to to just gain flexibility in your backside you tell I’m still hurting to that workout don’t really like bending your knees let’s bend over going to do a toe tuck so that you can now if you’re just too right here today that’s okay the point is to come back come back keep repeating it getting a little bit better every time and you’ll find that as you hang out here down here longer your flexibility and range of motion will improve re-let nice stretch the point where it feels good and feel a nice stretch but not to where you feeling pain or we’re starting to pull anything okay let’s hold this one for five four three two one zero nice and hello and that’s it you made it excellent work excellent work to you guys out there you liked this workout you’ve been working out with us for a while and you’re starting to see some results we encourage it you please go check out our patreon page where you can find out how you can support our mission keeping these great workouts free and if you enjoy working out today we ask that you please give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe to our YouTube channel that way you never miss another workout from Hospice make sure to check out has sitcom for hundreds of free workouts free meal plans and our free complete fitness program if you are on Facebook Twitter snapchat Instagram please find Hospit because we want to connect with you thank you so much for giving us the pleasure of suffering through I mean working out with you today I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout

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