Intermediate Difficulty with Beginner and Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Try this workout if you get bored easily in your workouts. This cardio hiit workout is a combination of three workouts and it never repeats the same exercise twice.

Cardio HIIT Workout for People Who Get Bored Easily

Complete each exercises for 45 seconds before moving on to the next:
Part 1:
Bear Plank Lateral Walks / High Plank Lateral Walk (from hands)
Lateral Hop + Squat Jump / Lateral Step + Squat
Alligator Walks / Walk in Place
Forward & Back Hop / 1,2,3,4
Superman Push Up from Knees / Ballistic Push Ups from Knees
Cross Body Switch Knee / Cross Body Knee
Bear Plank to Walkout / Walkout from Knees
Switch Jump Squats / Switch Jumps
Plank up downs / from Knees
Side Shuffle + Reach Jump / Side Shuffle + Overhead Squat
Iso Squat Walkouts + Push up / Iso Squat Walkouts

Part 2:
Predator Jack (drop down in open squat) / Seal Jack
High Plank Hot Hands / from Knees
One leg Pogo Jumps / Pogo Jumps
Double Crab Kick / Crab Kicks
High Knee + Burpee / Run in place + Mod Burpee
T Rotations / from Knees
Split Squat Jump / Split Switch Jump
Bear Plank Walkout / Bear Plank Step Backs
Speed Bag Forward & Back Run / Speed Bag + Run in place
Knee Tuck / Squat Jump

Part 3:
Knee Chop + Reverse Lunge / Knee Chop
High Plank + Flying Wing / from Knees
High Knee Typewriter / Hot Feet Typewriters
Push Up + Superman Reach / from Knees (no back ext)
Tricep Popups / Tricep Popups from Knees
One Leg Hops / Faux Jump Rope
Reverse Lunge + Knee Raise Twist / Reverse Lunge + Twist
Push Up Hover / Push Up Hover from Knees
Posterior Swing + Jump (with clasped hands) / Posterior Swing
Low Squat + Jump Back + Overhead / Step back

you hey everyone is your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is our cardio hit workout without equipment this is a great workout for people who get bored easily because we’re never going to repeat the same movement twice I’m going to do all the intermediate through Advanced exercises and follow along with me for all of those beginner modifications now there’s no equipment required for this workout but if you’d like to you can grab a mat for comfort if you’d like to get those joints and muscles nice illusioned go ahead and click the link right in the upper left-hand corner to start our five-minute warm-up otherwise let’s get right into this thing okay so we’re both going to head down into a plank position I’m going into a bear plank and I’m going to do a bear plank lateral walk Claudia is on her knees a plank from her knees and she’s going to walk side to side now this is a real beginner movement right here if this is to beginner for you and coaches is too advanced go ahead and bring yourself up to a high plank and just do lateral walks from side to side keep your elbows bent core tight I have both knees I’m trying my best to keep my knees bent at a 90 degree angle and I’m walking side to side either way on those balls of your feet as always we’re not going to count any reps today we’re just going to get as many in in a lot of time period so you work at your own pace making sure to breathe on this one easy to hold your breath don’t cross those hands over either let’s go for five four three two one and roll up into the next one so we got leg move next I’m gonna go with a lateral hop plus squat jump in Claudia just doing a lateral step and a squat so you decide which variation between this two is going to be right for you either way on that squat put your weight back in your hips whether you’re jumping or not making sure to breathe on this one good side to side one right into the next you’re doing the hop make sure you’re landing softly whoo I’m feeling this one already this is not going to take long alright we got 10 seconds left side to side and 5 4 3 2 1 okay we’re going down into an alligator walk so I’m going to go into a high plank position I’m take little short steps put both my hands and my feet and I am in a high plank position just moving my feet not going anywhere and I’m gonna reach the end kind of make a little square and I’ll go to the side and then I’ll walk back try to get it keep those feet moving small little steps and just keep on breathing do not hold your breath up here keep that core tight back stays straight nice you got it breathe let’s go ten more seconds on this one and five four three two one we’re up on our feet I’m going to do a forward and back hop pretty simple staying on the balls of my feet Claudia’s going to do a one two three four where she just stepping left foot right foot forward and back so either way pretend like you have a line in front of you and you’re either trying to jump over and back or step over it and back just a way to visualize it either way stay light and on those balls of the feet good quick movements hot feet hot feet let’s go let’s go oh you got it you got it let’s go ten more seconds on this one push them through we’re coming hard and fast today come on let’s go three two one zero okay so no it’s both grabbing our mats for the next one we’re gonna do a jumping push-up from the knee I’m going to do a Superman and Claudia is going to do a traditional ballistic pushup we’re hitting four three in a row so I’m going one two three four claudia is just doing the traditional push up and jumping every time that’s not going to work for you you can do the just a push up from your knee thank you alright next one one two three couple deep breaths three two one again full power all the way up all the way down either jumping up and throw arms overhead or just jumping up let’s go next one one two three good keep it up back awful even from your knees yeah they’re like I said if you can’t handle there’s just a traditional push-up works just fine good one do three oh nice okay we got one more set guys one more set let’s do this ready hit it one two three ah nice okay we’re on our feet goodness for the next one we’re going crossbody me I’m gonna do a crossbody knee plus switch cross switch Claudia just can do all one side at the same time so we either bringing that knee up we’re crunching down and we’re either switching and do another side or we’re getting right back in to the next rep and halfway through we’re going to switch good breathe crunch down bring that knee up and squeeze and sleights that ass switch good come on let’s go ah my arms are tired on this one oh I know I hope shoulders come on guys let’s go we’re getting into it getting into it starting to feel it now come on what you got got ten seconds left how many can you get almost there good and three two one zero nice okay so we’re getting down to the ground for the next one I’m going in that bear plank position again where Claudia is coming back to her knees we’re going from walking out from this position and walking back so you decide it’s better for you on your knees or while maintaining this bear plank this is a big one for your abs and oh yeah walk out as far as you can and back you know in the first couple might not get so far as you get more comfortable with it may be able to stretch it and push the pace just a little bit you decide how far is right for you on this one keep that core nice and tight as you get out there yeah don’t let your hips sink and don’t let your butt beat wait up it went midair either so try to keep that back flat good one into the next you got it breathe if you can’t get as low as us don’t be discouraged just keep on coming back and doing this workout and you’ll get these walk outs I know these are a hard one for me in the beginning still hard they still are yeah I never really get that easy never gets easier you just get better at it that’s right all right five four three two one zero huh well I wonder guy next okay I have switch jump school with a squat for Claudia’s just gonna do the switch jump starting in a staggered stance in position switch jump using your arms to get you going on that jump difference between her moving mind is I’m dropping that back knee almost into a lunge or a split squat head on get away from the side I’m not going to quite as deep she’s more hearses little more about explosion mine is effing get hate little more endurance in the legs come on let’s go breathe use those arms to help you out one into the next almost there who’s gonna burn those legs out burn it so good come on five four three two one nice moving into a plank up down so going down to the ground either from the knees or from top we’re going on to the forearms low plank pushing up into a high plank now I want you to alternate which side you come up on so you go one two three four and then the opposite one two three four good keep that core tight pressing up and like a mix between a push-up and a plank keep your back flat should be able to balance a glass off your back good you got it you got it you can tell Claudia’s feeling it because she’s so quiet come on guys you guys are concentrating on the switching of my arms here all right almost there 5 4 3 2 1 nice what do we got next side shuffle so we’re both gonna side shuffle now I’m gonna do a side shuffle Plus reach jump Claudia’s gonna do overhead squat weight back in your hips on that shuffle you don’t have as much room as we have that’s okay do with it what you have if you have to go here and back and jump that works too either way keep that weight in your hips don’t cross your feet over good one to the next guys you got come on what did you come here for concentrate on it so I’ll up here right now not even physical at this point so all in your head you got it come on good work it work it you got ten more seconds that’s it last 10 seconds breathe five four three two one okay whoa to the ground this is gonna hurt not gonna lie I’m going to a ISO low squat I’m gonna walk out I’m gonna push up Claudia he’s just gonna come back either way you’re coming back down into this the low ISO squat position and then walking out with your hands and my legs are a little wider than shoulder-width as you noticed just come back down into the squat good that’s one working your upper body your lower body improving your flexibility and mobility in that lower part of your squat definitely working your core on the plank of America there’s the big kicker and your core very efficient move we’re getting a lot in in a short period of time today come on keep it moving guys keep it moving you got it let’s go ten more seconds three almost there five four three two one zero we’re getting started with a predator jack or a seal Jack you decide which one is right for you today we’re going to open up your arms and I’m jumping forward dropping down where quality is basically doing a modified jumping jack I want you to breathe throw every movement today we’re not counting any reps so I want you to work at your own pace and we’re just getting as many in in a lot of time period as possible and if you notice my arms guys I’m cute my elbows close to my body so none of this wide elbow movement just keep it nice and tight exactly nice work not much left on this first one already burning those legs out and five four three two one and done okay we’re going to the ground for the next one I’m grabbing a mat for my knees and we’re gonna do from a high plank position high plank hot hand so it’s like a hot feet quick feet but only with your hands right so bring your hands up about one to two inches up off the ground keep your core tight I just want you to move your hands as fast as you can hot hands you decide whether you’re on your knees like Claudia or if you up in the high plank position like me but either way I want you to keep that core nice and tight good work guys keep it up breathe moving moving moving you got it you got it breathe stick and move stick and move here we go let’s go ten more seconds on this one how many can you get the next five four three two one we’re up on our feet into a pogo jump so I’m going to do a one foot pogo jump lot is going to do – what is this is just heel elevated off the ground all balls of the feet no heel contact stay light and breathe good you decide which variety is right for you doing the one foot we’re gonna switch here and three two one switch otherwise just go ahead and continue click your pogo stick bouncing up and down nice and fast there you go hot feet quick light touches that’s what it’s all about if you have neighbors underneath you I don’t want them to hear you good breathe let’s go five more seconds on this one that’s it almost there and three two one zero going into some crab kicks next way to get rid smell favorites not at all actually crab position and we’re either gonna kick individually or explosive dynamic kicks you decide which one is right for you today good breathe keep a little bend in those elbows throw em all the way locked out ever go good this one’s hit a lot of different body parts all at one time yeah I was gonna try to give this one to Claudia earlier haha she wouldn’t have a daughter oh come on boots let’s go guys you got it you got to keep pushing not much time left on this one let’s go five more seconds three two one nice we’re up we’re either going to do a high knee to Burpee one two three four five six or a modified or you’re just gonna go one two three four five six and then hands on a box and come on out now it’s too much for you go ahead and for your modified just step out and step out and come back up so it’s all about making this workout your own so we gave you three different versions of this Burpee you decide which one is right for you today so this is the one movement as you see you may want a chair step or box whoo nice yeah ready one two three four five six and up no let’s go I know since kicking my butt – almost there five four three two one nice okay we’re getting down into a high plank position next for some T rotations here they’re doing this one from your knees or from up top and a high plank position coming from that plank position twisting tie your body together twisting that core keeping it nice and straight reaching up with your side which one of these two is going to be right for you today but I want to make sure you keep your hips up nice and ah so your back is nice and straight at the same time you don’t want your butt way up in the air either and for this movement on the modified one I’m happening to leave both of my knees down onto the mat for this T rotation but if you feel more comfortable coming all the way up and bringing one knee up off of the mat then go ahead and do so making sure to breathe throughout though this is definitely one that becomes easy to hold your breath it’ll mess you up especially with all these other crazy workouts we’re doing along the way all right let’s hit it for five four three two one and we’re up all right we’re either going into a split squat jump or a split jump you decide which one is right for you we’re swinging our arms back using our arms as a momentum to jump and to switch you’ll see I’m dropping that back knee all the way down and I’m just going into a little bit of a quarter squat yeah she just keeping soft knees or I’m actually squatting down I am using my arms left like that as that momentum to move on up yeah get that power from your arms and if you see my balance is a little wobbly tonight just find a something to focus your eyes on if you’re just doing these split jumps nice work almost there let’s go five more seconds on this one four three two one nice okay we’re going into a bear plank position which is on all fours I’m gonna do a bear plank walk out like Claudia is gonna do a bear plank step back so I’m walking out my hands it still feels pretty terrible after those split jumps either way your legs are going to be feeling after this one and if you’re not feeling either right now you can just hold the position again make this workout your own come back do it off and get a little bit better every time so it’s all about nice work come on keep it up guys I know it’s hurting doing great we’re hurting there with you walking out good five four three two one and we’re up we’re gonna go a speed bag plus either run in place or speed back run forward and back I just got fast feet over here see we’re rotating at the elbows on nice little circles right good seeing under control those arms moving fast and I want to switch other way so if you’re going forward now come back with your hands punch in the opposite direction good come on keep it up guys keep it up push it push it what do you got put it out there nice not much left five four three two one all right here we go I got knee tucks oh man claudia has squat jumps you decide which one is right for you either way I want you to land softly with your weight in your hips every time good big power everything you got exploding up and soft landings good you got it little bend in those knees butt back big power up good keep it going let’s go ten more seconds almost there almost there fight guys you’re a fighter not a quitter right here right here and three two one nice work into the first round okay we’re going to start with a an e chop so we’re gonna start with our feet staggered reaching up we’re going to bring our knee up and crunch down at the same time so I’m going to add a little variation where I drop down into a reverse lunge so I’m dropping that back knee down until both my knees are at a 90 degree angle and I’m just going to do the regular neat job try to bring that knee up as high as you can it’s okay if you don’t if you aren’t able to bring it up as high as me no worries just do the best you can and switch opposite side now we’re not going to count any repetitions today so it’s really just going to be about getting as many reps in as you can and a lot of time period good crunching down every time bringing that knee up and pulling your upper body into it nice work keep it up let’s go getting it going right from the start with this one no breaks today we’re just gonna charge on through to the end come on let’s go in five four three two one alright we’re going to the ground and get some upper bodies from core going get my mat out here high plank position or a point from your knees and I’m going to go reach through and fly alternating sides left to right reaching through underneath your arm pull them back with your back reach through and fly keep that core tight back nice and straight if you have to you can get your feet a little bit wider than shoulder width just to add some balance on this one just be sure to draw that belly button up towards your spine you got it girl and breathe any time you get into one of these high plank positions comes much easier to hold your breath and forget about breathing don’t forget about it it’s crucial good one into the next you got it left right working your core upper back even getting a little a little legs in there keep it going almost there let’s go five more seconds on this one and three two one zero and we’re up now we’re going to do a typewriter so we’re going side to side I’m gonna go Heine typewriter Claudia so it’s going to go fast feet you decide basically the higher you get those knees up the harder it is I want you to use your arms to that arm swing going good there we go I’m just using little chaps for my hot feet here hot feet side to side it’s okay if you don’t have it face as we do it’s okay can be nice and tight here to the right and to the left good keep it going no come on don’t slow down this one’s gonna get your heart rate up in a hurry you gotta keep grinding through burning those legs out let’s go almost there five four three two one to the ground we’re doing a push up variation again I’m going high plank buddy’s going from her knees we’re gonna go push up on the way down full dead stop reach out with your back and back up so you’re reaching up overhead push up plus Superman we’re claudius staying on her knees and then go into that dead stop you feel this one in your back and in your shoulders on that Superman reach good make sure to bring your abs and your core up with you and don’t let it sink on the way up it was really easy to do this hill and let your butt stay down right cheater cheater look bring it with don’t cheat you only cheat yourself come on let’s go I see why I think the variation from the knees really cool for that totally agree not much left can run it out five four three two one all right got to keep attacking that chest and your triceps we’re staying down here we’re doing tricep pop-out so Claudia again is from the knees I’m up top we’re gonna get your hands out in front of just a little bit out of your body drop your knee or so your elbow straight down and pop up it’s all triceps keep those elbows in and pack up guys I’m going to show you another variation even if from the knees is still too hard for you we just want you to back up a little bit maybe to where you’re more with your shoulders right underneath are your hands are any of your shoulders and just do it this way and your hips are up higher hips are higher and it just really just decreases the resistance correct you’re still going to feel it by all means no working it’s just not as maybe intense as if you’re here not much left on this one guys let’s go finish strong finish strong and five four three two one man has a treasure to burn out nice okay back up on your feet for the next one moving into a hop I’m gonna do a one leg hop he’s gonna beat me though so jump row here rope exactly so staying light on the ball of the foot little bend in your knee or knees and try your best not to allow your heel to make contact with the ground just night and on the balls of your feet saying nice and light light if you have you tell we’re on the same page if you have neighbors underneath you I don’t want them to hear you good you got it come on stay go keep it going stay in light switch if you’re on just one foot otherwise continue it’s a way to really think about these is think you’re putting energy back into the ground right so you’re not pounding but instead you’re hopping back up like a bouncy ball not a rock good stay light stay light breathe you got it let’s go ten more seconds almost there how many hops can you get and three two one okay nice moving on we’re going a reverse lunge and twist stepping back twist your opposite side I’m going to bring my knee up where Claudia is just going to stand straight up I want you to drop that back knee so it’s on a 90 degree angle keep your posture your shoulders back twisting anywhere between 45 to 90 degrees depending on your flexibility get those ABS involved and then twist back into your knee good you got it we’re switch legs halfway through oh and focus your eyes on something guys yes it helps don’t lose your balance like me switch yeah finding a focal point for your eyes really helps you to stay balanced spice tough to look at keep your eyes focused on it and with a lot of exercise guys you really have to concentrate well what is it you’re doing Costra on every rep stay focused every single moment is a big mind and muscle connection just focus you got it keep breathing don’t pay attention to those legs ours are burning too but we’re fighting through it let’s go four five four three two one zero all right give her legs a break we’re going to the ground yes going into a push-up hover position so either from your knees or up top we’re going to drop down into our chest is about three to six inches from the ground elbows are bent at a 90 and you’re just gonna hold yes this is as terrible as it looks keep your core tight do not hold your breath breathe this is that point in time in the workout where it becomes more mental than physical where’s your head at how bad do you want it prove it right here blow it all out there breathe good you got it stay tight stay tight let’s go ten more seconds that’s it stick with me stick with us let’s go almost there and five four three two one up Oh down for the legs let’s go yeah ha steer your swing be your little wider and shoulder width toes are out but back swing hips forward I’m gonna jump up at the top but back but forward hike your arms between your legs keep just a little bend in your knees as you throw and swing those arms back behind you you’re doing the jump land nice and soft with your weight in your hips thank you remember this is not a squat just break at the hips so you’re gonna feel a little stretch the hamstring back there yeah folding over at the hips using your hips as a hinge you got it come on fighting through squeeze those glutes at the top squeeze them squeeze them almost there keep moving move with us let’s go five four three two one zero we’re getting into a low squat position high so low squat I’m gonna jump back Claudia’s going to step back and then arms go straight up overhead so hands on the ground hello V Bamie feet forward extend legs are feeling it that’s okay that’s how we know it’s working you decide if the step back or the jump back is more appropriate for you but do not break keep fighting with us guys keep fighting push through think about that goal think about what it is that brought you here today and fight through it you got it you got it and five four three two one nice work oh good job out there guys good job out there oh you tell that kick my rear end haha if you enjoyed this workout and you’ve been working out with us for a while starting to see results please consider donating at our patreon page who where you can support us and our mission to keep this great content free for everybody around the globe working out with people everywhere also don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you can never miss a new workout from us check out has fit calm free workouts meal plans complete fitness programs all there for you that’s right and find us on social media whichever one is your favorite we’re they’re like our facebook fanpage follow us on snapchat we just want to meet you guys we want to know who you are reach out and connect yes hi I’m gonna go get some water thank you dude thank you for working out with us today giving us the pleasure to train you I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout

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