Intermediate – Advanced Difficulty
intermediate workout

Coach Kozak trail ran out to a beautiful ridge in Northern California to bring you this cardio kickboxing workout with a view. No weights are required for this one, but feel free to grab a couple of light hand weights if you’d like some added resistance.

Kickboxing Workout

Complete 10 rounds of 3 minutes. Perform two conditioning exercises per round in addition to the kickboxing exercises.

1. Plank Jacks
2. Squares (in fight position)
3. Rotational Chop (side to side)
4. Blast Off Push Up (push up + squat back)
5. Earthquakes
6. Push up + Semi-Circle Mountain Climber
7. Seal Jacks
8. Push Up + Rotation
9. One Leg Squat + Knee
10. High Plank Toe Touches (or knee, hip, shoulder)
11. Shuffle Side Kick
12. Deep Squat Punch Out
13. High Plank One Arm Punch
14. Extenders (opposite of earthquake)
15. Battling Ropes Side to Side
16. Squat and Parry
17. Pilates Swimming
18. Duck Walk Parry
19. 5 Ballistic Push Ups
20. Sprawl to Jumping Knee

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