Beginner Difficulty with Low Impact Modifications Provided
beginner workout
Strength is the foundation for all movement. Enhance your total body strength with this quick 15 minute beginner strength training routine. The only equipment needed is a pair of dumbbells. Let’s go!

Warm up
Lateral Jukes / Side to Side
Wall Push Up
Wall Sit

Beginner Strength Training

Complete each movement for 1 round of 45 seconds:
Incline Pushups / from Knees
Sumo DL + High Pull / Sumo DL
Incline High Plank Row / from Knees
Curl + Arnold Press
Stiff Leg DL / RDL
Arm Haulers / wo Flexion
Iso Hip Up + Chest Press / Chest Press
Reverse Lunge / Split Squat
DB Reverse Fly
Lying Knee Raise + Crunch / Knee Raise

Cool down
Internal Shoulder Rotation
External Shoulder Rotation
Seated Toe Touch
90-90 Hip Stretch

[Music] hey everybody it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a beginner strength training workouts this workout is going to require that you have a pair of dumbbells and the weight that you use is going to be totally dependent on your fitness level just remember it’s always better to start light and work your way up for a few of the modifications you may want to use a step or a bench but it’s not required all right let’s get started with a quick light little warm-up here I’m going to do a lateral Juke Claudia’s going to do a side to side step you decide which variation is right for you throughout the course of today’s workout we’re going to be giving modifications and it’s really going to be up to you to choose which one is best I’m going to replace the center foot with a little plyometric jump movement side to side keeping my weight in my hips where Claudia is doing a little slowed down version with very similar footwork in the side to side step definitely more low-impact definitely more long very good point either way try to stay light employing this warm-up is just to get your heart rate up and warm up your muscles it’s not to get any real work in so keep it light let’s do this for five four three two one zero all right we’re going to need to find a wall for the next one we’re going to do a wall pushup so on this one I want you to put your hands so they’re in line with your chest not your face going step back the further back you step the harder this is going to be you decide how far it is with your feet placement bending at your elbows until you reach a 90 degree angle and then press your body straight back up again the closer your feet are easier it is further away the harder it is and again this is the warm up so we don’t want you to go too crazy on these wall pushup that’s it just take it easy making sure to breathe through this one four five four three two one all right nice okay one more move for a little warm-up here we’re into a wall thick so I’m going to get down and do a complete squat where my thighs are parallel to the ground clutter is going to do a quarter wall sit so she’s only going to go according you decide which one of these variations is for you put an Oliver weight back into the wall maintaining at isometric hold we’re not doing this very long again is just a warm-up feeling those legs working that blood is pumping go ahead and do this one four five four three two one and zero get yourself back up shake those legs out alright everything’s feeling good a nice and warming ready to go I’m ready to go yep we’re going to start off with some push-ups the Claudie is going to do a push-up from the ground on their knees where I’m going to do an incline push-up so at the beginning when we talked about hey if you use a chair or a bench we do have some modifications for you so I’m going to do an incline push-up and an incline push-up allows you to vary your height the lower the object you’re using the harder it is the higher like a counter the easier it is okay so keeping your back straight go and bend those elbows doing 90 and return your body back up you don’t have a bench that version from the knees works well too just if you’re doing an e-version make sure that you keep those hips down you want your butt way up in the air making sure to breathe draw us breathing in as you lower and breathe out as you press yourself back up working at a pace that you feel comfortable with not counting reps just kidding as many reps in as you can and this a lot of time period keep it up sit this one four five four three two one zero okay go ahead and if you’re using a bench you can set that to the side we need some dumbbells to the next one we have both of our hand weights here ready to go we’re going to do either a sumo deadlift plus high pole or just a sumo deadlift you decide which one is right for you feet or wide toes to point out a little bit now we’re going to break at the hips let those dumbbells fall in between your legs head chest up till your thighs reach parallel to the ground as you come up these are going to pull with the elbows or just stand up so my variations a little harder adds a little upper body work into the mix maybe you start with that sumo deadlift and after you feel comfortable you can add the high pool again just make this thing your own making sure to breathe throughout keep your feet flat on the ground shouldn’t be falling back on your heels or coming up on your toes get those feet flat and ideally we’re getting our hips back into the breeze parallel to the ground but you might not be able to get quite that far down today and that’s okay just try your best come back do it again increase your mobility every time excellent work let’s hit this one four five four three two one zero nice okay we’re going to need one dumbbell for the next one not two we’re going to do a high plank row body’s going to do it from her knees I’m going to do it again from this bench so I’m setting up in that position that we were just in core is tight that was one arm I’m going to pull back on that elbow you can see Claudia and I really performing the same move find a little more challenging but they’re both definitely great moves pull back on that elbow working your back as well as your core and that arm and hand that’s on the ground supporting yourself we should have a little bend in that arm you don’t want that lockout if the weight is too much for you even on the knees go ahead and drop it and just go into a row yep if you don’t find exactly the same move without the weight making this workout your own you see that theme here running through let’s switch sides and three two one zero opposite side now and you might start to feel this one not just in your upper back but your lower back as well and that’s by design shouldn’t just be working your abs we up also need a strong lower back that’s good perfectly normal try best keep those shoulders square parallel to the ground pull back on that elbow anytime we do any row like this I just want you to picture like this a string attached to your elbow and you’re pulling back on that string so pulling back from the elbow and not from your hand keep this one up four five four three two one good alright we need that second dumbbell for the next one we’re doing a dumbbell curl Plus Arnold press so I didn’t give it the name by the way apparently Arnold did alright the palms are up on the curl so it’s a four-part movement one curl – we’re going to press overhead and twist our hands do it forward that’s two I’m going to reverse at three and four down so I take a couple to get used to it palms up one two three and four one two three and four nice and controlled pace on this one’s the strength workout not a cardio workout right so taking your time and if it’s too easy up until this point recommend you up the weight yeah maybe just not using heavy enough weight because if you lose it happen enough weight you will feel it I promise you that I’m going to start to feel he’s here in a second get those shoulders back core stays tight this one’s great for your biceps shoulders chest triceps and even your core just to stabilize your body while standing here today’s workouts very efficient we’re getting a lot done in that short period of time let’s go ahead and do this one four five four three two one and zero a nice okay so it’s Klaudia we’re going to a very similar movement on this next one the only difference is our range of motion feet are shoulder-width apart two dumbbells a little bend our knees I’m doing stiff like dad let me go all the way down pushing my hips back behind me Claudia is just going to bring the weight it’s all about near mich in level and then she’s going to stand back up we’re both keeping our back straight and using our hips as a hinge so I’m pressing my butt back behind me look I’m trying to touch my bucks with a wall behind me just pressing it back and as you stand up squeeze those glutes up at the top being sure to breathe keeping your back straight throughout excellent they’re that big stretch along your backside just keep it keeping and maintaining a slight bend in your knee great one for your hamstrings glutes lower back all getting hit on this one again you’re going to feel that lower back work we’re working it that’s how you prevent injuries we strengthen it let’s do this one four five four three two one zero nine okay we can set these to the side for the next one no dumbbells needed we’re going to go to the ground in a prone position let’s lie down flat with your arms out in front of you now Claudia’s going to keep her feet on the ground but I’m going to bring my feet up and now we’re both going to swim with our arms I’m going to press forward and then I’m going to grab my thumbs down pointing at the ground swimming arms in my side and then i’ma press full so it’s this big swim motion it’s called an arm hauler you decide if you want to perform it with your feet and legs on the ground or up it’s a little more of a challenge either way you’re going to feel it all down your posterior chain breathe nice and controlled on this one one movement into the next excellent get a different angle here keep it up and hit this one for ten more seconds and five four three two one all right we’re staying to the ground but we do need your dumbbells for the next one we’re going to do a chest press from the ground dumbbell floor press so we’re going to lie it on our back their feet up one grab those dumbbells get into a chest press position now from here I’m going to press off my heels and squeeze my glutes and hold this isometric position where Claudia is just going to press from right where she is at we’re going to get a full range of motion pressing all the way up and then lowering the dumbbells being sure not to bounce your upper arms off the ground but instead get a nice controlled movement keep those dumbbells in line with your chest full range of motion all the way up all the way down if you’re doing the ice so hip up like I’m doing make sure to squeeze those glutes don’t hyperextend your back or arch your back when it’s right right try to keep your back nice and straight excellent keep squeezing those glutes if you’re doing this isoh version just breathe in on the way down and breathe out on the way up one wrapping in the next let’s do this one four five four three two one and zero okay time to work your legs we’re just hand up I’m going to do a reverse lunge Claudia is going to do a split squat so starting I’m gonna start with my feet shoulders apart Claudia’s going to start in a split stance she’s going to go ahead and maintain that stance throughout we’re both how I’m gonna step back then we’re both going to drop our knees because they reach a 90 degree angle come back up only difference is I’m going to come and step back up where Claudia is just going to stand back up and for this point if you’re in a split lip squat position just make sure that you have a little bit of a wider base just to help you maintain balance so if your feet are too narrow you’re gonna have a real hard time balancing and you may not even need weight on this one it’s a little more of a challenge and moving even them easier modification so quickly to drop the weight out the weight if you need to if it’s too easy you got up it that simple make this work out your own adjust it to your needs that’s the best thing about strength is that the modifications really or just have to do with the weight that you’re using yep let’s just gotta up the weight if it’s too easy good keep it up switch size in 5 4 3 2 1 excellent and this one’s really working your total lower body your hamstrings glutes quads they’re all getting hit on this one and it does qualify as a unilateral exercise you’re forcing that front leg to do the majority of the work on this one great for evening out any imbalances you may have and it’s that time to work out with legs start start burning and it starts kicking in and you just want to hit that pause button but don’t do it you’re not alone here we’re here with you working with you Frank our legs are burning just like yours are we’re going to get through this together just keep working you got it breathe throughout whatever you do don’t quit don’t give up you got this 4 5 4 3 2 1 0 shake those legs – we’re going into an upper body move next you need both dumbbells going to do a dumbbell reverse fly so we’re going to bend over at a 45 degree angle big old bend your elbows like you’re wrapping your arms around a tree now I want you to pull back and squeeze the middle of your back this is a tough move so make sure that you use it an appropriate weight yet which means you might need to lower your weight squeeze the middle your back and keep those elbows bent throughout the move scrambling for your upper back and rhomboids keep going to work your glutes and lower back just hold and maintain this position nice and controlled on the way up and the way down not using momentum and not allowing the dumbbells just flap or fly on the way down actually keep it up let’s hit this one four five four three two one zero okay set those dumbbells to the side going to get some ads next let’s go to the ground two different variations for you lying down on our backs either way Claudia is going to have her hands under her butt and she’s going to do a lying me raise I’m going to do that same knee raise but only I’m going to crunch up every time I want to bring those arms up overhead and I’m coming up crunching and meeting in the middle and you notice I’m not dropping my feet in between crunches just for a little extra resistance but if you need to just quickly drop your feet and come back up into the next be raised that’s also okay maybe next time you come back you can try a harder variation just keep coming back in a little bit better every time that’s the name of the game you’re putting in that work today so those results that you’re going to see tomorrow that’s right oh it works it’s not going to come free it’s not going to come just by wishing for it it’s definitely not going to come overnight no that’s also true I got to be realistic got to be in it for the long haul but you can do it day in day out you got it you’re strong you’re a fighter let’s do it not like left on this one let’s hit this the last ten seconds that’s it you’re almost there and five four three two one zero excellent work ah Claudia thought that one today maybe let’s get to our kettlebell workout yesterday we’re still sore nice okay leave me hanging you’re going to work out there we’re going to cool down pretty quickly here in to allow our heart rate to come down slowly let’s go ahead and start with an internal shoulder rotation one place your hand either behind your back like I am or a little easier version on your hip and I want you to go ahead and reach over and pull that elbow and gently Jen I stretch that elbow forward and through that stretching your shoulder and breathe now in this one it doesn’t take much if you find this one too hard you can go put your hand in front court as well you decide which variation is right for you it’s going to hold to it shoulder stretch four three two one all right shake it out put that opposite side next same exact move pull it and pull forward great line is just go ahead and loosen up those shoulders especially after a challenging workout like the one we just got done with breathe so yourself coming down from that workout you should be proud of yourself and what you achieved so we’re easy everybody be fit and everybody be doing it but they’re not let’s do it four three two wah check it out next we’re going to do an upright external rotation so let’s go ahead and bring those both those elbows to 90 degree angles we’re going to stretch back bring those hands back elbows forward maintain that 90 degree angle and you might not be able to bring your hands back ways far as Claudia I are today that’s okay if all these stretches only try to take it to about 85% of what you’re capable of don’t stretch it to the point where it hurts that’s where it feels good you feel a nice stretch hands back through those shoulders loosening up let’s do this 1 4 5 4 3 2 1 I know it sounds good shake it out alright we’re going to hit the ground for the next one can go ahead and loosen up our posterior chain a little bit in our legs couldn’t kick those legs out straight in front of you just an old-school seated toe touch yep I’ll go ahead and reach reach forward if you’re only here that’s okay you can get all the way to your toes that’s great but bring your head down as well I’ll help us get a nice back stretch at the same time trying your best to keep your legs straight and again if that looks like this today no problem great everybody has to start somewhere every winner was once a beginner and I’ll tell you what nobody starts at the top feel that stretch long until your backside breathe let’s hold this one for 5 4 3 2 1 good setup we’re staying down on the ground for the next we’re going to do a 90 90 stretch so we get both knees at a 90 degree angle this one’s great to stretch out your hips and again this one is much harder than it looks try your best to keep good upright posture 90 degree here 90 degree here sit up and you’ll feel stretch and both hips if you can’t quite make this happen you can lean back on your hand take a little bit of the pressure off which is what I might do I’ll do that version I know sometimes Claudia’s hips cramp on this one and they do and I don’t want to cramp on a and that’s okay we’re all different we all have our own strength and our own weaknesses and it’s okay to accept that and know that we’re getting better at mm-hmm all right and three two one let’s switch sides opposite side now so just go ahead and flip it or mirror it and again trying your best keep it good posture is ideal and if this one is just way too easy for you now you can go ahead and do a pigeon so from there you can pull this foot in a little bit more and pick that back leg and you can put that back leg back so a little more of an advanced move but just in case anybody out there is like hey this is too easy there’s a little more of a stretch for you we’re going to hold this one for five four three two one and zero all right cool workout complete cross that off your to-do list for today check it if you like this workout and you’ve been working out with us for a while we’d encourage you to please go check out our patreon page where you can find out more about how you can help us keep this great service free if you enjoyed working out with us today we ask that you please give this workout video a huge thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel so that you’re notified every time we drop a new exercise video make sure to visit has be calm for hundreds of free workouts free meal plans and free complete fitness program and if you’re on any of the social media platforms Facebook Twitter Instagram snapchat connect with us because we want to connect with you yes please reach out and connect thank you so much for working out with us today been our privilege I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout.


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