Beginner Difficulty with Low Impact Modifications Provided
beginner workout
Pump up your heart rate and torch calories with this 20 minute low impact cardio workout for beginners. You won’t need any equipment for this workout routine, but you may add some light hand weights or water bottles for extra resistance.

Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners

Complete each exercise for 1 round of 45 seconds:
High Punch + Run in Place / High Punch
Forward & Back Hops / 1,2,3,4
Bent Over Seesaw
Squat + Elbow to Knee / Elbow to Knee
Skiers Swings
Lateral High Plank Walk from Knees + Pushup / No Pushup
High Kick Pulldown / High Knee Pulldown
Overhead Seesaw Press
Side Shuffle / Lateral Juke
Diagonal Chop

it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia this is a cardio routine for beginners this workout doesn’t require any equipment whatsoever but if you want to add some extra resistance feel free to hold on to either a couple of water bottles or light dumbbells follow me for those low-impact modifications we’re going to start with a quick five-minute warm-up but if you’ve already warmed up feel free to skip ahead let’s get started we’re going to get your heart rate up to start I’m going to do some jumping jacks and Claudia is going to do a butt kick tack my version is a little higher impact you decide which one is right for you today throughout the course of this routine we’re not going to count any reps so it’s really just working at a nice little warm-up pace really in depend on your fitness level whichever variety you choose making sure to stay nice and light on the balls of your feet keeping a slight bend in your knees keeping good posture and again just working at your own pace just to reiterate this is not the main workout yet so exactly no reason to push it just warm it up here getting your mind right staying focused on this workout to come all right move into the next one here and five four three two one nice okay I’m going to grab my light hand weights the next one Claudia’s just going to use your own body weight we’re going to bend over on a 45 degree angle we have our thumbs up and we’re going to do a tea swing sohbet from a bent over position this is arm straight just raise them out to the side until your arms are parallel to the ground keeping those thumbs up and you decide which variation is right for you today keeping your weight back in your hips it’s going to work your legs a little bit – that’s good this is a great one to get a little shoulder mobility here into the warm-up as well let’s do this one for 10 more seconds good let’s go five four three two one and zero okay I’m going to set these down we’re doing a side to side punch Claudia’s going to do a quarter squat side to side punch I’m going to do a full squad and punch you decide which variation is right for you I want you to punch all the way across your body and get that twist get that rotation whichever squat variety you choose only to make sure you bend it back at those hips first hips Bend back and then bend it your knees good make sure you keep your knees out and prevent them from collapsing in very common mistake is letting those knees come in on the squat don’t let it happen good want to have healthy knees that’s right let’s hit this one four five four three two one okay next we’re going to move into a standing arm challah we’re going to bend over on a 45 degree angle and now we’re going to extend our arms out with our thumbs down sweep across our body and then extend our arms back forward it’s almost like a swimming move called an arm hauler great way to warm up those shoulders as well as your back so thumbs are down as you sweep and swing and keep your hands and elbows tight into your body while you extend your arms straight forward nice keep it up okay let’s hit this one for ten more seconds excellent work everybody thinking about that workout you got coming up you’re going to crush it absolutely going to crush it all right let’s go three two one zero [Music] if you’re using dumbbells or water bottles now’s the time to grab them to start we’re going to do a high punch either high punch run in place or a high punch standing in one place either way I want you to bring those hands back to your chin every time and punch up nice and high this one will burn out your shoulders pretty quickly focusing on breathing today we’re not going to count any repetitions this is just all going to be about getting in as many reps in as you can and a lot of time and if you notice I’m not running in place but I do have a little bit of a bend in my knees I definitely don’t want to stand up and lock them out just stay nice and relaxed there we go keep it up hot hands hot hands those shoulders warmed up quick on this one let’s do this one four five four three two one zero okay we can set your weights down if you’re using them and I’m going to do a four and and back hop claudia is going to do a one two three four so hers is more low-impact variety and I’m just lightly hopping forward and back where Claudia is stepping forward and back in either way on these want you to pretend like you have a straight line and you’re either jumping or stepping over it and back stay light and on the balls of your feet on this one maintaining a slight bend in your knees this one will definitely get your heart rate up quickly good keep it up now you got it you got it let’s go for ten more seconds making sure to breathe and five four three two one nice alright if you’re using hand weights you can pick them back up otherwise let’s go ahead and get into a 45 degree angle weights back on my hips we’re going to do a seesaw rope pulling back from the elbows Claudia and I are both going to do the same move on this one so it’s all about finding a weight that challenges you and that is right for you good so today you’re going to come here to push yourself and it’s going to be all mental now you start getting started as mental getting through this workout is mental just want you to stay focused on what brought you here today to begin with hold back on those elbows core tight back stay straight good that back nice and straight on which is leaning a hunching over right you got it let’s hit this one for ten more seconds keep it up keep it up let’s go five four three two one zero okay if you’re using weights you can set them down we’re going to keep this pace up hard and fast workout today hands around our head we’re going standing knee to elbow and I’m going to do a squat in between where Claudia is just going to go left and then right doing the squat put that weight back in your hips sit down stand back up good and you can’t bring your knee to your elbow that’s okay just keep doing this until you can get those to come together you know get a little bit better every single time you’re just half way up totally cool really want to emphasize you making this work out your own definitely work at your own pace Fitness is not a one-size-fits-all solution every time you come back get a little bit better there it is weight back in your hips if you’re doing that squat keep it up guys let’s go ten more seconds on this one doing great and three two one zero all right pick those weights up if you’re using them for the next one we’re doing a skier swing so we’re going to get back into that 45 degree angle to weight in their hips this time our palms are going to be facing down and we’re swinging our arms up and back and again your intensity on this should match your fitness level you decide what’s right for you today good get that back straight core state core stays tight and you should be feeling this one a little bit in your legs as well just keeping your weight back in your hips and driving off your heels will stay balanced flat feet good you’re swinging them here let’s go ten more seconds how many can you get good job let’s go let’s go five four three two one zero nice okay we’re going to get down to the ground for the next one you can go ahead and set your weights down we’re going to go to our knees in a high plank position Claudia and I are both going to do a high plank walk so with our core nice and tight hips are down we’re going to walk side to side with their hands but I’m going to throw in a push up when I get to the end of each side you decide which variation is right for you you can have your feet crossed or feet together you decide which one you feel is more comfortable but I want you to focus on keeping your core down not having your butt up in the air we also wanted to focus on breathing anytime you’re in a high plank position it’s definitely easy to hold your breath don’t do that very true good point Claudia let’s push up come down bending your elbows til they get to a 90 degree angle if you’re doing the push up very important on that push up to have your hands under your chest and not out over your shoulders true nice keep it up guys let’s do this one for 10 more seconds almost there and five four three two one zero all right we’re up on the feet for the next one Claudia is going to do a high knee Plus pull down I’m going to do a high kick Plus pull down either way we’re reaching up overhead bringing our knee up and I’m going to kick straight ahead the claudia is just going to bring that knee in and crunch either way we’re both reaching up and crunching down reach up through those ABS working is the great standing ab movement as well as just being a good overall total body move if you want to do the kick move we can’t quite get your leg up that high it’s okay you can do it with the low kick plus pull up pull down again all about making this workout your own definitely definitely try to challenge yourself if you can maybe you start with the harder modification move on to the easier or vice-versa that’s alright it’s all about pushing yourself testing your limits and overall just getting a little better every rep every step just keep on moving that’s it that’s the name of the game keep on moving don’t stop don’t hit that pause button three let’s go come on let’s hit this one four five four three two one zero grab dumbbells or hand weights if you’re using them water bottles we’re going to go overhead seesaw press elbows are in palms are facing our chin we’re gonna alternate left and right good keep that core tight a little weight in your hips a little bend in your knees keep keeping maintain proper posture throughout shoulders back good pressing straight up driving through that elbow straight up all the way up overhead each time good left then right good if you’re not going as fast as us again that’s okay work at your own pace that’s right it really also depends on how much weight you’re using really that’s exactly what I was thinking about you know what if you started with dumbbells and your arms are catching on fire and you’d be surprised at what this can do right here absently just keep a move and keep your heart rate up for 10 more seconds on this one guys are doing great keep it up not giving up now let’s go five four three two one and zero let’s set these weights down and I’m going to go side to side shuffle weights in my hips and Claudia is going to do a lateral Juke where she’s just replacing that Center foot I’m just going to hop side to side keeping my weight in my hips and not crossing over it my feet if you don’t have as much room but you wanted to the side shuffle you can just go tight side to side you decide which one of these two movements is right for you today but either way keep moving that’s it okay no downtime no time spent standing there just keep it moving guys come on we’re here with you fighting with you working with you you got it breathe if you’re feeling good you can move it a little faster that’s it that’s it a lot girls you it’s at ten more seconds on this one good weight back wait stays back in your hips knees are bent let’s go five four three two one zero all right so picking back up your resistance if you’re using it we’re going to do a diagonal chop I’m going to do a squat plugin which I call you skipping the squat answer to our side outside of our knee I’m going to squat and diagonally rotate up overhead Claudia’s doing the same rotation move same chop but she’s not going to do the squat you decide if you got it left in you today get some extra squats in or if that chop is going to be enough on its own good that core rotate great total body rotational functional movement right here good we’re going to switch sides halfway through so five more seconds on this side three two one zero opposite side now get your bearings and right into it good I’m not squatting down quite like coach goes like that I do have a tiny bit of a quarter squat you usually legs a little bit just not just under that full squat momentum get those weights or hand a little hand weights up over your head there we go stay focused stick with it one into the next let’s go for five more seconds three two one and zero nice starting with a wall angel it’s an excellent move for shoulder mobility go ahead and make your way on over to a wall we’re going to bring your feet two to four inches out away from that wall go ahead and place your your hips lower back upper back arms and head all flat up against the wall which is very hard to do all at the same time now keeping those arms up against the wall let’s go ahead and extend straight up overhead and then pull those elbows back down now this entire time I want you to focus on crying your best to keep both your arms hands and back flat up against that wall which is definitely a challenge especially if you’ve been working hard and your body’s going a little bit beat up that’s okay I just do your best pull down on those elbows downs are great one just to go ahead and improve that shoulder mobility this one will if you have any trouble spots this one will definitely expose it quickly going up and down ten times and on that last one we’re just going to hold let’s go one last one and on this last one pull those elbows down and squeeze keeping your back flat up against the wall breathe open us one through 15 seconds let’s hit it four three two one and zero excellent relax all right nice okay we’re going to do a reach to our toes next go ahead and loosen up that posterior chain so we’re just literally going to bend over ticking slight bend your knees to start hips go back I want you to bend over and reach down now you might only be able to get to here and that’s okay I want you to go down as far as you can work on your way down and we’re going to stretch for 15 seconds so just a very slight bend in your knee so that you’re not hyper extending them but after that your legs are relatively straight breathe feeling that stretch in the whole posterior chain and longer you’re here you might be able to go down a little a little further and that’s great go ahead and do this one four five four three two one and zero slowly coming up excellent okay we’re going to loosen up your chest and shoulders next with the chest opener I want you to interlock your fingers behind your back I want you to spread your chest open as you pull your chest back chest comes forward back goes back hands are back and so here’s the easier modification if you will a little harder I’m going to bend over bring my hands up overhead and then that’s an additional stretch you decide which variation is right for you just go ahead pull those shoulders back stretch that chest forward and hold holding this one for an additional five seconds I can try to breathe throughout the stretch three two one and zero and I like that one me too okay let’s finish up with some hips let’s go to the ground and do a butterfly loosen up those hips taking a beating during all of your workout now it’s time to repair them a little bit so let’s go and bring those feet as close to your body as you can we’re going to go through ten rotations knees down knees up nice and slow and controlled vinegar like me you don’t have a lot of range of motion and that’s okay if you need to you can also if that’s too much you can lean back that’ll take a little bit of the pressure off of your hips as well you know it’s cloudy and I both went to little harder variation but you can definitely lean back if you need to I might do it today yeah well we’ve been working hard right that’s what happens good getting that full range of motion all the way up all the way down ten times let’s go two more and this last one we’re going to hold and press those knees to the ground so let’s last one go ahead and press knees to the ground I’m going to go ahead and get a little extra resistance and use my elbows to really get a good stretch again optionally you can bring your head and your upper body down and lettle increase the intensity of the stretch you decide what’s right for you today breathe and hold let’s go four three two one and zero nice work thank you so much for working out with us today if you like this workout you’ve been working out with those for a while and you’re starting to see some results we’d encourage you to please go check out our patreon page where you can learn more about how you can support our mission of keeping these great workouts free and if you enjoyed working out with us today please go ahead and like this video and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel that way you are notified every time has it drops a new workout make sure to check out has vidcom for hundreds of additional free workouts free meal plans and our free complete fitness programs also don’t forget to Like us on whatever your favorite social media network is whether it’s Facebook snapchat Twitter Instagram we’re there and we want to connect with you again thank you so much for working out with us today it’s been our pleasure I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout




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