Beginner Difficulty with Low Impact Modifications Provided
beginner workout

Take it easy on your joints while burning a boatload of calories in just 20 minutes! There’s no equipment required for this low impact standing cardio workout, but if you’d like to add some additional resistance then you may hold on to a couple of light weights or water bottles.

Warm Up
March in Place + Chest Opener
Pull the Rope
Posterior Swing to Overhead

20 Minute Low Impact Standing Cardio Workout

Side Raise + Front Kick / Low Kick
Alt Bent Over Arm Swings
Lunge Back + Curl / Step Back
High Punch Out + Run in Place / No DB’s
Wall Push Up + 2 Knee Raises
Lateral Juke + Push / Side to Side Step
Squat + Side to Side Punches / ¼ Squat No DB’s
Modified Jacks

Cool Down
One Leg Hip Hinge
Upright External Rotation
Staggered Overhead Reach

[Music] once up has four tribe it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak I’m fourteen weeks pregnant Claudia and this is a standing low impact cardio workout there is absolutely no equipment required for today’s routine but if you want to increase the intensity feel free to grab a couple of light hand weights or water bottles you can follow along with me for the standard moves and you can follow me for some easier modifications if you’re ready to go let’s get started [Music] [Music] alright let’s get started with our warmup we’re gonna sort their feet shoulder-width apart hands are out in front of us elbows bent at a 90 degree angle now we’re gonna do a chest opener plus march in place so pulling back on those hands and our elbows and at the same time bringing up opposite side knees moving at a warm-up pace here so no reason to rush bring that knee up as high as you can whether that’s a parallel to the ground or a little bit lower we’re not going to count any repetitions and the warm-up or throughout the workout we’re just gonna encourage you to move at your own pace this one’s working your quads hamstrings glutes shoulders upper back chest all getting warmed up at the same time on this one I feel it feeling warm already making sure to pull back on those elbows and really open that chest up let’s do this one for just last ten seconds making sure to breathe throughout four five four three two one zero alright moving into a move for our upper back it’s called pull the rope put your feet shoulder-width apart weight back in your hip slight bend in your upper body now we’re gonna reach stretch that upper back and then pull reach and pull like we’re pulling a rope just envision that imaginary rope every time you reach in as far as you can get that stretch in your upper back and then pulling back from that elbow so also help you to engage your lats make sure to breathe keep that core tight back straight and just the warm-up here so don’t go out too crazy of a pace and the purpose of our warm-up here is to increase your overall body temperature get your heart rate up and at the same time we like to sneak a little bit of mobility work in here all at the same time again pulling back from that elbow every time or each and as far as you can excellent let’s go last ten seconds on this one keep that breathing going for five four three two one zero alright next we’re gonna warm up our posterior chain which our whole back side feet are a little wider than shoulder-width on this month our toes pointed out we’re gonna do a posterior swing to overhead slight bend in those knees gonna hike your hands between your legs keep your back straight and then bring those arms up overhead feeling that stretching your shoulders so this one isn’t don’t turn it into a squat but instead we’re hinging at the hips and then squeezing those gluts up at the top like you’re trying to slam a door shut with just your tushie just push it back pushing your hips back every time all in the hips and then bring those arms straight up overhead this one’s working on your hamstrings your glutes lower back upper back and shoulder mobility all getting nice and warm on this one so you want to inhale as you swing under and exhale as you bring those hands overhead that’s it we’re gonna talk a lot about proper breathing today and making sure you’re exhaling on the hardest part of the move good standard rule of thumb keep that head in line with your spine so you don’t want your eyes up like this eyes are going down but instead allow those eyes are travel down keeping your head right in line with your spine as you’re hinging at those hips good nice consistent breathing here should feel stretching your hamstrings in your backside as you’re going down I feel it feels good and use this today feeling a little tight all right let’s keep it up for last ten seconds four five four three two one and zero all right shake those arms loose ready to work I’m ready are you ready let’s do it so we are gonna use our light hand weights totally up to you if you want to use some light hand weights or cloud easing use some water bottles or nothing at all or just your own body weight okay so we’re gonna do a side raise plus front kick so at the same time we’re gonna bring both hands up or both arms out until they’re parallel to the floor and then we’re gonna alternate front kicks I’m doing a little bit of a lower kick you notice I’m not going quite as high as coach Kozak so just work within your fitness level here yeah you decide exactly how high you want to get those kicks I want to go to crazy where you’re losing balance but at the same time pushing yourself always a good happy medium between the two a lot of coordination going on here exactly we can do a lot of compound moves today we’re gonna get a lot of work in in a short period of time and if any of these moves today you start with a higher weight when you need to lower your weight feel free to do so or just no weight at all or vice versa if you find anything moves too easy then go ahead and increase that resistance work on consistent breathing on this one and for that kick you’re bringing the knee up and then you’re extending at the leg excellent already feeling a nice shoulder burn needs you it’s working everybody getting to get that heart rate up quick fast and in a hurry let’s go last ten seconds on this first one come on let’s go try four five four three two one zero all right I’m hanging onto my hand weights move it into a bent over arm swing so feet are shoulder-width apart then you over run a 45 your angle palms are facing backwards we’re gonna alternate one arm is going to go up one arm is gonna go back so I’m getting full range of motion on both sides of the swing one arm is pulling back and you’re feeling that lat and tricep engage and the other arm that’s coming up overhead feeling your upper back trap and posterior deltoid taking over we really want to make sure that we’re keeping a nice stable core throughout this entire movement so if you feel like you’re having to use a little extra momentum and then swing then you might want to reduce your weight just a little bit always wanted trying to stay under control here also keep that head in line with your spine so you shouldn’t be having your head up on this one but instead a nice little forward gaze going ahead right in line with your spine who emphasizing both ends of the move here my shoulders are feeling it yeah and this is today’s a total body workout it may be a cardio workout but that doesn’t mean that it’s all legs we’re gonna full body involved today and yeah so it was definitely working your shoulders as well as your back a little bit of chest and triceps as well let’s go last ten seconds fighting through it everybody right there with you four five four three two one zero I shake those arms loose we’re gonna move into either a lunge back plus curl or a step back plus a curl feet are shoulder width apart and now we’re gonna alternate stepping back I’m dropping both knees to a 90 degree angle and I’m just gonna step backwards and return right back to starting position you decide which one is more appropriate for you and that may mean a move in between the two or I’m coming all the way down to a 90 degree angle you might drop that back knee a little bit but not quite be able to get it all the way down again you decide which is most appropriate for you at the same time we’re curling up working those biceps this one’s gonna work your quads hamstrings glutes biceps forearms told you today here is an efficient workout definitely it’s all about getting as much work in as we can in that short period of time let’s go right here has four tried every repetition getting you just that much closer to your goals focusing on your breathing or stand tight let’s go good timing that workout to remind yourself why you hit that play button today what made you start this workout what are you working towards what are you gonna achieve by getting this workout done focusing on those goals for last 10 seconds right here here we go very strong on this one four five four three two one zero all right moving into a little bit of an upper body move we’re gonna drop my dumbbells for this one and I’m holding on to mine we’re gonna do a high punch out Plus run in place so bring those hands back to your chin every time and then punch in high overhead hot feet running in place at the same time getting that heart rate up light and on the balls of your feet you want to return that energy back into the ground that’s it hot feet hot feet you decide if the dumbbells are appropriate for you or just using your own body weight is either way keep those feet moving nice low impact on this one again if you got neighbors underneath you we don’t want them to hear yo nice soft ground contacts feet come on let’s go tribe what do you got put it all out there almost there let’s go last ten seconds on this one fight through it fight through it what do you got four five four three two one zero excellent all right I’m gonna set my hand ways down for the next one so no hand weight it’s required we’re gonna work our way on over to either a wall counter top or couch we’re gonna do a wall push-up plus two knee raises so we’re gonna have our hands and line with our chest bring our chest to the wall elbows at a 90 degree angle push off now knee raise knee raise and repeat so for this move the more upright you are the easier it’ll be meaning the closer your feet are to the wall and the more of an angle you’re on the hardware the move will be so if you really want to add more of a challenge feel free to put your hands on either a low countertop or couch or just move your hands down the wall on this one we want to make sure that we’re not bringing our face to the wall but instead really emphasizing bringing our chest to the wall keeping those elbows bent not locking them out at the top of the move and then we’re using our abs and our core muscles to bring those knees into our chest I want you to breathe in on the way down and exhale as you press off the wall excellent calm keep it up has four tribe getting as many in as you can hear this is a great place to start if you want to progress into a push up from the floor that’s it not quite there yet on a regular push up it’s a great progressive move let’s go last ten seconds on this one we’re almost there building some strength here fighting through everyone fighting through with you for the last five four three two one and zero excellent shake those arms loose no weights again required for this next one I’m gonna do a lateral Juke plus push and I’m gonna do a side to side step plus a push so our footwork is the same we’re both swapping out that middle foot but the main difference is I’m actually jumping from side to side and this is low low lower impact Claudia’s just stepping from side to side and at the same time we’re pressing out like we’re a football player like we’re pushing somebody big push big power using our chest as well as our shoulders making sure to put that weight back in your hips don’t have your knees locked out on this one get a nice soft bend in those knees throughout work at your own pace that’s it again you decide which variation is most appropriate for you pushing yourself because nobody else is gonna do it for you that’s who you’re in competition with right let’s go tribe not us ain’t competition with yourself what the you couldn’t do it yesterday but today you’re stronger come on let’s go crank him out here let’s go last 10 seconds what do you got put it out there four five four three two one zero whoo picking up our hand weights for the next one all right we’re gonna do a squat plus side to side punch and I’m going to do a quarter squat with a side to side punch feet are shoulder-width apart hands at our chin I’m doing a full squat weight back in my hips until my thighs are parallel to the floor I’m going quarter and we’re gonna stand up twist punch repeat sit down now we’re punching about opposite side and back you decide what depth of squat is most appropriate for you we’re gonna get that core engaged as we punch and we’re twisting so it’s not just your arm punching but instead you’re actually rotating with your upper body you wanna inhale as you squat down and exhale as you come up and punch to the side we’re turning that hand back to your chin after every punch and while you’re squatting you should keep your feet nice and flat not coming forward onto your toes back stays straight good posture on this one if you’re trying to sit back in an invisible chair that’s a good analogy I like it come on let’s go another one pushing yourself here let’s do it tribe let’s go don’t listen to those legs don’t listen to those shoulders keep moving I got plenty left those who believe they can and those who believe they can are both right which one are you right here prove it to yourself exceeding your own expectations come on let’s go you versus you there’s that competitor in the mirror last 10 seconds burn it out try we’re right there with you let’s go four five four three two-one-zero no hand weights for the next one we’re gonna do the same move doing a modified Jack okay so we’re gonna step out to the side hands come up over a head opposite side hands overhead that we the leg make sure you keep an eye on a slight bend in it bring those arms overhead again with abandon your elbows full range of motion I got that heart rate up let’s do it it’s working we can feel it working a little modification to an old classic that’s it lower impact variation of a traditional jumping jack whoo nice big deep breaths focus on that breathing let’s go tribe what did you come here for staying focused on let’s exhale as we move our arms over our head whether you’re trying to lose weight get in better shape gain muscle whatever it is stay focused on that goal it’s not gonna come to you by accident but by through work staying disciplined day in and day out that’s what you’re doing right here right now make it count last exercise right here whoo come on you got it I feel it working to last 10 seconds come on come on tribe let’s push it together let’s go you got it you got it in it together four five four three two one and zero excellent job nice work shake those arms loose grab a couple of deep breaths here allowing that heart rate to come down yes we’re gonna move into a cool-down and the purpose of our cooldown is to allow that heart rate to come down slowly but also to get some flexibility work in so we’re gonna start with the one leg hip hinge slight bend in one leg opposite leg out on that heel pull them back on your toes give them that leg straight I’ll put the weight back in your hips as we bend over a hinge at the hips keeping your back straight if you don’t stretch all down that lead leg keeping your head in line with that spine pulling back on your toes it’s gonna give you a little additional calf stretch this one’s stretching your calves hamstrings glutes and lower back nice big deep breaths here focus on getting that heart rate back down four five four three two one zero excellent ok let’s switch legs same move sitting back waiting your hips back stays straight pulling back on those toes oh I’ll focus on that lead leg nice big deep breaths that’s it and focus on getting that heart rate back down excellent any of these static stretches we’re just holding you’re focusing on getting about 85 90 percent of what you’re capable of want to feel good stretch it should do any real pain back stays straight 4 5 4 3 2 1 zero up nice and slow let’s do those shoulders next we’re gonna move into an upright external rotation bring those elbows up til they’re parallel to the floor pull back on those hands getting elbows bent at a 90 and we’re just gonna hold keep pulling back on those hands again static stretch so we’re trying to get to 85 90 % it’s a great one to stretch out your chest shoulders rotator cuffs a lot of good shoulder working today like I said today is a full-body cardio workout so that means those shoulders got work into your did it’s also a great move to help you improve your posture if you’re spending a lot of time bent over at a desk sitting down watching TV on your phone at a computer driving so many of our habits are killing our posture it’s a great one to reverse that keep pulling back on those hands I feel a little bit of burn – totally common hold in here last 10 seconds nice big deep breaths four five four three two one zero shake those burning shoulders out okay yeah we’re gonna do a staggered reach neck so feet are shoulder-width apart but then let’s stagger them one put your right foot back we have a little bit of a problem with balance you can widen your base a little bit yep good tip so let’s go and put your left hand on your hip and with your right hand we’re gonna reach across and back so we’re looking this way feeling a stretch all down our oblique our lat all through our hip flexor and quadricep so bend that knee a little bit drop that back knee a little bit but not all the way down and we’re looking back behind us into the left and just hold again focus I’m feeling that stretch everybody’s gonna feel this one a little bit differently usually wherever you’re tightest and nice big deep breaths here four five four three two one Jake a loose let’s hit that last one same move opposite side so put your right foot in front got that back knee a little bit and now hops the hand on your hip and reaching across also trying to best keep good balance here mm-hmm there’s even more of a challenge after that workout I can focus on that breathing good time the routine here just to take a second to be proud of yourself for getting through it hating that play button finishing strong right to the very end not an easy thing to do but you did it you can cross it off your list and feel accomplished today let’s go last five seconds three two one zero and that is it my friends you made it you made a coach excellent work out there thank you so much for sticking with us right to the very end we’d ask that you please help support our mission of keeping these great workouts free you can do so by downloading our free app that’s available for both iOS and Android you can also stop by our store pick up some has fit gear or our diet guide eating for life don’t forget to like this video and you can follow us on your favorite social media outlet again thank you so much for working out with us today it’s been our privilege I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout