Beginner Difficulty with Low Impact Modifications Provided
beginner workout

No jumping, no crawling down on the floor, and no high impact moves. This standing low impact cardio workout will get your heart rate up and burn calories without abusing your joints. There’s no equipment required for this routine, but if you’d like to add some additional resistance then you may hold on to a couple of light weights or water bottles.

Warm Up
March in Place
Pull the rope
Opposite Toe Touch / Knee Touch

Standing Low Impact Cardio Workout

Arm Jack + High Kick / Low Kick
Wall Push Up + 2 High Knees
Alternating Bent Over Arm Swings
Overhead March in Place
Opposite Arm and Leg Raise
Squat + Side Punch / Quarter Squat
Staggered Knee to Elbow Crunch
Push / Pull + Butt Kick
Twist + Straight Kick / Knee Raise
Sumo Touchdown + Reach / Adjust Depth
Seesaw Row

Cool Down
Wall Angels
One Leg Hip Hinge
Standing Quad Stretch