Beginner Difficulty with Low Impact Modifications Provided
beginner workout

Use this low impact cardio workout to kickstart your fitness! It includes a warm up, 10 low impact exercises, and a cool down to create a total body workout that’s also easy on your joints. There’s no equipment required, but you may want to hold on to a couple of light water bottles or hand weights for added resistance.

Warm Up
Ladder Climbs
Split Stance Diagonal Chop
Good Morning

20 Minute Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners

Hammer Curl + Knee Raise / Water Bottles
DB High Pullback / Water Bottles
DB Squat + Side Leg Raise / Water Bottles
Standing Opposite Knee to Elbow
Wall Push Up + Mule Kick
Lunge Step Back + Triceps Kickback / Water Bottles
PliƩ Squat + Calf Raise & Shoulder Press / Water Bottles
Split Knee Drive + Row / Water Bottles
Posterior Swing / Water Bottles
High Punch Out + Butt Kick / Run in Place

Cool Down
Posterior Shoulder Stretch
Upright External Rotation
Hip Hinge Stretch
Wall Calf Stretch

hey everybody it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a low impact cardio workout for beginners there’s no equipment required for this routine but if you want to add a little extra resistance feel free to grab a pair of water bottles or light hand weights all right let’s get right into it [Music] you [Music] alright let’s get started with our warm up we’re going to start with the ladder climb pretty simple move regal opposite arm and leg are going to reach up at the same time we’re going to bring that knee up using our core and abdominal muscles reach up nice and high with that opposite side arm just like we’re climbing a ladder and this is just the warmup so that means go ahead a warm up pace just getting those muscles loosened up warmed up and allowing our heart rate to just start to come on up making sure to breathe and throughout today’s workout it’s going to be so important that you make this workout your own so if you can’t quite bring your knee up as high as we are right now that’s alright just do the best you can and work at a pace that you feel comfortable with when I can account any repetitions today so it’s just about moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with and getting in as many reps as you can and a lot of time period speaking of which we got this one for just five four three two one zero all right excellent moving into a great functional movement next we’re going to do a split stance diagonal chop so split stance feet are shoulder width apart one leg back we’re going to reach down to that same side of the front leg and then chop up and across bring it back down chop up and across and if you’re having trouble balancing you can just move your stance a little wider to help you get a nice balanced pace there also bending both knees also helps to give you a nice solid base again making sure to breathe that nice full rotation this one’s worked on your balance your stability lower body core also getting you some thoracic spine mobility so just a great overall move get it loosened up let’s do this side four five four three two one alright switch in size now same move opposite leg in front and to keep it moving excellent again being sure to actually rotate at that core you want to just be moving your arms back side to side but instead really focus on rotating that core on every repetition excellent keep both those knees bent keep that balance moving at a nice controlled pace let’s do this one four five four three two one zero all right we’re going to get that posterior chain loosened up next that’s your whole back side lower back glutes hamstrings let’s go and push our hands behind our head slight bending their knees feet are shoulder width apart as we bend over using our hips as a handling to drive those hips back keep your back straight come down to the upper body as parallel to the ground stand up and at the top squeeze your glutes so again we’re bending over keeping your back nice and straight your head stays in line with your spine so without here you’re not here and then at the top get those glutes a nice squeeze to finish up the move and if you can’t quite come down to parallel do the best you can and you might notice that as you continue to do these good mornings and it might get a little easier for you to get a little further yeah and you’ll keep getting loosened up with every repetition really focused on driving those glutes back behind you and notice how we’re starting with a small bend and Ernie and we maintain that same Bend throughout so we don’t bend at the knees more like a squat to get down here but instead only using those hips as a hand like I’m trying to touch the back wall with my bum here that’s it four five four three two one zero actually I warm up complete I’m being warm feeling good I hope you are too if you are using hand weights or water bottles now is the time to pick them up okay I’m using light dumbbells Claudia is a using just a couple water bottles again you make this routine your own we’re going to start with a hammer curl plus alternating knee raise so both arms or come up with those palms facing in performing a hammer curl and at the same time bring up one knee you know if you can get that knee up parallel to the ground that’s great again just as we said in the beginning if it’s a little lower today that’s alright too just keep coming back until you can get that knee a little higher every time right that’s it that’s why we’re here we’re here for improvement not about perfection it’s just about progress a little bit better every time this one’s working your forearms your biceps your legs and also your core make sure that you’re squeezing and contracting those ABS as you bring that knee up keeping your shoulders square back straight you gotta keep it up breathe it can be so important throughout today’s workout that you remind yourself why you’re here what is it what are you working towards trying to get more fit trying to lose weight whatever it may be just focus on it and keep that at the front of your mind don’t win this one for just five more seconds and three two one zero excellent okay we’re going to take our hand weights we’re going to do a high pullback next so feed and shoulder-width apart slight bend our knees we’re going to break it the hips kind of like we did that good morning put those hips back behind us until the dumbbells or water bottles reach your knees and then we’re going to bring those elbows up and pull back so hips go back and then hips come forward as we stand up pull the elbows high and then back so using power from your legs and in from your hips to help pull those hand weights or water bottles up every time elbows come up and then back your back straight on this one head in line with your spine and again every time you’re coming down and loading those hips you should feel a little stretch in your hamstrings good three is a modified Olympic weightlifting move here definitely a lot of little things going on in this one working those hamstrings glutes lower back upper back core all getting hit look at that slight bend the knees hips go back and then they come forward squeeze those glutes at the top excellent let’s do this one for just 10 more seconds you got it again moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with don’t try to keep up with us just do what you can at any point in time you need to change up the weight feel free to do so on four three two one zero last one okay we’re going to move into a dumbbell squat plus side leg raise for this next one so dumbbells at your side feet are shoulder width apart when we anytime we do a swap first thing we do is break at the hips hips go back first and then you can sit down ideally we’re getting down till thighs are parallel and we’re coming back up and then we’re going to perform a side leg raise back into the squat hips go back head up chest up up opposite side now side leg raise now on this squat you really need to make it your own like I said perfect world you’re coming down until those thighs are parallel keeping your feet flat back is straight knees out but might be new to squats and if that’s the case won’t you try your best to keep proper form and just come down as far as you can so it might be a half squat yeah maybe right here yeah and that’s alright again like we said it’s all about improvement you know you don’t have to be great to start but you do have to start to be great so that’s where we are today that back straight head and chest up good again getting into a rhythm moving out of Payson you feel good with and on that squat we’re ideally again driving those hips back keeping our feet flat you don’t want to come up onto your toes and we also don’t want to round your back as you come over either and if you’re finding a a very strong urge to bend over as you’re coming down it’s more than likely due to a tight posterior chain so hamstrings glutes lower back might be something to work on let’s do this one for just five four three two one and last one zero ok we can actually set your hand weights down for the next one if you’re using them we’re going to do a standing opposite elbow to knee so feet are shoulder width apart I’m placing my hands on my head again or trying our best to come opposite elbow to knee opposite elbow to knee again you might be here today and that’s alright we just encourage you to make it your own and just strive for progress not for perfection and just keep moving don’t stop yeah and again if you move into this lower page that’s all right you’re still lapping everybody who is sitting on the couch another version you can do this one it’s a little easier is just the arms out to your side if you’re having trouble balancing another option for you there this one’s going to work that core going to work your legs as well as getting your heart rate up clicking on that cardiovascular endurance at the same time and again make sure to keep your core nice and tight a good way to visualize that is to just draw your bellybutton into your spine and just keep moving don’t forget to breathe you got it you got it you’re doing great so far just keep moving keep your eyes on the prize every repetition getting that much closer to accomplishing your goal whatever that may be just focus on it come on stick with this on this one for the last 10 seconds we’re almost there come on don’t stop don’t stop and five four three two one zero all right let’s those arms back to your side we need either a wall a couch or a counter for this next one we do a wall push up plus mule-kick so I want you to go ahead and find a wall or again we said you could also use a counter for this one we’re going to do a incline push up off of that wall so their hands in line with their chest we’re going to bring our chest to the walther elbows about a 90-degree angle back up and then we’re going to do a mule kick mule kick bring that heel up and then back into the push up so alternating between the two getting both upper body and lower body on this one and of course the further away your feet are from the wall the harder the push up is going to be yep and vice versa that you have in hard time move those feet closer to the wall and they’ll make the push up much easier now if this bishop is just too easy for you period like that you can switch to doing it off of a counter or a bench the lower your hands are on that object the harder it’s going to be so you find the right variation for you and your fitness level no two bodies are equal driving off those palms squeezing your chest and your triceps back of your arms at the top of the push-up they can should have read throughout no holding your breath today you will regret it if you do let’s hit the last ten seconds on this one you’re doing great come on finish strong right there with you rep by Rep come on let’s go let’s go what he made out of half a tribe let’s go five four three two one and zero hula nice God we’re going to need our hand weights for the next one so I’m going to grab my dumbbells Claudia is going to get her water bottles there are two different variations for this next one I’m going to do a lunge step back and tricep kickback Claudia is just going to start in that lunge and stay there so feet are shoulder width apart I’m going to that back and at the same time with my elbows up I’m going to only bend at those elbows and perform a tricep kickback squeezing the back of my arm and I’m in a stationary lunge position and I am doing the tricep kickback as well so make sure the stationary lunge that you have a wide enough base to where you’re nice and stable both of us are bent over on a 45 degree angle keeping that core tight back straight keeping nice Bend and that front lead leg you’re going to feel most of your body weight there and that is on purpose this is working your legs at the same time and so on that tricep kickback we’re trying to keep our upper arms parallel to the ground so it means that upper elbow is up and we’re only bending at the elbow so we’re not swinging in the whole arm right but instead only hinging at that elbow good let’s switch sides in five four three two one good okay opposite side now that front lead leg a break all right and right back into it whoa but the only thing that doesn’t get a break are those trials a triceps are still working and you know in any of these moves if you need to set the weights down to get moving that’s okay to do so if we need to just drop your hand weights and just do air hand weights that’s totally fine yeah just keep moving that’s it you’d be surprised at how good a workout you can get it especially at this point by just using your own body weight making sure to breathe and keep moving so we use those triceps up at the top not about how fast you’re moving about just keep moving most important part about your workouts is to do them just keep showing up that’s right consistency four five four three two one zero acts awesome all right another combo move coming at you next we’re going to get those dumbbells up in the rack position feet a little wider than shoulder width apart toes are pointed out we’re going to do a plie squat plus shoulder press weight goes back on my hips I’m going to sit down and squat Claudia is just going to do a quarter squad and then we’re both going to come up on the balls of our feet calf raise plus shoulder us and back down all right let’s try it again way it goes back in the hips notice I’m going all the way down Claudia’s just hitting that quarter squat making sure to breathe weight back in the hips at any time we do a squat feet stay flat on the way down as you come up drive off the balls of your feet engage those calves and drive and press those dumbbells straight up overhead this one’s working your calves hamstrings quads glutes core shoulders triceps easier to find a muscle that it isn’t working than to name all of them that it is an awesome compound movement no reason to race on this one nope just stay under control focus on what brought you here today we know it’s burning we know it’s hurting rule right there with you not alone thousands maybe millions of us and the heads that rise doing this same workout that you’re doing feeling that same burn and again if you need to drop your light hand weights do it make this workout your own just keep moving don’t hit that pause button no matter how tempting it may be focus on what brought you here today what is it what are you trying to achieve what do you got to do to get it done and to keep achieve it remember it’s not about how bad you want it it’s about how hard you’re willing to work for it you’re doing that right here don’t give up don’t give up four five four three two one zero excellent shake those arms lose for a second we’re going to use them again we’re going to do a split stance row then over in a 45 degree angle get one leg back just like we were in that lunge another position 45 degree angle we’re going to pull back on those elbows even our back straight and then I’m also going to do a knee drive where I bring one knee up to my chest and I am skipping the knee drive and I’m again just staying into split stance position I decide which variation is right for you I’m going to get a little extra working on that lead leg as well as my core getting this extra new drive-in you decide if it’s appropriate for you or not on this rule really focusing on pulling back on those elbows so you got a string attached human somebody’s pulling back on it that core tight you want to hear head to stay in line with your spine let’s go ahead and switch sides here five four three two one zero opposite side now you’re doing great everybody keep it up come on let’s go keep that energy up you got it right here it’s amazing how you can feel that lead leg just right through your glute yeah I’m feeling I’m feeling blue and quad I’m getting a little bit of both get that feet flat that front foot flat I should say yeah support lead leg is definitely doing a lot of working on this one mmm-hmm you got it come on guys let’s go grind through right here we’re right there with the tribe what do you got don’t forget to breathe let’s go last five seconds four three two one zero oh okay we only need one hand weight or water bottle for the next one kay we’re going to interlace or interlock our fingers around that one weight feeder little wider than shoulder-width apart we’re gonna do a posterior swings slight bend in those knees to start we’re gonna keep that same band throughout let’s take that dumbbell like it between our legs bring our hips back and then hips forward squeezing your glutes up at the top keep your back straight head in line with that spine you feel stretch in your backside as you go down against don’t turn this into a squat but just hinge at the hip that’s it engaging those hamstrings glutes and your lower back and then squeezing your glutes at the top on every repetition the other thing you want to stay away from or avoid just turning this into an upper body exercise your arms are really just along for the right all in that lower body there are the ones producing the power that’s getting that weight to come up till your arms are parallel to the ground breathing in on the way down exhaling breathing out on the way up you got come on stay strong with this where yet has we tribe were you act come on mental check I’ll talk to invent or puffiness right mental attitude you got going come on let’s go one wrap into the necks you got this you’re a fighter not a quitter prove it to yourself not to me not to Claudia here it is here it is 4 5 4 3 2 1 0 ass nice ok we’re going to pick up that second hand wait for the last one we’re into a high punch out Plus either a bucket or a run in place run in place so I’m gonna actually bring my heels back and perform a butt kick what Claudia is just doing a little lighter lower impact version but she’s just running in place we’re going to bring those hands back to your chin after every rep and we’re ideally punching a little higher than our face so high punch out so the arms and shoulders get a little tired you can punch out straight or you can drop the weight but what I don’t want you to do is stop come on you made it this far push yourself that’s right if you have a little bit less than that tank this is a place to empty it let’s move that’s it what are you saving it for that’s right come on you’re doing great this is it right here I want you to exceed your own expectations today that’s what it’s all about coming back getting a little better every day defeating the you who couldn’t do it yesterday right today you’re getting it done tomorrow you’re gonna get it done and every day afterwards come on let’s go come on what you got what you got keep it up for last 10 seconds 10 seconds come on come on play through it everybody worried I had to try for 5 4 3 2 1 0x excellent work we can go ahead and set those hand weights down whoa check out those arms we’re going to move into a cool-down purpose of the cooldown is the lower our heart rates that could come down slowly at the same time gain some extra mobility great cool I’m out of breath I know I see that pushing it we’re going to move into some posterior shoulder stretches so we take one arm reach it across pull with that Hoppus to side arm keep good posture we’re just going to hold so a static stretch pull across far as you can that looks like this again that’s okay make it your own excellent one two stretch out your shoulders as well as your chest and back just hold and breathe ah try to keep your shoulders in line with one another right you don’t want one coming up and correct the other one going down yeah yeah let’s hold it four three two one zero switch it up shake it out wow this side is way tighter you might find that one side of you is also a tighter than the other as well that totally common we’ve talked with normal Claudia’s got a tight shoulder because of how she sleeps we’re still working on that life happens all right we’re doing something about it right here hold and breathe all right and three two one shake it loose all right we’re going to work on it the next one is great for really opening you up and improving your posture as well as shoulder health we’re going to up right external rotation let’s get those arms up at a 90 degree angle here 90 here and let’s rotate those hands back and then forward go through that full range of motion bringing those hands as far back as you can on every repetition little active stretch here nice and controlled good and on this last one I want you to pull back in hold pull those hands back good elbows stay up the little shoulders stretching excellent good I mean any of these static stretches we’re trying to get to about 85 9 % of what we’re capable of we want to feel good stretch but we don’t want pain hold this 1 4 5 4 3 2 1 0 whoa my arms are on fire your shoulders I should say snaps in there okay all right we’re going to move out to a waterfall loosen up those wrists forearms biceps those muscles that get tight with all that texting and typing we do so Palma’s up pull back on those fingers we’re slowly going to pull back at the same time bring that elbow up till you reach the bottom and then we’re just going to hold right there keep pulling back on those fingertips feeling that stretch throughout your wrist forearm bicep that’s that time of the workout or you can just take a second here to be proud of what you’ve achieved so far today for working out or easy everybody be fit everybody may be in great shape but they’re not that’s what makes you so special for showing up today you’ve got to keep it up right now just keep the momentum going and three two one zero shake it loose all right opposite side now pull back on those fingertips nice and slow you bring that elbow up and keep on back on those fingertips excellent mmm feels nice duh it was real good you should breathe nice big deep breath in and out and three two one zero all right shake it out with one last stretch here we’re going to need either a wall a countertop or a couch something that we can or a chair you can grab on to for the next one we’re going to a wall calf stretches so put my weight into the wall put one foot up by the wall step one foot back so this foot that’s back furthest away from a wall we’re going to stretch that calf I’m going to drive the heel to the floor oh wow and then we’re going to lean our body weight forward at the same time keep that back heel on the ground feel nice calf stretch and if you having trouble feeling it go ahead and step that leg for the back and it will force more of a stretch it’s too much for you bring it closer so again about making it work for you not the other way around just a static stretch we’re just holding good big deep breaths here – five four three two one zero all right let’s switch it up here finish them strong check out that last calf and drive that heel to the ground to the back heel flat on the ground and hold excellent no matter what the rest of today brings to you you can just take pride in the fact that you got your workout done you can cross it off your list feel accomplished we’d love to have you come back and join us again holding this one two five four three two one zero and that who is the rack that’s it thank you so much for joining us today if you like this workout you’ve been working out with us for a while and you’re starting to see some results we’d encourage that you please go check out our patreon page where you can find out more about how you can support our mission of keeping these great workouts free and if you enjoyed this workout routine with us today we ask that you give this video a big thumbs up and hit that red subscribe button so that you never miss another brand new workout from Hospit make sure to check out has sitcom where we have hundreds of workouts just like this one free meal plans and our free complete fitness programs and if you are on Facebook Twitter Instagram or snapchat combine Hasrat and connect with us thank you so much for joining us today it’s been our privilege I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout