Beginner Difficulty with Low Impact Modifications Provided
beginner workout

Burn a ton of calories while taking it easy on your joints with this standing abs & low impact cardio workout. You won’t find any jumping in this routine, but that doesn’t mean you won’t break a sweet! It the perfect cardio routine for beginners and intermediate trainees.

There’s no equipment required for this standing low impact cardio workout, but if you’d like to add some additional resistance then you may hold on to a couple of light weights or water bottles.

Warm Up
Shoulder Box
Opposite Toe Touch / Knee Touch
Run in Place

Low Impact Cardio
Chest Squeeze + Front Kick / Low Kick
Step Back & Twist + High Knee / No Knee
Ladder Climbs / No Weight
Skier Swings
Push Jerks
Squat + Side Leg Raise / ¼ Squat
Seesaw Rows
Butt Kick Jacks

Standing Abs
Upward Chop
Straight Leg Kick + Twist / Low Kick
Hook Punches
Overhead Side Bends
Extended Twist
Standing Cat / Cow
Chair Pose Reach

Cool Down
Toe Touch to Scarecrow
Standing Quad Stretch
Chest Opener