Beginner Difficulty
beginner workout

Learn the basic strength training movement patterns while improving strength and gaining lean muscle. This 30 minute workout for beginners weight training requires a pair of dumbbells and the weight that you choose will be dependent on your fitness level. You may also want to us a chair, bench, or step for some modifications, but it isn’t a requirement.

Warm Up
March + Arm Circles
Posterior Swings to Overhead
Arm Crossover + Butt Kick

30 Minute Workout for Beginners Weight Training

Complete 1 round of 50 seconds of each exercise:
Dumbbell Shoulder Press
Overhead Squat / with Bench
Bent Over Row + Curl
Sumo Deadlift
Incline Push Up / Wall Push Up
Staggered One Arm Reverse Fly
Stiff Leg DL + Shrug / RDL + Shrug
Lying Dumbbell Chest Press with Twist
Lying Knee Raise / Feet Back Down
Long Arm Crunch

Cool Down
Standing Quad Stretch
Hip Hinge
Upright External Rotation
Bent Arm Wall Chest Stretch

[Music] what’s up has four tribe it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a beginner weight training workout this routine requires a pair of dumbbells and the weight that you choose will be completely dependent on your fitness level you may also want to have a chair box or bench handy but it’s not required if you’re ready to go let’s get into it [Music] let’s get started with the warmup we’re gonna raise our heart rates as well as our overall body temperatures first move is going to be an arm circle plus a march in place so let’s go ahead and make short little circles with those arms straight out at your side rolling those hands forward and ideally we’re bringing those thighs up until they’re parallel to the ground but of course if your knee raises just right here and that’s okay to work at your own pace we’re gonna encourage you throughout today’s routine to really make this your own and make it work for you and not the other way around we’re not gonna count any repetitions today again we’re just moving at our own pace and doing what we can and this a lot of time period let’s switch those hands up and now let’s roll them back it’s kind of a brain exercise to think about it two for one they’re a little a little brain exercise at the same time we’d like it making sure to breed moving at a warmup pace let’s do this one four five four three two one zero all right next we’re going to a posterior swing to overhead so let’s get those feet a little bit wider than shoulder width apart slight bend in those knees we’re gonna put our weight back on our hips as we swing our hands through our legs and then up overhead hips go back hips come forward so don’t turn this one into a squat but instead we’re hinging at the hips bringing our hips back and then hips forward kind of like we’re trying to have our back side touch the wall behind us that’s it stretching it back every time getting full extension with those arms overhead as well getting in some shoulder mobility this one’s loosening up your posterior chain which is your hamstrings your glutes as well as your lower back making sure to keep your back straight as you’re coming down you don’t want to round it so if you can’t quite bend over as far as we are that’s okay just do what you can while keeping that back straight and again we are breathing a long way also keeping our head in line with our back as well yeah so that means you don’t want you to keep your head up the whole time and you don’t want your chin tucked either nice neutral spine for five four three two one zero alright shake those arms loose we’re moving into an arm crossover plus butt kick so we’re going in side to side well two-for-one move here loosening up your shoulders in your chest as well as your quads and hamstrings so step in side to side bringing that heel back kicking your own glutes slight bend in those elbows and try to alternate which arm is on top as you go back and forth side to side again we’re breathing just between these three warm up moves we’re able to get just about every muscle group ready to work not much left here and then warm up let’s do this one for just ten more seconds feeling good ready to go for five four three two one zero alright warm-up complete you’re going to do this I feel good I’m ready hope you’re ready to go out there has fit tribe we are gonna need your dumbbells for this first move we’re gonna do a dumbbell shoulder press so an upper body move when I start with our feet shoulder width apart good posture abs are tight bring those hands up to Rack position those dumbbells up by your shoulders we’re gonna press the dumbbells all the way overhead and then we’re gonna return them back down those dumbbells are about in line with your ears and press again controlling the way up and the way down not a race making sure to breed we’re breathing in on the way down and then we’re exhaling on the way up so we’re was trying to exhale on the hardest part of the movement adjusting your weight as needed again don’t necessarily worry about counting any repetitions today we’re just gonna get as many reps in as we can and this a lot of time period breathe there we go staying focused on that proper form breathing in on the way down and breathing out on the way up excellent this one’s working your triceps as well as your shoulders a little bit of core activation in there as well nice full range of motion you got it not much left on this first one shoulders are burning it’s alright so we know it’s working and five four three two one zero excellent you can set those dumbbells down we’re not going to need them for the next one we’re gonna be moving into an overhead squat now I’m gonna use just my own body weight for this one and if you’re using a chair go ahead and grab one but if you see I have a bench behind me and this is just to gauge my depth and just provide a sense of security we’re gonna start with our feet shoulder width apart we’re gonna bring our arms up overhead thumbs pointed back now our first move is gonna be to break those hips back and then bend at your knees now ideally we’re coming down until those thighs are parallel to the ground and then we’re back up so for my variation I’m just bringing my hips breaking my hips back bringing my bottom down tapping the chair and coming right back up this move is particularly great to improve your mobility as well as your strength it really requires that extra flexibility to keep your spine and line your arms straight in line and everything right where it should be to make this happen and again just depending on the height of your chair or bench it’s really gonna determine the difficulty of this overhead squat but again just try to remember we want to get our thighs parallel to the ground if you’re just getting started on this one you can choose a higher chair or a higher bench behind you just to make it a little bit easier and don’t beat yourself up too bad on this one if it doesn’t look it doesn’t look pretty this is a tough one doesn’t look so bad but once you get into it you see how many different individual muscle groups are all working and if at any point you need to drop your arms just bring it to a regular bodyweight squat do it just keep moving that’s it breathing in on the way down breathing out on the way up keeping that head in line with your spine and breathe you got it just keep moving not many left in this one let’s hit this one for just 10 more seconds I was working those hamstrings glutes quadriceps like I said as well as mobility throughout your spine yep shoulders two-one-zero alright shake those shoulders loose yep move that bench out of the way we’re gonna need our dumbbells again for this next one moving into a combination move feet are gonna be shoulder-width apart we’re gonna bend over on a 45 degree angle with their palms facing forward we’re gonna do a bent over row so we’re gonna pull back on those elbows extend the arms back and now we’re gonna curl bringing those palms to our shoulders repeat row curl pull back on those elbows row and then curl good it’s a great one for our back as well as our biceps I think I said it’s a 2 per 1 move here little combination move in anytime we do any type of row really want to focus on pulling back on those elbows like there’s a string attached to them and somebody’s pulling back on that string and then as we curl really focusing on just bending at that elbow joint not getting any swing out of it and as always we’re ER remembering to breathe you may even feel this one in your legs a little bit as well as it is gonna take some strength just to maintain this proper position and posture excellent one rep right now next and has this workout gets more difficult as we progress it’s important for you to remember what brought you here today to begin with what is it that you’re working out what are your goals staying focused on it let’s go last ten seconds on this one keep grinding it out Astra tribe let’s go let’s go and five four three two one zero that’s my work okay holding onto those dumbbells right we can back into a lower body move we’re gonna do a sumo deadlift let’s get a nice wide stance with those toes pointed out just a little bit now bring those dumbbells right in front of our body we’re gonna drop those dumbbells straight down as we put our weight back in our hips and then sit down keeping good posture stand back up squeeze your glutes at the top hips back break at the knees drop and then back up and squeeze the glutes at the top again keeping good posture our head stays in line with their spine throughout back stays straight shoulders are nice and retracted excellent and as we go down or really putting that weight back on our hips driving off of our heels opposed to allowing ourselves to come forward onto our toes breathing in on the way down breathing out exhaling on the way up excellent one rep right into the next nice and control good again not a race moving at a good pace but really want to control that descent as well as the ascent and coming back up I’m really just making sure you want to keep in good form throughout this entire movement if you need to adjust your weight whether it’s going up and weight or down and weight feel free to do so anytime that’s right just keep moving don’t give up you got it keep this one up we got ten more seconds here let’s go keep going and five four three two one zero excellent go ahead and set your dumbbells off to the side for the next one we’re moving into a push up variation now I’m gonna use the bench for this one but you could also use a chair a countertop or a couch and I’m actually going to be doing a wall pushup which is the modification to that way now the more upright you are the easier it’s going to be the more down you are the harder it’s gonna be so we’re gonna get into a push-up position keeping our back straight and for the wall push-up the further back your feet are the harder it’s going to be I’m going to lower our bodies into our elbows get to a 90 degree angle and then press back up again we’re breathing in on the way down and exhaling on the way up keep your head in line with your spine and whatever you do make sure you keep also keep those hands in line with your chest and don’t reach with your head and neck that last few inches to try to get closer to your bench or the wall or chair but instead bending at those elbows to lower your body nice and controlled breathing in on the way down out on the way up and as you get better at this move you can change up your angle let’s say you start at the wall then eventually you can come down to a bench and then eventually down to the floor and so we just go ahead and progress through making this move work for you and again from the wall the further back your feet are if this feels too difficult just move your feet up a little bit and keep busting out those push-ups busting them out one right into the next you got it has fit tried pushing past that burn focusing on what motivates you what brought you here whether you’re trying to lose weight get stronger gain lean muscle and just get better at life whatever it is stay focused on it not many left on this one keep grinding through here let’s go last ten seconds one right into the next you got it four five four three two one zero yes okay we’re gonna need just one dumbbell for this next one we’re moving into a staggered reverse fly so let’s start a staggered stance which is one foot back let’s go and bend forward on a 45 degree angle and you take that opposite hand and place it on your hip now it’s a slight bend in that elbow holding onto the dumbbell we’re gonna pull back nice and controlled and then back down notice how we’re keeping a slight bend in our elbow throughout we’re not extending that arm down here at the bottom or up top we’re squeezing the middle of your back this is a hard move so don’t be surprised if you need to lighten up your weight on this one keep your head in line with your spine so that doesn’t that means you don’t want to be up here looking up also try to keep your shoulders in line as well yes and square so we’re not turning and getting a bunch of momentum trying our best keep those shoulders parallel to the floor again if you feel like that’s what’s going to happen as you’re swinging the dumbbell or bringing the dumbbell up then you probably need to lighten your weight a little bit yep and so you know if that means you need to move to just a couple of water bottles that’s fine too absolutely no shame in that everybody’s gonna start somewhere every winner was once a beginner that’s right we’re gonna switch sides in five four three two one zero switch it up same move opposite side right into it let’s go guys excellent this also might bring out some big imbalances right you might have one side that’s weaker or stronger than the other yeah which is very common you know from environmental factors just using one arm more than the other but that’s why we’re doing these moves unilaterally meaning one limb at a time really helps you to even out those imbalances pull them back squeeze in that middle to back on every repetition this one’s working your posterior deltoids your rhomboids as well as your lats as well as your core my goodness and your core version we have to keep yourself stable for this one I totally agree you got it now mini left here everyone keep pushing through let’s go whoa my left side is weaker I feel it even hit out right here four five four three two one zero all right look at one pick up that second dumbbell for the next one all right always making sure to use your legs when you’re picking up those weights we have our feet shoulder-width apart our dumbbells in front with our palms facing us good posture shoulders are back let’s get a little bend in our knees I’m gonna do a stiff leg deadlift bus shrug and I’m gonna do the Romanian deadlift plus shrug which is actually taking it just below the knees and right back up so I’m gonna stretch all the way down as far as I can keeping my back straight hips back hips forward and then bringing my shoulders up to my ears to shrug and as you see Claudia it’s just gonna go down to the Romanian deadlift version where she’s bringing those dumbbells down to either near mid-shin level you decide which one is appropriate for you based on your strength and flexibility levels on this one we do want to keep that back straight slight bend in the knees and then you keep that same bend in the knee throughout as you drive those hips backwards again hinging at the hips and I’m really just keeping my dumbbells as close to my body as I can I’m just sliding them right down my thighs below my knees and right back up it’s a great posterior chain move working your hamstrings your glutes lower back as well as your traps in the same way that we work our ABS we also need to be strengthening our lower back so it’s a great chance you’re feeling a burn and your lower back right now and I know you’re probably used to any pain in your lower back being a bad pain but just as your abs would work if you’re doing it and have exercise your lower back is working especially with our environment these days a lot of sitting none of that is good for your lower back and but then again it all requires a strong lower back so we’re strengthening it we’ll use it in everything we do in our day to day lives good making sure to breathe throughout and as you come down you feel a stretch in your hamstrings feel that stretch in your backside like you’re trying to push that butt to the wall behind you as you bend over again moving at a controlled pace now many left on this one working through it everyone let’s go five four three two one zero all right let’s take our dumbbells and move to the floor for the next one lying down on our backs we’re in doing a lying chest press plus twist so let’s go ahead and start with those dumbbells over our elbows arms out to our side we’re gonna press up and as we press we’re gonna twist our palms until they’re facing inward and then reverse back down don’t bounce your arms off the ground again stay under control and reverse it and at the top I want you to squeeze your chest muscles so extending your arms bringing those dumbbells together and squeeze that chest every single time so you want to have your dumbbells right over your chest I know a lot of times it’s easy to try to have the dumbbells over your face keep them in line with your chest that’s a great point if you have your dumbbells too far over your face or your shoulders and your shoulders end up doing too much of the work and we really want that chest to take the majority of the load again we’re breathing here whatever you do don’t hold your breath breathing in on the way down and then exhaling as you press straight up and resist the temptation to bounce your arms off the ground on this one it would definitely make it easier but we’re looking for results and effectiveness not just what’s easy excellent work keep it up one rep right into the next you got this getting stronger this one’s working your chest your triceps as well as your shoulder all working together to make this one happen feels so good on the chest one rep right into the next getting stronger with every repetition every repetition you get you just that much closer to your goals not much left on this one keep fighting through everybody let’s go five four three two one and zero okay we can set those dumbbells off to our sides we’re gonna move into some core work next so next we’re gonna do a lying knee raise you can either have your hands out to your side or you can place your hands at the small of your back and glutes it’s really a preference personal preference next we’re gonna bring that chin up tuck that chin get your head off the ground and I want you to glue your lower back to the ground so you shouldn’t have your lower back arched now I’m gonna bring up both knees OMI using my abs I’m gonna extend my legs I’m gonna keep my feet up off the ground and I’m actually gonna bring my feet back down you decide which variation is right for you if you rest those feet down in between reps it gives you just a little bit of a break you decide which one is gonna work for you today and your fitness level if both of these variations are too easy then you can move into a straight leg raise or if both of these variations are too hard you can do one leg at a time again we encourage you to make this routine your own whatever that looks like we just don’t want you to give up that’s going we’re giving you all these options because we just want you to hang tough with us to the end that’s it and you just keep moving keep working through it repeating the workout getting a little bit better every time when you come back get better and you progress and do a little bit harder move or just increase your weight a little bit well that works too okay again keep that lower back glued to the floor and you complet bang your chin up tucking that chin and the further you bring those shoulder blades off the ground the harder it’s gonna be the more of a contraction you’re gonna feel in those ABS I feel it feel it feels very good it’s working that’s how we know it’s working has fits ride right there with you let’s go last ten seconds on this one don’t give up let’s go come on stand tough sand tough let’s go five four three two one zero all right you set your feet back down we’re gonna move into a long arm crunch so let’s get those arms straight up overhead and now we’re gonna cranky again trying our best keep that lower back glute to the ground we’re gonna bring those shoulder blades up off the ground contract your abs and back down so we’re just bringing those shoulder blades off the ground contracting our abdominals and then back down now if you’re asking yourself well why my arms straight up overhead well because that really puts you in a good position to make sure that you’re using your abs you’re not ripping on your head or neck and you’re not getting other muscles involved when really we’re just trying to focus on those abdominals I know and this position allows us to do that again nice and controlled not rushing through it not bouncing off the floor in between repetitions we are breathing that’s it fighting through that burn remind yourself that you’re stronger than that burn you are in control let’s go come on not your body not your abs it’s all about that mental toughness and that’s what we’re building right here along with physical strengths we’re also building that mental toughness to keep moving to keep pushing through and you’ll be able to tap into that anytime you need to throughout your day throughout your life just keep moving you got it let’s go last ten seconds on this one we’re almost there let’s go let’s go no much left four five four three two one zero and that is it the Hexen won’t work nice job my abs are feeling good that felt like the longest longest is the longest set come on up all right we’re gonna move into a cool-down next and the purpose of the cooldown is to allow our heart race to come down slowly and at the same time gain some extra mobility first move is going to be a standing quad stretch so you can do this one either from just on your own or you can hang on to a wall or a chair or a bench we’re gonna grab that foot pull it back the best you can to your heel and on this one we are trying to keep our knee into our side don’t let that knee flare out and we’re stretching that quadricep that thigh muscle on the front of your leg and we’re just holding bringing yourself to catch our breath yes and on any of these static stretches we’re trying to stretch till we get to about eighty five ninety percent of what we’re capable of we want to feel good stretch but we shouldn’t really be in pain nice slow deep controlled breaths here and let’s hold this one for five four three two one zero switch it up same move just on the opposite side now and as we’ve mentioned before you may have one side that’s tighter than the other and that’s totally common you know depending on your environmental factors how you spend your day old injuries to so many different reasons why it could be how you sleep at night how you sleep at night don’t worry about it just get through it the best you can on both sides again trying your best to keep that knee and not flared out to the side and now is a good time here to just take a second to be proud of what you’ve achieved so far today that’s right that was an excellent workout no matter what the rest of your day brings you can be proud of yourself for getting through this one and checking it off your list holding this one for five four three two one zero all right we’re gonna stretch out that posterior chain next so with their feet shoulder-width apart very slight bend in our knees hands are on your hips we’re into a hip hinge if those shoulder is retracted head in line with your spine we’re gonna bend over at our hips and keep our back completely straight on this one so no rounding over no reaching towards our toes the back seat is completely straight we’re gonna feel this one in our hamstrings as well as our glutes and maybe even a little bit in our lower back yeah got a lot of work today indeed it did good work feeling stronger because of it nice big deep breaths again keep your head in line with your spine shoulders back keep pressing those hips back like you’re trying to touch your glutes to the wall behind you on this one and just hold that’s it not much left on this one holding for five four three two one zero up nice and slow alright moving into a move for our shoulders next we’re gonna do an upright external rotation bring those arms up and we want a 90 degree angle all around now we’re gonna pull back on those hands and then bring the hands forward so we’re gonna do a little active stretch here has reformed and then forward and every time try to get those hands a little further back it was a great one to loosen up your shoulders improve your posture even to stretch out those rotator cuffs and on this last one I want you to come back and then pull back on the hands and hold don’t ya act like somebody came behind you and they’re just pulling back on those hands again elbows stay up 190 degree angles all around and just keep pulling and stretching good posture keep on the back and hold not much left 4 5 4 3 2 1 0 she was loose excellent all right one last one last one let’s move on over to either a wall or a door frame we’re gonna do a bent arm chest stretch so with our elbow at a 90 degree angle here it’s going to put that flush up against the wall we’re gonna get our body nice and close to the wall and now we’re gonna turn away from the wall the best we can stretch our chest as well as our shoulders and I think Claudia is feeling this one I can’t get that close to the wall that’s okay are you plenty close enough again you don’t need to be on the wall I’m not coach Cosette close let’s just I don’t know if I’m feminine closer than you come on I’ll give yourself some more credit again we’re turning away and we’re just holding just a static stretch here feeling that chest opening up my goodness another great one to improve our posture that chest off so often gets very tight with her you know bent over looking at our phone or a desk or driving other other habits we may have nice big deep breaths 4 5 4 3 2 1 0 shake that arm loose one more arm here we are everyone and nice and close to the wall arm is flush and turning away find that that perfect spot where you’re feeling the most stretch again everybody’s kind of different so you’re gonna have to work with it good stretch but not painful that’s it that’s the key nice big deep breaths here not much left whoo I really feel it in my left side here feels good no it’s working and we’re holding it for five four three two one and zero that’s it you made it work out I sent Claudia excellent work out to you has fit tribe thank you for working out with us today we’d ask that you please support our mission of keeping these great workouts free you can do so by downloading our free app it’s available for both iOS and Android you can also visit our store and pick up a shirt or my book stay fit for life don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up and hit that red subscribe button below so that you never miss a brand new workout from Hospit again thank you so much for working out with us today it’s been our privilege I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout