Beginner Difficulty
beginner workout

Burn calories, improve endurance, and develop strength all in one quick and efficient beginner workout routine. This workout is divided into two parts: 1. Beginner HIIT 2. Beginner Strength Training. You’ll need a pair of dumbbells and then either a chair, step, or box. It’s a great workout for both men and women.

Beginner HIIT

Complete 1 round of 50 seconds for each exercise:
Hot Feet Typewriters / Hot Feet
Inverted Push Up + One Arm Raise / Push Up + One Arm Raise from Knees
Sumo Deadlift + Reach / Posterior Swing + Reach
High Plank Rows / High Plank Rows from Knees
Lateral Juke / Side to Side Steps
Dips from Bent Knee / w/ Leg Help
Lunge and Reach / Split Squat and Reach
High Plank Flying from Knees / High Plank Flying from Knees
Lying Knee Raise + Crunch / Lying Knee Raise + Crunch (feet down to ground)
Modified Burpee / Modified Burpee + Step Back

Strength Training Workout for Beginners

Complete each set for 2 rounds of 30 seconds:
Dumbbell Crusher Row/ Dumbbell T Row
Hip Up + Chest Press
Stiff Leg / RDL + Shrug
Standing DB Shoulder Press / Seated
Dumbbell Curl
Dumbbell Squat / Chair Squat
Dumbbell Triceps Kickback
Dumbbell Reach Crunches / Reach Crunches

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