Beginner Difficulty
beginner workout
Join Coach Kozak in this 15 minute beginner workout for weight loss and easy exercises for strength. This easy workout is great for both men and women. The only equipment needed for this low impact workout and the beginner exercises is a light pair of dumbbells. Most males will use between 5-15lbs, where most females will use between 2-8lbs.

Complete 3 rounds of each exercise:
Upright Row + Calf Raise x 30 seconds
Knee Raise + Twist x 30 seconds
Wall Pushups x 30 seconds
Split Squat x 15 seconds per leg
Jog in place x 30 seconds
Bentover Alternating Row x 30 seconds
Plank from knees x 30 seconds
One Leg Goodmorning x 15 seconds per leg

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