Low Impact Difficulty
low impact workout

This chair workout will get your heart rate up while improving strength and flexibility. Perfect workout for beginners or those who need to exercise while sitting down due to a lower body limitation.

This chair workout can accommodate multiple fitness levels by increasing or decreasing the resistance used. You may use a couple of water bottles, light hand weights, or heavy dumbbells depending on your fitness needs.

Chair Exercises Instructions:

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds. Beginners should perform one round and more advanced trainees may complete 2-3 rounds in total.

March in place
Cactus arms
Seated Goodmorning
Upright external rotation
Alt leg extension w/ lean back
Zottman Curls
Seated jacks (knees bent)
External rotation
Hot Feet
Seated Row + triceps kickback
Low to High Pull (reach across, pull, down)
Shrugs + calf raise
Alt knee raise w/ lean back
Shoulder raise
Hot feet