Low Impact Difficulty
low impact workout
Coach Kozak will guide you through this easy low impact workout. HASfit’s low impact exercises and easy exercises are perfect for those just starting their fitness journey are those with physical limitations. Easy workouts at home are designed for both men and women.

Complete 3 Rounds of each exercise:
March in Place x 30 sec
Upright Row + Clean + Press x 30 sec
Chair Burpees or Modified Step Back x 30 sec
Ballistic Wall Push Ups x 30 sec
Quarter Squat + Front Kick x 30 sec
Bent-over DB Swings x 30 sec
Side to Side + Lateral Dumbbell Raise x 30 sec
Knee Chop x 30 sec
DB Curl + 1,2,3,4 x 30 sec
DB Posterior Swing x 30 sec

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