Beginner Difficulty with Low Impact and Intermediate Modifications Provided
beginner workout

Get your heart pumping, burn calories, and improve strength and stability with this 35 minute low impact cardio workout for beginners. The four part workout includes a warm up, low impact cardio, standing abs, and cool down. There is no equipment required for this one, but you may add some light hand weights or water bottles for extra resistance. You may also want to use a chair or bench for some modifications.

Warm up
March in Place
Crossover Toe Touch / Knee Touch
Arm Crossover + Butt Kick

Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners

Complete each exercise for 45 seconds:
Chest Squeeze + Run in Place / March
Lateral Juke / Side to Side
Seesaw Arm Pullovers
Squat + Front Kick & Punch / Front Kick & Punch
Incline Push Up + 4 Mountain Climbers / Wall
Snatch / Snatch from Hang
Side Raise + Leg Kick / Side Raise
Ovrhd Posterior Swing / Parallel
Butt Kick Jacks
Modified Burpee / Incline

Standing Abs Workout
Nordic Skiers / without Weights
Twist + Straight Leg Kick / + Low Kick
Bow Extension / without Weights
Standing Twist / without Weights
Windmill / without Weights
Standing Side Crunch
Rotating Good Morning
Crossover Toe Touch / Knee Touch
Oblique Rotations / without Weights
Leaning Lifting Crunch

Cool down
Downward Dog / from Wall
Shoulder Posterior Stretch
Quad Stretch

coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is\par a low impact cardio and standing abs\par workout this workout is broken up into\par four parts\par we’re going to start with a light and\par easy warm-up followed by a low impact\par cardio round to get your heart rate up\par next we’re going to work your core\par without ever getting down on the floor\par and we’re going to finish it off with a\par nice cool down there’s no equipment\par required for this routine but if you\par want to increase the resistance you can\par grab a couple of light hand weights or a\par couple of water bottles follow me for\par the standard exercises and follow me for\par those easier modification all right if\par you’re ready we are to do this let’s go\par [Music]\par all right let’s get into it with a nice\par quick and light little warm-up we’re\par going to start with a march in place\par and so the point of this is just a warm\par up your muscles get your heart rate up\par but I want you to go to a nice relaxed\par pace be sure to breathe on this we’re\par going to keep both elbows bent at a 90\par degree angle or bring it up opposite\par side arm and leg one nice light foot\par contact with the ground on every single\par repetition you don’t want to be banging\par on the ground if your gut neighbors\par underneath that alarm to hear you\par throughout the course of today’s workout\par we’re not going to call any repetitions\par we’re just going to be moving at a pace\par that you feel comfortable with it’s up\par to you to push yourself and to make this\par workout your own let’s do this 1 4 5 4 3\par 2 1 alright next we’re going to do\par either a crossover toe touch or knee\par touch you decide which is right for you\par opposite side hand comes to either your\par opposite knee or your foot so slight\par Bend and those knees drive those hips\par back keep your back straight then rotate\par and touch either your knee or your toe\par and this one I want you to decide which\par variation is right for you as you see\par Claudia today will be given those\par slightly easier modification Thank You\par Claudia you are welcome you’re like\par stretching your posterior chain back\par side hamstrings glutes lower back good\par make it nice and warm for this work\par loosening up alright and a little better\par already I had a tough workout last night\par so this is good to get me nice and\par warmed up alright let’s do this one four\par five four three two one alright next\par we’re going to move into a arm crossover\par plus butt kick so on this one we’re\par going to cross those arms over\par alternating which arm is on top at the\par same time we’re going to step side to\par side\par bring that heel back and try to kick\par your own butt\par this one’s gonna warm up your chest your\par shoulders quads hammies very efficient\par move get a lot of body parts warmed up\par at the same time and again this is just\par the warmup so I know sometimes we have a\par tendency I think to go little faster or\par MUP make sure you’re just going at a\par nice relaxed pace that you feel\par comfortable with precisely don’t try to\par keep up with us if it’s going to wear\par you out faster go at your own pace\par we’ll be plenty of time for wearing you\par out in the workout here yeah coming up\par which is awesome it’s coming soon don’t\par don’t worry about that don’t worry about\par it all right let’s do this one four five\par four three two one and zero all right\par both Claudia and I are going to do a\par chest squeeze this is the first one in\par the actual workout but I’m going to run\par in place where Claudia is going to do a\par March you decide which variation is\par right for you but we want both those\par elbows bent at a 90 degree angle\par we’re squeeze in that chest as you bring\par those elbows together and then either\par nice and light and I’m the balls of your\par feet running in place or a March\par bringing those knees up and you decide\par which is right for you Axl this is going\par to work to get that heart rate up\par click fast and in a hurry here that’s\par good\par well again nice light ground touches and\par again for the March we’re not stomping\par on the ground right nice and light and\par if you’re doing the March you can’t\par quite get your knees up as high as\par Claudius that’s all right if it’s down\par here then it’s down there for now all\par right almost there five four three two\par one zero\par excellent shake those arms loose next\par we’re going to do either a lateral Juke\par or a side to side step so this\par name basic footwork or replacing that\par middlefoot but I’m doing it a little\par more dynamically the weights back in my\par hips and I’m hopping where Claudia is\par more of just a step she’s not really\par getting any air if you will you decide\par which variation is right for you\par and you really have to think about the\par movement because you’re stepping you’re\par just replacing one foot with the other\par so it might take you a little bit to get\par into the rhythm of the movement but once\par you do you can pick up the pace a little\par bit more good thing about moves like\par this that challenge our brain and our\par coordination is that’s just going to\par improve our agility so many added\par benefits on top of something like this\par compared to just being on like an\par elliptical where you’re just repeating\par the same movement you don’t have to have\par your brain on really true\par excellent so it’s going to work your\par central nervous system at the same time\par come on keep it up guys doing good let’s\par go ten more seconds on this one almost\par there\par grind it out with us four five four\par three two one zero okay let’s go ahead\par and grab those hand weights for the\par first time you know couple soup cans\par light dumbbells a lot of balls whatever\par you got we’re going to go right into a\par seesaw arm pull over so we’re waiting is\par that our hips or bent over at a\par 45-degree angle and just from the\par shoulders we’re going to alternate\par bringing those arms up and swinging them\par back palms are facing us breathe keep\par that back straight and if you decide\par that even having a pair of water bottles\par in your hand is too much for you drop\par them and just do the movement and that\par applies to all the movements today again\par really just encourage you to make this\par workout your own no two bodies are like\par or are the same or start at the same\par starting place exactly remember every\par winner was once a beginner it’s okay\par allow yourself to be a beginner just\par going to get better every day so it’s\par all about being perfect just about\par putting in the work getting that\par improvement day after day that’s it\par consistency is key huge\par good okay keep it up guys keep that back\par nice and straight weight in your hips\par let’s one even give you a little bit of\par a leg burn it is on purpose so be\par sitting back get that back straight I\par want you hunched over like this\par backspace straight it also works to\par improve your mobility working your core\par working your lats triceps come on keep\par it up for just five more seconds on this\par one and three two one zero good okay\par let’s go and hold onto those weights\par still bring our hands up to your chin\par we’re going to do a punch in a kick with\par opposite side and then opposite and I’m\par going to do a squat so it’s punch and\par kick punch and kick you decide if you\par want to throw the squat in between the\par two weight goes back in your hips if\par you’re doing the squat and on that punch\par and kick bringing your knee up then\par kicking out and if you can’t quite bring\par your legs up as high as we can that’s\par okay again that’s why we’re here getting\par better every time get a little higher\par improve that flexibility nice work guys\par come on stay in it stick with it it’s\par about that time of the workout when you\par start asking yourself while you’re here\par and you got to stay focused on it what\par brought you here what motivates you what\par pushes you what’s your goal what are you\par working on focus on it throughout the\par course of today’s workout it’s going to\par be what gets you through it come on keep\par it up guys you’re doing great just stay\par in it here we go\par hit this one for just ten more seconds\par almost there good and five four three\par two one zero okay we can set those hand\par weights to the side I’m going to use my\par bench for the next one Claudia is going\par to use the wall find a wall nearest to\par you that’s clear we’re going to do a\par combo move we’re going to go push up\par and then we’re going to do four modified\par mountain climbers bring your knee into\par your chest four times use that if this\par movements more appropriate for you on\par the wall or if the more appropriate on a\par bench chair and if you’re doing the if\par you’re doing the wall push-ups and\par further back your legs are or your feet\par are the harder the movement is so if\par it’s too hard you can move your feet up\par a little a little more and the movement\par becomes a little easier for you and that\par same philosophy applies to the bench of\par the chair you know if you do these on a\par countertop they’re going to be easier\par for something lower so you can just find\par something that’s at the right level for\par your fitness level on core stays tight\par on these or bending those elbows to a 90\par degree angle and then back up drive in\par through your chest and your triceps this\par one again is hitting a lot of different\par muscle groups from our hips or quads or\par core abs lower back triceps chest\par shoulders you know pointed there one of\par the goals of today’s workout is it is\par much done in the shortest period of time\par and you’re doing it right now\par rep by Rep you’re sticking with it come\par on guys fighting through fighting\par through you know fighter you’re not a\par quitter let’s do this right here with\par you rep by Rep all right let’s hit this\par one for just ten more seconds so close\par come on\par grind it out guys grind it out four five\par four three two one and zero nice all\par right we’re going to need your hand\par weights for the next one we’re going to\par do a snatch I’m going to do a squat and\par stanch Claudia’s just going to do it\par from the Hang feed your shoulder width\par apart a little bend in our knees then\par we’re going to both break at the hips\par I’m going to go all the way down Claudia\par is just going to break at the hips and\par then elbows come up dumbbell flip over\par you decide which variation is right for\par you\par we’re going to bring those elbows up and\par so we can’t bring up any more and then\par flip the dumbbells overhead so for mine\par I’m just doing a hinge at the hips\par pushing my hips back towards the wall my\par weights right underneath my knees and\par popping right back up using my hips to\par get those water bottles\par over my head but we’re both really using\par our lower body even though it doesn’t\par maybe at the first glance look like\par Claudia is using her lower body as much\par she’s really using those hips to drive\par those water valves up over her head\par another note on this one is when you’re\par pulling those dumbbells up to pretend\par like you’re zipping up a jacket it’s a\par good mental visualization for how that\par movement should go so make sure to\par breathe and again this one’s hitting a\par lot of different muscle groups from your\par lower body to your traps upper back core\par and I’ll just give you guys a visual of\par what this looks like from the side\par making sure to breathe and keep moving\par you got it guys let’s hit this one for\par just 10 more seconds that’s it you’re\par doing great stick with it and five four\par three two one zero\par all right we’re both going to do side\par raises feet are shoulder-width apart\par palms are facing us bringing those\par dumbbells and our arms onto the parallel\par to the ground and back down but I’m\par going to throw in an alternating side\par leg raise as well this one’s going to\par burn out your shoulders and if you need\par to set the weights down and just use\par your arms to be surprised at how\par effective that can be as well but our\par goal is for you to just keep moving not\par hit that pause button don’t take a break\par again I’m keeping a slight bend in my\par knee so I’m not keeping my knees locked\par out slight Bend and just bring those\par weights parallel to the ground I’m\par keeping that same Bend as well helping\par me keep balance as I bring that leg out\par keeping your core nice and tight another\par good visualization that I like to use is\par draw that belly button towards your\par spine through the entire workout\par yeah it just allows you to keep that\par core tight and engaged throughout come\par on guys burn it out with us let’s do\par this one just 10 more seconds almost\par there you got it you got it and five\par four three two one zero okay we’re going\par to move into a posterior swing check\par those shoulders out a little bit nice\par wide stance toes are pointed out little\par bend in our knees put those two hand\par weights together or water bowels drive\par them through your legs and then bring\par your hips forward hips back hips for\par Claudia is going to bring arms a\par parallel where I’m going to bring those\par arms all the way up overhead but on this\par move I really want you to focus I’m\par using your posterior chain hamstrings\par glutes lower back the way you do that is\par you keep that slight bend in your knee\par drive its hips back behind you like\par you’re trying to touch them to the wall\par behind you and then drive them forward\par again this is not a squat so we don’t\par want you here right not here but watch\par my knees weight back in the hips knees\par stay just slightly bent\par throughout squeezing those glutes up at\par the top of the movement so kind of like\par that snatch from hang movement just\par using the hips as a hinge again and\par pushing them back like coach said and\par that helps us to focus on working the\par hamstrings the glutes lower back and\par doesn’t allow our quads to take over\par excellent work everybody come on keep\par fighting through you got this one\par wrapped by rep you’re focusing on what\par drives you what brought you here today\par to begin with whatever that may be you\par just want to be more fit well lose some\par weight you got a team you’re trying to\par compete on or maybe you’re just trying\par to save your own life whatever it is\par it’s worth it and so are you let’s go\par come on breathe that’s it this one for\par five more seconds that’s it four three\par two one and zero all right we’re going\par to move into buck kick Jack’s next no\par hand weights needed for this next one so\par we’re going back in that buck kick we\par kind of started with but we’re going to\par do a side to side jumping jack arm\par circle at the same time it’s a good\par little modifier it’s like the\par traditional jumping jack good low impact\par variation side to side or kicking that\par butt and this one is just about getting\par your heart rate up so there’s not\par necessarily a easier modification for\par this you’re going to go faster if you’re\par feeling good or slower if you need a\par little bit of a moment but we want you\par to keep moving that’s it come on keep\par that heart rate up get a little better\par with every rabbit every second that goes\par by you’re getting a little closer to\par your goal not going to happen overnight\par but it will happen if you keep it up\par come on let’s go you got it guys grind\par this one out boom one in the next that’s\par it this one for ten more seconds that’s\par it almost there let’s go for five four\par three two one zero are moving on to a\par modified Burpee a claudia is going to\par use the bench I’m just going to use my\par own body weight I’m going to squat down\par place both hands on the ground one two\par step back one two step forward stand up\par hands overhead so for my movement I’m\par doing the exact same thing because I’m\par doing it from a bench\par so we’ll slot down and put\par hands on the bench one foot back the\par other foot back right back and clap up\par top so just like we kind of mentioned\par earlier the higher the piece of\par equipment that you’re using will make it\par easier the lower you place it the harder\par it will be so that means it’s harder\par because you have to go down deeper right\par so you decide which variation is right\par for you you can also do this from a\par countertop if you need to making sure to\par breathe along the way that’s really the\par key every time try best to keep that\par core straight as you step out you don’t\par want your butt up in the air you don’t\par want it sinking down core stays nice and\par tight and engaged throughout this what’s\par really working a lot of different muscle\par groups from your legs your core it’s\par right through your upper body there’s a\par lot of different things come on you got\par it guys keep breathing keep pushing keep\par bugging you focusing on what brought you\par here today to begin with it’s going to\par be the same thing that gives you through\par it don’t lose sight of it come on what\par you got what you got put it all out\par there guys come on give it everything\par you got how many can you get\par consummating can you get 10 more seconds\par come on let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s\par go what are you waiting for put it all\par out there you got it you can do it you\par can do it you can do it let’s go five\par four three two one and zero one end more\par for extra credit I guess ah they were\par you when I was already down there nice\par work everybody we’re going to start with\par a nordic skier i’m going to grab my\par light hand weights for this one\par claudia is just going to do the\par bodyweight variation we’re going to\par start in a staggered stance same arm is\par going to be up of the leg that is back\par opposite arm is going to be back both\par arms are straight let’s go ahead and\par switch those arms and at the same time\par bring that knee up as we crunch in with\par our abs\par now throughout the course of today’s\par workout we’re not going to count any\par repetitions it’s just going to be about\par getting in as many reps as we can in a\par lot of time period making sure to\par breathe throughout the course of today’s\par workout we’re going to stay nice and\par light on the balls of your feet on this\par one you don’t want to be stomping back\par with that opposite side leg really focus\par on contracting those ABS and in that\par core as you bring that knee into your\par midsection we’re going to go half and\par half on both sides excellent work and\par keep it up getting right into it today\par we’re going hard and fast working those\par abs and core without ever getting onto\par the floor\par alright we’re switching sides here and\par five four three two one zero\par okay opposite side now remember that\par same arm is up that the leg is back it’s\par a little bit confusing on this one\par bringing that knee up and contract those\par ABS keeping that core tight back stay\par straight\par excellent work you got it one rep right\par into the next again it’s all about just\par getting in as many reps as we can\par working at a pace that you feel\par comfortable with whatever that is\par whether it’s faster than us\par slower than us we just encourage you to\par make this workout your own today\par excellent keep this one up for just ten\par more seconds\par you got it you got it and five four\par three two one\par zero I’m going to set my hand weights\par down for this next one we’re going to\par have our arms out other side we’re going\par to go either a low kick or a high kick\par plus a twist so that leg stays straight\par we’re going to twist into the side of\par that leg that’s kicking up if you’re\par doing the high kick and going try to hit\par touch that toe to your hand doing a low\par kick\par that’s totally alright just get the leg\par to a level that you feel comfortable\par with\par again breathing keep that core engaged\par throughout trying our best to get a nice\par full twist nice let’s see would be a\par 90-degree twist to do some math there\par for a second but if you can’t quite get\par the full twist that’s alright just keep\par coming back make this workout your own\par and you’ll get a little bit better every\par single time nice keep it up and let’s do\par it four five four three two one zero\par all right I’m going to grab my hand wait\par for the next one I’m going to do a bow\par extension so feet are shoulder width\par apart going to reach up to your left\par side bring your right knee up and crunch\par in and down to that knee\par every time I want you to reach up high\par to your left side return that leg to the\par ground and then crunch up now find this\par one you can’t quite get that knee all\par the way up again totally okay make this\par work out your own come back and you’ll\par get a little bit better every time you\par repeat it let’s work up is mainly\par focused on working your core but we’re\par also going to get multiple body parts\par involved in this one as I’m sure you can\par already tell getting your heart rate up\par along the way and we’re going to burn\par some calories a lot of work in in a\par short period of time keep it up\par switching sides and three two one zero\par opposite side now so reaching up to your\par right bring that left knee up and crunch\par down and into it excellent work that\par time of the workout it’s important to\par you to start focusing what brought you\par here today to begin with what motivates\par you what drives you what is it stay\par focused on it whatever it is that got\par you here today to start this workout if\par you do that same thing it gets you\par through to finish it nice come on keep\par it up guys come on put it all out there\par getting those ABS start to engage weave\par them every time squeeze their core\par squeeze it nicely and five four three\par two one zero\par fast-paced removing right into a\par standing twit feet shoulders apart a\par little weight back in the hips elbows\par are bent and we’re twisting side to side\par see any twist now it’s not just your\par arms and I’m moving right actually\par rotating at your core your arms are\par really just along for the ride good a\par little weight back in your hips you want\par to be standing up big and tall on this\par one weight back the hips sitting down do\par that core engage on every rep fast pace\par right here let’s go come on like so\par we’re going hard and fast today let’s\par make it count 1 come on let’s go what\par you got what you got\par breathe guys don’t forget to breathe so\par very important you got it and it’s about\par the course of today’s workout you need\par to switch up do some of my modifications\par and claudius we just encourage you to\par make this workout your own make it work\par for you nice work keep it up blue abs\par are working burn so good guys burn so\par good keep it up do they focus on keeping\par that core tight throughout don’t just\par swing your arms but actually make that\par core work you guys let’s hit this one\par for just 5 4 3 2 1 0 because using your\par hand weights we only need one for the\par next one into a standing windmill we’re\par going to point both toes slightly to\par your left one arm up into a windmill\par first thing that’s going to happen is\par your hip you can go out to your side and\par then you can bend over looking straight\par up at that arm the whole time now on\par this one you can’t quite reach all the\par way down and you can just come to your\par knee that’s all right again make this\par routine your own the key on this one is\par to really kick that hip out to your side\par on every repetition great one for your\par overall core especially hits your\par obliques on this one\par try your best to stand straight back up\par in between repetitions nice work come on\par keep it up\par grind it out guys grind it out you got\par it one rep right any to the next getting\par that just that much closer to your goal\par with every repetition you got to this\par side for just five more seconds four\par three two one zero opposite side now\par toes point the other way one arm up\par right into it no downtime today just\par getting as many reps in as we can and a\par lot of time period good look it up as\par you go down and then try to reset back\par square in between reps\par oh my obliques are on fire whew must be\par working and I’m not even holding any\par weight that’s a good thing that means\par it’s working that feeling you feel that\par little bit of fire that’s the feeling of\par change that’s the feeling of both abs\par being challenged that’s a totally good\par thing you got it guys keep it up one\par into the next making sure to breathe\par focus on that breathing don’t forget\par about it so very important let’s hit\par this one for just five four three two\par one zero\par ok good we go ahead and set those hand\par weights down if you’re using them to do\par a standing knee to elbow crunch so if\par you show it apart bring that knee out to\par your side bring your elbow to it now on\par this one if you can’t quite bring that\par knee all the way to your elbow and\par you’re more like here then that’s okay\par again just make it your own but our\par overall goal is to bring that knee all\par the way up and out to the side we get\par this oblique crunch right crunch that\par side current side oblique on every\par single repetition we feel it working\par whew burnin burnin getting that much\par closer to your goal with every rep focus\par on what brought you here today what is\par it come on let’s go focus on that goal\par what mode\par what drives you come on keep it up guys\par keep it up good hard and fast today\par giving it everything you got what you\par got what do you made of right here let’s\par see it lets see it guys come on put it\par all out there pushing yourself because\par nobody else can or will do it for you\par let’s go come on let’s hit this one for\par just 10 more seconds what you got for 10\par more seconds that’s nothing you got it\par you got it and five four three two one\par zero\par okay moving on to a twisting\par good-morning feature with our hands on\par our head we’re going to slight bend the\par knee drive those hips back to our upper\par bodies parallel to the ground and as we\par stand up we’re going to twist to one\par side up twist to the opposite side so on\par every rep as we’re coming up starting to\par to 90-degree twist to our side and as\par you’re bending over I want you to drive\par those hips back just a slight bend in\par the knees throughout so as you’re coming\par up you’re twisting so it’s not up and\par then twist but it’s up and twist up and\par twist good and if you can’t quite bend\par as far down as we are flexibility not\par quite there yet it’s alright do what you\par can look if it’s just you know half way\par here that’s alright\par again your flexibility and mobility will\par improve every time you come back and\par repeat this routine just another great\par everybody’s got to start somewhere\par that’s right and no one starts up at the\par top that is a consistent theme every\par winner was once a beginner don’t forget\par that come on keep it going guys you got\par it let’s hit this one for just 10 more\par seconds you got it just getting that\par much closer every single rep grind it\par out feel that core working engaging nice\par focus on it three two one and\par okay we got crossover toe touch next\par feet a little wider than shoulder-width\par hands are straight up little bend the\par knee I’m going to go cross over touch my\par opposite side toe where Claudia is going\par to cross over and tilt your opposite\par side me all right so again that mobility\par and flexibility talk if you’re not quite\par down to your toes it’s okay start with\par your knees and you keep coming back and\par doing this workout you’ll eventually get\par to the point where you can touch those\par toes right maybe you got to go from the\par knees to the shins first maybe it’s not\par right from the knees to the toes let\par that in-between face but that’s a great\par thing about these workouts as you can\par see yourself improve step by step along\par the way these results are not going to\par come overnight I’m not going to lie to\par you but if you keep coming back keep\par putting in the work it will work for you\par how about consistency it’s it that’s how\par you get success is made it’s putting in\par those small efforts day in and day out\par the work that you’re putting in today\par they’re going to be the results that you\par experience tomorrow let’s see it right\par here come on you got it guys we’ll have\par a lot left getting closer to the end\par with every rep getting closer to your\par goal with every rep grind it out right\par here let’s go five more seconds on this\par one that’s it that’s it and four three\par two one zero I’ll grab my hand weights\par the next one\par doing a oblique rotation we chose apart\par bend over on a 45 degree angle arms\par hanging down straight now keeping those\par arms straight we’re going to rotate to\par the right and then rotate to the left\par keep those arms straight engage your\par core and your obliques on this one and\par again your range of motion might not\par quite be what ours is right now and\par that’s all totally okay just wanting to\par keep your arms straight and make sure\par that that core is doing all the work\par you’re not just swinging your arms up\par but your core is under control making\par sure to breathe throughout you got it\par you got it guys stick with it keep\par fighting whatever you do don’t give up\par using weights it’s too much for you no\par problem feel free to drop those weights\par what you need to slow your pace down a\par little bit totally okay but we don’t\par want you to do is quit don’t give up\par don’t hit that pause button you don’t\par have that much left no we do not keep\par going keep working keep driving you got\par it you got this you got it come on come\par on keep telling yourself you got it\par positive thinking here you got it come\par on you can do anything that’s right that\par includes completing this workout yes\par ma’am let’s hit it for ten more seconds\par almost there come on right to the very\par end you’re a fighter not a quitter let’s\par see it five four three two one zero\par nice set those weights down we’re going\par to do a leaning lifting crunch hands\par around her head feed your shoulder width\par apart we’re going to lean to our left\par and as we lean back to the right bring\par that opposite side leg up opposite now\par lean to the right and back to the left\par and bring that leg up so lean one\par direction and as you come back bring\par that leg up as you crunch so it might\par take you a couple repetitions to kind of\par get the hang of this one can we take a\par little bit of extra coordination but\par that’s okay\par and focus just keeps focused on it this\par is it right here for you those obliques\par working we like it a little bit of burn\par you feel it’s just change happening it’s\par at lactic acid firing your muscles fuel\par because you’re using on totally\par acceptable got to fight through that\par burn yeah be stronger than that burn not\par about being perfect it’s about just\par putting in that effort day in day out\par right here get after guys you got it\par we’re getting so close to the end I can\par feel it come on that’s it ten more\par seconds that’s it come on that’s nothing\par grind it out how many can you get boom\par boom let’s go five four three two one\par zero that’s it you made it\par you’re all\par excellent work out there we’re going to\par move on to a little bit of a cool down\par just a few moves to allow your heart\par rate to come down slowly as well as\par improve your mobility we’re going to\par start with a downward dog I’m gonna do\par it downward dog from the wall so I’ll\par show you what that looks like I’m going\par to go from the ground they’re both very\par similar moves come down into a high\par plank position and I’m going to walk up\par with my feet flat I’m going to drive my\par hips back and I’m doing the exact same\par thing except on the wall so I’m\par basically just creating a 90 degree\par angle against the wall so you’re going\par to look something like a square you’re\par just going to push those hips back like\par Coach because I kept doing you’re really\par going to feel that stretch back here\par where your dog’s yep good just feel that\par stretch a nice big deep breath you can\par just be so proud of yourself right now\par for pushing through today’s workout\par right one less thing at the worry about\par for the rest of the day check it off the\par list my friend it’s always the best\par thing to check out the list it is\par workout it on you did it nice let’s hold\par this one for five four three two one\par zero come up slowly\par there’s not that blood to rush your head\par okay next we’re gonna do a posterior\par shoulder stretch so let’s start with\par your right arm reach that right arm\par across and with your opposite side arm\par you’re going to pull it in close to you\par and feel that stretch in your chest\par shoulder and in your back just pull\par across we’re just going to hold nothing\par special on this one just breathe get a\par lot of work on those shoulders today no\par fancy new help not in the cooldown this\par is it your fancy moves are done you did\par it alright let’s switch sides in three\par two one zero shake that one loose\par opposite side now excellent work\par PE class yeah this is a pretty\par traditional strategy it’s a good one\par yeah you know sometimes you just\par duplicate where I all right holding this\par one for five four three two\par one all right last one let’s do a little\par bit of a quad stretch probably going to\par want to walk over to either a wall or\par you have a chair or chair handy one hand\par on to support and go in with that with\par your hand pull your foot back until\par you’re trying to make your foot touch\par you glutes feel that stretch in your\par quad in the front of the leg you don’t\par need the wall feel free to do it without\par totally up to you there’s not much\par benefit to doing it without other than\par if you want to work on improving your\par balance at the same time I saw my quads\par are tight for my workout last night but\par that’s all right he wants to did my job\par all right let’s switch sides in three\par two one zero\par slowly down here we go last one let’s\par hit that other side and pull it back\par nice everyone\par excellent work let’s just hold this one\par it’s a total of fifteen seconds so let’s\par hold this one for seven more seconds and\par this is it now my left one higher than\par my right all right let’s do it four\par three two one zero\par and guess what that’s it boom high-five\par Claudia high-five to you out there\par excellent work thank you so much for\par working out with us today if you like\par this workout and you’ve been working out\par with us for a while we’d encourage you\par to please go check out our patreon page\par where you can find out more about how\par you can support our mission\par 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