Beginner Difficulty with Low Impact and Intermediate Modifications Provided
beginner workout

Get your heart pumping, burn calories, and improve strength and stability with this 35 minute low impact cardio workout for beginners. The four part workout includes a warm up, low impact cardio, standing abs, and cool down. There is no equipment required for this one, but you may add some light hand weights or water bottles for extra resistance. You may also want to use a chair or bench for some modifications.

Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners

Warm Up
March + Arm Circles
Posterior Swings
Step Back and Reach

Low Impact Cardio
Side to Side Punch + Squat Pulse / No Pulse
Staggered Butt Kicks + Front Raise / One Arm Up
Seesaw Push Pull
Side Raise + High Knee Raise / Side Raise + March
4 Punches + 2 Reverse Lifts
Reverse Lunge + Twist / Split Squat + Twist
Plyo Wall Push Up
Lateral Step Pulls / Side-to-Side
Low Speed Skater / High
Staggered Kick and Crunch / Knee Raise

Standing Ab Workout
Straight Leg Kick + Crunch / Knee Raise + Crunch
Bent Over T Rotations / No Weight
Opposite Elbow to Knee
Choppers / No Weight
Load Swings / No Weight
Diagonal Chop / No Weight
Around the World / No Weight
Knee Chop
Rotating Good Morning Split / Neutral

Cool Down
Calf Stretch
Quad Stretch
Hip Hinge
Upright External Rotation