Intermediate Difficulty
intermediate workout

This 18 minute grip training routine only requires 2 water bottles, 2 towels, and 2 dumbbells. HASfit’s forearm workouts with dumbbell are great for improving forearm and grip strength.

Dumbbell Forearm Exercises Instructions: Complete 2 rounds of each forearm workout.
Towel Dumbbell Reverse Curl Pulses x 30 seconds
Towel Monkey Wrist Curls x 12
Dumbbell Rolls x 30 seconds
Water Bottle Individual Digit Flexors x 5 seconds each finger
Water Bottle Twist and Tear (like phone book) 4 x 5 seconds
Towel Pullaparts 4 x 5 seconds
Water Bottle Curl and Squeeze x 12
Dumbbell Pinches x 30 seconds

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