You’ll work to improve strength and build lean muscle with this biceps and triceps combination workout. Each superset alternates between you biceps and triceps to keep the intensity up and maximize your results in a minimum length of time. For this dumbbell arms workout at home, we recommend having several weights available to you so that you can switch up your weight at needed. You may also want to have a chair, bench, or step available for one of the exercises, but it isn’t required. Let’s pump it up Tribe!

Beginner to Advanced Levels Supported
intermediate workout

Warm up
Biceps Extension and Flexion
Arm Circles

Dumbbell Arms Workout at Home

A1: Wall Curl x 12
A2: Triceps Pressout x 12
B1: 1:3 Tempo Hammer Curl x 10
B2: Lying Triceps Rollovers x 12
C1: 45 Degree Seated Curl x 12
C2: Close Grip Push Up / Incline x 12
D1: 90-90-180 Reverse Curl x 15
D2: DB Elbow Out Extension x 15

Cool Down
Overhead Triceps Stretch