Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Our focus today will be on pushing exercises. Your triceps and shoulders will be the secondary muscle groups worked, but this is primarily a chest workout with dumbbells. We suggest having several weights available to you so that you can switch up the resistance as needed. You’ll also have an opportunity to use a bench, but it isn’t required. If you don’t have a bench, then you’ll need a chair. Let’s begin!

Warm up
Shoulder Box + Reach
Overhead Shoulder Extension

Chest Workout with Dumbbells

A1: Chest Press 3:1 Tempo on Bench / Floor x 8
A2: Low DB Fly on Bench / Floor x 12
B1: 1 ¼ Push Up / Incline x 8
B2: Cross Body Raise x 10 each arm
C1: Reverse Grip Bench Press / Floor x 8
C2: DB Crush Press on Bench / Floor x 15

Cool Down
Bent-arm Wall Chest Stretch
Posterior Shoulder Stretch
Child’s Pose