Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided
intermediate workout

Welcome to Leg Day! Here’s leg workout at home designed to strengthen and build lean muscle. You’ll want to have at least a couple of pairs of dumbbells available for this one so that you can switch up resistance for each exercise. You’ll also need either a chair, box, or step for a couple of the movements, so make sure you have that available. Now let’s burn out your lower body!

Warm up
Bird Dog
Adductor Rock Back
Squat to T Rotation

Dumbbell Leg Workout at Home

A1: DB Bulgarian Split Squats / No DB’s x 8 each
A2: DB Calf Raise x 15
B1: DB Kickstand RDL x 8 each
B2: One Crossed Leg Hip Up x 10 each
C1: DB Side Lunge / No DB x 8 each
C2: Side Plank Clam Shell x 10 each
D1: 3-Position Iso Squats x 45 seconds
D2: Prone Superman Raise x 15

Cool Down
Side Lying Quad Stretch
90-90 Hip Stretch
Feet Together/Straddle Reach