Low Impact Difficulty
low impact workout

Lower back pain ruins the quality of life for millions of people all across the globe. The biggest challenge to bringing lower back pain relief to individuals is that it’s never an easy fix. In our experience many people are just looking for a few quick lower back exercises they can do and the pain will disappear with a snap of a finger. Unfortunately, this isn’t a realistic expectation.

Instead, relieving low back pain requires a comprehensive solution targeting the lower back, core, hips, hamstrings, and glutes. The strength and mobility of these areas must be improved over the course of time which is why we recommend you complete this entire routine between 3-5 times per week. This will not only ensure that your lower back pain goes away, but also that it never comes back!

Exercises for Lower Back Pain Stretches

March in Place
Downward Dog / from Chair
Lying One Leg Hamstring Stretch
Lying Hamstring Glides
Knees to Chest
Bird Dog
Side Plank / Knee Down
Curl Up
Pelvic Push Through
One Leg Iso Hip Up / Two Legs